Where does Ray Savage fit in?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring the links amongst various UK troofers and the Hampstead SRA hoax. We’ve talked about how Abe and Ella contacted Brian Gerrish as soon as they landed in London; how they travelled to Plymouth to see him; how he sent his representative Finn Hagan to interview Child Q; how they attempted to clinch the deal by means of a letter spelling out all the juicy details, and how Gerrish ultimately abandoned them until after the fateful videos had been released online and gone viral.

Gerrish’s abandonment of the case left Abe and Ella in a very sticky spot. They had counted on the support of UK Column to spread the word on their behalf (because: fame and fortune!), so now what should they do?

We’ve noted before that they prevailed upon Abe’s ex-partner’s friend Araya Soma to act as their agent in attempting to attract the attention of Bill Maloney (who they thought might give them an “in” with the mighty David Icke), but Maloney’s people stonewalled Araya, much to her chagrin:

Araya-re Maloney 2016-03-27Araya re Maloney 2-2016-03-27Araya-re Maloney 3 2016-03-27Araya-Maloney-4 2016-03-27

We now know that Maloney and Gerrish were both ignoring Abe and Ella for good reason: Maloney had passed the “Gerrish letter” on to his friend, ex-cop Jonathan Wedger, who had probably told them that this case was poison. However, Abe and Ella didn’t know that.

All they knew is that they had taken the children to Morocco as agreed with Sabine and Belinda. They had interrogated the children relentlessly, beating them, pouring water on them, burning them, starving them, waking them in the middle of the night for “questioning sessions”, until they finally said what Abe and Ella wanted: that their father was the leader of a “strange culture” centred on their school, and including pretty well everybody Abe and Ella had ever disliked in Hampstead.

And now, the children had been removed by the police, and Gerrish and Maloney were ignoring their entreaties.

Who else could they speak to, who might help them spread the word about the amazing story they had concocted?

Enter Ray Savage

We first saw Ray Savage, who introduced himself as an ex-police officer, at one of the rallies outside Christ Church in Hampstead. With an air of complete self-confidence, he stated, “Ella and those two children’s case is not unique. I sat with her for three hours, and what she shared was a hundred percent truth”.

A strange assertion—”I sat with her for three hours”—given that by the time the church demonstrations were held, Ella had long since fled the country. For a while we wondered whether he meant he had Skyped with her, but we agreed that most people would have said, “I Skyped with Ella…” rather than “I sat with her”, which seems to imply proximity.

If Savage did “sit with” Ella, it would almost certainly have been after Gerrish and Maloney were well out of the picture, for one simple reason: Ray Savage was in Gerrish’s bad books in 2014, as a result of his freeman on the land-inspired plan for “the re-set” (non-capitalisation intentional).

In a June 2014 article titled “Reset: The Savage Destruction of our Constitution“, a UK Column writer refers to Savage’s “re-set” idea as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”:

Almost exactly four years following David Miliband’s call for a “reset referendum”, Episode 21 of Clive de Carle’s Health Revolution programme was hijacked by ex-policeman Ray Savage. Clive had planned to have a guest on his programme to speak about a conference he was speaking at. Instead of speaking about the conference, Mr Savage chose to announce a new constitutional campaign called “the Reset”. This came as a complete surprise to both Clive and the production team at the UK Column.

Mr Savage informed the viewing audience that:

– There will be a constitutional reset.
– This reset would be facilitated through referenda held at the parish level.

More or less the suggestion proposed by David Miliband. In addition Mr Savage suggested replacing Britain’s complex tax regime with a bank transaction tax, and that the money so raised could be used to offer everyone in the country a “living wage” of £7500 per year. This was “the hook”.

But then came the barb. Mr Savage explained that he and his colleagues “have discussed this idea (Constitutional re-set) with many groups countrywide who were broadly in support of this approach. One group we spoke to were a group of environmentalists at the London School of Economics.”

That’s the same London School of Economics which has long been a hotbed of Miliband Fabian Marxism.

