Where is Wesley Hall? A strange silence

Late last week we published two posts detailing how Hampstead SRA hoaxer Wesley Hall had used fear and emotional blackmail to extort a considerable amount of money from a doctor’s wife who’d befriended him in Burnley, Lancashire.

The story so far…

The first post detailed Wesley’s false claim that the doctor had hired him and paid his way to Barcelona to look for land on which to start an “ethical / organic / ecologic CBD farm, with a retreat that specialises in medicinal / therapeutic cannabinoid treatments”.

This was bunk, to put it politely.

It turned out that Wesley had used emotional blackmail in the form of suicide threats to extort money from the doctor’s wife, Alex, convincing her first that he was being pursued by a Satanic paedophile ring which was trying to murder him, and then that he needed to get out of the country in order to be safe. Coincidentally, this sudden need to leave the UK occurred shortly after Wesley was arrested and questioned by London Metropolitan police over his role in promoting the Hampstead hoax and harassing innocent families.

When Alex and her husband finally decided to turn off the money supply, Wesley went into overdrive, calling and harassing them constantly from a phone with a “spoofed” number. To prove that the phone belonged to Wesley, Alex’s friend and security consultant Paul sent Wesley a series of texts stating that he would “kill” two of his “secret” Facebook accounts, one featuring a picture of his daughter, and one with a picture of an Asian boy. Angered, Wesley called back, thus confirming that his was the phone that had been used to harass Alex and her husband.

He’d been had, and he knew it.

Wesley fights back

Wesley’s next step was to slap up posts on all his various Facebook pages, mirroring them on his corresponding Twitter accounts, intimating that Paul was a danger to children, and that he and his wife had engaged in fraudulent behaviour (rather than merely having gone through bankruptcy proceedings).


Briefly, it seemed as though Wesley might be able to sway enough of his Facebook friends in his favour to convince the world that he’d done nothing wrong.

The tables turn

However, hours after the first of our posts went live on 12 September, an extraordinary thing began to happen: the post began receiving hundreds of shares on Facebook, and racked up over 7,000 views. The second post did almost as well. Word travelled, and suddenly it seemed that everyone in Wesley’s home town was aware of what he’d done.

By the time the second post began making the rounds on 13 September, it was clear: the tide had turned, and people were turning out to support Alex, Paul, and their spouses against the lies which were being spread about them.

Late that day, Wesley’s harassing, defamatory posts began to disappear. One by one, they vanished.

And then his personal Facebook account was deactivated.

By Friday, 14 September, following a spate of phone calls to Alex, which she wisely declined to answer, Wesley had gone completely quiet.

Late in the day, we received the following screenshot lifted from a “buy and sell” page in Barcelona: Wesley Hall 2018-09-14 missing?.png

Had we not been aware of Wesley’s use of suicide threats to control Alex, we would have been quite concerned. As it was, we reckoned he’d be back within the day.

Sure enough, whether someone claimed the reward for finding him or not, on Saturday his personal Facebook page had reappeared, indicating that he was still out there.

At time of writing, though, most of the defamatory and harassing posts are still gone.

A quick tour of his better-known pages shows that his most recent posts date back to Thursday, 13 September, the day before he “went missing” after spending hours barraging Alex with phone calls: Voice of Treason 2018-09-16

Wesley Hall 2018-09-16 UK Revolution

Wesley Hall 2018-09-16 Opdeatheaters

Wesley Hall 2018-09-16 Noncewatch Burnley Pendle.pngWesley Hall 2018-09-16 personal acct

Wesley has backed himself into a difficult position, to say the least.

Spain isn’t such a fun place when you have no money; but the UK looks less than inviting, as we have learned that both Paul and Alex have filed harassment charges against him. At present he seems to have gone to ground, no doubt to consider his options.

We’ll continue to cover this story. Wesley Hall 2018-09-16 1

94 thoughts on “Where is Wesley Hall? A strange silence

  1. He really has been backed into a corner this time.

    Well done to Alex & Paul for filing harassment charges against Wesley.

    Now that’s what I call taking back control. 👏

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  2. the post began receiving hundreds of shares on Facebook, and racked up over 7,000 views. The second post did almost as well. Word travelled, and suddenly it seemed that everyone in Wesley’s home town was aware of what he’d done.

    Well done team.

