Angela attempts to sabotage Jake’s hospital care

Late yesterday evening, Angela posted a video on Facebook in which she described an attempt she and Rupert had made to visit Jake Clarke in hospital. Jake was hospitalised last week under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, and Angela and Rupert were outraged to discover that they had been placed at the top…

Rupert’s astonishing confessions

We were all looking forward to this week’s version of Angela’s Caches with such a glow of anticipation, truly it warmed the cockles of the heart. After all, Angie had promised us a full-on freak show, with a panel of guests that included the fresh-from-Holborn Sabine, Neelu ‘Lien on Me’ Berry, Penny ‘You Want Crystals…

BREAKING: Sabine charged, released

Following Sabine McNeill’s Saturday arrest at Holborn police station, there was some confusion as to whether she would be brought to court today, a bank holiday, or later in the week. We can now confirm that following a weekend in the cells, Sabine was charged this morning at Highbury magistrates court and released on bail.…

The consequences of no consequences

Well, El Coyote is more or less back on his feet now, and has been pawing through the comments on yesterday’s blog. Thanks to all for your best wishes, and he promises he will no longer eat entire chickens, feathers and all, as they seem to disagree with his digestive system.

El Coyote off his feed

Mr Coyote regrets to inform readers today that he is unwell and therefore unable to apply his usual keen analysis to the goings-on amongst the Hoaxtead mob. He hopes to be back to his  perky (or pesky, you be the judge) self by tomorrow.

Updates: Operation Clean-up, plus donating to Kenyan orphanage

It’s been more than usually hectic here at Hoaxtead Research this week, what with Jake Clarke’s recent involuntary hospitalisation, Kevin Justice/Weaver’s strange explanation of why that occurred, and Angie’s repudiation of Kevin’s explanation…not to mention Angie’s very sympathetic interview with ex-child-abusing-cult member Zen Gardner.