More evidence the Hampstead SRA hoax was planned from the outset

As evidence about the Hampstead hoax has emerged since its inception in 2014, certain theories have been validated, while others have been debunked. This post falls at least in part into the latter category.

While there is no doubt that events occurred as described here, it now appears extremely unlikely that Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie planned the hoax. Rather, Sabine met Ella Draper as she claimed, and realised that this case would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to ‘prove’ to the world that her crackpot theories about the ‘child-snatching’ state were true.

However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the hoax was the brainchild of Abraham Christie. You can read more about that on this page, which offers our most up-to-date timeline of the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Updated 2 August 2020

Okay, all you Hoaxtead Research trivia fans, here’s a question to test how well you’ve been paying attention: What is the significance of 14 November 2014?

If you guessed “that’s the day Sabine created a Dropbox file into which she posted Ella Draper’s original ‘witness statement’ naming the children, parents, teachers, social workers, police officers, clergy, and businesses in Hampstead that she and Abe wished to target”, you win the prize!**

Sabine-dropbox file-1 2016-03-05

As we wrote in the Hampstead Hoax FAQ, Ella didn’t actually fire her legal team until December 2014, which makes Sabine’s Dropbox post look premature. Why would Sabine bother doing all this prep work, unless she knew she was about to take over the case?

In fact, if you look at Sabine’s own “timeline”, as posted on Ken Adachi’s website, Educate Yourself, Sabine originally identified 14 November as the date on which she was

(c)ontacted by Russian mother of two, then 8 and 9-year-old children, taken into care [custody] by Barnet Police on September 11, 2014 allowing contact with father whom they accused of being the leader of a ‘strange culture’ at a church and school in Hampstead, London;

So somehow, on the very same day she was first contacted by Ella, Sabine had her detailed “witness statement” ready to post to her Dropbox. Prescient, no?

But wait, there’s more!

It turns out that 14 November 2014 is also the date upon which Charlotte Ward self-published her Illuminati Party e-book, officially beginning her new online life as “Jacqui Farmer”:

What an astonishing coincidence!

Hat trick?

We’ve recently found information which suggests that 14 November 2014 was significant in another, possibly more important way.

In an email dated 11 September 2017, and published on the Freelists “Patriots” listserve, Yolande Lindridge writes,

Sabine has only ever invited me to two meetings in London; one meeting was in the offices of Caroline Newman, solicitor where I met Meirion Bowen for the first time and never again since, and where I met Mary Rooney. That day was “14 November 2014”. In that meeting Sabine excitedly broke the news of Ella Draper’s case, that was the first that I knew about it.

Yolande goes on to claim that this meeting was a “set-up” intended to undermine her, which we find a little far-fetched. However, we have no reason to doubt her recollection that the meeting took place.

In fact, she mentioned it last week on a YouTube comments thread, offering a bit more detail about the nature of the meeting:

The Hampstead case was Sabine McNeil’s first attempt at being a McKenzie Friend on behalf of the Association of McKenzie Friends; because she had no legal experience and no legal expertise she sent around group emails for others to give her the legal advice that she lacked eg on 29.1.2015 Sabine received legal advice from Christina Ignatiou, a Greek solicitor in London, and friend of Yannis Emmanouel. I was included in that group email, as was high-powered London solicitor Caroline Newman who I went to meet on 14.11.2014. Sabine was working with Caroline Newman to train parents in children’s cases to be their own McKenzie Friend/Litigant in Person.

Also included in that group email was Meirion Bowen & Mary Rooney who attended the meeting in Caroline Newman’s office on 14.11.2014. It was at that meeting on 14.11.2014 that Sabine excitedly broke the news that she had met up with Ella Draper and that she had taken on Ella’s case.

Also included in that group email was Belinda McKenzie and Ian Josephs of HLI who has a Masters in Law from Oxford University. I was far too busy with all the other children’s cases that I was doing to want to spend time teaching Sabine the basics of law, besides I never bought into the case, I only ever watched part of one video by the children.

Both Terry Ewing & I backed off as quickly as we could from this case, we did not want to be included in group emails and in case Sabine, Belinda, Mary & Ella Draper were being legal advised and trained by Caroline Newman, Christina Ignatiou, Ian Josephs & Meirion Bowen. At the same time that Terry and I walked away so did the 2 Patrons of the Association of McKenzie Friends ie John Hemming MP and Austin Mitchell MP. I have had any part in the Association of McKenzie Friends, they “sub-contracted” their referrals to me for 8 years before I refused to take any more referrals in April 2016 due to this disgusting behaviour of Belinda McKenzie.

Further investigation reveals that solicitor Caroline Newman runs a firm called Win Without a Lawyer, which offers training for McKenzie friends.

Given Sabine and Belinda’s claims to have been McKenzie friends since 2011, we were surprised to learn that the Hampstead SRA hoax was their first case in that capacity, but Yolande explained further:

Neither of them had any legal skills or any legal experience at all, so the name “Association of McKenzie Friends” was a bit misleading; their patrons were John Hemming MP and Austin Mitchell MP. Their interests were MPs and MEPs, whereas my interest was helping parents who no longer trusted solicitors.

Sabine subcontracted all the family case referrals to me until November 2014. I now believe that I was set up when I was invited by Sabine to a meeting on 14.11.2014 in the London offices of solicitor, Caroline Newman during which Sabine excitedly announced that she had taken for herself Ella Draper’s case as Ella had approached her.

But Sabine had no experience to draw on at that time and so she started sending group emails asking for advice for the case that she was fronting as the McKenzie Friend. Sabine’s group emails went to Christina Ignatiou (a London Solicitor), Caroline Newman (a London solicitor), Ian Joseph ex-KCC Tory Councillor, barrister and owner of HLI & Forced Adoption based in Monaco, to Meirion Bowen in Wales, to Belinda McKenzie, to Ella Draper, to Terence Ewing and to myself.