And various warnings were posted to UK Column followers: ignore Ray Savage, he’s a dangerous sell-out:

Ray Savage v Brian Gerrish 2018-04-19 1Ray Savage v Brian Gerrish 2018-04-19 2

So if Gerrish didn’t recommend Savage to Ella, who did?

We can think of a number of possibilities, but we must emphasise that these are extremely tentative and lacking in evidence. However, as a journalist friend of ours says, “interesting if true; interesting anyway”. So here are our top guesses:

The HoaxGirl hypothesis

As we pointed out yesterday, Ray Savage did make the trip to Aouchtam, Morocco, in spring 2014 to observe HoaxGirl’s team’s endless and ultimately pointless fiddling with her fraudulent magical energy machine.

We also know that Abe and Ella were in Morocco in August 2014, by which time HoaxGirl and her entourage had moved the operation out of Aouchtam, but were still in Morocco.

A tantalising hypothesis is that Abe, Ella, and the children either stayed with or visited HoaxGirl at some point in their Moroccan sojourn. If that could be proven, then it would be plausible to suggest that HoaxGirl might have suggested they contact her friend Randy…er, Ray, who by that time was back at his farm in Sussex.

It’s a fun thought, but keep in mind that Morocco is a largish country, and we have no evidence connecting Abe and Ella with HoaxGirl.

The Tony Farrell hypothesis

A somewhat more plausible guess is that in casting about for someone to take Gerrish’s place as spokes-thingy in chief for the hoax, Belinda might have suggested Tony Farrell.

We know that Belinda was involved in promoting the Charles Seven case, as was Farrell, and an intriguing bit of info from Mark Windows’ Land of the Free blog puts Farrell and Savage together:

I did warn my fellow workers at TPV that people aligned with Tony Farrell and the woman who calls herself Charles Seven would one day come into TPV and try to attach David Icke and the station to the story. They did turn up, while I was on air.

Those attending with the woman known as Charles Seven were Tahra Ahmed (probably a fake name) and someone called Ray Savage who is another “ex police” who turns up at anything from New Age ceremonies to UFO conferences. They later maintained they had a “productive” meeting with David which was of course untrue. 

Would Farrell have sent Ella to see Savage, or vice versa? Again, it’s possible, but nothing we have found can positively confirm that this is the case.

For now, we must continue doing what we’ve always done: keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. Eventually, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, but for now it seems quite fair to say that Abe and Ella’s original plan to publicise the children’s allegations fell apart, and Ray Savage was part of their desperate attempt to pull it back together. Ray Savage dowser

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  1. Interesting indeed. Ella’s ” Friend ” had no right to lay a hand on the children. ” Believe nothing you see and only half of what you hear ” as my mother used to say and she was right from all i have been reading here lately. Nutters the lot of them. I am all for helping people but in some cases it is proving some people have grave imaginations and shame on their mother for allowing her own babies to be exploited they way they have been with her lies.

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    • Your mum was spot on. Similarly my mother was highly skeptical of most things she heard or read about unless she had concrete proof. Different time I guess.
      It’s odd that in this era of mass communications that many people appear to be incredibly gullible.

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    • Your mum sounds like a wise woman. 🙂

      I think many people believed what they saw when the children’s videos first came out, which is understandable: it’s hard to fathom that anyone could lie about such things. Unfortunately, the answer boils down to “they did it for the cold hard cash, plus a bit of vengeance on the side”.

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      • I totally agree now that i know more about this case. I really hope the children are living a happy life and having a normal childhood with their dad and that all three can someday put all this behind them. I have watched some of his acting and it looked quite promising for him but for his ex saying all those horrible thing. I pray the peace of almighty God over him and the children and hopefully he may be able to return to acting without the stigma of what that Lunatic ex of his has caused upon him.

