‘Death threats’ against Wesley Hall’s daughter debunked

Yesterday we described a very strange and disturbing situation involving Wesley Hall, who has been claiming loud and long that a person named Paul made a death threat involving his daughter.

Wesley’s version

According to Wesley, this comes at the end of a long, strange saga in which a Manchester-area doctor and his wife deliberately sent him on a wild goose chase to Spain to scout out land where they could legally grow cannabis to make CBD oil, which they would then sell in the UK. However, Wesley claims, at some point the doctor cut off the money they were paying him, abandoning him to his fate in a strange country.

Then, he says, Paul and his wife, who are friends of the doctor and his wife, began texting harassing messages and calling him at all hours, culminating in the death threat toward Wesley’s daughter.

What really happened?

Yesterday we speculated that there might be more to this story than met the eye.

For example, we were a bit puzzled that while the text message from Paul showed him saying, “I will kill your girl…ring…ring me now”, during the phone conversation between Paul and Wesley, Paul denied any knowledge of death threats, and instead told Wesley repeatedly that “he knew what he had done” and that he had to return to the UK.

We spent a good deal of time yesterday getting in touch with various people who were able to help us understand what had happened, and whose stories checked out with one another. The following is a summary of what we learned.

Late last year, Alex, the doctor’s wife, met Wesley and was fully taken in by his claims to be a child abuse whistle-blower. She believed his stories of being hunted and having his life threatened by the Satanic paedophiles who wanted to stop him working on the Hampstead case. A very empathic person, she also believed that he was a dedicated advocate for the homeless and disenfranchised of Greater Manchester and Lancashire, and wanted to do her bit to help.

Unfortunately, she took Wesley at his word for everything. She wanted to trust him, and so naïvely did not check him out online, as a more suspicious person might have done. When people mentioned to her that he had had previous convictions, she waved it aside, believing that everybody deserves a second chance in life.

Last November, Alex began building her own business, quite separate from her husband’s medical practice, through which she planned to sell CBD oil products. As Wesley claimed to need a job, she hired him at £100 per week to build a website for the business. She also paid for storage of his personal effects and “charity gear”.

In May, Wesley decided to take a trip to Spain, where he planned to indulge in the cannabis which is more freely available there, in hopes that it would help him with the chronic back pain from which he says he suffers. However, as we reported at the time, he was arrested as he was about to board the plane, was taken to London for questioning, and was told that the charge under consideration was perverting the course of justice.

At this point he seems to have realised that he had to leave the country to avoid a possible lengthy prison sentence. He began telling Alex that the death threats against him had escalated; at one point he claimed that he was being stalked by someone who’d parked their car outside his house and was sending him texts saying they were about to murder him.

Alex, now fearful that he might actually be killed, invited Wesley to come and stay for a short while at their home. “A short while” turned into three months, during which the doctor and his wife fed and housed him. At one point when it was suggested that Wesley might leave and start finding himself a place to live, he threatened that if he had to leave he would commit suicide. This would become a recurring theme, in which he repeatedly exploited Alex’s emotional vulnerability for his own ends.

Eventually, Wesley and Alex agreed that he would be safer from the murderous Satanist cabal (remember them?) if he left the country and went to Spain. They agreed that he would continue to work on the business website at £100/week while he was there.

Wesley claimed that since the police had seized his MacBook and iPhone, all the work he’d done to that point on the website had been lost, and he would have to start over from the beginning. Alex supplied him with a refurbished MacBook and iPhone, and a brand new Android phone.

There was no talk of Wesley scouting out land for a farm; that was a complete figment of his imagination.

Would anybody here be surprised to learn that while he was in Spain, Wesley ran into crisis after astonishing crisis—stolen laptop, stolen phone, pickpocketing, and the like—each of which required a further infusion of cash? And when Alex balked, Wesley would go into full-on suicide threat mode: crying, screaming, begging, and claiming that if he died it would be her fault.

A week or two ago, Alex’s husband realised the effect Wesley’s emotional blackmail was having on his wife, and together they made the decision to stop paying him any further money.

Almost immediately, they began receiving harassing phone calls. However, the number was not familiar, and they could not prove that it belonged to Wesley. It seemed to be coming from overseas.

At this point Alex decided to contact Paul, whose company does security for their house, in hopes that he might have some advice. Understandably, Alex didn’t want to speak with Wesley again, as she found it very difficult.

Paul and his wife began messaging Wesley over the weekend, to no avail. Finally, Paul hit upon an idea: he would threaten Wesley with the loss of something he valued, in hopes of angering him and spurring him to call back thus confirming his own phone number. Amjad friends 2018-09-12 fake FB profilesAs Katya says, Paul told Wesley that he would have two of Wesley’s Facebook pages taken down: one which uses his daughter’s picture and another which uses a picture of an Asian boy.

