Angie & Q*Bert’s Sooper Seekrit Video

Sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder what on earth goes on inside Angie’s cranial cavity. A few weeks ago she posted those strange Skype conversations with Sabine, despite knowing that a trial is in the offing for her alleged friend. And now she’s posted a call between herself and Rupert, claiming that…

For your holiday viewing pleasure

We hope you’re enjoying your long weekend, wherever you happen to be. And just in case  the weather office happens to be right and today does turn a bit damp, we’re bringing you a double shot of video fun from our friend MK Ultra 666.

Kane Slater can’t get no respect

Some of you will recall Kane Slater, the Canadian cannabis enthusiast who arrived late to the Hoaxtead party, but has been making up for lost time by bombarding his Facebook ‘Cannabis Cures Cancers’ page with grotesque and offensive lies.

What part of ‘done & dusted’ does Drifloud not get?

Over the past several days we’ve been posting snippets of the response to Abe and Ella’s IPCC appeal, which have been appearing in heavily redacted form on Drifloud’s Twitter page. Drippy seems reluctant to release the entire document on his friends’ behalf, for obvious reasons: the results are hardly encouraging for the Hoaxtead mob. It’s…

Josephs distances himself from Belinda, Sabine

Over the weekend we published a post in which we discussed the activities of Ian Josephs, hailed by Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill as the ‘veteran of all McKenzie friends’. Ian is known for promoting the false and damaging rhetoric of ‘child-snatching’ social workers, who he claims reap a tidy profit from destroying happy families…