Gerrish admits: ‘Involved’ with Hampstead SRA hoax from ‘earliest days’

Confirming suspicions raised by this blog for months now, Brian Gerrish has finally admitted during his UK Column broadcast of 5 April 2018 that he was “involved” with the Hampstead hoax from its “earliest days”. He has even stated that he interviewed RD’s eight-year-old son.

It had long been assumed by the UK troofer community that Gerrish had only become involved in the case after Sabine McNeill published the private videos of the children online in early February 2015, but in his recent “newscast” Gerrish said:

I’m very happy to say on air that having been involved with that family in the earliest days and spoken to the little boy—I didn’t speak to the girl—I have no doubt that that abuse case is factually true, the abuse of those children under horrific circumstances did take place. 

This admission adds further weight to the argument that the Hampstead SRA hoax was carefully planned from the outset, and included a publicity element that would have made use of Gerrish’s online profile as a trusted figure amongst those in the UK community of “alt-news” believers.

What does Gerrish’s admission mean?

Readers may remember that on 11 September 2014, Abraham and Ella sent an email to Brian Gerrish, in which they gave details of the alleged cult.

This letter was sent late in the evening, immediately after RD’s children were taken into protective custody by police, after Child P admitted that Abe beat them. Abe would later describe the email as a “plea for help”:Drifloud-Twitter 2016-03-13

As we have previously shown, this email made its way from Brian Gerrish to the police, via a circuitous route. Its contents were identical to an email which the police had already received via Jean-Clement Yaohirou, and it confirmed to police that Abe and Ella were attempting to publicise the case.

However, the letter does not stand on its own. If it were an introductory letter to Mr Gerrish, one would expect it to start with some background information; as it is, the letter is more like a laundry list of material which Abe and Ella judged might be newsworthy.

We know that Finn Hagan, a person from Glastonbury who is associated with Brian Gerrish, was sent to London to conduct interviews with the children on 8 September 2014. His recorded interview with Child P (the nine-year-old girl) lasted about 20 minutes in all, and was more in-depth than his five-minute conversation with Child Q (the eight-year-old boy).

This makes sense given what we now know: that Brian Gerrish had already interviewed the boy, and only needed Finn Hagan to interview the girl so he could compare their stories.

When and where did Gerrish meet the children?

In the leaked police interview videos, we find the following curious exchange between the interviewing officer and Child Q. This was recorded on 11 September, and was a follow-up to the interview of 5 September:

DC Martin: So I heard you.  Your mum said you’re starting a new school this week.  Is that right?

Q: Yes, we’re starting a new school.

DCM: Are you?  What one are you gonna go to?

Q: I don’t know.  We are choosing one.

DCM: Oh, are you?

Q: Yeah.

DCM: Have you seen any you like?

Q: Yeah.

DCM: Yeah?  What one?

Q: Do you know Devon?

DCM: Devon?

Q: Yeah

DCM: As in down in Devon near the seaside?

Q: Yeah.

DCM: Oh right!  That’s a long way away from here isn’t it?

Q: Yeah.

DCM: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, we went there.

DCM: Did you?

Q: Yeah and also, like, Glastonbury.

DCM: Glastonbury? 

Q: Glasonbury.

DCM: Glastonbury [laughs]  Oh right.  Its all the way down there you like?

Q: Yeah

DCM: Oh, OK. 

Q: I like Glasonbury much more, better than Devon.

DCM: Why is that?

Q: Its much more fun there.

DCM: You think?

Q: Yeah.

DCM: OK.  So, and who would you move down there with?  Do  you know who would go with you?

Q: No.

Glastonbury and Devon seem like strange and somewhat arbitrary choices for new schools for the children, especially since Abraham and Ella had already stated their plan to flee back to Morocco to live.

However, we know that several of Abe’s friends, including early hoax promoter Araya Soma, lived in Glastonbury, which also happened to be Finn Hagan’s home base; and Brian Gerrish is located in Plymouth, Devon.

