Video share: Tips & Tricks for True Believers

We understand how difficult it can be for those who believe in the Hampstead SRA narrative to convince their friends and followers that they are not off their ever-lovin’ rockers. So we have decided to reach out and offer them some tips and tricks to help them make the story just bit more convincing (or…

Where in the world is Q*Bert?

Last we heard, Q*Bert had landed in Horley, ready to take on the arduous task of hanging about in Hampstead’s pubs getting pissed and trying to get unsuspecting residents to ‘squeal’ about their non-existent cult. Turns out we were wrong—whether by intentional misdirection or otherwise.

Hoaxtead: Life in the echo chamber

One of the great rewards of this blog is the amazing community that’s formed around us: in addition to valuable information, unique perspectives, and much-appreciated support, our commenters bring us some of our best material.

Does Belinda have a drinking problem?

Yesterday we discussed a post Belinda had published on her Knight Foundation blog. We were looking at it in terms of ‘dog-whistle’ terms (words and phrases that have one meaning for the general public, but elicit very specific reactions from the troofer audience), but we also noted that the post trailed off into strange gibberish.