The trick worked: Wesley called back, and Paul was able to hand the phone number over to police as part of a harassment complaint.

Here’s the part of Paul’s text message which Wesley didn’t bother showing anybody yesterday: Wesley Hall 2018-09-12 Original text.jpgAnd here’s what Wesley said he’d received: Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 death threat textThe address in question was not Wesley’s daughter’s, but his own address in Nelson. His daughter was never threatened in any way.

This helps to explain Paul’s confusion when Wesley accused him of threatening his daughter. It also helps to explain Paul’s allegations that Wesley was doing something wrong, and that he would be arrested when he came home.

One further mystery which we cleared up: at one point Paul says, “Look, I hope you’ve enjoyed the sun, but you need to come home, because I think you’re going to be an illegal immigrant, aren’t you?”

He’s reminding Wesley that, having overstayed his three-month limit in Spain, he will now be subject to the Spanish immigration laws. Just another reason to come home.

Where things stand now

All of those involved—the doctor, Alex, Paul, and his wife—are keenly aware of the steps Wesley will take next. He will attempt to harass and defame his victims, and he will attempt to shift blame from himself to others. They are preparing for a prolonged assault on their characters, their businesses, their motivations…anything Wesley can attack, they know he will.

As for the “blaming others” thing, that’s already begun:

Wesley Hall 2018-09-12 claiming harassmentSo far as we are aware, no one from this blog has contacted any of Wesley’s friends or followers. However, that didn’t stop some of them from claiming we had: Wesley Hall 2018-09-12 friendsThat’s very interesting, as none of these names are familiar to any of us.

However, we’re used to taking the blame for anything untoward that happens to any of the Hampstead mobsters or their friends, so what the hell. Bring it on.

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77 thoughts on “‘Death threats’ against Wesley Hall’s daughter debunked

  1. It’s very interesting that he was looking for an apartment on 31th August & had no word of that in the post then. He has taken it down now though. Pity I didn’t screenshot it but didn’t think of it at the time.

    He really is a sleaze.

    Great work on getting to the real truth! I hope the Police have been contacted about harassment of those people.

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  2. How long before he has hysterics on Facebook then? Tomorrow morning. THEY’RE ALL SATANISTS OUT TO GET ME! I DEMAND SYMPATHY!

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  3. Nice digging, EC. That’s some proper journalism right there. I can think of one or two Scottish and Anglo-Irish fakers who could learn a thing or two from you. Thank you to you and to all the sources who came forward to share what they know. Sam, do you have any of those Koala awards left or has Whiskers broken them all?

    The saddest part of this report for me was the emotional blackmail angle. It’s so sad to read about the underhand way in which Wesley manipulated Alex. That’s a new low for Wesley, if that’s possible.

    I’m not surprised, however, to see that he’s been lying through his arse again, though. I still have a bee in my bonnet about those false allegations he made about us stalking him days earlier in his home town, which he ‘proved’ by putting up 6-month-old comments (indicated clearly by his own sodding archive link). Comments which were blatantly taken out of context anyway. Not to mention his easily debunked charity scam involving that pensioner. In short, he’s not just a habitual liar, he’s also a crap liar. I wonder how he’d fare with one of David Howard’s idiotic polygraph tests 😂

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    • Indeed !
      Perhaps El Coyote DIDN’T go to the University of Warwick for his journalism degree as one Angela Power-Disney claims to have. Or was it that Ange really obtained her degree from the Warwick University Diploma Mill of Chattanooga, Tennessee which shares office space (in the Cyberspace Offices R Us Complex) with the prestigious ITNJ in the atmosphere over Brussels?.

      Or perhaps EC is just a natural which is why he has received several Koala Awards and we are now contemplating nominating him for a Nobel Prize in the Phony Satanism Busters category.

      Or are the claims EC is, in fact, the famed novelist J.K.Rowling true?. ( Or was it Stephen King? Margaret Atwood? I can’t remember, Neither can my cat)

      Wesley is indeed entitled to pursue his life and a career after any conviction and I applaud Alex for such forward thinking & an obviously honest attempt to put her principles into practice.
      Sadly it’s Wesley’s post-conviction life that is the problem.

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  4. Thanks for these fascinating updates, EC.