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  2. God give me strength.
    Tony Farrell calls Charles Seven the “Rosa Parks of our generation”. Seven claims 7/7 , Charlie Hebdo and the Boston bombing tragedies were deliberate attempts to silence her (she didn’t shut up though). This bunch of fantasy merchants would be best ignored except for their vicious and nasty accusations against innocent people who suffer because of their delusions.

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  3. Nice digging, EC!

    One thing that always bugged me was Savage saying he believed Ella and that she was speaking “100% truth”. What exactly did he believe? What was SHE supposedly telling the truth about? About the abuse that she…er…hadn’t witnessed? I always thought this thing was about the children’s testimonies and whether THEY were telling the truth. Did Ray not get the memo? Or was he too busy playing with his “dowsing rod” to think it through?

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      • Apparently making fun of Penny Pullen and calling Ray Savage a liar class as arse-licking now. Who knew?


        • “Oh, he saves that one for El Coyote”

          So I am RD and so is EC, so that makes me EC? Or does that make EC me?

          This all gets very confusing, perhaps I am suffering from DID and should book a session with Valerie Sinason so she can help me remember being Satanically abused by Jimmy Savile….


    • I think he was expressing exactly what happened: he sat down with Ella, she told him the story she and Abe had concocted, and Savage believed her. The way he tells it gives the show away, especially now we know that Abe and Ella had been allowing adults to discuss sexual abuse with the children before the children were taken into protective care.

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      • Exactly. He said Ella wasn’t lying, when all she was doing was regurgitating the children’s “story”. And what’s really disturbing is how his words ended up getting hawked around for years by the fruitloops as “proof” that the children had told the truth. A bloke saying he believed a woman who’d told him she believed the children… was proof that the children were telling the truth! It really does beggar belief.

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    Hot off the (Planet Zog) press
    This time it’s for allegedly failing to disclose her pension income when applying for income support:

    Ved Chaudhari
    1 hr · London ·
    Thoughts of the Day Friday 20th April 2018: In around 9 hours, at 10 am on 20th April 2018, I will be attending the Redbridge Magistrates Court to witness yet another false prosecution against me. Apparently, when I took out a Private Pension 33 years ago, and it was sold to me on the basis that it would be in addition to my State Benefits or State Pension, and even though it is less than the £20 per week which the law says I do not need to disclose, I am being prosecuted for not disclosing it. So apparently, they stopped my benefits for 17 months just because they believe I should have disclosed it, even if it does not change my benefit, they have decided to steal it from my benefit. So even though the law says I must have £73 per week to live on, they are giving me £58 per week. So the State is still running counterfeit currency, which has no value except when our blood, flesh, sweat and tears is mixed with it and it causes our enslavement – so if I do not attend, the Police will break my door again and put me through the third false prosecution in 3 years. Co-incidentally, the Police coming at my door on Friday 13th April 2018 to invite me to the Police Station was co-ordinated with the false prosecution so as to disappear me and falsely prosecute me so no-one would know what is going on…Luckily, Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis was able to give the Police Officers a Notice of Contempt of the Court of Appeal in which I am a Witness of Corruption (1). The Police Officers were totally oblivious to the truth of the State Terrorism they were participating in against me and my family. So after stopping my State Benefit for 17 months, causing arrears with 5 failed eviction attempts, one with forced entry, see video below, the Benefit Agency is liable for the State Terrorism my family and I have been subjected to and no doubt millions of others who have been denied their benefits, made homeless, robbed of their personal belongings and children, breaking apart families…so the Magistrate does not have any jurisdiction to hear the State Terrorism against me, the Extortions, robbery, assault, Impoverishment and Ruin frauds… and especially the State death of my baby neice with theft of her organs in the NHS State Hospital, which I exposed as a Super qualified pharmacist, which is why me and my family have become a punch bag for psychopaths – A free for all Bailiffs to try to steal my home and my son’s car (2) – the Redbridge Council Social Services who are responsible for the murder, isolation and torture of my baby neice, have not been investigated by Police or Coroner – it was a cover-up – so the State is unfit for purpose and we are not requiring its services and we do not consent to the State Terrorism and Treason – in fact all judges and leaders have been put on Treason Notice by me since 2013 – and they continue to break the laws of God every time they deny the human the remedy and give remedy to the Corporations. The names and mug shots of all judges who have denied remedy will be put to Common Law Juries to consider the charge of Treason. Any man or woman who has been injured has a right to demand remedy. No public servant has the right to deny remedy (3). Any public servant must escalate the grievance until the remedy manifests or provide the name of superiors who deny remedy who will be charged with Treason.
    (1) https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=07NL3NvjW7I 13th April 2018 Police attempt to Disappear me
    (2) https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=NbZU-FDHshM State Terrorism Against Family
    (3) https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=dSlmtaaEEUg Humanity outgrows the Treasonous Criminal Structure

