The IPCC report on the police investigation

One of the biggest misunderstandings about the September 2014 police investigation is that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), prompted by Abe and Ella, concluded that the police investigation had been inadequate.

This is completely untrue.

Abe and Ella did request that the IPCC investigate the original police investigation, but when the report was finally released in early 2016 it painted a very different picture from the one the hoax promoters would like us to believe.

Here is a list of the posts we’ve published, in which we comprehensively review and explain the findings in the IPCC report:

IPCC reports: A guide for the dimwitted
Kristie Sue Costa and Sonja Vangelder, two Hoaxtead pushers, try to claim we don’t understand what the IPCC report really is. We beg to differ.

IPCC report vindicates Hoaxtead police investigation
Before Abe and Ella released the report in full on their blog, they allowed their acolyte Drifloud to cherry-pick and publish small snippets of the report on Twitter. However, even these snippets point to the IPCC vindicating the original investigation.

IPCC report offers a few surprises
Abe and Ella release the full report, which contains some startling information: Ella is wanted on UK child abuse charges, and she and Abe attempted the coach the children during the police investigation.

IPCC report: Massive holes in Abe & Ella’s arguments
Far from vindicating Abe & Ella’s lies, the IPCC report shows them for what they are: fantasists and fabricators.

IPCC report: What about the tattoos?
The IPCC report responds to Point 13 in Abe and Ella’s challenge to the police investigation—why were suspects not medically examined for scars, tattoos, and distinguishing marks?

Children’s retractions were valid: IPCC report
We look at the troubling question of whether the children’s retractions of their initial allegations were valid. The IPCC conclude that they were, and explain why.

IPCC: Did police interview other victims?
Hoaxtead pushers like to claim that the police did not interview any other victims of the pretend ‘cult’. The IPCC report indicates that this is not true.

IPCC report: What DID police do wrong?
The police did make two procedural errors in their investigation, and the IPCC upheld these ‘heads of complaint’. Were they critical to the outcome of the police investigation? You be the judge.

Drifloud tries to trash IPCC report, scores own goal!
In his usual fashion, Drifloud froths at the mouth about an alleged inaccuracy in the police report…only to contradict himself and prove the police were right.

London Met police caps