In the presence of genius?

Angela Power-Disney is nothing if not imaginative. Her gripping stories of being “hunted” by aliens and/or armed forces personnel at Rudloe Manor in the 1950s when she was not yet 3 years old, for example…or her persistent claims that she co-wrote the play The Genius while a mere student at the University of Warwick—both stand…


Maurice Kirk’s strange associations

After following “flying vet” Maurice Kirk’s “now you see him, now you don’t” adventures last week, we confess we were intrigued. Kirk has been closely linked with Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie for several years, perhaps most notably via his involvement in the notorious Musa case, in which both parents were convicted of child cruelty.


Wiltshire police force at the tipping point

A leading criminologist has recommended that Wiltshire police should immediately terminate its investigation into “pernicious” claims of satanic ritual abuse, according to news reports yesterday. Dr Rachel Hoskins is an expert in ritual sacrifice, and was asked by detectives to examine claims made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath and others in Operation Conifer. On…


Hoaxtead mob tries to ride on #pizzagate coat-tails

If you’ve been online in the past couple of weeks, chances are you’ve seen the hashtag #pizzagate popping up on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ve talked about it here, but in the past week the #pizzagate phenomenon has grown exponentially, spreading its slimy fake-news tentacles as far as respected U.S. newspapers like…

Mel Ve waxes vermilion 2016-07-24

Mel Ve: Last of the Boers? Indeed!

Our friends at McKenzies Devils have been churning out videos at a fantastic rate, and on Friday we woke up to yet another that we think deserves front-page coverage here at HR. As some of you might be aware, Mel hails from South Africa (or ‘Seth Effrica’ if you will); however, her view of her…


Update: Maurice Kirk missing…again

Thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey for passing on the information that Maurice Kirk has once again gone missing from the Vintage Air Rally. On the VAR Facebook page, organisers state: “For the second time in two nights, Maurice is a no show. We have launched (again) an overdue aircraft process (now Kenyan rather than Ethiopian)….Next of…