    And thank you also to Angela for this bit of free advertising for my latest videos:

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    • So presumably she hasn’t watched the video, as it’s footage of her beloved Tom harassing us, not the other way round 🙂

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      • As is her wont. Anyone remember some time back she was promoting some loon’s video and saying that the interview reminded her of the BBC one with RD? Trouble was, the channel owner had uploaded the wrong video by mistake. The one he’d uploaded contained no interview whatsoever and so the mention of an interview in the title was incorrect. And there was Angela, telling the world and his wife that the interview was well worth a watch 😂

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        • This promoting-videos-they-haven’t-watched thing seems to be a common characteristic of the hoaxer fruitloops. A few months ago Malcolm Ogilvy put up a series of sickeningly sychophantic posts about how wonderful Cat Scot’s videos were, yet at least three of the ones he was raving about had zero views, proving that even he couldn’t bring himself to sit through her billge 🤣

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    • Who is this galoot?. These Yanks (apologies to Americans) who come on all-knowing and jump on bandwagons when they are completely ignorant (mentioning no names although “Rupert” comes to mind) really annoy me.

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      • Incidentally, those are re-uploads to Through the Black’s own channels, thanks to a suggestion by Cat Scot.

        I wonder If I can score some copyright strikes against them. That would be a nice ironic twist 🤣

        I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for the grammatically incorrect addition of “3 H’s” in the title of the second one. Trolls I can handle but crimes against apostrophes are a no-no 😀

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  5. “Much changed and shifted since this interview but I had lost it and it is worth hearing…..looking at the supernatural including poltergeist activity….and how a life turns out. I loved this friend!!”

    Yes, much has changed alright. Stephanie became one of Angie’s many mates to realise what a backstabbing loon she was and ran a bloody mile., And when even a raving Trump-loving redneck like Stephanie thinks you’re unhinged, you know you’re in trouble 😂

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  6. Thank you to Special Agent J for drawing my attention to these 11 Terri Stewart comments:


    Aside from her usual nasty comments about RD – including some vile sexual remarks, a threat to have him imprisoned in the US (where she still thinks he lives) and a call for him to be “hung, drawn and quartered” – she’s saying that she’s been in touch with Ella. She’s claiming that she’s left Abe and hooked up with a new guy.

    She’s also saying that she and Ella are about to do a show about Hampstead with Lisa ‘Chicken-Chucker’ Vunk.

    How much of this is bullshit I don’t know but I thought it worth letting you know.

    By the way, great post today EC!

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    • Lisa appears to be back on the scene. She uploaded some of the kids’ interviews last month, it seems, and named them in the video description.

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      • Just to be clear, I didn’t say Ella and Vunky were an item. Ella has a new feller and she’s also doing an interview with Vunky. Two separate things

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        • Beckie Percy on the other hand would be in bed with either of them like a shot.

          Nothing wrong with being a lesbian as far as I’m concerned, but there is in concocting unfeasible stories of child rape and murder in order to snuggle up with married women on the other side of the world.

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    • Just done a conference call with Ella, but doesn’t know first hand of Ella is in a new relationship. I’m smelling bovine ordure!

      Having said that, I wonder what Ella would be like without Abraham Jemal Christie / Abe Christie prompting her. I doubt her tame interviewers would stray off script though.

      If Ella has left Abraham, maybe this is the time she really should re-evaluate the last four years, for the sake of all her three children.

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  7. Wesley Hall is a wrongun alright.

    It saddens me to think that he could suck people into a story about a secret cabal of baby killers out to get him. Is this really something that people are prepared to believe uncritically?

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    • Back in the 1980s I was suckered into an SRA related scam, not for long mind you, but it was frightening and horrible believing such things while it lasted.

      I’m a fairly intelligent person. I experienced horrific abuse myself and also experienced abuse that was the subject of denial by some members of my family.

      Knowing that horrific things can and do happen and that people routinely deny them can lead a person, or an oppressed minority, to become much more vulnerable to this sort of scam and much more likely to believe conspiracy theories that seem incredible to most people.

      That’s what makes Weasley such a despicable person. He instinctually targets the vulnerable and kind hearted. Not completely unlike how serial chid sexual abusers select their victims in fact.

      I hope Alex doesn’t feel too bad about this. It does not reflect badly upon her at all. Alex is simply a well meaning, kind hearted person who was taken advantage of by a serial scamming psychopath. Psychopaths such as Weasley are able to be charming and pull on the heart-strings of kind people. It is central to their MO. Intelligence and a good education are no defence against this kind of scammer. The only true defence is to have survived it and to learn from it.

      The trick is to hold on to your kindness and caring attitude but to develop appropriate research skills and to better understand the process of being scammed by a psychopath. Alex was groomed by Weasley, just as the Hampstead children were groomed by Abe. Now, even though it is painful and bitter to learn, Alex understands that grooming process. No matter how clever Alex was before she met Weasley she is a wiser person today.

