Frequently asked questions: Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper

Those of us who’ve been following the Hampstead Hoax since it began are all too well aware of some of the personalities behind the hoax. The couple at the centre of the hoax, Ella Gareeva Draper and Abraham Christie, have been the subject of a great deal of speculation from both sides—believers and non-believers—but so far as we know, there aren’t any comprehensive profiles of them elsewhere online.

Without understanding the personalities of Ella and Abraham, it’s difficult to fully understand why the hoax took shape as it did, or what the proponents’ motivation was for starting it in the first place.

A question which we feel is worth answering in some detail is: “What motive could Ella and Abraham have had for starting the Hampstead SRA hoax?”

1. Who is Abraham Christie?

By his own admission, Abraham Christie has been in trouble with the law since he was in his teens. He is a small-time criminal who has approximately 36 convictions to his name, primarily for assault, forgery, and fraud. According to the police CRIS report on the Hampstead hoax investigation, he also has convictions for having abused his own children. His step-daughter informed Sabine McNeill via the comments section of her blog that Abraham was the “step-father from hell” and that he had abused and manipulated her and her siblings.

Prior to his involvement in the Hampstead hoax, Abraham started several businesses which ultimately failed. According to his former friend “Ninorc”, who commented several times on the David Icke Forum thread on the Hampstead hoax, “A[braham] believed he could make a killing as a gold trader and sold [his family’s] house in North London to finance his new business, but he bought his gold at the top of the market and it lost a third of its value over the following year!” He then started a “cash for silver” trading business, which also failed. His most recent business venture involved raw hemp as a “perfect food” and a cure-all.

Abraham’s character: Angel or devil?

A person calling themselves BOMBA777 made the following comment on another blog which debunked the Hampstead SRA hoax:

I mean you no disrespect (despite you disrespecting an innocent man) but “the sad fact here,” is you are making claims based on complete ignorance. Having been close friends with Abraham Christie for more than a decade I can 100% guarantee that he was completely taken in by the mothers lies. First time she looked at me I knew she was trouble and when he relayed the story, he believed he was telling the truth.

There was no evidence that [the children] had been given cannabis because they weren’t, just that they had been in it’s proximity when used (smoked by mother.) Abraham used cannabis for medicinal purposes, he didn’t smoke anything ever, he’s a complete health nut: never known anyone his size that was stronger or fitter, no matter what their age.

He’s a simple man screwed over by a clever, manipulative bitch. I would stake anything on that because it is a fact.

It’s difficult to tell whether BOMBA777’s opinion that Abraham is a “simple man screwed over by a clever, manipulative bitch” is correct, though it is not impossible that Abe and Ella each manipulated one another in various ways. There was, however, evidence that the children had ingested cannabis in some form, as traces of its active component were found in their hair samples. In addition, they complained that “Papa Hemp”, as they were made to call Abraham, fed them hemp soup, which gave them stomach-aches.

Ninorc, who claims to have known Abraham for two decades, shared a rather different opinion of him:

Suffice it to say, he is *quite* insane. A is a heavy cannabis user who doesn’t smoke since he got TB in a Spanish jail, years ago, but ingests it orally. He was an early and passionate advocate of hemp nutrition and a raw foodie, interested in urology. A insisted that the cannabinoids in one’s urine after ingesting cannabis were intensified, so if one drank one’s wee… This is nonsense, but a pretext for A to whip out his big cock, piss in a pint glass and drink it warm. That was his outrageous party piece!

I’m not saying cannabis made A mad; perish the thought. Indeed, for years I thought A was brilliant; he had some profound insights and amazing ideas. However, there was another AC, a hardened criminal, expert in intimidation. “I’ve never been to prison and I’m not going back,” was one of his catch phrases. I never saw nasty A until I went round to see him one day in 2008, after he’d watched the Guy Ritchie film, Rock’n’Rolla, which is apparently about violent, epigrammatic gangsters. Anyway, it seemed to strike a chord with A because he was confrontational and insulting (we were supposed to be celebrating our shared birthdays, since we’re within days of each other). I refused to tolerate his abuse, left, and haven’t spoken to him since.

