More pieces of the Gerrish/Hoaxtead puzzle fall into place

On Sunday we published an article in which we attempted to piece together information regarding Brian Gerrish, UK Column’s Bingo-Caller-in-Chief, and his involvement with the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax.

We noted that during the UKC broadcast of 5 April 2018, Gerrish had announced,

I’m very happy to say on air that having been involved with that family in the earliest days and spoken to the little boy—I didn’t speak to the girl—I have no doubt that that abuse case is factually true, the abuse of those children under horrific circumstances did take place. 

This raised some interesting questions, and seemed to corroborate the statement of Child Q, who told police that he, his sister, his mother, and Abraham Christie had travelled to “Devon by the seaside” as well as Glastonbury, at some point between 6–10 September 2014.

We do know that Gerrish’s associate Finn Hagan dropped by Ella and Abe’s house on 8 September, and that he focused his attention primarily on Child P. He interviewed her rather secretively, as demonstrated by the fact that as soon as he heard adults approaching he shoved his still-recording phone into his pocket (which coincidentally provided us with the fuzzy face shots which would enable us to identify him later).

Finnbarr did speak to Child Q, but only briefly and conversationally, whereas his conversation with Child P was much more focused on “the cult” and the abuse he believed she’d suffered.

Comments add further detail

On Tuesday, we received a couple of comments on Sunday’s post, which spurred us to have another listen to two videos from 2015. Gerrish comment 2018-04-11 1

The video in question is Gerrish’s first public mention of the Hampstead hoax, posted on 10 March 2015, nine days prior to the release of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment on the fact-finding hearing.

Starting at 09:09, Gerrish says,

That brings us very nicely to the Hampstead abuse case. Now this is a story that we’ve had to sit tight on, whilst there’s been quite a lot of angst and outrage which is understandable, on the internet about this case, I’m going to say that UK Column was aware very early on, since September of last year, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the mother of the children and her partner and we are happy to state again today that we have total confidence in the testimony of the two children who are speaking about horrific abuse.

We also have full confidence in the mother and indeed her partner, that they did all of the right things by discovering what had happened to the children and then informing social services.

As our commenter correctly points out, Gerrish said nothing at this time about having met either child, but admits to having met both Ella and Abraham, and to believing their version of events.

Abe and Ella slag Gerrish

The second of Tuesday’s comments pointed us back to the Abe and Ella interview conducted by our old friend Guidance 2222:

Gerrish comment 2018-04-11 2

Here’s the relevant bit of that conversation:

Abe: We’re exposing them all now, the counterintelligence operatives, they work all of these cases along with the likes of Brian Gerrish…

Ella: Bill Maloney…

Abe: Bill Maloney, Lou Collins…

Ella: (speaking over Abe) who informed the police a few days after the first interview of the children. And we believe that he helps Brian Gerrish, who is also responsible for assisting to kidnap the children.

Abe: When we arrived on September 4 with the children from Morocco, he was the first person we contacted, he was recommended to us.

E: Actually someone kept imposing him on us, what I would say.

A: When he arrived, he didn’t arrive until the day after, so the day after the children had been kidnapped. We spent the day together and I was unable to give him a copy of the visual, of the videos, but I managed to give him the audio, a copy of the audio of the video. These audios somehow made their way into the hands of the local authority. And Ella was questioned about the audios…

E: And I couldn’t make sense out of it because we never had audios. And…but these questions kept coming in at a few hearings. And then somebody, after….

A: later on we realised that when Brian, we spent the day with Brian Gerrish, Ella was at court for the first day of the hearing.

E: The proceedings

A: Of the proceedings, yes. And she was unaware that I’d given him the audio. And so it didn’t click. It wasn’t until later that we realised that the only person who had had the audio was Brian Gerrish. However, we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, because we couldn’t be sure what audios the local authority were referring to.

E: On the 11th, after the children been taken, I also emailed him this extensive file which found its way on the internet, where 40 members of the cult are listed, and also so-called sex parties. On Wednesdays. So I was explaining about this email which I sent to him, um, late night, that day of the 11th, and so because of this, audios, and um….

A: What happened was…(they talk over each other)…we were suspicious of Brian Gerrish.

E: We didn’t want to say anything, and  to make our final conclusion, what happened lately, which confirms the coverup. But on the other side…(garbled)…it shows that Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney are also part of the controlled opposition. Maybe what will happen, what you are saying, these are internal emails, within the police, um…

A: This is my (inaudible)…this is a trail of emails that leads from Ella…well, let me give you a trail. [He then outlines the email trail which we have previously described.]

