Ex-Met Detective John Wedger provides final nail in Hampstead SRA hoax coffin

Over the past year and a half, we’ve noticed that a former Metropolitan police officer, Jonathan Wedger, has been peddling tales of “police corruption at the highest levels” to almost anyone who’ll listen.

Mr Wedger has been quoted extensively in the tabloids, as well as by Brian Gerrish of UK Column, making claims that the Met deliberately covers up the sexual abuse of children. He has also stated that he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the bullying he received when he attempted to bring this situation to the attention of his senior officers. Following some time on sick leave, he has now been dismissed from the force and is attempting to sue for psychiatric injury. We have our own opinions of his allegations, which we will share at a later time. However, today we’d like to talk about ex-DC Wedger’s contribution to closing the police investigation into the Hampstead SRA hoax.

We can now reveal that in September 2014 ex-DC Wedger played a small but critical role in ensuring that the police were aware that the claims made by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie were in fact a complete—and intentional—hoax.

Who let the cat out of the bag?

Long-time readers might recall that Abraham and Ella wrote to a well-known and influential troofer on 11 September 2014. The email, addressed to Brian Gerrish of the UK Column, was a laundry list, setting out all the salacious details which Gerrish would be able to publicise if he backed the hoax. It was meant to tempt him into joining in, but in fact it had the opposite effect.

This tweet from Drifloud on 8 March 2016 contains the email, and indicates that it was sent only to Gerrish:

Keep in mind that this email was sent while the Hampstead case was still under active investigation by the Child Abuse Investigation Team (CAIT).

In a YouTube comment in early 2016, Abraham and Ella complained bitterly that this email had been sent, via a circuitous route, to DC Steve Martin, who was then working on the Hampstead investigation.

Here’s what Abrella said:

On or around the 16th of September 2014 Steve Martin received an email that had “found it’s (sic) way to S.O.E.C.A. (Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse) via D.P.S. (Directorate of Professional Standards)” The sender explains that having read the contents of said email it appeared “IDENTICAL to a current investigation of yours 2419891/14 concerning allegations of sexual and ritual abuse at Christchurch Primary School.”

“The email appears to be one in (sic) the same sent by the MOTHER TO THE INFORMANT and the contents appear on your CRIS.”

BRIAN GERRISH of UK Column was the ONLY person to have received that email/file from the mother on the 11th of September 2014 .

But ,but Brian couldn’t be the informant , he sent the email to Bill Maloney on 15-09-14 who sent it to Nathan ‘NumNuts’ Wedger who sent it to P.C. Paul Armstrong, who in turn sent it to Anna Bewley at D.P.S. H.Q. saying that he’d received a disturbing email which includes serious allegations of wrongdoing by MPS officers … Then via two internal D.P.S. emails from Anne and PC Craig Langley the email “found it’s (sic) way” to DC Victoria BARNES SC&036 -SOECA LIT
29th Floor (East Block), Empress State Building, and thence back to Steve Martin , who had the original email from the original INFORMANT, which as Vicky noted was already in Steve’s CRIS report.

Q. Name original informant, AAND (sic) subsequent informants used to distract from original informant.
For a bonus prize explain why Brian never said a word about the case till MSM’s attempted hatchet job on the Whistleblowers, ella & abe and WHY BILL MALONEY HAS SAID F-CK ALL.  nemesis )+( nerd

Shortly after posting the above comment, Abrella wrote on the same YouTube comments thread,

Bill Maloney in an interview with Lou Collins .(connected to Danielle la Verite)speaks out about the tattoo on Leon Brittan’s pubenda (sic!) that a victim (Andrew) of Leon Brittan described and drew during an interview with a newspaer (sic) almost 2 years ago , so when Maloney and Gerrish received Ella’s email describing the Tattoos and distinguishing marks on the cult members (sic) pubenda (even more sic) they were well aware of this corroborating the testimony of Leon Brittan’s victim. Why then have neither of them said anything apart from the few times that Gerrish mentions the case on UK Column when the MSM had attempted a hatchet job on Abe and Ella, and he had to say something ? Now it’s clear why the info re Tattoos was buried buy (sic) Maloney, Gerrish AND the police and exposes Maloney and Gerrish as Shills ! Quite apart from the fact that Maloney passed the email onto a Nathan “NUMNUTS” (sic) Wedger a known police informant ; and the email eventually “found it’s (sic) way” to investigating/cover up Freemason, DS Steve Martin. mmmmmm…

Abe and Ella were aware of the path which the Gerrish email took, since they were now in possession of Ella’s court bundle, turned over to her by her solicitors when she sacked them in December 2014. But why were they so angry that Nathan “Numnuts” Wedger had sent it to the police?

