New crop of Hoaxtead videos ‘underwhelming’: Reviewer

Our intrepid film reviewer had his hands full yesterday, with new releases emerging from Angela Fag Ash Disney, Arfur the Barbarian, and a newcomer to the Hoaxtead scene, Jimmy “Gryffindor Forever!” DracoSlapper. To be honest, we had to bribe our reviewer with extra buttery topping on his popcorn, but he did manage to sit through…


IPCC Appeal 2: The children’s retractions

Yesterday we discussed the newly revealed appeal letter from the IPCC, which Ella’s solicitor seems to have received in late November 2016. To no one’s great surprise, Kristie Sue Costa leapt onto the appeal letter and began waving it about, screaming, “See? See?! We were right all along!” (This based on one sentence from the…

We can do it

ACTION: YouTube channel take-down

We are all too familiar with the daunting number of videos promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax that can still be found on YouTube (and don’t even get us started on Vid.me or Vimeo). Most of us have had at least some success with having individual videos taken down, but getting an entire channel removed is…


A Christmas pressie from YouTube

…Aaaaaaand we’re back! All right, we’ll be honest: our original plan was to slack off for the entire week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, but then a juicy bit of news fell out of the sky, and next thing you know there we were, pounding away at the keyboard again.