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  3. He still has options:
    1. Come back and face the drama.
    2. Stay where he is and get a job.
    3. Get a girlfriend with a job.

    Not that bad is it. 🙂

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  4. He may as well face the music and get it over with sooner rather than later. he’s in this predicament because he ran from one disaster only to create another. he’s guaranteed to fail to support himself in spain long term so why prolong the inevitable. besides, a spell in clink will give him time to study and write his book. he could call it ‘knobhead ~ the life and times of a proper idiot’

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    • Good question. Opinions are divided as to whether Ella got rid of Abe once he proved himself pretty much worthless to her, or whether this latest attempt of his to re-enter the ring is his way of helping improve their very tenuous financial situation. As to location, my understanding is that they travel back and forth from Spain to Morocco fairly regularly. The photo of Poser Abe in the Moroccan headdress reading the first-year biochem text in front of the Berber freeman symbol was most likely taken in Morocco, but that doesn’t mean they are there permanently.

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  5. Thanks for this intriguing update, EC.

    I’m pleased to see that Paul & Alex have filed harassment charges against him. So now he’s in trouble in both the UK and Spain!

    As for the suicide/missing thing, I hope it is just a boy-who-cried-wolf scenario and that he’s not actually in danger, at risk of suicide or hurt in some way (I wouldn’t even wish that on Wesley).

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  6. Morning, class. I trust you’ve all had a good weekend.

    This morning’s timetable is as follows…

    9:00 – Geography with Mr. Brittan-Furst

    10:00 – Maths with Mr. Aditupp

    11:20 – English with Mr. Irony

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  7. Geez, to think that I could easily have been one of these nutters, what with my mental health issues and all :/

    btw EC, not sure if deliberate or not, but the noncewatch image has Paul’s full name unredacted.

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  8. Brilliant stuff! Sadly he will reappear sooner rather than later just to con money out of others, most likely by latching onto a poor unsuspecting woman. Keep up the good work!

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    • Thanks, ES–I expect he’ll reappear shortly. I’ve been hearing from others who know him that the “I’ll commit suicide!!!” thing is his standard ploy when confronted by anybody who won’t do his bidding, or who wants him to return the money they’ve lent him. Eventually he had to realise that people would begin to compare notes.

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    • Assuming she does, it would only further depress the selling price… She does realise that should it fail to sell or sell for pennies on the pound, she will still be liable for any excess she still owes on the outstanding amount???

      Oh wait, its neelu we are talking about right…

      nuff said….

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      • You would think that such an expert on all things “ruin fraud”-related would be aware that she is digging herself into an ever-deeper pit. As you say, though, it’s Neelu we’re talking about.

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    • I’m not sure which is weirder on that page – talking about herself in the third person or talking about this coming Wednesday in the past tense.

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    • Ooh! Do we have a driving without insurance case to add to her list of charges? Not heard of this one before.

      “On 19th September 2018 the Crown Court Uninsured Driving Appeal 2017
      0090 will be an Open Court Session in which the Case Judges have notice a Court Officer has given Corruption Evidence against a Top Judge. The case got Motor Insurance Sale Protection Fraud Proof against Organised Criminal Mr Leachman, the Crown Prosecutor, Trial Judge, Crown Court Appeal Judges and the Ruling Appeal Case Managers in the Court of Appeal. The Organised Criminal committed Motor Insurance Sale Frauds.”

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      • Considering her past history with driving and car ownership- does this surprise anyone?
        (how many times has the towtruck turned up at her house now???)

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    • Yet more breaches of the various injunctions imposed on Berry concerning allegations that her niece was abused and murdered by hospital staff. Without sanction these injunctions and restraint orders are meaningless and furthers the libel levelled at dedicated and professional medical practitioners.

      These endless filings before the RCJ on the Strand are wasting everyone’s time. It’s your money going to service the time and effort necessary to deal with the weekly, almost daily deluge of legalistic nonsense. Why and how she’s not a vex lit by now I can’t comprehend.

      But hey, it’s not your house under the hammer today, it’s hers and richly deserved. I can only hope that all this drumming up of an unruly mob to defeat this sale backfires in spectacular fashion and the place goes for a song to some bruiser of a builder.

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      • Yes, I thought at one point she was on the verge of being designated a vexatious litigant. I don’t know how she’s managed to avoid that.