Given that Q had agreed that he’d been in “Devon near the seaside”, it seems most likely that at some point between 5–8 September 2014, Abe and Ella had hoiked the kids all the way from London to Plymouth to introduce them to Mr Gerrish and put them through their paces. This would be, as it were, an audition for the online publicity campaign which was meant to follow.

Knowing that Q had been easier to “convince” of the cult details than his sister, and was able to recite the details of the hoax more fluidly and believably, Abe and Ella would have chosen to let him recite the details to Brian Gerrish. They would have wanted to make best use of their time with Gerrish.

However, whether they ran out of time, or had to leave early for some other reason, it seems that Gerrish found it necessary to send his deputy, Finn Hagan, to London to complete the interview with P. His job was to record the interview and send it to Gerrish, which he did.

However, Abe and Ella now had a problem: how would they keep the children from telling the police that they’d been travelling around the countryside talking about the case?

Since the children were scheduled to meet with police for a follow-up interview on 11 September, Abe and Ella told them a cover story: they were going to Plymouth and Glastonbury to choose a new school for them. That way, if the children mentioned the trip, there’d be less chance of spilling the beans when they spoke to the cops.

The last thing Abe and Ella wanted was for the police to get wind of their plan to turn the hoax into an online cash cow; this also explains with they were utterly livid when they discovered that Gerrish had “betrayed” them by passing their email along to Bill Maloney and Jonathan Wedger, so that it ended up on DC Steve Martin’s desk on 18 September.

A gigantic publicity stunt

In a post two months ago, we revealed that the “Gerrish email” provided the police with confirmation that the children’s early allegations of Satanic ritual abuse had been part of an elaborate hoax:

If Ella and Abe had all this information about the alleged cult, why had they not immediately reported it to the police? Why would they have sent this information to Gerrish instead? And why did they send it to Gerrish within hours of the children being taken into police custody? If their aim was to shut down a cult, why would they interfere in the investigation in this way?

Could it have been because they were in the process of attempting to engineer a gigantic publicity stunt?

While the bulk of the police investigation had already taken place by the time the Gerrish email reached DC Martin’s desk, the email would have provided the proverbial icing on the cake. It would have demonstrated conclusively that this case, as Ella would later admit, had never been meant to reach the police and CPS. It was a hoax through and through.

And sure enough, in the closing pages of the CRIS report, we find this notation:

By the end of the police investigation, the Gerrish email had made one thing very clear: the police were onto Abraham. They understood that this wasn’t about “saving children”, but about attracting attention from the conspiracy community.

What did Gerrish offer Ella and Abraham?

In an interview with Richie Allen, none other than Danielle La Verité claimed that Gerrish had offered Abe and Ella publicity, in exchange for editorial control of the story:

DLV: Now the UK Column, when Ella went to the UK Column, they offered her full protection for those children. And Brian Gerrish and the other people at the Column…

Richie Allen: When you say he offered full protection now, you know I have a lot of time for the UK Column, but how could Brian Gerrish protect anybody?

DLV: Well, in the sense that what they were going to do was release the videos without the children’s faces being seen…

Richie Allen: Right, I’m with you.

DLV: Yes, so the children had protection, which they should have had, because now these children will spend the rest of their lives being the two kids from the internet that talked about ritualistic child abuse. Their lives could be ruined because of this, regardless of…this is…it’s child abuse continued, as far as I’m concerned. 

(This video was deleted when Richie Allen’s YouTube channel was removed.)

While it initially seemed likely that Gerrish would help Abe and Ella turn their hoax into a viral hit online, Finn Hagan witnessed a couple of things during his trip to London which could have influenced Gerrish’s decision as to whether this case might be too hot to handle:

  • Finn was an eye-witness to Abe’s panic when he discovered that the police officer assigned to investigate the hoax was the same one who’d investigated his assault on his own teen-aged son.
  • And Finn would also have reported that Abe and Ella were making serious noises about fleeing the country.