According to Ella and Abraham, Ella wrote to Gerrish on the night of 11 September, outlining details of the “cult”. Gerrish did not show up at their house until 12 September 2014. All of this occurred after the children had been taken into custody on 11 September.

There’s an odd gap in the story, though: while Abe says that Gerrish “spent the day” with them, in the next breath he says that Ella wasn’t there—she was attending the proceedings in an attempt to have the children returned to her, and thus had no idea that Abe had given Gerrish the audio versions of the children’s interviews.

Thus she was taken by surprise when she discovered that the local authority of Barnet had received copies of these audios.

It’s possible that Ella was there for part of Gerrish’s visit on 12 September, as we don’t know the scheduling of the proceedings that day.

Putting the pieces together

Given all this information, it’s difficult to state with authority that events occurred in a particular order, but based on the CRIS report and the statements by Abe, Ella, and Gerrish, this outline seems pretty firm:

4 September:

  • Abe, Ella, and the children return from Morocco.
  • The first person they contact is Gerrish.
  • Abe takes the children to visit his brother-in-law Jean-Clement Yaohirou, where he makes the children go through their narrative. Alarmed, Jean-Clement makes an audio recording of the visit.

5 September:

  • First thing in the morning, Jean-Clement notifies Scotland Yard.
  • Barnet police visit Abe and Ella’s home, and take the children to the station to conduct initial interviews with them.
  • Jean-Clement emails Barnet police with a document which Ella had emailed to him, outlining details of the alleged abuse.
  • Police arrange a drive-round with the children for Monday, 8 September at 11 a.m., to identify where their father and an accused teacher live.

8 September:

  • Police conduct drive-round with children, who are unable to identify their father’s house or that of a teacher they had accused.
  • Later that day, Finn Hagan visits them at home and interviews Child P alone. When he hears adults approaching he puts his phone into a pocket.
  • Christ Church Primary School receives an email from Ella stating that the children will not be returning as they have been offered a place at a school in Barnet, that they will be sad to be leaving, and that they will arrange to come back and say good-bye to their friends.  

11 September:

  • Police conduct ABE interviews with both children, starting at 2:30 p.m.
  • Child Q tells police he will be changing schools, and says his mother and Abraham took them to Glastonbury and Devon “by the seaside”, presumably to look for schools there.
  • Following ABE interviews, in which children state that Abraham had assaulted them, children are taken into protective custody.
  • That night, Ella writes to Gerrish. This email, which is identical to the one Jean-Clement sent police on 5 September, makes its way from Gerrish to Bill Maloney, then to Jonathan Wedger, and then to Met police, where it is identified.

12 September:

  • Gerrish comes to visit Abe and Ella.
  • However, Ella cannot be there, as she is attending proceedings to try and have the children returned to her.
  • Abe gives Gerrish an audio version of the children’s video statements.
  • A copy of this audio recording eventually makes its way to the local authority.

If the trip described by Child Q was accurate, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, it must have occurred either on the weekend of 6–7 September, or after Finnbarr’s visit, on 9–10 September.

If Abe and Ella’s version of events is accurate, it seems possible that Gerrish spoke with Abe on 12 September, having already interviewed Child Q and Ella earlier that week. We cannot make this claim with 100% certainty, but given the available information it seems the most likely conclusion.

It isn’t especially surprising that Gerrish would “forget” to mention in his March 2015 broadcast that he’d interviewed Child Q. By the time of the broadcast, Ella and Abe had nearly been arrested, and had made their escape to Spain, while Sabine had fled to Germany. Clearly, this thing was too hot to handle, and any mention that Gerrish had spoken to either child could have landed him in trouble with police, who would want to know why he had not reported it to them.

Given that the police would already have his name, as the original recipient of the email from Ella, it would seem reasonable for him to try to keep a low profile on the case. This could also explain why he didn’t jump on the case right out of the gate, but kept a very low profile until it was already in the public sphere. Even then, he was strangely low-key, blanking out the children’s faces and pointedly refusing to mention their names or the names of their mother and her boyfriend.

Gerrish may be many things, but he is not stupid. He would have been well aware of the perils of drawing attention to himself, though it seems that three years out, he’s letting his tongue wag a little more freely.