A was a voracious reader and theoriser. His favourite book is, ‘Dune,’ which he sees as an allegory. In the video interview with Kid A, you can hear him reminding her that, “fear is the mind killer,” (a quotation from that book). In fact, fear will shut down a kids thinking and terror is an essential tool in compartmentalising kid’s minds. A knows that because he has read all the same stuff and has seen all the same videos as you lot have. That’s why, in order to start an internet meme about Satanic Ritual Abuse, he knew just what to make the kids say.

A had some very far out ideas about 2012 and what might happen. But in dull reality, he was a hustler with a violent past that was not integrated into his personality. … I think that’s key to A’s fractured personality and his cannabis use. At one level, he’s self-medicating the trauma of his past and, on another, he inhabits a self-created world in which he is a spiritual savant. A guru, that is, who is also extremely avaricious and will readily resort to violence. Two things tilted him over the edge: first, his oldest son died of addiction; then he lost the family home in an ill-judged business venture. …

AC beat the living shit out of his wife and put her in the hospital. There were remonstrations and crocodile tears, but eventually he moved out and took up with a pole dancer, to the chagrin of his ex. …

AC is highly manipulative and he plays his children expertly, so that their mum has to be very careful not to say anything that might alienate them, or oblige them to take sides. His abuse of his own kids and wife is emotional and enforced with violence, or threats. He used to hit his wife with the back of a spoon (reduces bruising) and has evidently done the same to the girl in the videos (as she mentions). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s clipped little Kid G round the ear and damaged his hearing. I don’t know when he took up with the Russian woman, but clearly she is totally under his thumb and has signally failed to protect her kids from him.

Abraham as food guru

Ninorc pointed out in the above that Abraham was a “foodie” with an interest in hemp nutrition and raw food.

He claimed to have been awarded an “Honorary Doctorate” in 2013. Further investigation into this showed that the “Honorary Doctorate” had not been awarded by any accredited educational institution, but had come to him via a woman in Glastonbury. He also claimed to have worked with, and been inspired by, David “Avocado” Wolfe, the controversial American “food guru”. Abraham and Ella claim that they met at an event for raw food enthusiasts, where Abe says he felt an “immediate attract” to Ella’s children.

On his now-defunct blog, Abraham made some very strange claims about the properties of hemp, stating that it was the “elixir of life” and that it could be used as a direct substitute for blood transfusions.

Before he met Ella and the children, Abe had begun drawing some strange conclusions about hemp and its powers. His belief that hemp could be used as a blood substitute melded with his belief that hemp could be used to “cure”’ those who practise “satanic ritual abuse”. He later amended this to “hemp cures the effects of state-sponsored trauma-based mind control”.

Abraham and Ella met in May 2014, and within a few weeks he had begun regularly staying overnight at her house. As luck would have it, Ella just happened to have two children who Abraham would soon decide had been victims (and early practitioners) of the Satanic ritual abuse, for which he just so happened to have the perfect remedy. It seems probable that Abraham decided at some point to use Ella’s children as small spokes-people for the magical properties of hemp.

In one of the videos, he has the little boy say, “When I eat babies I feel weak, but when I drink hemp I feel strong”. This is a strange thing to say, unless it was to have been a calculated part of an “advertising campaign” for hemp as cure-all for “Satanic ritual abuse”.

Abraham as Ella’s knight in armour?

When Abraham met Ella, he quickly realised that she wanted to remove her ex from her life once and for all.

RD had taken her to court many times in the past to get access, and each time she’d thwarted him by claiming various things: she said he abused her, he abused her son, he hit her mother, he tried to kill her mother, he sexually abused the two kids…but these claims were always struck down when the case came to court, due to lack of evidence.

Now Ella was getting desperate because the children’s father had applied to the court to gain full custody of the children, and Richie, the social worker involved, had given him a favourable reference. Ella’s fury with her ex-partner was evident.

Abe wanted to make an impression on his new girlfriend, so he decided to help her ensure that the children’s father would leave her life and never return. Since all the standard ploys had already been exhausted, Abraham helped Ella concoct the worst possible abuse he could think of: Satanic ritual abuse, in a cult led by the children’s father.

