Facebook group a study in paranoia

The paranoia of the conspiracy-minded is something of a truism, but it can still be slightly shocking to witness in real time. On Friday, while we were waiting for word of the outcome of Jake Clarke’s court appearance, we were treated to an amazing display of paranoid over-reaction in a small, little-known Facebook group, with the catchy title, “Exposing the Cabal’s Pizzagate-Pedogate Human Trafficking Network”.

Fairly rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Within a matter of a couple of hours, members of that group had gone from attacking Emily Thorn, who comments here, to ejecting someone who tried to talk them into seeing sense, to closing their group down to outside opinions altogether.

How it started

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 1

Note the inflammatory language: “I have it on good authority that she and her cronies are RD’s child abusing ‘friends’ ~ to be exposed and avoided at all cost!”

No attempt made to investigate whether Emily has ever even spoken to RD, nor to question the assumption that RD was indeed guilty: Claudie Fae simply accepts at face value everything she’s been fed by her fellow conspiranoids.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 2Claudie Fae tags in her friend John May, who once again jumps to some rather amazing conclusions: Emily is an AI, she is a bot, she is linked to George Soros, she is untrustworthy because she offered to let him check her out.

Most extraordinarily, John claims that he “can easily tell (RD is) behind the design, the rogue’s gallery” of this site: Thorn is a non-profit organisation which works “to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material and stand up to child traffickers”.

So basically, if an organisation is committed to putting an end to child sexual abuse material and child trafficking, they are clearly…evil? Is it any wonder that those obsessed with pizza and underground tunnels full of blood-drinking elites have absolutely no credibility amongst those who really do work to help protect children?

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 3This little exchange had to do with who had allowed the Evil Intruders into their pristine Bubble’o’Crazy. Once again, anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them must be a “FAKE TROLL PEDO”.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 4All right, we confess we lost it completely when Claudie Fae claimed that she had reported Emily and two others “to the authorities”. She knows that the authorities are aware that the Hampstead case was a massive hoax and coverup, right?

No, probably not.

At the bottom of this screenshot, Steve Keys does his best to inject a little sanity into the argument.

Janine Donovan, the group’s owner, sees no contradiction in stating, “I don’t know much about it but I know by what I hear by reading about it from articles”.


Steve continues, but as the Americans say, it’s like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall:

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 5Claudie Fae says, “One individual knows the people we are discussing very well ~ I shall say no more until he joins us here”. Three guesses who the Mystery Guest will be?

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 6Steve points out that if she’s going to call a person a child abuser, she ought to have, you know, evidence. Claudie Fae immediately accuses him of making threats.

Because saying you need evidence before making terrible allegations about a person is totally threatening…in Trooferland.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 7Ah, the identity of the new group member is revealed: yes, none other than Jake Clarke. We shit you not. Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 8Hang on, how were the police responsible for the faces of RD’s children being revealed in the videos which Ella and Sabine conspired to post online? Oh right. In Trooferland, anything is possible.

Steve tries to set Claudie Fae straight, but she does the usual troofer thing: changes the subject.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 9

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 10

Steve, you have the patience of a saint. Our hats are off to you.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 12Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 13

And just when it seems as though Steve might be making a bit of headway with Claudie Fae…

John, who is clearly the group’s enforcer, jumps in and banishes Steve, lest Claudie Fae’s mind be infected by Steve’s heretical ideas. Steve was a member of the group for less than an hour before John banned him from the group.

Look who joined the group!

It seems like an odd place to find someone who will be facing serious criminal charges in early July.

Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11 15

And what about Claudie Fae?

We were interested to learn that Claudie Fae seems to live in the Glastonbury area, and attended an event called “Whirl-y-Fayre”, an arts and music festival which takes place each year in the vale of Avalon:

Claudie Fae at Whirl-y-fayre 2018-05-12

This takes on somewhat more significance when we find that according to John the Pit Bull, Claudie Fae “interviewed the victims” in the Hampstead SRA hoax:

Expose Cabal Pizzagate group 2018-05-11

Since our recent discussions about Abe and Ella’s “tour” to Glastonbury and Plymouth in the week before the police took the children into custody, this takes on rather more significance.

