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More threats from Rupert…yes, again.

Rupert Quaintance is back on the warpath. Again. In his latest, ahem, ‘radio broadcast’ he’s been blustering and bragging about what he’s planning to do when he finally arrives in London, which will be…er, any day now. Really. He’s not kidding this time. For reals.

Rupert Summer Adventure

Rupert’s Mummy to the Rescue!

We mentioned last week that Rupert, the hilariously unfunny iPhone ‘videographer’ with the unfortunate moustache and drug habit, had sort-of announced that he might, all other things being equal, be showing up in London at some point this summer.

Hillsborough 96--Julie Fallon

Still standing: The families of Hampstead

Twenty-seven years ago, 96 people, aged 10 to 67, went off to watch a football game…and never came home. Yesterday the families of those people, having suffered more than two and a half decades of pain, loss, and anger at the public vilification of their loved ones, watched as the Hillsborough inquest jury delivered its…