As they “brainstormed” in Morocco, they added more and more people to the alleged cult (including the hapless Richie, who had dared give the children’s father a favourable assessment of his parenting skills). They also included parents from Christ Church Primary School. Ella had experienced the parents as cliquish and stand-offish, and Abraham had had several clashes with parents and staff at the children’s school:

Abe’s relationship with the school was rocky, to say the least. On one occasion, he flew into a rage when he discovered that P and Q had been eating “off-limits” food (they were known in the school for constantly being hungry, and for taking food from other children and from garbage bins on occasion). Abe accused the school of “poisoning” the children, which unsurprisingly did not endear him to the staff there.

My source told me, “The children were already very much on the radar as being at risk. They openly discussed their fear of Abe. They also were constantly hungry and took other people’s food. All their classmates knew they hated Abe.” Apparently the school notified social services that the children were hungry and fearful of their mother’s boyfriend. “That’s why the headmistress and deputy were targeted so personally after they reported him.”

The kids said in that Abe and Ella would “brainstorm” constantly in Morocco, and this is where they concocted the stories of SRA, and then got the children to say things that would fit that narrative. They didn’t come up with the full story right away, but developed it over the month they were there. They would continue to add details to the story even after the children had been taken into protective custody by police.

Abe as occultist

Abraham liked to think of himself as a guru of sorts, as Ninorc pointed out above. He also believed himself something of an expert in Satanic lore, as Angela Power-Disney noted in a video she made about Ella and Abe:

When I was interviewing him to get the inside track on what is Satanic ritual abuse, I was being fed questions by Abraham which were far too knowledgeable. They were like inside info, like, “Ask if it’s the nine angles group of Satanists or ask if it’s the Frankists”

We now know that Abraham’s knowledge of “Satanic cults” was laughably childish, but he thought he was expert in the subject.

So it should come as no surprise that when Abe and Ella were “brainstorming” and hauling the children out of bed at night to subject them to hours of questioning and physical abuse, Abraham would steer them in the direction of Satanic ritual abuse.

Some of the truly ludicrous allegations—rubber willies manufactured in a garden shed, and colour-coded by rank; people wearing literally hundreds of baby-skulls while they danced in a church; intimate tattoos of symbols which Abraham imagined “real Satanists” might use, but which were actually a foolish caricature of Satanic symbolism—betray the sheer silliness of Abraham’s alleged expertise as an occultist. The children’s videos are full of references to bits of pseudo-mystical twaddle which appear to have come directly from Abraham.

Similarly, Abraham believed in some very odd, dangerous, and physically impossible things. For example, he has posted multiple times about the “rite of sodomy”:

“The Rite of Sodomy” the central tenet of TBMC, promoted by Alistair Crowley, whereby the children/ trainee slaves are sodomised with dildos or other implements in order to manually manipulate nerve endings at the base of the spine, which stimulate the pineal gland, the master gland and the CENTRE OF PSYCHIC AWARENESS IN THE HUMAN MIND, our third eye, giving the subject flashes of cosmic consciousness, allowing the Master/Handler to “bind and control” their “slave”.) …


Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification from these acts due to themselves being victims of TBMC or other forms of sexual abuse, the goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye. The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

He seems to be implying here that very young children, when sodomised, become “bound” to their abusers and addicted to the experience—in other words, very young children actually crave the experience of being raped. We should not have to state that this is not only incorrect, but disgusting and very dangerous. It does, however, indicate the level of Abraham’s “mystical knowledge”.

However, it seems very probable that his cunning plan to use Ella’s children to hawk his hemp products merged with Abraham’s belief that he was knowledgeable in all things occult, to create the foundations of the Hampstead hoax.

2. Who is Ella Gareeva Draper?

Who is Ella Gareeva Draper?

Ella Gareeva was born on 13 December 1972, in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, which was listed last year as “the most dangerous city in Europe” due to its skyrocketing crime rate.

