Maurice Kirk: Between South Sudan & South Wales

When we last left Maurice Kirk, the so-called “Flying Vet” who’d managed to get himself lost (twice) whilst flying the length of Africa as part of a Vintage Air Rally, he’d crash-landed in South Sudan. Rally organisers, fed up with his now-you-see-me/now-you-don’t shenanigans, had unceremoniously booted him out of the rally, but were continuing to…

Abe and Eilish: Birds of a feather

In yesterday’s report on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s unfortunate marathon video panel discussion, we mentioned Busty McMascara, whose huge tracts of land seemed to fascinate Abe Christie (when he wasn’t texting his cannabis distribution network or reading aloud about manually stimulating the pineal gland).

Neelu is treading on thin ice

All you Neelu-watchers out there will likely already know that she’s had a bee in her bonnet for some time now about a ‘missing social worker’ named Carol Woods. Lately, that bee has been buzzing ever louder, driving poor Neelu to distraction. Not that it was a long trip.