Neither of these things would serve to instil confidence that Abe and Ella would make believable, reliable, and sympathetic characters in the fiction Gerrish would be promoting. There were doubts as to whether they could be brought to heel, which would need to happen if Gerrish was to make anything of their story. As any PR agent will attest, the first rule for clients is “do it my way”.

However, Belinda and Sabine had already discovered that Abe and Ella had a nasty tendency to strike out on their own—instead of taking the children directly to see Gerrish as planned, for example, Abe had taken them on a late-night visit to his brother-in-law, Jean-Clement, who had inconveniently decided to report the case to the police. This had unleashed a criminal investigation in a case which had originally been intended as a family court matter.

We know that Gerrish rejected the story, as by November 2014 Araya Soma (remember her?) was complaining about itAraya-re Maloney 2016-03-27By the time Gerrish decided to begin publicising the hoax, it had grown into an untameable monster, perhaps proving that he’d been right to give it a swerve in September 2014. However, that doesn’t stop him from claiming now that he has “no doubt that that abuse case is factually true, the abuse of those children under horrific circumstances did take place”.

Given Gerrish’s early involvement in the case, we hope and expect that the police will want to interview him. Stay tuned….gerrish

56 thoughts on “Gerrish admits: ‘Involved’ with Hampstead SRA hoax from ‘earliest days’

  1. Who would have thought that Gerrish, at this late stage, would let slip and add a piece to the early days of the puzzle? Excellent post.

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  2. He should be brought in for questioning. Who is he to quiz children about stuff like that? These people are a bloody menace and one day could go way too far. Witchfinders.

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  3. This also disproves Melanie’s insistence that Gerrish had turned his back on the Hampstead case and no longer believed it. She idolises him but loathes the whole Hampstead thing, recognising it for the crap that it is. I wonder what she’d think if she saw UKC’s latest broadcast!

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  4. OMG! D’oh! Gerrish? What a Twat Waffle, he needs an interview in a gaol cell! 😾😾😾 Baloney too!

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  5. It’s a Criminal Conspiracy. A conspiracy is when people discuss committing a crime. They do not have to take further steps to commit a crime- the discussion and planing is the crime.
    And if a person knows such a crime is being planned and deliberately withholds information they are committing a crime and can be jailed.
    The only person who acted with any integrity was Jean-Clement.

    I’ve always felt that this case was not over legally by a long shot. I feel sure others will face charges eventually.
    It’s a shame a certain father can not organise a private prosecution (understandably after what he’s been through one would want to keep their head down). If a person does and the CPS look at it and think there is a likelihood of a conviction they are obligated to takeover a private prosecution.

    Every now and then when one begins to feel a spark of pity for some of these characters a sharp jolt back to reality makes you see how evil they are in their actions.
    And the arrogance of many of these so-called “Truther” fanatics from Alex Jones to Gerrish to bit players like Danielle La Verité, Power-Disney etc will pay a price eventually for their machinations.

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    • I think there is far more in Angela Power-Disney’s sudden “retirement” from the Hoaxstead matter. Either she has sniffed the wind or been visited by police and put on notice.
      We know Mad Moo has been and her frustration at it seems to be driving her (even further) nuts.

      Forget about the book on the Hampstead murder of Allan Chappelow, this case is ripe for a well written book as the various stands of conspiracy are intense and immense. There’s even a documentary in this if not a feature film in the future.

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      • A book or film will probably come about one day, the amount of people interested in it is a lot. It would need to show the hoaxers for what they are though, a bunch of sick lunatics and weirdo’s. I have often thought of writing something myself but words are not really my medium.