(We mention this only because Ella would later allege to interviewers that as a Russian she had very little knowledge or understanding of sexual crimes against children, which she claimed were a uniquely British phenomenon. We find this strange, since Ella’s home town was known in the 1970s and 1980s as home to Andrei Chikatilo, known as the Rostov Ripper, who spent 12 years luring a total of 55 young male and female victims from bus and train stations around the city. He would sexually assault, mutilate, murder them; then he would chop out their tongues, burst their eardrums, and gouge out their eyes, which he feared had logged his image. After all this, he would eat their genitals. Frankly, we find it hard to believe that anyone living in that city at the time could have failed to be aware of this person’s activities.)

Ella attended the Moscow State University and graduated with a master’s degree in Art History in the mid-1990s.

Ella and her then-partner Mr Draper had a son in 1997; in 1999, Ella and Mr Draper married in London. However, within a few years Ella left her husband.

By 2003, she was in a relationship with the father of her two youngest children, whose name is now protected by a court-ordered reporting restriction. In 2005 they had a daughter (“Child P”); a year later, they had a son (“Child Q”). Ella and the father’s relationship had deteriorated by 2006, and he moved out of the family home to an adjacent street.

In 2008, a core assessment was prepared by the London Borough of Camden, and the children were placed on a CIN (Children in Need) plan. This appears to have been implemented because the children had been seen to steal food from other children and from the school bins. In 2013, the children were referred to social services again, because of “concerns over the children being left on their own as being heard crying”.

Ella and the children received several referrals to the Tavistock Institute and CAMHS, which she failed to attend. Concerns were expressed about Child P’s relationship with her mother, but Ella failed to take advantage of the professional help offered.

According to the fact-finding judgment handed down in High Court by Mrs Justice Pauffley, “there was never a time when the children’s contact with their father proceeded smoothly”. Ella made numerous allegations against the children’s father, including assault against herself, assault against her son, assault against her mother, attempted murder of her mother, assault of the two younger children, and sexual abuse of the two younger children. None of these allegations stood up in court, and the children’s father continued to be granted access to the children, but Ella blocked this at every turn.

At one point in 2010 she was able to obtain a “non-molestation order” against her ex-partner. To clarify, this sort of order does not imply guilt, but is simply a way to ensure that one person is unable to contact another.

RD obtained numerous court orders to enable him to have contact with the children in the five-year period prior to the 2014 hoax; Ella was able to thwart them all. In November 2013, Ella and the children’s father met at the McDonald’s restaurant in Hampstead. She presented him with papers to sign, which would enable her to take the two children out of the country. However, instead of signing, the children’s father presented Ella with his own court papers: he had initiated proceedings to gain full custody of their children. It now seems entirely possible that this was the final straw, and the factor which precipitated the hoax

Ella had an interest in Bikram yoga—yoga performed in rooms kept at a high temperature—and was teaching this as well as “face yoga” by 2013. She had an interest in health and fitness, and insisted that her children follow her strictly vegan diet.

In May 2014, Ella met Abraham Christie, who shared her passion for raw veganism, with an added twist of his own: raw, juiced hemp. Within a few weeks, Ella said, Abe was staying overnight at her house two to three nights per week.

Abraham had a confrontation at Christ Church Primary School when he arrived at the end of the day to pick up Ella’s children. According to Mrs Justice Pauffley, “He was loud and aggressive, accusing the teachers of poisoning the children by giving them the food supplied at the school”.

Ella’s role in the Hampstead hoax

In some ways, Ella’s character remains enigmatic. In all her interviews, she comes across as wooden, characterless, a bit of a cipher.

We have little knowledge of Ella’s response to the schoolyard confrontation. Nor do we know what role she played in the decision to take the children to Morocco for the month of August.

We do know, however, that while Abraham was subjecting her children to beatings, hitting them with spoons, kicking them, burning them, pouring water over their heads while they knelt in their underwear before him, and threatening to bury them alive in the desert, Ella made no attempt to stop him. Nor did she intervene when Abraham would wake the children up at night for “brainstorming” sessions. According to Child P, Ella seemed to approve of Abraham’s torture of her children.

We do know that the police were surprised at her response to what the children said while they were at Jean-Clement Yaohirou’s house the night they returned from Morocco. A notation on the CRIS report says that while the children described the most brutal and horrific sexual abuse, Ella did not “seem overly concerned”, and that she could be heard on that recording “laughing and joking about it”.