Exactly how many people did Ella and Abe subject the children to, in their quest to create a full-blown hoax? We know that they were interviewed by Brian Gerrish and his deputy, Finn Hagan; we suspect that they were taken to Glastonbury to be inspected by Araya Soma (a friend of Abe’s ex-partner Lisa Ceneri); and now Claudie Fae seems to be claiming that she talked to them as well?

It seems that there’s even more beneath the surface of this bizarre hoax than anyone at first suspected. And given some of this Facebook group’s apparent links to the early stages of the hoax, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that they don’t much care for intruders. Janine Donovan warning to trolls

85 thoughts on “Facebook group a study in paranoia

    • I live there, and yes there are endless urine extraction opportunities. That said, it is a lovely little town. The problem is when the tolerance of a nice new age-y community is so great that people like Laurence Lavie aka Araya Soma feel comfortable. There is a nasty undercurrent of conspiritard paranoia and anti-Semitism fuelled by the likes of “Araya” and her fellow losers. I note I have two mutual facebook friends with the charmless Claudie Fae. I’ll have a look at her profile during the week and see what she posts when she thinks she’s among friends.

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  1. Contrast these raving lunatics with the more sober and serious Thorn site (although of course the actor Kutchner has been accused by these troglodytes of being a “front” man for the satanists). And of course my former boss (he fired me as CEO of GCHQ Broom Closets because of a missing dustpan after an inventory was taken) Mr George Soros comes in for a swipe.
    Not sure what successes Thorn has had but they seem to be acting ethically and intent on practical results rather than the usual talk fest on social media.
    I think you have outed Claudie Fae as Araya Mange. We know she’s a fevered antisemitic Nazi who probably believes the anti-Soros claptrap used by Viktor Orban in Hungary.
    Any news on her drug bust?.

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    • Hi GOS, I haven’t had time to follow up the court proceedings against Araya, but she’s still around. I often see her buttonholing people on the High Street, who get a desperate look in their eyes after about two minutes. She jabbers non-stop about flat earth, Jews, banking elites and so on as her victims try to get a word in edgeways or get away from her. She’s quite mad, but nasty with it.

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      • “A woman who allegedly committed a burglary at a house in Glastonbury, confronting the owners while she was inside and claiming she lived there herself, has been ordered to stand trial .
        “Ann Daemani had allegedly hung Egyptian sculptures on the wall in place of the owners’ own pictures but when told to leave took a camera with her and £400 in cash was also discovered missing from a bedroom drawer.”

        What in the name of Arioch? That is not how squatting works. Is Somerset the Florida of England?

        Learn from her example, people, do not mix scrumpy and homegrown.

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  2. Wow, Mae & Fay, what a pair of raving drongos 😮

    I kinda like it when fruitloops like them open their gobs – it saves us the bother of trying to expose them when, as Tracey Morris would put it, they expose themselves. And there it is in those screenshots, all their vindictiveness, deluded paranoia and overarching dumbfuckery laid bare for all to see.

    By the way, EC, can I recommend that nice Mr. Keys for the Trooper of the Week award and recommend him for a pay rise?

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  3. I find the examples of those who voted and worship Trump quite depressing seeing he is such a blatant liar and is totally ignorant of how government works ( I’m hoping sane republicans will eventually reject this con artist who has even ripped of pals of mine in New York over the years).

    These goofballs are all salivating that Trump says he will shut down child protective services. There are nearly one million kids in foster care in the USA at any given time. It’s a state responsibility and Trump has nil control over them. Trump of course tweets a message (true or false) tailored to each of his creepy fans & they lap it up. Of course terrible events will happen in foster caring but 99% of foster kids thrive.

