Hoaxtead: Looking back…and ahead

Poor 2016. It’ll go down in history as the year of Brexit, Trump, fake news, and a string of celebrity deaths. Not really a year most of us will recall fondly…but we at Hoaxtead Research would like to offer a slightly more nuanced view of the Year that Was.


Abe’s last sycophantic follower

We’ve been speculating for some time now that Abe and Ella have given up the Hoaxtead fight and gone on to greener—much greener—pastures. We noted a while ago that Abe’s last feeble attempts to whip up excitement amongst his rapidly dwindling group of followers took place last summer and early autumn; since then, he’s contented…


Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”