Who is Nathan ‘Numnuts’ Wedger?

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to determine the identity of Nathan “Numnuts” Wedger, the “known police informant” who bridged the gap between Bill Maloney and PC Paul Armstrong.

However, when a recent interview between Lou Collins (yes, she’s back!) and ex-DC Jonathan Wedger came to our attention, we wondered: how common a surname is “Wedger”? And could this former cop have had anything to do with unveiling the true purpose of the Hampstead SRA hoax?

As it turned out, Wedger is not a very common surname, and the only “Nathan” we found would have been a young teenager in 2014, so unlikely to have been involved in this case.

However, we did discover that someone else named Nathan Wedger has a mostly unused Pinterest account: He has only one follower, whom he follows back: And looking at his account URL reveals something even more interesting: So we knew that someone named “Nathan Wedger”, with a friend named Tasha Leach, uses the online tag “numnut2009”.

After a bit of digging through public records, we discovered that Ms Leach’s maiden name was “Wedger”, and she has a twin brother: Jonathan.

It was at this point that the obvious struck us between the eyes: remove the letters “Jo-” from “Jonathan”, and you have….


In our searches we found a few confirmatory details: Jonathan and Natasha Wedger were born in 1970 in London. In his interviews, ex-DC John Wedger has stated that he is 47 years old.

And on a site called Healer Practitioner Association International, we found a “Jon Wedger” using the email address <numnut2009@hotmail.co.uk>:

Jon Wedger, “healer practitioner”, gives his address as Hemel Hempstead; ex-DC John Wedger mentions that he lives in Hemel Hempstead as well.

Now we only needed to confirm the connection between Jonathan Wedger and Bill Maloney.

As it turns out, Mr Wedger mentions Bill several times in his interview with Lou Collins. In fact, at one point in the second part of the interview, he mentions that he and Bill are good friends, and says he’s known him at least eight years.

Ex-DC Wedger cracks the case

Suddenly, the chain between Brian Gerrish and DC Steve Martin becomes crystal clear.

On 9 September, the CAIT team receives the content of an email from “the informant”—Abraham’s brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou—which is logged in the CRIS report:

The content of this email is virtually identical to the email which Abe and Ella would send to Gerrish on 11 September, the same day the children were taken into protective custody. In fact, the children were taken into custody shortly after 7 p.m., and the email was sent to Gerrish at about 10 p.m.

This was also three days after Gerrish had sent one of his colleagues, Finn Hagan, to check out the children’s stories. It’s difficult to say whether Gerrish remained unconvinced by Finn’s account of the visit, or Abe was sending the email in an attempt to stir up interest in the story before word got out that he and Ella had coached and abused the children.

On 15 September, Gerrish forwards the email to his friend Bill Maloney, perhaps wishing for a second opinion as to whether he should get behind Abe and Ella.

Maloney, also concerned, sends the email to his trusted friend at the Met, DC Jonathan Wedger. Surely he’ll know how to deal with something like this? Ex-DC Wedger has stated that he began “whistle-blowing” in 2014, and was put on sick leave, which explains why Maloney sent the email to his personal email address, “Nathan Wedger” at <numnut2009@hotmail.co.uk>. Abe would later notice this detail and add it to his angry comment, possibly in an attempt to humiliate “Nathan Wedger”, who he blamed for alerting police to the hoax.

Ex-DC Wedger, realising that this email contains very serious allegations which ought to be investigated, forwards it to another officer, PC Paul Armstrong, who in turn sends it to Anna Bewley, who works in the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) at the Met.

