Hoaxtead mob panic as sentencing approaches

With Sabine McNeill’s sentencing hearing approaching rapidly, some of her friends and supporters appear to be…well, losing a plot just a bit. Take Christine Sheriff General Sands, for example: on Sunday she emailed this blog as follows: I’d like to make a deal in the case of Sabine McNeill. It’s a joint deal involving Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: http://generalsands.com/assange_mcneill Okay, sure, we thought. We’ll bite, even if mostly out of morbid curiosity. Here’s what we…

Christine Ann Sands debunks church renovation myth

We were just sitting about Hoaxtead Research HQ the other night, fending off Randolph the 46-year-old cat (he drools) and swigging tea while attempting to flip pennies into a hat in the middle of EC’s desk, when one of our team members said, apropos nothing, “Hey, you know how the nutters are constantly going on…

Hoaxtead: Last stop, everybody off!

With all this talk about Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s various lies, half-truths, and scams, it’s tempting to imagine that the Hampstead hoax is still going strong. But our team has been checking in on some of the usual suspects, and we’ve discovered that the vast majority of them seem to have dropped Hoaxtead altogether.

Sabine, Sabine, the self-pity queen

The Hoaxtead crew have been off their game lately. Just yesterday morning we were lounging about Hoaxtead Research HQ (in a secret tunnel in Hampstead, do drop by for a cuppa any time), wondering what was up: Abrella have done pretty much zilch with their blog; Neelu and Bronny are off on some sort of…

Let’s count our victories

The other day, one of our friends posted a collage of Hoaxtead Research’s recent victories, and it got us thinking: how much has this small community of hoax-busters accomplished since this blog went public in May 2015? A lot, that’s how much.