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    • Wow, so she’s not just any old pharmacist but a “super-qualified” one! Does she wear a red cape instead of a white coat?

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    • “Luckily, Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis was able to give the Police Officers a Notice of Contempt of the Court of Appeal in which I am a Witness of Corruption ”
      ie: slam the door in their faces.

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    • Accepting benefits in currency whilst condemning fiat currency, two-faced cow. Neelu Berry is the richest woman on the planet with her fake liens, fake currency and fake legal knowledge, so why is the UK paying Berry benefits and pensions she does not need?

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      • On one hand I sympathize with Neelu as I’m currently sorting out a mess with my UK pension and my Aussie pension which I must by law apply for with minimal benefit. UK bureaucracy I’m afraid is complex.
        But this seems quite a simple problem yet Princess Neelu has got herself now on fraud charges for very little benefit.
        I love this bit: “the law says I must have £73 per week to live on, they are giving me £58 per week.”. Followed by : “So the State is still running counterfeit currency” ?. Make your mind up dear.


      • She is well advised to seek help from a Solicitor or Advice Agency – that’s a proper SOLICITOR, not an “Equity Lawyer” or random person giving advice on the internet.


    • Deferred until May now:

      “No jurisdiction” plea. LOL! Is that even a thing?


      • How old is Neelu? From her description of the situation it sounds like she is not over state pension age. In which case if she is receiving a private pension annuity (you can take private pensions from the age of 55 if you so wish) whilst of employable age, in which case of course it has to be declared if you are claiming ESA.

        From her papers, she is being charged with 6½ years of fraudulent claims. April 2010 – Nov 2016. Given her figures (£73 – £58 = £15 p/w) it looks like it might be £5,000 she has gained over that period.

        Sentencing guidelines: http://www.benefit-fraud.co.uk/benefit-fraud-sentencing.php

        Looks like a high level community order. Would be very surprised if she got the max suggested 26 weeks jail.


        • Court costs are clocking up, you’d think, for what’s becoming a Crown Court case. Somebody should really take away her shovel.


          • The normal reason for transferring to a Crown Court is that a magistrate does not have the ability to sentence at the level required of the crime. It perhaps looks like the “jurisdiction” complaint may have been a factor as I can’t see why it is at the “wrong” level. Would be delicious if her Freeman of the Land and lack of proper legal advice lunacy meant a higher sentence!

            However, in my experience, if the case is determined that it could have been sentenced by the magistrate after all then the lower costs will be applied.


      • Well actually, it could happen, e.g. if the offence was committed wholly abroad (doesn’t work with all offences but it would with fraud), or the defendant was foreign royalty or aged 8. Neelu may of course claim to be extra-terrestrial royalty, but she does always overplay her hand massively.

        But what’s actually happened is she’s refused to respond in any legal way so it has to be treated as no plea, and then the court goes into the allocation procedure, where people who don’t plead guilty are asked to either agree to be heard in the magistrates’ court or to ask to go to the Crown Court. If they don’t give a reply one way or the other the court has no choice but to send the case to the Crown Court.

        This could be a good tactical move as it’s more expensive and cumbersome (esp with Neelu of course) so the prosecution will have to weigh up whether to proceed, however they tend now not to allow themselves to be blackmailed in this way. In which case she’s swapped a maximum 12 months imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years and much greater costs, though I don’t imagine it will come close to this, it’s probably only a few £k.

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      • “The Judge asked me if I was Mrs Neelu Berry. I told him I am Woman Neelu.”
        😂 😂 😂


  5. I’d forgotten about that Reset thing….. I knew there was a UKC link, but hadn’t known all the details, but even when they fall out, it seems some of them are still friends really. It would be great if whoever actually knows more about the time before the Moroccon Holiday, during and just after would actually tell the truth,.
    Brilliant work EC.

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  6. “Episode 21 of Clive de Carle’s Health Revolution programme was hijacked by ex-policeman Ray Savage”

    Wait, what? Clive de Carle is a broad-spectrum scammer, mainly offering cancer cures but not fastidious about pimping other grifts, who recorded a series of give-me-money YouTubes, in collaboration with these “UK Column” people. I can’t be arsed looking up the position of UK Column in the Alt-Reality ecosystem but if they’re working with de Carle then they’re obviously fraudsters.

    But how the feck can a YouTube recording be “hijacked”?

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  7. I was looking around the ITNJ and came across a few I hadnt seen before, cathyfox (https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/amended-posts-page/) and Aangirfan (http://aanirfan.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/satanic-child-abuse-in-hampstead.html) from links from their facebook page, both older posts

    I wonder how many could be fooled into thinking this is a legit operation, I mean we know about the shady characters involved, but their facebook page looks legit enough to fool many newcomers (https://www.facebook.com/ITNJcommittee/)

    A post from their page has their ‘meeting’ (https://www.facebook.com/sacha.stone.7/posts/10156482730948487), have a squiz at some of the names from the others list, also the link from their page (Committee to Support the ITNJ) doesnt show up until you click on it that its sacha.stone.7

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  8. MKD’s told me an interesting story about Angie (which I don’t recall but apparently she told it in one of her Stephanie Oostveen videos) about how some guy she had a one night stand with mistook her for a prostitute 😂

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      • I suspect, like most things he posts, he made it up. Like yourself, I can find nothing on Wiki, and the only mention from google about it is from ATS (above top secret) a nutcase conspiracy site and thats from 2009

        Actually it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if Malky frequents ATS and the other sites like it, he’d fit right in at GLP too

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        • Liz Crokin is an idiot. She is one of the ones spreading this crap about a Hilary Clinton snuff video circulating. She pushes Qanon which is the new pizzagate. The usual fools fall for it.

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          • She is and dangerous to her followers.
            McKenzies have a new channel up, already:

            I left this comment:
            I’ve started also mirroring videos, onto my channel…. so that they will stay up, regardless of the #MaliciousStrikes from #fukushimafrauds & #HopeGirl #WesleyHall #Opdeatheaters #QEGScams & #pgateclickbait #TrollGangs & calling for people to #FlagFrauds…… Time for a taste of their own medicine, methinks……. KARMA. Alot of Twitter twats sharing #HampsteadFakeSRAHoax videos are being taken down for violating their rules, the videos are coming down and although some clingons are re uploading, the arrests are scaring people, rightly. They are breaking the law, sharing de facto child porn and encouraging others to breach the restraing order which applies to EVERYONE…….. Now followers of QAnon & Liz Crokin crapola are being encouraged to search for childporn on the deepweb….. Are paedos not only co opting our campaigns, sabotaging, but also providing new criminals to overwhelm the system ? Much like some of the paedohunters are doing, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvdxdfnxqbQ
            Show less

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  9. It’s getting more comical as I read all the comments. There are certainly some very sick people out there. The Superwoman picture did make me laugh I have to admit haha. Does anyone know if the dad have his children for sure? I hope so and I hope he meets a nice lady to settle down with and have a good life with his beautiful children and a new partner. Not many dad’s these days are there for their children but RD fought for his and I admire him for that.


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