    • Neelu had an interest-only mortgage. You can pay the principal off at any time. She may well have delivered £65,000 to her solicitor. If it was stolen by the solicitor then she would have access to the Solicitor Regulation Authority fund except…it’s highly likely it was some sort of under-the table-payment.
      £65K is an awful lot of money to find in one go. Why would she give it to a solicitor rather than go direct to her mortgage holder and pay the cheque and receive the correct documentation as proof, deeds etc?.

      I have a feeling this confirms what I suspect about Neelu: she has another property and I suspect several properties. I believe she has had access to funds that may have been untaxed income. She may well have had some sort of arrangement with a “friendly” solicitor who knew the source of Neelu’s $65K. Perhaps he was bent- it’s unusual for a solicitor to go bankrupt and Neelu’s and other’s funds may have gone to that suitcase under his bed or a foreign bank account.

      I’m sure we are going to hear a lot more about Neelu’s financial history in the future.

      I’m reminded of yet another scam the “MI5 Spy” fantasist and career criminal forger Andrea Davison was part of. Its simplicity was almost admirable but it was devious, She and others would convince people that they could obtain a council flat in a desirable area by paying a Council housing officer a £1000 bribe. This was the 70s (also when Davidson was involved in the infamous Franking Machine fraud for which 4 people were jailed- but not she).
      There was actually a housing officer who was part of the scam and he would sit in a car while an intermediary would collect the cash. It’s estimated over 30 people at a time would fall for it and of course- not one single person could or wanted to complain to the police.

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      • I don’t think it is right to cast nasturtiums based on speculation. There is absolutely no evidence of bankruptcy. She was asked by the SRA to provide evidence of the payment. She refused to do so. I don’t believe there was any such payment.

        If there was, the alleged payment was around both the time her sister and husband were being charged with operating an illegal HMO and Neelu suggests she was engaged in litigation with a motor insurance company for accident injuries.

        Incidentally, Neelu’s living her life online disclosures has revealed that the costs of the repossession are £60,000 as of 13th September on a £67,000 debt. Today’s auction costs will add more.

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        • “I don’t think it is right to cast nasturtiums based on speculation.”

          Especially as Neelu has named the solicitor’s firm in question. Good point, Sage


  9. Twenty followers on twitter won’t amount to much income. all he does is make a jerk of himself trying to flog the demonic tattoo horse. since he invented the daft notion of cult tattoos he’s intent of having modern day matthew hopkins types seek out the devil’s mark on the teachers, burger servers and baristas of hampstead. has anyone contacted a tanner or leathersmith for official confirmation that human infant skin could never be made into shoes. at best it would make a flimsy watch strap. not thick enough.

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      • Lee Cant thinks they want to sell the house for half what it’s worth. The logic for this claim somewhat escapes me. Dog or no dog.
        Lee could always get a job as a scarecrow if he’s ever at a loose end (which is probably often.) He’s about as fascinating as one as well.

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    • Is that first video cutting out for anyone else? It’s actually about 7 minutes long but seems to stop after about 10 seconds.


    • However will the world cope with these two geniuses?

      LC: “They’re all offshore companies, based in the Caymans.”
      NB: “Leighton Buzzard. Leighton Buzzard. Same place.”

      I genuinely was going to go to this. Then I thought to myself: “What on Earth are you thinking you muppet? Get a life!”

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      • If I’m understanding it correctly, she’s saying that two companies she mentions are registered at the same place (as each other) in Leighton buzzard, not that it’s the same place as the Caymans.


        • It was more that I was having a giggle that Lee had done an offshore companies rant, and Neelu said “Leighton Buzzard”.

          In a: “You have truly wafted in from paradise.” “Yeah, Luton Airport” sort of way.

          [Apologies to younger readers who don’t get the cultural reference!]


      • “I’ve got two security guards who’ve literally lifted me out of the building. They’ve manhandled me. I’m bruised all over.”


      • “Which country are you from?”

        That’s what happens when you hang around with racists. I’ve mentioned before that I’m mixed-Asian and I have cousins who still live in the sub-continent and am often astounded by how my relatives also often turn out this way. Well, if you are looking for an answer, it’s what we refer to as “pulling the draw bridge up behind you.” Neelu isn’t the first racist immigrant and she won’t be the last.

