IPCC Appeal 2: What happens now?

This week we’ve been discussing the IPCC’s response letter to Ella Draper’s appeal of the first IPCC investigation of the September 2014 police investigation of the Hampstead SRA hoax. (Got all that?) The response letter was posted by several people, we’ve now discovered; the first known post dates back to 29 November 2016, but the…

Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”

Hey Abe, show us your FLOOR PLANS!

This week we’ve been discussing the video that was secretly recorded by Jean-Clement, Abe Christie’s brother-in-law, when Abe and Ella brought the children back from Morocco on 4 September, 2014. We’ve listened to Abe coaching the children to shout, “Kill! Kill! Kill the babies!“; we’ve highlighted some of the inconsistencies and self-contradictions Abe reveals; and…

More evidence that tattoos are a fiction

Some of the most interesting conversations on Hoaxtead happen in our Comments section. For example, the other day when we were discussing the possibility that Abraham knew Bill Maloney prior to launching the hoax, commenter Emma pointed out this little video, an addendum to the interview with Abe and Ella on The World Beyond Belief: