Neelu & Sabine trial, 11-18 July 2016

For anyone who missed it, or who’d like to relive every drama-soaked minute of Neelu and Sabine’s trial on charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, we’ve gathered all the relevant posts on a single page. Enjoy!

Day 1: The seating crisis, and prosecution opening statement

Day 2: Jury version 2.0, and the prosecution opening statement redux, plus the first prosecution witness

Day 3: Three more witnesses for the prosecution, plus camera shenanigans

Day 4: An unfortunate illness, plus more hallway gossip

Day 5: Submissions from defence, and a surprise verdict

Day 6: Disorder in the court: arresting judges, public gallery mayhem, and an extraordinary outburst from the defence solicitor

Day 6, Part 2: The aftermath of the morning’s shambles, and two lifetime restraining orders

The Restraining Orders in full

Sabine + Neelu after trial


5 thoughts on “Neelu & Sabine trial, 11-18 July 2016

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  3. Everyone has just about had enough of the diabolical abuse children in ” care ” have been subjected to which has been going on for too long . The pattern is pretty much the same all over the country but here`s some questions which the child abuse inquiry will have to consider ………
    : Why does Liverpool CCG commission services to Alder Hey and not the NHS ? Why did Alder Hey rent a room at Garston South Treatment Centre which is used by ” Children`s Services ” health . Why did it take more than thirty different doctors , paediatric consultants and surgeons over thirteen years , costing a childhood of lethargy and illness and costing over £40 million pounds in wages and needless operation and traumatic procedure costs , to diagnose an iron deficiency ? Why did the Womens hospital and then Alder Hey do everything which might cause an unnaturally early puberty to occur and yet not test the circulating iron of a child who had been born with a low birth weight and presented with every indication of iron and vitamin b12 deficiency , prematurity and palsy without giving a formal diagnosis ? Why did Alder Hey destroy the paperwork and systems operations disks when Justice Goddard made it perfectly clear that no department was to destroy paperwork ? How were Alder Hey then able to get children`s services to body snatch the child , put her in care and have her abused ? Why , when the parent saw her child at contact did her child have no hair on her head , had bruises in various colours all over her arms and have head wounds with severe weight loss , resembling a Belsen victim ? Why did the social workers and court guardian sit at the contact session mocking the child and their parent denying they could see anything wrong with the childs bald head , head wounds , bruises and Belsen like appearance . Why , when the parent went to what should have been a re hearing of the care order , had the social workers and the court guardian concocted a story that the parent had attacked them and the LA then side track the re hearing with a suspension of contact hearing . ……………..In the court , why was the parent mocked once again by being shown a picture of her child on a lap top which was allegedly taken by a deputy mayor at an awards ceremony , wearing a small disk of very blonde hair on her head which had several very long blonde plaits attached which went past her waist ? Why did the judge then send the parent to have a Cafcass meeting instead of re hearing the case ? At the Cafcass meeting , why was the court guardian not present ? Why did the social worker say that the parent was threatening them by asking when she would see her child ? When the parent went back to court , why was she then presented with a photograph of her child , again allegedly taken by a deputy mayor at an awards ceremony wearing fake plaits in a different colour draped across her forehead and wearing clothing to conceal her severe weight loss ? Why was the child standing next to Lord Mayor Mrs Roz Gladden who is also the Labour minister for children`s and adults social care ?


    • Lesley, I understand you have serious concerns, and I hope you are able to find answers, but do you really think this is the best place to air these questions? This blog has nothing to do with the child abuse inquiry, and only a tangential link with children in care. We are here to discuss the Hampstead SRA hoax and those who promote it.

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