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  10. EPIC RANT OF THE YEAR! (via Andy Devine)

    September 16 at 6:41 AM ·


    FW: 2018 09 13 Remedy Process + Office Unfitness Cases + Corruption Claim Auction Lot 132 Blight Notice Email
    John Alexander Paterson
    Today, 11:02 PM
    You;Foxfield Management (foxfield.management@talktalk.net);gbloom@outlook.com;Sean Maguire (spmaguire@eircom.net);

    From: Edward Ellis
    Sent: 13 September 2018 20:27
    To: Prime Minister Mrs May; Secretary of State for Health Mr Hunt; Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice; Secretary of State for Home Affairs; Attorney General Rt Hon Jeremy Wright; Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Rt. Hon. Karen Bradley; Opposition Leader Rt Hon. Jeremy Corbyn; Labour Party Leader; Chingford and Woodford Green MP; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs MP Rt Hon Boris Johnson; MP Rt Hon David Davis; North East Somerset MP Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg; Leicester East MP QC Mr Keith Vaz; Enfield Southgate MP Mr Charalambous; Brighton Kemptown MP; Satirist Mt Hislop; ITV This Morning Program Officer Mr David Blackmore; Thomson Reuters Law Reporter; Citizen Mrs Theodorou; Citizen Master Georgio Theodorou; Citizen Miss Sophia Theodorou; Citizen Mr Coyle; Citizen Mr Matthew Taylor; Citizen Mr John Paterson; John Hoath; Citizen Mr Lee Cant; Citizen Mr Lloyd Subner; Citizen Ana Sheikh; Citizen Mr Townsend; Citizen Miss Koroma; Grazyna Posnik-Chealsea; Citizen Miss Sampson; Citizen Ms Berry; Mr Amrit Berry; Ms Sadhana Chaudhari; Citizen Mr Franklin Awodiya; Citizen Ms Jennifer Nelson; Citizen Mr Sattar; Citizen Mr David Barr; Citizen Mr Wilson; Citizen Mrs Barbara Bradbury; Victim Mr Khan; Neil Lowden; Citizen Dr Julia Spivack; Musara Hussain; Ms Tracy Lewis; Citizen Mr Floyd Foster; Citizen Mr Moor; Remedy Campaigner Mr Gutzmore; Defender Counsel Mr Mark Dakin; Bournemouth Crown Court Listing; Crown Court; snaresbrookcrowncourt@justice.gov.uk; Barnet County Court; Barnet County Court; Mr Theodorou Representatives; Crown Representative Counsel Mr Attenborough; Crown Representative Counsel Mr Doherty; Northern Ireland Laganside Magistrates Court; Enfield Council Child Case Chief; Jill Bayley; Gill Wells; Turkay Hadji-Filippou; Amy Bloom; Karen Alderton; Maria Anastasi; lavinia.fernandez@enfield.gov.uk; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Officer; Co-operative Bank Legal Representative; Co-operative Bank Legal Representative; Co-operative Bank Legal Representative; London.corpcentre@co-operativebank.co.uk; complaints@co-operativebank.co.uk; Sussex Magistrates Court; ss-sussexlistings@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk; ss-sussexcpo@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk; ke-kssenforcement@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk; Lewes District Council; Racist and Assault Case Defence Lawyers EBR Attridge LLP Representative Mr Bernie Duke; enquiries@ebrattridge.com; Court of Appeal Case Officers; Court of Appeal; Muslim Council of Britain; media@mcb.org.uk; Barclays Bank; Cyprus Medical Council; Stylianos Kakoullis; MAvraamidou@mphs.moh.gov.cy; Great Ormond Street Hospital Officer; Michael.Rake@gosh.nhs.uk; Peter.Steer@gosh.nhs.uk; Akhter.Mateen@gosh.nhs.uk; James.Hatchley@gosh.nhs.uk; Rosalind.Smyth@gosh.nhs.uk; Amanda.Ellingworth@gosh.nhs.uk; Stephen.Smith@gosh.nhs.uk; Chris.Kennedy@gosh.nhs.uk; Nicola.Grinstead@gosh.nhs.uk; Matthew.Shaw@gosh.nhs.uk; Alison.Robertson@gosh.nhs.uk; Ali.Mohammed@gosh.nhs.uk; Matthew.Tulley@gosh.nhs.uk; David.Goldblatt@gosh.nhs.uk; Cymbeline.Moore@gosh.nhs.uk; Crown prosecutor Mr Attenborough; info@coverdalek9.co.uk; hammersmith@barnardmarcus.co.uk; customerrelations@sequencehome.co.uk; auctions.hammersmith@sequencehome.com.uk; admin@tpos.co.uk; complaint.info@financial-ombudssman.org.uk
    Subject: 2018 09 13 Remedy Process + Office Unfitness Cases + Corruption Claim Auction Lot 132 Blight Notice Email