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    • “I bet fuck-all happens to Brian…”

      Yeah, just like fuck-all happened to Sabine McNeill, Angela Power-Disney, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Happy Brewer, Rupert Quaintance, Jim & Helen McMenamin, Neelu Berry, Belinda McKenzie, Robert Green, Dawn Moses, Jake Clarke, Tracey Morris, Arthur Kaoutal, Abe & Ella, D**** S******, John Duane, Lee Cant, Alan Alanson, John Paterson, Christine Ann Sands, Maurice Kirk, Brian Pead …

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    • Putting aside the hilarious false accusations about everyone here being rapists, how exactly did Gerrish “try to stop satanic rapists from continuing tae abuse the kids”? By sending his gimp Finbarr to interview them for the delectation of online perverts instead of going to the police? By breaching government and NSPCC guidelines on how to handle child abuse disclosures? By supporting two known child abusers and enabling them to continue the abuse? By presenting a blatantly obvious hoax as fact? Or by mentioning the ‘case’ once on his 10th-rate YouTube show then shutting the fuck up about it for 3 years? I think we should be told.

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      • I wonder what guidelines Ogilfail was following when he “beat the demons” out of his own daughter or when he coerced her into making up SRA allegations then accidentally left the evidence of said coercion on his phone for the police to find.

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    • I’m most honoured this leading member of Nutcases R Us has recognized moi as a figure of great importance but alas, us ghostly entities are incapable of being a “nonce” even if we wanted to be, not having a physical body so to speak.
      We can however do the odd haunting, I don’t indulge in that myself but I have a few not-so-ethical ghostly pals who are more than happy to make life Hell for those on the Earthy plane. I’m writing up a list as we speak.
      Be afraid.

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  6. Oh! It’s nice to see Malcolm out and about, enjoying his many hobbies and the spring sunshine, having fun with his loving family, maybe looking forward to a cosy evening in front of the telly snuggled up to his adoring wife, looking forward to the new week and getting back to work at his fulfilling career, in which he is happy and settled and does well….. No, wait! Sorry! I seem to be confusing him with someone who has a life! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  7. If Ella contacted Gerrish, who told her to do so? Speculative: Ella knew sabine>sabine talked to Belinda>Belinda could have known of Abe through David Shayler who was in prison same time as he>could have organised ‘accidental’ meeting of Abe and Ella, knowing from David Shayler that he was a nutter who could inject some satanism into what could be a good PR stunt…> Gerrish is also one of Belinda’s ex/circle and it cannot be pure coincidence that Ella ended up contacting him, specifically. Abe seems to have had former knowledge of CSA (idiot) activists Maloney and of Gerrish.

    Gerrish has been reported to have told Abe that he had been too aggressive when questioning the boy. This was assumed to have been his impression after watching the ‘papa eats babies’ videos – but now it is confirmed that he interviewed the boy himself it seems likely he witnessed this in person. Gerrish also has links to Glastonbury, as does Belinda. I wonder if Belinda owns property in Glastonbury, is perhaps landlady to ex of Abe who also lived in Glastonbury, the pole dancer who was a good friend of Araya Soma….

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    • You’re right, TB, there are so very many links amongst all these people. I don’t disagree with your speculative timeline, except for one thing: organising an “accidental” meeting between Abe and Ella would have left far too much to chance. Yes, they were the perfect (as in made-in-hell) match for one another, but if one were planning something like this, I don’t think it would make sense to just put them in the same room and hope for the best. On the face of it, Abe is not the sort of person Ella would be attracted to: he’s neither rich nor good-looking.

      However, if we look at it another way—Ella confides in Sabine, her yoga student, that she has a problem with an ex-partner who is getting too pushy about wanting to see his kids, she’s tried everything to get rid of him but he just won’t quit. Sabine talks about it to Belinda, who has many contacts in Glastonbury dating back to the days when she owned a shop there, and she thinks about a guy she met, either through her Glastonbury friends or via Shayler, who might be able to help.

      As you say, Gerrish is also part of Belinda’s circle, and has been for some time. It’s not at all surprising to me that Sabine/Belinda would have sent Ella and Abe to see both the Glastonbury crew and Gerrish, to show off what they’d taught the kids on their summer vacation.