From there, the email proceeds to DC Victoria Barnes at the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse (SOECA) unit.

DC Barnes recognises the details contained in the Gerrish email as identical to those in a case currently under investigation by the CAIT, and so she forwards it to DC Steve Martin on 18 September 2014. This is recorded in the CRIS:

At this point, DC Martin has received one email from the original informant—Jean-Clement Yaohirou—forwarding an email J-C received from Abe and Ella.

And now, nine days later, he receives a second, identical email, originating not with Jean-Clement or even with Ella, but with two known conspiracy theorists, Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney. And he can see from the email address that it had been sent to Gerrish by none other than “hempstarsdynamics”…that is to say, Abraham Christie. (Oh, and did we mention that DC Martin already knows Abraham from a previous encounter, when Abe assaulted his own son?)

Abe and Ella were clearly attempting to hawk the children’s story round to Gerrish while the police investigation was in progress. Anyone who has ever been involved in a criminal investigation will be well aware of the police warning not to discuss the case with anyone else, lest the evidence be contaminated, and the case destroyed in court. Yet Ella and Abe were not just discussing the case, they were sending details of it to Gerrish, in a kind of “troofer news release”.

If you were DC Martin, do you think you might have smelt a rat at this point?

If Ella and Abe had all this information about the alleged cult, why had they not immediately reported it to the police? Why would they have sent this information to Gerrish instead? And why did they send it to Gerrish within hours of the children being taken into police custody? If their aim was to shut down a cult, why would they interfere in the investigation in this way?

Could it have been because they were in the process of attempting to engineer a gigantic publicity stunt?

While the bulk of the police investigation had already taken place by the time the Gerrish email reached DC Martin’s desk, the email would have provided the proverbial icing on the cake. It would have demonstrated conclusively that this case, as Ella would later admit, had never been meant to reach the police and CPS. It was a hoax through and through.

And sure enough, in the closing pages of the CRIS report, we find this notation:

By the end of the police investigation, the Gerrish email had made one thing very clear: the police were onto Abraham. They understood that this wasn’t about “saving children”, but about attracting attention from the conspiracy community.

And for this final nail in the Hampstead SRA investigation’s coffin, we can thank ex-DC Jonathan Wedger.

We can now give him full credit: whether intentionally or not, he helped to demonstrate the real nature of the Hampstead SRA hoax, and bring the investigation to its rightful conclusion.

168 thoughts on “Ex-Met Detective John Wedger provides final nail in Hampstead SRA hoax coffin

  1. Judging by that last notation about Abraham, that he was circulating interviews of the children and might continue, it’s clear that the police understood the meaning of the Gerrish email.

    What I don’t understand is why they didn’t pick Abe up on this basis, even if they couldn’t arrest him for child abuse since he’d made the kids say he only hit them when they were not on British soil? Surely circulating videos of the children would have been illegal too?

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    • That’s a good point, and I don’t know the answer.

      Clearly, if they knew he was going to circulate the children’s videos, they ought to have acted at that time, whether by arresting him or by placing some sort of restraining order on him. We don’t know that that didn’t happen though, since the only material we have available to us has been put online by Abe, Ella, or Sabine. Anything which doesn’t fit their controlled narrative has simply been withheld.

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      • That’s a sobering thought, EC. God knows what else could be out there that could potentially blow the lid on this blatant hoax (again).

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        • Yes, I’m quite certain that when they are arrested and brought to trial (I know, I’m an optimist) we will discover all sorts of fascinating details they “neglected” to share with their drooling public.

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          • I am interested to know your opinion about DC Jon Wedger, his work investigating and exposing child abuse throughout the UK and his allegations that his bosses repeatedly shut down his investigations and threatened him with dire consequences if he continued.


    • It all seems to move so slowly and I think they’d have picked Abe up eventually if he’d hung about. He knew that and that’s one of the reasons he sodded off to Spain or Russia or wherever he is. Personally I think he’s on that island with Patrick Cullinane, making plans to overthrow the New World Order, whilst listening to Elvis, still crooning from his zimmer frame.