UK Column 2018-04-11 .png


43 thoughts on “More pieces of the Gerrish/Hoaxtead puzzle fall into place

  1. I wonder how Jon Wedger justifies his involvement with Brian Gerrish ? But then alot of desperate parents see him as some kind of hero, still, cos he says what they want to hear and fools them into thinking he can help them….. He has not saved a single child from anything, nor helped any parents to keep their children. He has though, been proven to defend convicted paedophiles…… it’s really time for people to wake up.
    Am I right in thinking that Ray Savage was in close contact with Brian Gerrish, too ? I will look around, too, but just asking because some of you have better memories and skills than I.
    I’m really not very well, still….. I didn’t expect to be this tired for this long, but don’t worry if I’m not online or as active as I am at times, or not replying to things. I just have to rest alot, to recover.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think it’s as you say, Sheva: when people feel desperate, they can sometimes turn to charlatans for help. I don’t know enough about Mr Wedger’s personal circumstances to judge the whys and wherefores, but it seems he’s taken a deep dive down the conspiranoid rabbit-hole.


  2. Significant:
    “Christ Church Primary School receives an email from Ella stating that the children will not be returning as they have been offered a place at a school in Barnet, that they will be sad to be leaving, and that they will arrange to come back and say good-bye to their friends.”

    So Ella said the school she went onto accuse of all manner of vile things had been a happy place for the kids.

    As more is revealed it’s easy to see the original plan and how it went haywire. Police were never meant to be involved until after Abe & Ella had fled to Morocco with the children from where they couldn’t be extradited. They had carefully laid out a case that they would then pursue via the internet of accusing the father along with most of Hampstead & Barnet while probably conducting various GoFundMe or similar financial requests. Gerrish was paramount to that campaign with his “truther” audience while Abe & Ella promoted the hoax worldwide into a money spinner.

    It was always a bad plan. While Ella may have thought she was safe in Morocco with the children she seems oblivious to the fact in all Arab countries the father is perceived as having more rights especially when it comes to parental rights (despite Morocco have gender equality laws, in practice not so much).

    # Abe and Ella must be now living in Morocco where Abe has a house. It’s probably why they have gone quiet, not wanting to now draw attention to themselves as their plot has crumbled into a disastrous mess.
    Gerrish skates on thin ice.

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    • Yes, I think you’re right on the money.

      It seems Abe and Ella wanted to be seen to have touched base with police before they gathered their belongings and turned tail back to Morocco, so Abe hit on the brilliant idea of talking with his brother-in-law, who is almost-but-not-quite a policeman. Indeed, those of little brain (naming no names, but Kristie Sue comes to mind) continue to believe that Abe and Ella went straight to the police. No, they went straight to Brian Gerrish, and then to a pseudo-police officer. Not quite the same thing.

      Once the real police and social services were aware, Abe and Ella couldn’t do much but go along, but in the audio recording with Finnbarr, you can hear Abe openly panicking that the police officer in charge of the case is the same one who came to see him when he was charged with assaulting his own son.

      Even Abe, whose intelligence seems pretty stunted, realised that this was a Bad Thing (for him, not for the children). He did, in fact, bolt shortly after the children were taken into care, and didn’t return until some time after Christmas. He and Ella bolted again when the police came to talk to her about the videos, and he made a brief reappearance in front of the RCJ during the fact-finding hearing…then disappeared for good.


    • Immensely significant GoS. Why would you write a nice email to the school if you believed it was the centre of a cult.

      One of the sad things I realise is that, if Aberella had kept to a sensible story, not implicating dozens of innocent people and defying all laws of nature, they might have got away with it. RD would have lost all access and we would know nothing about it. It might be that two children only have contact with their father because of a situation that has blighted lives and put others in prison.

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  3. ‘We also have full confidence in the mother and indeed her partner, that they did all of the right things by discovering what had happened to the children and then informing social services.’

    So many people believe that Abe n Ella went to the police (officially) or Social Services. They did neither. They went to Abe’s brother in law, a volunteer Policeman, and saw him unofficially. If I remember correctly he secretly recorded the conversation he had with Abe and took his info to the Police. (Much respect to him.) Abe n Ella did not inform Social Services and said agency were alerted by the Police and removed the children.

    The fact that Gerrish makes such glaring errors like this and broadcasts them to the public makes him unreliable as a news source. It also points to the fact that he has an agenda and is willing to mislead people.

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    • Indeed they not only didn’t report it to the police or other authorities, when the police turned up, they did a runner if I remember correctly…

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      • In September when the police turned up, Abe and Ella stayed put, but in February 2015, when the police came knocking to talk with Ella about the leaked videos, they ran like frightened hares.


    • Correct. And the person who did correctly go to the police was that brother-in-law who acted properly as he must have perceived this was very serious.

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      • Didn’t Jean Clement also inform one of the accused parents? I seem to remember that parent also went to the Police.

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        • That’s right, JB.

          Jean-Clement gave a copy of the audio recording to a friend for safe-keeping. This friend, upon listening to the recording, recognised the name of a parent who was being accused of belonging to the ‘cult’.