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      • AFAIK Belinda never owned a shop or any property in Glastonbury. I have asked around, and know several of the old-timers in town, some of whom have been trading on the High Street for over twenty years. No one has ever heard of her. I don’t know how this rumor started, but I really don’t think there’s any truth in it. But if anyone has any info, not just rumors, I’d be happy to dig (discreetly).

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          • Thanks EC, I think it can safely be regarded as made up. The Glastonbury connection was and is Araya Soma, aka Ninon Dulac, aka Laurence Lavie (her real name). Plus, the town is full of loser conspiracy nuts so is a kind of epicentre of stupid. Most of the other folk are far too nice and tolerant to tell these people where to go.

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            • LOL I tried to read part of that book last night, which seems to be about an asthmatic would-be spy with a foot injury and a grudge against David Shayler. Despite the amusing premise, and the protagonist’s enthusiasm for the Tube system, it was less exciting than I anticipated. And yes, in that context I’m inclined to agree that the Belinda/Glastonbury link is fictitious.


  8. Breaking: the scammer becomes the scammee – it seems Hopeless Girl has paid Angie’s blog fees and got her blog that no one reads reinstated.

    By the way, isn’t it heartwarming that Angie pays a premium for a blog that she could get for free and then gets gullible idiots like Dope Bitch and Jake Cuckoo to pay for it for her. Nice work if you can get it.

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    • So the con-artist Naima Dawn Feagin‎ (known as Hope Girl) who lives in Morocco and is still selling phony New Age claptrap to unsuspecting innocents as well as promoting her dodgy failed “free energy” QEG “machine” which has been proven to be a hoax and a scam not unlike Nigerian frauds (..taking breath) is congratulating the Irish scamster Angela Power-Disney of Oldcastle who is still pretending she is “exposing” child abuse but just latches onto any old social media claptrap to beg for ciggie money – because her tragic website is back online.

      # Important to get all that in so when folk Google the cheap fraudsters Naima Dawn Feagin‎ and Angela Power-Disney they read the truth about these blatant crooks.

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  9. Cheddar Gorge is not far from Glastonbury, the kind of place you are likely to visit if staying in the area.

    The Gorge museum has two routes through it one is family friendly, the other is rather more graphic in what is displayed. The exhibits include quite a few human sculls, bones which are claimed to show evidence of cannibalism and phallic/fertility symbols carved out of bone.

    Abe was always going on about how the ‘cult’ was thousands of years old. Makes you wonder if Abe/Ella made a visit here on their travels.

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  10. In this recording ( – from 25 mins) Ella and Abe state that they contacted Gerrish as soon as they returned to the UK (4th Sept 2014) as ‘someone kept imposing him on us’, they say that they didn’t meet him until after the children had been taken into care (11th/12th Sept) when Abe gave Gerrish an audio recording of the children.

    Listening to today’s UK column broadcast, Gerrish says he ‘spoke to the little boy’, not that he met him – maybe this happened by phone when he was contacted on/around 4th. This might also explain the covert nature of Irishman’s recording of the girl on 9th Sept – perhaps Abe and Ella weren’t keen on her speaking to Gerrish ‘live’ in case she went off message, so it had to be done surreptitiously by his associate?

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    • Yes, I think you are probably right that the conversation with the girl had to be covert; certainly Finn was heard to hastily stuff his phone into his pocket when he heard adults coming.

      I wonder why, though, they would bother to travel all the way to Plymouth and not have the boy speak to Gerrish?

      Thanks for the video link; I’ll listen to it tomorrow, and report on it here.

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      • Do we know that Finn didn’t go alone to Plymouth, E.C.? Anon. made a good point. Interesting.


        • Well, we do have the little boy on record telling the police officer that he and the family had travelled to Devon “by the seaside” as well as to Glastonbury, so it does seem likely (though not certain) that the trip would have involved meeting Gerrish.


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