      Laughing at Abrella calling Wedger a ‘police informant’. What do they expect an experienced copper to do with info like that? He’s bound to pass it on isn’t he? Anyway, there’ll be no love lost between someone like Abe (thirty plus previous convictions) and Wedger who was a seasoned Police Officer.

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      • I don’t think that Abe realised Wedger was a copper. Maloney sent the email to ex-DC Wedger’s “civilian” email address, as they were friends and he wouldn’t have used his work address. So all Abe would have seen was the “numnuts2009” address, and the name “Nathan”, which Mr Wedger seemed to use online, probably to avoid recognition as a police officer.

        I think Abe called him “a known police informant” because as a lifelong criminal himself, that was one of the worst things he could call someone. He added the “numnuts” thing as a nasty jibe, I think.

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      • “It all seems to move so slowly and I think they’d have picked Abe up eventually if he’d hung about. He knew that and that’s one of the reasons he sodded off to Spain or Russia or wherever he is.”

        Yes, I remember that Abe buggered off right away quick after the kids were taken into care. I remember people on the Icke Forums talking about how he’d basically abandoned Ella. I think he came back early in 2015 when it looked like the cops weren’t going to do anything.

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        • Oh, how interesting! I don’t think I knew about him doing a bunk without Ella (or I’d forgotten about it – hedgehogs have notoriously short memories). The plot, as they say, thickens!

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      • He called him a known police informant, in my opinion, because the oft convicted Abraham Christie couldn’t conceive of someone informing the police of something and being an informant as anything other than how he views it as a criminal.

        Providing information to police as a concenrned citizen vs dirty secret grass.

        Victim/witness/informant is just how things are recorded on the CRIS records. I have just loooked up a few FOI responses from the MPS.

        I have called 999 on occasion so I am sure I will be recorded as an informant. It bothers me not.

        Of course, Abraham isn’t exactly blessed in the brains department.

        I think the police may have known that Abraham was circulating the videos, because he was, and one of the parents went to the police themselves when they found out. That is according to Abraham at least. This means that right at the very beginning he was sending the videos out to people who were not part of the police investigation.

        I believe that Abrella might counter that the authorities never intended the case to be prosecuted, but that they did. Why they were looking up conspiracists in Morocco is odd though, right.

        They failed to convince the court it was true on the lower civil standard mind. And they cared so much that Abraham turned up outside the court, cunningly disguised in an ill fitting suit, in an area well covered by CCTV, frequented by police, making a spectacle, with banners, probably even used his oyster to get there. Apparently, actually going inside and giving evidence scared the little man witless though.


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      • Given Abe’s 30 plus convictions why hasn’t he been deported as an undesirable alien? Morocco isn’t part of the EU so why has he been able to remain so long in the UK breaking the law?
        Mind you I’ve been to Morocco numerous times and have always liked the people so it would be a shame they were saddled with him as well. Then again they have Hope Girl, another scam artist.


          • Yes, Abe is a UK citizen. He took the kids to Morocco to bully them into saying what they did. At one point in the police interview the little girl is asked where they were when Abe hit them. She is very careful to say “only Morocco”; this is because Abe drilled it into them that they must not say he ever hit them while they were in England. He was well aware he’d be up on charges if that came out.


          • My mistake. He’s quite dark so I always assumed he was Moroccan seeing he had connections there. But the name of course isn’t Arabic.

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  2. Something about the CRIS that hadn’t really hit home for me before: the “Inft” or “informant” was Jean-Clement. Any information given to police seems to have come from him, not from Ella. Of course this makes sense, as she has said they never expected the case to go to the CPS, but this makes it brutally clear. The children’s mother didn’t go to police to report their alleged abuse. That was left to her boyfriend’s brother-in-law. Pretty effed up if you ask me.

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  3. Good reporting EC.

    It seems to me that ex DC Wedger did the right thing by forwarding the email to the police, as would be expected from someone with his experience. As you said, he might not have intended it, but he showed Abe up good and proper.

    I listened to the Wedger/Collins interview. Note to Lou Collins. Learn to say ‘Haut de la Garenne’ properly. That’s what a real journalist would do.

