Andy Peacher’s wife convicted of nuisance calls

Over the weekend, we wrote about Neelu Berry and Andy Peacher’s campaign of harassment against the Airedale Centre for Mental Health. Andy, Neelu, John ‘Butlincat’ Graham, and a number of their friends spent the weekend calling the reception desk and harassing the unlucky receptionists, in a malicious attempt to create havoc and disruption on behalf…

Angie: Does she suck or blow?

We think we know what Angela Power-Disney’s real problem is. We mean, aside from the pathological lying and narcissism, which are more or less a given. Yes, it’s true, we’re venturing in where experienced psychiatrists fear to tread, but we think we’ve got it: you see, Angela tries to suck and blow at the same…

Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry: Tag-team harassment

If you think it’s painful listening to the Queen of the Malignant Narcissists talking bollocks to herself on the Con-the-Consumer Network, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Yesterday one of our readers alerted us to this episode of BlogTalkRadio, featuring Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry, those two paragons of mental health, taking it in turns to…

Angie, the girl who cried ‘Paedophile!’

Hands up, everyone who was able to sit through Angela Power-Disney’s dismal excuse for a ‘show’ last night. Yes, just as we thought; we weren’t able to do it either. Something about the combination of aggrieved self-pity and lies spewing forth at such a rate they were impossible to enumerate fully.

Sabine and friends defend convicted criminals

Yesterday we revealed that anti-Semitic buffoon Patrick Cullinane has an even darker side, as he has openly supported at least three convicted murderers—and gone to prison for illegally recording the court proceedings of one of them. Today we bring you a few more examples of Hoaxtead promoters and their strange fondness for violent criminals.

Patrick Cullinane’s brilliant career

As usual, APD’s live-streamed show last night was a royal snooze-fest, but we were interested in her choice of guests. Most of us know Patrick Cullinane as a would-be freeman on the land lawyer, a rabid anti-Semite, and a frothing-at-the-mouth nutter who has no qualms about standing in the street screaming incoherently at anyone who’ll…

The dodgy history of Belinda’s Knight Foundation

The other day, while we were working on the FAQ about those who planned and executed the Hampstead SRA hoax, we were reminded that Belinda McKenzie’s created her alleged ‘charity’, the Knight Foundation, to act as a receptacle for donations to the hoax. We wondered: how has this non-charity been faring lately?