    I think the Thorn website needs to explain itself better. People seem to think when they hear the words “sex trafficking” that there are groups (satanists?) who snatch small children from the street and sell them by the truck load to evil gangs of pedos.
    But it means pimps grooming teens who have come out of usually shocking family situations or who are homeless and who are gradually introduced to prostitution and maybe drugs. There are infamous UK cases and it’s wrong and vile but it’s also and incredibly complex problem involving poverty, homelessness and bad situations in the home or with parents with numerous complications and no politician seems to want to attack the root causes (especially Trump who will most likely increase the problem).

    Like the true believers in the Hampstead Hoax, as with Trump’s rusted on acolytes, truth is absent but a desire to believe the evil fantasies is paramount and no amount of facts or evidence will sway them.
    I wonder how much is a psychological wishful thinking?. Why do they prefer to believe there are evil pedos behind every bush unless they want it to be true & it’s all connected to deeply suppressed desires?

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    • I think when they knew too many survivors were shouting, they could no longer suppress us as we dropped the shame and turned the spotlight on them………….. they have drowned us out …..shouted louder ala the Baloney PIE mill, mislead and find victims to groom, con, use, abuse ala Garish Uk Colukn, evel Scots Dave, Cat & Gob all over anyone they fancy a threat ala Robert, and any including Sicke or Oike David, who inspired a whole load of paedos to find ways to create an illusion around themselves and get miles out of the off planet new age charlatans, the environmentalalists, humanitarians, the fake courts and soveriegn bullshitters, Kevin Annett and ITNJ all willing to collude to have 2 blond kids instead of a 30yr old downs syndrome victim, to just flash up as the lead into whatever pathway to their scam they were gonna use,….. leading to massive conferences……. Simon Parkes is another UK based pervy so are some others, which I’ve learnt thanks to Doazic, CW Chanter & Omni….. Synthetic Rebellion, Waptek and Badda, are all tearing holes in their illusions of child protection………….. indeed via dysengenics there is lots of evidence of these fear porn, de facto porn, pgating, clickbaiting enablers, that many are indeed paedophiles…….. why wouldn’t they get behind someone like baloney, also go into sabotage a police force…..like wiltshire.

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      • A lot to the notion the kids in this case were angelic looking and well spoken, basically poster children for a hoax and scam. I cannot fathom how the mother allowed them to be used. I cannot understand what she thinks they will think as they rapidly approach their teen years and become able to really understand what has gone on. As it is their thoughtful renunciation of the hoax indicates they are very bright kids.
        As for using a girl with down’s syndrome, what a disgrace. She’s now an adult woman and whatever happened in the past she should be allowed to have a life free of all this ghastly stuff. What goes on in the mind of this Olgivy bloke?. Obsessed with the case. It’s unnatural and beyond creepy.

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  4. we confess we lost it completely when Claudie Fae claimed that she had reported Emily and two others “to the authorities”. She knows that the authorities are aware

    Ah, you are thinking of the usual temporal authorities which everyone knows of. I suspect that the ‘authorities’ in Claudie’s head are the mysterious secretive White Rabbit / Q-Anon, who are poised to Unseal the Indictments and Roll Up the Networks, and indeed have been in that uncomfortable poised position since about the middle of 2017. Like the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, these Authorities are everywhere and nowhere, and have the advantage that any preening dumbfuck can claim to be in contact with them without fear of contradiction.

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  6. 15 new Hamphoaxer troll galleries, folks 🙂

    – Aehabitat
    – Annaliese Luverley
    – Barry Lyndon
    – Christine ‘Celtic Foodie’ Gow
    – Diligence Integrity
    – Fae & May
    – Frances Inglis
    – Janine Donovan
    – Janine ‘Fresh Start’ Rennie
    – John ‘Butlincat’ Graham
    – Kalle Blomkvist
    – Lee Cant
    – Naima ‘Hope Girl’ Feagin
    – Rich Orange
    – Tom Cahill


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      • “If there is one thing I’ve realised that’s FACT – I’ve silenced the social media world be it TROLL or TRUTHER.”