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    • Thanks, Fnord! I wonder how Lou will like knowing that her friend was the one who showed Abe and Ella for what they are?

      And may I add some more advice to Lou? Stop snuffling and snorting like an old steam engine while your interviewee is talking. Also, an interview is not a good time to decide to rearrange your pots and pans. #ProTip

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      • Danielle and Lou had an insy-winsy fallout over Hampstead in March 2015 and it precipitated Danielle’s gradual isolation from the troofer community. She was then trolled heavily over her refusal to believe the hype and over her character assassination of Ella. Christ, when even someone who believes that Cliff Richard fertilises his vineyards with the bodies of murdered babies calls bullshit, alarm bells should ring!

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        • Blimey, at 3:08 Danielle echoes what EC says about not wanting to discuss the case in case it scuppered any court proceedings.

          And at 4:49 she says that the children’s anonymity should have been protected for their own safety.

          And at 5:18 she describes Abe as “shifty as fuck” 😀

          I hate to say it (seeing as she has so much else to answer to) but in this instance fair play to her!

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        • So hated their attacks on Cliff Richard. Never a fan of his music but he strikes me as a genuine and extremely nice person who is very sincere in his Christian beliefs.
          But as usual when someone won’t reveal their personal life (why should they?) some people assume the worst.

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          • Their attacks on Cliff Richard are still ongoing. The truthers believe that he was a visitor at the Elm Guest House and is nick-named Kitty. Yet another made up story that the fruitloops all fell for.

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  4. ‘If Ella and Abe had all this information about the alleged cult, why had they not immediately reported it to the police? Why would they have sent this information to Gerrish instead? And why did they send it to Gerrish within hours of the children being taken into police custody? If their aim was to shut down a cult, why would they interfere in the investigation in this way?’

    Because they’re troofers and paranoid?

    From what I’ve read they didn’t intend to take the matter to the police in the first place. Once the police got hold of it they knew they were in trouble. They were panicking and looking for backup from the Conspiracy community who, unlike the Police, would swallow the hoax all the way.

    They were interfering with the police investigation on other occasions too – like when they took the kids for a taxi ride round to identify houses the night BEFORE the police intended to do it. Not that they were coaching the kids in what to say or do or anything. (That’s sarcasm) As I recall the taxi driver was so disturbed at Abe’s behaviour towards the girl that he called the police and reported him.

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    • Yes, that’s right. And I think you’re absolutely right about why they sent the Gerrish email in the first place: they knew they were in deep trouble, the kids would probably retract as soon as they were out of Abe’s clutches, and they wanted to call in the conspiracy community to put up a stink and act as a diversion.

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      • I had forgotten all about the taxi driver being disturbed at Abe’s behaviour towards the girl that night and reporting him for it.

        This post was some good detective work, EC.
        Costa can only dream about such excellent dot-joining, as hers is so poor, it’s laughable.

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  5. This is what I do, when postings here make me happy & excited…I post back a music video that makes me happy & excited. Like this one! 🙂

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  6. Here’s a vaguely related post-script…
    Early in 2015, I believe, I went to the Exaro site and posted a long comment in which I stated flatly that some “retired” and some currently serving Met officers must be conspiranoid True Believers totally sucked in by the likes of David Icke etc. Of course, I had no idea WHO those persons might be…but I felt so certain that this was the case. And that it had to be stated publicly. And that no one else was saying it! So I did.

    I was hanging out on another blog’s comments at that time. I sent that person an email, telling him that I’d gone to the Lion’s Den and yelled: BOO!! (metaphorically), just to see what might come scurrying out. And I did learn some things from that, though not directly.

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    • Well, you were right on the money, Justin. It certainly seems that in some respects, Mr Wedger has swallowed the conspiranoid line. I am not wholly unsympathetic to him, as he seems to have gone through a great deal in his career which would cause severe psychological stress in almost anyone. But he seems to add one plus one and come up with 42 in some cases. More on this to follow!

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      • There were/are others. I had no idea about this one until you started talking about him.
        You know that I’m patient enough to wait weeks, months, even years for the right time & place to “speak out”.
        When the right time comes…

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      • I always have sympathy for policeman as they can often see the most terrible things involving humans and can be severely affected by it.