      At least, through Alex’s communication with this blog, even more people will be warned about the Weasel and one or more well meaning, kind hearted people may be saved from going through the same hellish experience.

      Hold your head up high Alex. You may not realise it but you are a warrior and a force for good.

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          • I think from what I have seen on FB today, that she will be reassured that she is not the only person taken in by him surreal hustle. Her friend is in touch with the people on FB so she will have their support also. It was a terrible experience I agree. Weasly sadly, will go on from this to another person if he is not stopped now. Let’s hope lawful steps are being taken to stop him now.

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      • Very well said, SR. I agree, many people—intelligent, educated people—have been taken in by this sort of thing. There is nothing shameful in that. What is shameful is when people like Wesley prey on the kindness and vulnerabilities of others, for their own gain.

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        • It wasn’t always the case but I’m now always suspicious of new charities that seem to replicate existing resources. I’m a bit of bleeding heart myself, but luckily I learned long a go to walk past individuals and work with well established organisations and refer people to them instead. The urge to give direct help is a weakness that unscrupulous persons will prey on. I will still give a Big Issue seller the “profit” margin from a sale rather than buy a copy I don’t need, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

          I find it’s best to pick one charity that you will get behind. Mine’s The Sophie Lancaster Foundation https://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/. If I have any spare cash, I send them money, and tell others who ask for cash that it is the only charity I am giving money to. It’s tough and makes you look superficially a complete bastard but in the long run I think it’s the right thing to do.

          [Other opinions might be available!]

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      • Thanks Surreal Hustle. You are right I think that people’s caring nature is preyed upon. Wesley P Hall has form, and a lengthy criminal history. I’m not discounting that people can go on the straight and narrow, but he hasn’t.

        I know from personal experience what it is like to be disbelieved. I have seen that with others. A friend used to keeps paper clipping of her abuser’s conviction for that very reason. He still isn’t allowed to be alone with a child.

        Alex hasn’t done anything to be ashamed about. I am curious whether there were any gut feelings that weren’t acted on. I’m a big believer in not ignoring gut feelings and stuffing how people feel or try to make you feel. That’s a way wrong uns try to make you feel obliged to do something you don’t want to do.

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  8. Wesley isn’t well liked (understatement) in Nelson and I think it’s possible he does have people after him who’d do him harm. Nothing to do with Hampstead though, and more to do with his ability to piss people off. I’ve been told for years (face to face – not virtually) that he’s dodgy and I thought most of it was gossip but I’ve changed my mind now. He’s a wrong un and, as far as I’m concerned, best avoided.

    Interesting how his Facebook ‘friends’ blindly back him up and promise to ‘block’ anyone who sends them info about him. Cult-like behaviour. So much for so called ‘critical thinking’ which is so important to troofers. From what I’ve seen most of Wesley’s friends couldn’t think their way out of a cardboard box.

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  9. Angie’s not the only one who can re-upload old videos.

    What makes this one interesting is the spells/curses she casts on RD at 5:37 and 16:33 😀

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  10. The World of Oz.
    I see Australia has its coteries of batshit crazy loons who seems sociopathic in their internet ramblings. This one, I think a fellow traveler of Fiona Barnett calls his website “Kangaroo Court of Australia”. I’m sure he thinks it’s an amazingly clever name and is ignorant to the fact that is exactly what he runs- libeling everyone under the Sun (who presumably has incurred his displeasure) and pronouncing them guilty.

    He’s just served a 4-month sentence for Contempt of Court. Not sure why that was but presumably something to do with calling the State Attorney General a “pedophile” along with dozens of other judges. 4months?. Outrageous I think. 4 years surely.

    Demonstrating psychopathic thinking he sickeningly attacks the barrister brother of a female barrister killed in the dreadful Lindt Cafe Seige. While this poor lady was apparently killed by fragments from police bullets in a badly run attack – it seems all government services were unprepared for such an event but of course to the Loon Fraternity it’s all a plot.

    From what I read the brother and sister – with a young family- were devoted to each other but our Local Loon attacks the brother because he conducted a libel case against him on behalf of a billionaire Oz media mogul Kerrie Stokes (who lives in Perth but has never invited me to dinner)

    “Billionaire Kerry Stokes made to look like a fool in his defamation “win” against journalist Shane Dowling”

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  11. Regarding his alleged income. you can go abroad and still receive incapacity benefit/employment support allowance/disability living allowance. however the alleged one hundred pounds a week he may have been paid would have to be declared or he could be in trouble.

