New pic of Ella: Not exactly the grieving mother

A few days ago we wrote about the strange—unprecedented, really—online silence of Abe and Ella. Anna, one of our regular readers, speculated that they might have finally got tired of one another: And Dave, another long-time reader, pointed out that Abe and Ella hadn’t even bothered to try to refute Angela Fag Ash Disney’s astonishing…


Who wants to be a YouTube Hero?

Since almost the very beginning of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a major problem has been the massive proliferation of Hoaxtead-related videos on YouTube. Volunteers have devoted hundreds of hours to the thankless task of reporting videos that violate Mrs Justice Pauffley’s original court order, and YouTube’s terms of service.

Nurse Angie

Is Angela about to call it quits?

Watching yesterday’s live edition of Angela Scratches, we weren’t terribly surprised at Angie’s attempts to defend what remains of her credibility as de facto spokes-thingy for the Hoaxtead mob. Her “more in sorrow than in anger” performance piece about having been betrayed by those she thought were her friends was completely predictable.


Everard’s paedophilic excrementalism

There’s really no accounting for some people’s tastes. And then there’s Chris Everard, the Hoaxtead hanger-on who’s made a career of covering up his own fascination with child sex abuse images by bellowing as loudly as he can that everyone else is a paedophile.