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        • Yes that’s a good point GOS. I was just saying to a friend recently about how at times i may slag the police off but whenever there is trouble or people need help then the police are there for them. If a bomb goes off everybody runs from the scene but the police have to be brave enough to run towards the scene without knowing what dangers they may encounter there.

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  7. Am I alone in thinking using words like “Main action” denote a sort of flippant attitude that demonstrates a lack of seriousness in the supposed subject of murdered children?

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  8. Bill Maloney was with Jon Wedger at the Whiteflower’s meeting at Parliament in January 2015.

    I know as I saw them together there.

    Lou Collins confirmed the pair were “mates” the other day on one of her posts where she was complaining that none of her real friends were sharing her video/s of Jon Wedger.

    I haven’t listened to the latest video, but I did listen to the one Gerrish did in July 2016 so I don’t know if it’s any different or has added contents.

    Is Mr. Wedger “dodgy” as Baloney sure is?

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    • That’s a hard question to answer, worth a post of its own. The short version, I suppose, is that while Mr Wedger did some exemplary work in a tough job, some of the statements he’s made left us scratching our heads. It seems as though perhaps he’s spent a bit too much time in the company of troofers, and some of it has rubbed off on him.

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    • Gerrish really has had a charisma bypass. Always have to give thanks to those with stronger stomachs who can sit through the mind-numbing boring presentations.
      Now Mad Moo- she’s like a performance artist with a stunning climax.

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  9. Nice work, EC.

    Interesting about Wedger’s involvement in Hampstead. Kristie Sue will love that! That’s how she latched on to Cassie – it was her video about Wedger that started the whole Cassie phenomenon:

    (Thanks to Jake Blake for jogging my memory on this video in his comment higher up the page.)

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    • EC has won many awards as you & I have shown. I hear he’s up for the much coveted Koala Gold Badge but don’t tell anyone as it’s a surprise.

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  10. I’d love to see Kristie Sue’s explanation as to why Abe & Ella blatantly scuppered the police investigation by leaking the details to an alt news channel. I doubt we’ll get one, though.

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    • The silly woman can’t even get the basic facts right- ones that those on opposite sides don’t dispute, so this new revelation with the ex-copper will probably throw her for six.
      What a strange life she is leading. Living in a US state and absolutely obsessed with an imaginary hoax in the UK.

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      • “What a strange life she is leading. Living in a US state and absolutely obsessed with an imaginary hoax in the UK.”
        This. What does she do all day? She’s a mother and a wife…. how much time does she actually spend on being those things? To be honest, I feel sorry for her family – can you imagine what it must be like to live with an obsessive. Moreover, a person whose obsessions are the vilest, sickest, weirdest things that human beings can do, pretty much. And bad enough it they’re true (best left to the professionals imo), but what a total waste of time, that could be spent hanging out with your kids and partner, rather than discussing sodomy and satanism with your fake friends on the internet. Weird doesn’t really cover it.

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  11. Just finished reading this and seriously, EC, you’ve surpassed yourself with this one. This will go down as a classic ‘boom’ moment, I reckon. What a promising start to the new year!

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    • Probably.
      But since he was “invited” in by the real Met to attend an interview re the disastrous “Nick” allegations I think Mr Maloney is now following a new interest. Something safe like lawn bowls or similar.
      And as for the charming Mr Fay, there is no love lost between those two. Always sad to see such close friend fall out.

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  12. Wonderful delving and reportage EC and team.

    There is an immense chasm between the balanced,objective analysis witnessed here and the imagined output of peddlers of perversion who unconscionably use children as human shields to play out their vile,loathsome and entirely inept charades.

    A wee spoon based tunette to celebrate wolf moon and the inevitable turning of the screws.Productive and resonant howlings one and all. 🙂

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  13. How’s this for projecting your own sick fantasies onto others? Seriously, how sick and perverted must Kane be to interpret an innocent photo in this way?

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    • 14:29 – “Then [age] 7 to 12, which is, like, the spirit of homosexuality that reigns over the UK and over Hollywood and over New York…”

      No homophobia there, then.