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    • Correct. Any declared income will be deducted at the rate of 63%. Neelu’s failure to declare, what on paper is a relatively small amount, is the subject of her upcoming case. I’m currently on UC, but I declare every penny I earn. You literally sign a piece of paper saying that you will do this!

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  12. Why do the most vocal proponents of medicinal cannabis sound exactly the same as people who’ve been smoking way too much weed for way too long.

    If only there were some sort of link… Some sort of common factor as it were… Some potential cause and effect that could be studied.

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    • If cannabis was so healthy we’d have loads of people aged 60 years and over who’ve been using it for decades telling us about it. most cannabis evangelists look Fucked.

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      • I know plenty of people with ongoing chronic heath problems who get relief from medicinal cannabis. It is especially helpful for people with chronic pain who are unable to use the full range of analgesic drugs available to most people.

        None of them get involved with scammy hoaxes or other similar things, they keep a low profile because of the illegality of the drug. If you were to meet one of them you would almost certainly have no idea they are users of medicinal cannabis.

        I also know a highly regarded physician, awarded an honour fairly recently, who has used recreational cannabis all her life. Works hard to the point of being a workaholic. Has contributed as much to the health of the nation as several ordinary people.

        The very serious problem with the current legislation the cannabis is that users are forced into various difficult and compromising situations in order to get pain relief.

        To need medical cannabis today places people in terrible situations


        Users purchase from the black market with all the legal and safety problems associated with it, including but not limited to; contact with criminals, invitations to try other drugs, blackmail, compromising of personal safety, sexual harassment / unwanted sexual attention from dealers, dangerous substances offered as cannabis, cannabis contaminated with toxins (e.g. silica, pesticides)

        Users purchase from compassion clubs – risks – they may be run by people like Abe, the Weasel or some other dubious / criminal person or group – I am not saying that all compassion clubs are like this but by nature they are secretive, low profile set ups and there are risks involved

        Users grow their own cannabis and run the risk of a serious criminal conviction

        Users choose not to buy from the black market and instead either tolerate serious ongoing chromic pain or accept treatment on the NHS with analgesics such as opiates, synthetic opiates, etc. which are highly addictive and can contribute to a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

        I strongly believe that the use of medicinal cannabis should be legalised one way or another.

        Apart from anything else it is not helpful for already unwell and vulnerable people to be forced to deal with scammers such as Abe and the Weasel.

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      • Let me guess, he thinks it was the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires in a combined operation between GCHQ, MI6, Mossad, the Jesuits, the Rothchilds and the Mickey Mouse Club.

        P.S. John is a racist. He is condemned by his own words, no matter which ordering anyone thinks they might be better put.

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        • Oh, and how Mr. Devine do you think these words you direct quoted from Mr. Paterson only two days ago could have been better phrased?

          “How do I know the Kikes did 911?”

          Kike | Definition of Kike by Merriam-Webster
          Kike definition is – —used as an insulting and contemptuous term for a Jewish person.

          I don’t, and never will, condone violence towards another human being but when you spout sh!te, sympathy will not be forthcoming. The one thing that seems to link these hoaxers is their deep deep racism and hatred of other people. It seems to be a pathological trait. What is wrong with their lives?

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  13. I’d like to know more about this growing farm that was mentioned in the transcript of the phone call. the guy says he’s on wesley’s farm and buzzing because he’s smoking a joint.

    so we have ex partners who have stopped funding wesley.

    £100 a week in potentially undeclared income which may be investigated.

    mention of a ‘growing’ farm of wesley’s and that the police will be wanting to see wesley as soon as he returns to the uk.

    a three month tourist visa running out that means he can’t stay in spain.

    overall he looks set for a decidededly cold reception after his summer holiday.

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    • I think what Paul said about the ‘growing farm’ was sarcasm. It’s a bit like if I met Wesley – I’d ask him when he’s graduating from University? And what about the book/s he’s writing and the homeless shelters he’s setting up? And how does he manage to lose so many phones….hehehe! Clumsy begger isn’t he.

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      • Yes, Paul was well aware that Wesley’s “growing farm” was a fiction. Since Wesley was falsely claiming that he was in the UK, Paul responded by falsely claiming he was on the growing farm getting buzzed.

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  15. The weasel is disgusting and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He’s destroyed countless life’s and doesn’t give a toss. Everything that you say about him is a fact, and theres so much more that can be said. One day his victims will get the justice that they deserve when he eventually shows his face in the uk. Or maybe he will do something to annoy the Spanish police. Either way justice will be seen in the future.

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