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Hi all, EC here. Over the past several months, I’ve been working with Alexi Mostrous and his amazing team at Tortoise Media on “Hoaxed“, a six-part podcast about the Hampstead SRA hoax.

The podcast has been well received in the UK, as well as in Australia, Canada, and the USA. This has meant that it’s been making the news, but that sometimes comes with its own pitfalls.

While I’m glad that the podcast has been casting a critical eye on the hoax that inspired this blog, some of the resulting news articles have painted an unrealistic picture of my personal role in opposing the hoax.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • While I did start the Google+ group of people who disbelieved Abraham and Ella’s story, I did not start this blog. That honour goes to Scarlet Scoop, who started the blog on 2 May 2015, and wrote over 1,000 posts before handing over the editing reins to me in August 2015.
  • Nor was I responsible for assembling the legal case against Sabine McNeill. A small and stalwart group of mothers laid charges, spent countless hours gathering evidence, and pushed the Crown Prosecution Service to take McNeill to court. I did contribute some of the evidence, but it was not primarily my work which put her in prison.
  • From start to finish, my role was always to report, as faithfully and clearly as possible, any and all news regarding the Hampstead hoax and those who believed it and promoted it, online and in person. This blog’s readers were an amazing and intrepid bunch, who donated their time, skills, and considerable energy to helping out in so many ways. All who took part have every reason to feel proud of what we accomplished here.

Writing this blog was an amazing experience, in large part because so many people gave freely of themselves. They recognised that a terrible wrong had been done, not just against Ella’s children and ex-partner(s), but against the children, parents, teachers, social workers, and others who were drawn into the hoax. Instead of running away from the fire, our readers ran directly toward it, and did all they could to fight it. I was honoured to act as reporter and convener. I do miss the work we all did, and I’m glad that it’s finally getting some public recognition.

If you’re here because you’ve been listening to the podcast and want more information about the hoax, I’d suggest you start with our “New to Hoaxtead?” pageThere’s also a handy FAQ, where you can learn about more of the details.

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  1. Yeah nice to hear from you. It was one of the most interesting periods of my life, and your writing made it hilarious at the same time.

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  2. Thank you kindly for the update on this disgusting story. Have the two initial hoaxers ever been arrested and held to account? ________________________________

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  3. I hadn’t realised before the Hoaxed podcast that Mrs McKenzie was well connected, coming from the Boswell family as in ‘Boswell’s Life of Johnson’. A thought crossed my mind that she could arguably be deemed an “elite” (the conspiracy theorists seem to like to criticise “elites”). That said there are gypsies in Staffordshire with the family name Boswell.

    I’ve come to the conclusion though that no matter how well the podcast explains the Hampstead hoax, some people are so deep into the rabbit hole they seem to want to believe it’s true. (In a similar vein I read some comments below a video concerning the outcome of the recent civil case between certain parents who lost children at Sandy Hook and Alex Jones where some folk feel Mr Jones has been wronged).

    I hadn’t realised EC had maintained this site from over in Canada though I did know she’s Canadian.

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    • Yes, Belinda is definitely one of the “elites”, though she would deny it I’m sure. And while the podcast is shedding a much brighter light on the characters of some of the players, I expect some of the old hangers-on will continue to cling to their conspiracy delusions, no matter what.

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  4. Let us not forget three of the worst ancillary muck spreaders in this shameful episode. Andrew Devine , Angela Power-Disney and John Paterson. Is he still banged up I wonder ? His best mate Andy never mentions him any more.

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    • Yes, he’s in a secure mental health facility until further notice. Angela is attempting to reignite the hoax, which I suspect will be about as effective as farting against thunder; Devine continues to mumble incoherently from his hidey hole in Greece, I believe.

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  5. It was an absolute must that People pulled together to get this Horid Hoax taken of the internet, and I personally still report and attempt to get the Videos and Posts about it off social media, Sadly the biggest problem is the Platforms these people use are actually profiting via advertisement on the channel they push this Rubbish on. Its a battle against Power and money as well as battle against Nutjobs with some warped brains. Karen you truly are an Amazing women to do what you did, Proud to be associated with you and its a honour x

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    • Thanks, Danny. I’m indebted to all the people who threw themselves into pushing back against the hoax, with no thought of personal gain. And you’re right, the social media platforms have a lot to answer for.


      • As long as you are aware that Danny Jones Hoax Police abuses said social media platforms to peddle multitudinal lies of his own …


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