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      • Some thoughts for Angie:

        Heterosexuality is cursed: Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire [shall be] to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

        In the ten commandments, God condemns heterosexual lust. Gay lust is not listed in the ten commandments as a sin. This shows God’s disapproval of heterosexuality.

        Exodus 20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife.

        Heterosexual acts are unclean:
        Leviticus 15:18 The woman also with whom man shall lie [with] seed of copulation, they shall [both] bathe [themselves] in water, and be unclean until the even.

        Clearly God recognizes the inherent filthiness of heterosexual relationships.

        Leviticus 20:18 And if a man shall lie with a woman having her sickness, and shall uncover her nakedness; he hath discovered her fountain, and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.

        Heterosexual relationships during a woman’s period are so disgusting that even God indicates those who have sex then are to be cut off from His people.

        Want more evidence? Check this out: http://www.createdgay.com/satire.html

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        • She thinks she’s a shadow of her former MK Ultra Kitten-self and complaining her weight gain may be down to remote targeting and no-consent childhood medical experiences catching up with her.

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          • Too much Vodka – according to Kristie Sue.

            Too much lounging on the sofa – according to Rupert.

            Remote targeting, wtf! She’s having a Giraffe.

            As for no-consent childhood medical experiences. How could she consent, even if that is true, which I simply do not believe? She would have been a child, she wouldn’t be in a position to consent.

            As for MK Ultra!!

            Pleeeeaaaase, pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

            What a load of old tosh.

            Nothing changes there.

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      • This kind of BS feigned concern really burns my butt 😦
        She knows nothing about, and wouldn’t give two sh*ts about, all the Pretty Boys who never made it adulthood for so many tragic reasons. The Glasgow train-spotter boys, the kiddies from The Cup in L.A., some of whom ended up in trash bags by the highways of California, the boys from Vancouver and Houston and Chicago and on & on. Sick old bitch.

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    • 49:34 – “I’ve fallen out with one of my best cyber-friends, on quite a profound level.”

      Ooh, do tell, Angie! 🙂

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      • It is quite understandable that having no real friends or family left to fall out with and Mr God flatly refusing to take her calls,the next best thing for a self absorbed nobody and terminal liar is to start creating imaginary friends to thoroughly piss off.

        Angela may well be utterly devoid of worthwhile human qualities,but to be fair,she provides an excellent example of precisely how not to live existence on a planet where other beings also happen to exist.

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          • Thankyou Liza.Glad to be back at base camp after travelling about all over the place.I know he now gets long downtime just ordering elves about and stuff and probably receives decent mileage allowance but I have much admiration and respect for Santa still doing winter excursions at his ripe old age.

            Far too many to mention but certain grifters,by comparison need to have a long hard look at themselves and then hang their heads in shame.

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    • 58:21 – “I declare and decree that we will have a breakthrough by then and the investigation will be re-opened, the alleged paedophiles described in intimate details will be arrested, three years later, will have their computers and phones and so on forensically examined, will have their identifying body marks – piercings, tattoos, scars and so on – either verified or not. Steve Martin, Rupert spoke highly of you and said that you just did what you did to get along in your career… And I just appeal to you and everybody else that’s been involved with that case to do the right thing.”

      Good luck with that, Angela.

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    • Yay, it’s Jimmy!

      Thanks for stopping by, mate. And happy new year to you. Keep up the good work in 2018.

      By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard but our mutual fiend Malcolm Paedogilvy thinks you’re me. Flattering for me but not so much for you.

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      • I can assure you that it could be a lot worse Norman.

        Assorted online nutters have ‘outed’ me over the years, as being everyone from a female mainstream media journalist, the real author of Justice Paulfrey’s report into the Hampstead case, the Llandudno killer Howard Hughes through to one of the murderers of toddler James Bulger with a new identity.

        You are dealing with the kind of people who when alone, take off their socks, and make hand puppets out of them just so they have somebody else to lie too.

        I have long given up trying to figure out what goes on in the minds of people like Ogilvy …. Along that road lies madness.

        Happy New Year to you too.

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