          Detective Inspector Cannon, testifying during the fact-finding hearing, said, “This friend had looked at the video and recognised one of the parents when they had said the name of one of the parents that they were talking about, and he called up this chap who then took a copy of this video and contacted us. He also contacted, I’m not sure if it was his lawyer or someone, but then we got the copy of that from him”.

          Strange behaviour for a cult member, reporting evidence of the cult to the police.

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      • Actually, I think Jean-Clement believed Abe and Ella initially, and contacted police on that basis. Either way though, he did the right thing.


        • I didn’t get that impression, but may have missed a bit. As far as I could tell, just by the secrecy of Jean Clements recording speaks of him being aware that things were not as they may have seemed, once he heard how Abe was brow beating the children.


    • Exactly, GF. And Gerrish’s errors in reporting the case were legion. In the March 2015 video, he made a number of incorrect and misleading statements, which would take an entire post to detail. In fact, that gives me an idea….

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      • You mean that Gerrish said he had inside information that some high up police were shutting the case down etc? Meaning the police realised this was a hoax and stopped wasting money, manpower continuing to look for something that never existed, but reported as if a cover-up by Gerrish, iirc.

        Also, ‘imposed upon us’ – now who could that have been, I wonder? It could only have come via Sabine/Belinda.

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  4. Bizarre form of retraction story:‘the-boy-who-came-back-from-heaven’-now-wants-his-day-in-court/ar-AAvMCZE?li=AAadgLE&ocid=spartanntp

    “Two months after the crash, Alex emerged from a coma as a quadriplegic. The injured boy also began telling family and friends about traveling to heaven and meeting Jesus and Satan.
    In July 2010, Kevin and Alex Malarkey penned an account of the boy’s religious experience, “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.” The book was published by Tyndale House, a publisher of Christian books. It went on to reportedly move more than 1 million copies and spent months on the New York Times bestseller’s list. The book was part of a bumper crop of similarly geared narratives — tales of near-death experiences and brushes with the Almighty published by religious imprints.
    Then it all fell apart. In January 2015, Alex, now paralyzed from the neck down, admitted he had fabricated the story.
    “I did not die,” he wrote in a blog post. “I did not go to Heaven. I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention.”…
    “The admission created a firestorm within the worlds of evangelical faith and Christian publishing. The controversy was revived this week when Alex — now 20 years old and living off Social Security — filed a lawsuit against Tyndale House in Illinois’s DuPage County, where the publisher is located. The complaint alleges Kevin Malarkey, now deceased, was the main actor behind the fabrication.
    “Kevin Malarkey … concocted a story that, during the time Alex was in a coma, he had gone to Heaven, communicated with God the Father, Jesus, angels, and the devil, and then returned,” the complaint says. “Kevin Malarkey sold the concocted story, allegedly about Alex’s life and what Alex allegedly experienced, to one of the largest Christian publishers in the country.”

    When do children “lie”? When controlling adults in their life use them for ventriloquist dummies.

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  5. Not wishing to go off topic too much but,

    “Justice for Peter Hofschröer and his now defenceless mum”. Facebook group.

    I just don’t get how so called anti child abuse activists, or whatever they think they are, can support a convicted paedophile.

    Having just looked at this groups member list, I can see a number of usual suspects are members. There does seem to be something odd though, the number members seems quite high, Yannis is a member twice, a member appears to be child, a young girl.

    Can people be added to a group without their knowledge?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I do know a few people who were added and didn’t realise it at first, so I think the group’s numbers are definitely overinflated relative to the actual interest in the case. The people I’m thinking of had no idea what the group was about at first.


    • They conveniently neglect to mention Peter Hofschröer’s “defenceless mum” has other family members including another son looking after her interests.

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    • Yes, on Facebook people can add people to their groups, they have done this to alot of busy and good advocates who havn’t noticed….too busy to. I think it needs to be stopped, or Facebook need an opt out setting, so the likes of Andy Peacher & co, cannot use good people to add credibility deceptively, but they also do boost their numbers this way.
      Facebook are apparantley going to be auditing large groups in their efforts to prevent the spread of fake news.


  6. Did my post about “Justice for Peter Hofschröer and his now defenceless mum”. facebook group just disappear?


    • Maybe it’s wiser to post one reply putting her straight then ignore her. I don’t know but, it’s a frustrating task arguing with stupid and one that is never worth the effort.

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      • Oh, but Captain Mainwaring, she has revealed herself so much, moreso and having had some lengthy talks with others, I now have even more evidence of her disgusting antics that needs exposing for the sake of the newer people being still fooled by the predatory people she is clearly supporting and working for, paid ? not sure, but some are in it for the pure sadistic delight of making a mockery of victims.

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