    Corruption Claim + Auction Lot 132 Title Blight Notice

    From Citizen Mrs Berry

    To: Mortgagees Co-operative Bank + Possession Case Lawyers + Possession Management Agents + Eviction Agents + Goods Seizure Agents + Sale Agents Barnard Marcus + Ministry of Justice + Financial Ombudsman

    The Registered Title to, and Physical Possession of, 3 Peel Drive, Clayhall, IG5 OJR has been used for a Corruption Investigation. The Mortgage Repossession Sale Powers of Co-operative Bank are Crime Proceeds of Court Frauds and Possession Frauds and Mortgage Redemption Statement Delay Frauds and Mortgage Possession Costs Frauds.

    The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that governed Parliament Session Powers. They are called the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They used them for a Corruption Remedy Process. It needed to achieve Total Destruction of a Protection Fraud Network. It sold Market Frauds to Organised Crime and bought Protection Frauds from Law Court Judges. The Remedy Process relied on Investigation Services by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Execution Services by Prime Minister Mr Cameron. The Remedy Process weakened relations within the Protection Fraud Network They needed the 2015 General Election to remove Prime Minister Mr Cameron from office and a Contingency Plan if it did not do so. He won. The Contingency Plan needed Ruin Fraud Conspiracies against the Equity Lawyer and Prime Minister to deprive the Remedy Process the benefit of their services, and a Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against a Remedy Campaigner for Power Boast Purposes. Citizen Ms Berry did not know about the Equity Monarchy Trusts or the Remedy Process. The Corrupt Officers chose her as the Target for the Remedy Campaigner Ruin Fraud. Everything that could go wrong for them did go wrong. The Equity Lawyer found the cases and got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Law Court Judges in time to stop the Ruin Frauds.

    The Ruin Fraud against Prime Minister Mr Cameron needed Internet Publicity by an Innocent Agent, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister, a Framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister. Panama Papers Week prepared for Framing Fraud Exposure Week. It did not happen. The Criminal Conspiracy Proof was got against Law Court Judges in time to stop it. The Protection Fraud Network was left with the Framing Fraud Appeal of the Innocent Agent and Police Officer Witnesses who wanted Immunity Deals in exchange for Full Disclosure about the Framing Fraud Orders. The Protection Fraud Network needed Intimidation Frauds to get Repeat Perjury from the Police Officers, Repeat Representation Frauds by Crown Prosecutors and Repeat Trial Frauds by the Junior Appeal Judges. The Intimidation Fraud needed a Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Another Remedy Campaigner. The Equity Lawyer found the case and used it to get completion of a Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set against Top State Officers and Law Court Judges. The Crown and Lord Bishops used it to decide the Corruption Remedy Conditions for the 2017 Parliament Session Agreement. They needed an Election Free Period to enable a Long Session for Remedy Management. The Surprise General Election got it. The Key Decision then was Responsibility Apportionment between Mass Remedies by Parliament and Case Remedies by Law Courts. Remedy Co-operation Tests from General Election Day for 6 months got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top State Officers and Remedy Unfitness Proof against the Law Courts. The Remedy Process passed into the Mass Remedies Stage. It got Voluntary Remedy Proof for Ordinary Offices and Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Corruption Controllers. The Criminal Conspiracy Proof was used for Judicial Office Unfitness Case Notices to Parliament. They did two things. They put the Unfitness Cases in Parliament. They enabled Protection Fraud Investigations in Parliament by the Crown, Lord Bishops and Honourable Members. The Top Judges ignored the Unfitness Cases and committed Repeat Court Frauds. It was Contempt Fraud Proof and Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof against them and Corrupt MPs.

    In 2016 the Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Citizen Ms Berry failed. The Protection Fraud Network needed another one. Investigation is needed to discover when Co-operative Bank Officers became Ruin Fraud Conspirators. The Best Advice for the Auctioneers is to use the Corruption Claim Notice for a Lot 132 Withdrawal.

    Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


  11. New Angela-Linda video up…

    Angie talks about Hampstead at 20:16.


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