        ‘Modesty is just one of my MANY attributes…..’ LOL

        No megalomania there then arfur…

        I was wondering why nobody had posted a single thing on facebook, twitter or any other social media!!!!

        Oh wait….

        Thats because I wasn’t online all day cause it was Mothers Day…

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  7. 4 more for the collection:

    I’ve had to screenshot those from the notifications, as once again he deleted his comments and ran away.

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  8. Re: GDPR.
    GDPR does not apply to blogs such as hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com.

    GDPR does apply to businesses, organisations and official bodies. My target is Fresh Start Foundation, which is an incorporated business, and which runs a number of websites and social media accounts where it is using and publishinmg personal information including Hollie’s and Sheva’s details. They need to register with the ICO by 25 May 2018, they need to erase and cease processing any personal information they do not have consent to process. They cannot store, collect or publish any personal information without consent, and they must deal with the personal information securely. They will be subject to severe criminal and civil penalties if they fail to abide with GDPR.

    I stress again that Hoaxtead blog does not have to abide with GDPR, in law you are a personal blog.

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    • Thanks, SV.

      We’ve taken no chances, though. I’ve been through the evidence folders for Heather, Thea56, Alanson, Sneddy and Praterson (basically the trolls who habitually bombard the blog’s inbox) and ensured that all the IP and email addresses are edited out of the screenshots of their drunken rants/tantrums/death threats. Whiter than white and all that.

      I bet Mr. Ogilvy’s shitting himself, though. His “blog” is riddled with data protection breaches.

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      • Regarding blogging and GDPR in the EU.

        GDPR could cause many Satan Hunters problems. It would appear if anyone is processing, handling, or publishing personal information of any EU citizen … and… are involved in money making through merchandise, advertising, donations … it could be classed as an enterprise, thus is subject to GDPR. Hoaxtead does handle personal information, but it is not an “enterprise”. The legal minds here can also give clarification on this matter. Angela Power Disney and Belinda McKenzie both will have to abide by GDPR as they seem to fall under an “enterprise” in that they are making money from their activities as well as dealing with personal information. GDPR gives RD and other victims of the Satan Hunters new powerful tools to get control of personal data being used without their consent. GDPR is going to change everything.

        Considering how much pain and suffering I am going through via my business to abide by GDPR, I will be damned if I am going to allow Fresh Start Foundation or any Satan Hunter to think they can be exempt from GDPR.

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    • One would hope that GDPR would change everything as back in the day of the original DPA/privacy breaches they were reported to the ICO – disappointingly they declined to help. Can’t remember the details but maybe it’s time to pick it up again.

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      • I think with the powers and penalties that the ICO can inflict, they have more teeth. This will be a nice earner for the government inflicting penalties on those who fail to abide with GDPR. Also, indivduals now have personal ability to hit those who abuse their personal information with injunctions and damages claims, victims such as RD and his children.

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    • What happens when or if the UK leaves the EU?. Perhaps the UK will hopefully continue to have uniform laws with the EU in order to trade with the EU.
      There is an anomaly here if these laws apply to business only when a private individual can continue to breach the idea of GDPR?.
      In reality, can’t sole traders” like APD be regarded as a business as she solicits “donations”, a sneaky way of running a business ?.

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      • There is a basis for claiming alleged Alien or UFO encounters especially in the day of the smart phone camera when so many odd things are recorded in the sky and posted on Youtube (along with some excellent faked videos).

        But to date none of these fanatics has yet provided a scintilla of evidence of so-called Satanic Pedo ritual abuse. Not once. It’s all talk and no action.

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      • I’m 25 minutes in so far and I haven’t heard Richie refute SRA yet. In fact all he’s done so far is kiss this charlatan’s arse and agree with every bit of SRA “Reptilian SRA” crap she’s spouted.

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    • At 38:46 Allen specifically states that the Hampstead thing did happen and that it’s not a hoax!

      Conlusion: Ogilvy is a lying bastard. Who knew?

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