Following the children being taken into protective custody on 11 September 2014, Abraham made a hasty exit, in an attempt to convince the courts that he was out of the picture and that the children could be returned to Ella. It didn’t work, and Ella spent the rest of 2014 battling the courts to regain custody. On 10 December, having already sacked one set of solicitors who refused to do her bidding, she sacked a second set—twice—and they very unwisely handed her the court bundle, which included the CRIS report, videos of the police ABE interviews with the children, the medical reports, and other confidential material which, in the normal course of things, she would only have viewed under supervision. Later, she and Abraham would release this material in dribs and drabs, as a way of feeding the public hunger for salacious details of the case.

During what would be their last supervised visit, Ella brought pencils and paper and attempted to cajole her children into writing to the judge that they wished to return home to her. At that meeting, the supervisor reported that Ella had threatened the children that something could happen to their dog if they refused to co-operate; nevertheless, they refused, and she stormed out angrily.

Ella refused to attend the fact-finding hearing which began in late January 2015, a fact which Mrs Justice Pauffley noted in her judgment.

In this video from February 2015 (which we will not show as its thumbnail contains images of the two children), Ella and Abraham can be heard making their escape from the police who’d come to speak with her about the illegal release of her children’s videos. They flee the scene through a back window of her house, leaving her lawyer to communicate with the police through the letter-slot in the door. According to police, Ella and Abraham fled along the roof-line of the house, and made their way out of the country. At present they are presumed by most people to be in either Spain or Morocco.

In a video of Ella, released three days after the Pauffley judgment was handed down, Ella, clad in a light-blue track suit, makes a “witness statement”. In a robotic monotone, she reads from a script, stating she is acting under the Criminal Law Act “to expose serious crimes of ritual Satanic abuse, including rape, sodomy, murder, and cannibalism committed against infants and children in churches and primary schools in the UK”.  She goes on for nearly 18 minutes, her voice and facial expression never changing, as she talks about her children allegedly having been subjected to grotesque torture since the time they were infants.

If Ella’s response to her children’s “revelations” during the Jean-Clement video was odd, this video is downright bizarre. Certainly, not every parent would break down in tears at the thought of harm coming to their children, but Ella’s performance is downright wooden. Never once does her voice shake, her gaze waver. She doesn’t blink away tears, or pause to collect herself. The viewer would be forgiven for thinking that Ella didn’t believe a word she was saying.

Following this video, Ella and Abraham would participate in a number of interviews with various UK and US conspiracy theorists, in an effort to promote the hoax and bring in new supporters. During the first year of the hoax, Ella tended to say little, other than the odd nervous laugh, and let Abraham do most of the talking.

However, by mid-2016 it had become apparent that Abraham was “box-office poison” on the troofer interview circuit. In 2017, Ella was put forward as the couple’s spokesperson in a series of interviews with US troofers like Nathan Stolpman and Sean of SGT Reports. These videos represented an attempt to raise their flagging fortunes, as they attempted to open several crowd-funding campaigns to raise money. Clearly, they are now out of cash and desperate; in one interview, the allegedly vegan Ella could be heard speaking over several clucking chickens.

Ella admits to lying, shows the children’s videos were coached

According to interviewer Nathan Stolpman, who interviewed Ella several times and was very supportive of the hoax, Ella confided to him that she had been “mistaken” in claiming that Mr Draper and their eldest son had been involved in the “cult”—her ex-husband as the “cult financier” and her son as a sexual abuser of her two younger children.

However, this directly contradicts the stories of Child P and Child Q, who stated on the videos made en route from Morocco that both things were true. In admitting that she had made up at least part of the story, Ella inadvertently destroyed the hoax: “true believers” had been insisting that they believed every word the children said, but now Ella was saying that at least some of what they had said had been concocted by her and/or Abraham.

Why she admitted to this is not yet clear. At the time it appeared that she was attempting to mend fences with Mr Draper in hopes of squeezing more support money out of him, but that now seems unlikely as their son is over the age of majority and any payments Mr Draper was making would have ended on the son’s 18th birthday, some time ago.

However, we expect that when Ella and Abraham are eventually apprehended and brought back to face their crimes, the truth will come out.

Abe & Ella-2016-02-28

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