Angie: Does she suck or blow?

We think we know what Angela Power-Disney’s real problem is. We mean, aside from the pathological lying and narcissism, which are more or less a given. Yes, it’s true, we’re venturing in where experienced psychiatrists fear to tread, but we think we’ve got it: you see, Angela tries to suck and blow at the same…

Sabine and friends defend convicted criminals

Yesterday we revealed that anti-Semitic buffoon Patrick Cullinane has an even darker side, as he has openly supported at least three convicted murderers—and gone to prison for illegally recording the court proceedings of one of them. Today we bring you a few more examples of Hoaxtead promoters and their strange fondness for violent criminals.

Patrick Cullinane’s brilliant career

As usual, APD’s live-streamed show last night was a royal snooze-fest, but we were interested in her choice of guests. Most of us know Patrick Cullinane as a would-be freeman on the land lawyer, a rabid anti-Semite, and a frothing-at-the-mouth nutter who has no qualms about standing in the street screaming incoherently at anyone who’ll…

Meanwhile, back at the data forum…

Did anyone else find it peculiar that during the past couple of days’ drama—three arrests, Angie’s former friends turning on her, and all the drama emanating from her direction—one of the most vocal members of the Hoaxtead mob remained as silent as the proverbial church mouse?

Angela gives Zen Gardner a free pass

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the ‘alt news’ sites over the past week will be aware that a prominent member of the conspiracy community named Zen Gardner (real name: Don Ferguson) was recently revealed to have been a long-time member of the notorious ‘Children of God’ cult, later known as ‘The Family’.