I had no time nor interest to teach Sabine how to be a McKenzie Friend and there was no need as Caroline Newman does that for a living, she also trains solicitors and judges. Terence Ewing and I backed out of that email group fairly quickly and left them to get on with it – Terence and I exchanged emails expressing that we wanted to put as much distance between ourselves and the Draper case as possible. In January 2015 the Association of McKenzie Friends and their cronies started wrecking cases that had come to them that they had decided to get involved in themselves eg Neelu Berry.

From all of this, it appears that Belinda and Sabine, having farmed out their cases to more experienced McKenzie friends for several years, decided to take on Ella Draper’s case themselves, backed by a team which initially consisted of Ian Josephs (hailed by Sabine as the “veteran of all McKenzie friends”); Meirion Bowen, who has acted as a McKenzie friend to Maurice Kirk; and Mary Rooney, a former director of Belinda’s distinctly non-charitable business-dressed-as-a-charity. Christina Ignatiou is a bit of an unknown quantity, but judging from her YouTube channel she seems keenly interested in the issue of forced adoption.

It seems that John Hemming, Austin Mitchell, Terence Ewing, and Yolande Lindridge all backed out while the hoax was in its early stages. Whatever their respective reasons, they should consider themselves lucky.

Even more interesting is the timing of the meeting: as we mentioned above, Ella didn’t sack her legal team until December, but as of 14 November Sabine and Belinda were confident enough that they would be taking over the case that they saw fit to convene a meeting with a person who trained McKenzie friends, and to excitedly announce to their inner circle that they had taken on Ella’s case. Given what we know about the earlier planning stages of the hoax, it would appear that 14 November 2014 was the date chosen to set the plan in action.

Curiouser and curiouser, as the Cheshire Cat would say.

Or, as we would say, “Coincidence? We think not!”

**Prize consists of a hearty handshake and our sincere best wishes. Has no monetary value, but how often do you get to shake paws…er, hands with a coyote?

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  1. I’m glad to note that the meeting in 2014 was some years after Meirion Bowen resigned from the BNP. I wouldn’t want people to think that Sabine and friends would gladly sit down in a meeting with someone who had connections to a political party considered to be neo-fascist because that would be really wrong, wouldn’t it.

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      • It doesnt matter if there re no people on the planet let alone certain races. Sabine is obsessed with nationality, “Russian mother of two”, should be child grooming, child torturing neglectant junkie mother of 2.


      • WTF is Sabine talking about.

        Graham starts off by saying some VERY anti-Semitic things and she goes on to talk about a Polish architect, the problems with her leg and how that relates to the world – they’re all ‘unhinged’ apparently (I’d go with ‘unhinged’ but it has nothing to do with her leg.) then off she goes on to child sacrifice ‘by the Talmud that allows this.’ The Kabbalah has something to do with this. She mentions the Slavic minority and talks about ‘six million shades of Jewishness’ whatever that means.

        Graham says:
        ‘Hitler was a great guy’.
        ‘Hitler was a genius’.

        What a charmer he is.

        I am so feckin’ unimpressed and will be telling her this next time she’s in the same queue as me at a bus-stop. And she can cry about it all she wants.

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        • These creeps are obsessed with the Talmud, Zionists, Titus Frost was ranting about that at the Pizzagate rally as well as Hampstead and McMartin. Facts don’t enter into the world of a conspiracy hoaxer.


      • I see : “The Jewish problem”. Even the corner store is controlled by the Jews.

        Two White Supremacists chatting away with the occasional giggle from Sabine as she is finally revealed for what she is when the despicable man rambles on with his racist claptrap.
        And Earth to Graham Hart you appalling creature: no there was never a moment when “white” people were a quarter of the world’s population you utter ignorant fool.

        Typical of the sheer ignorance of those who enjoy a Western lifestyle (me) which we are not morally entitled to: if you are British, American, French, Dutch etc etc you enjoy the standard of living you have, such as it is, because your forbears raped and looted the Third World for their assets for 100s of years before dispensing with colonies when their usefulness had run out.

        I hope there are no children involved in that football club he runs.

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  2. “Given Sabine and Belinda’s claims to have been McKenzie friends since 2011, we were surprised to learn that the Hampstead SRA hoax was their first case in that capacity.”

    Blimey, these fake legal experts are really stacking up, aren’t they.

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  3. How many more names does Yolande have?
    El Coyote is very very close to receiving this year’s Miss Marple Gold Star of Excellence in Detection.

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    • I’d like to see Yolande’s evidence of anything she says.

      Why should people just believe her?

      At least she doesn’t believe this Hampstead Hoax nonsense but she’s got it wrong who runs the blog.

      Why would they tell her??

      Strange woman.

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    • I’d be quite happy to receive 2 friend requests from Hasting’s prostitutes. Some of my best friends have been on the game.
      There are a spate of boring friend requests at present on FarceBook-everyone’s getting them. They are porn websites. Poor old Yolanda must think they are real people.

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  4. Didn’t they act as Mckenzie Fuck Ups to that American woman, can’t remember the name, the one where they ended up in trouble with charges, before Hampstead?

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    • A case that origninated in the Isle of Man, resulted in ruin, of every kind, near bankrupting the victims and involving alot of the players including an MP, a Telegraph reporter, Sabine releasing info without permission, and the loss of a child, to the abusive father if the case is as real, as I believe.

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      • Vicky Haigh. Freewoman on the land, supported a mother who made false allegations about the father. Mum gave confidential deails about the case (including child’s identity) to V Haigh (which was a contempt of court) , V Haigh shared it with Sabine MacNeill who shared it with the whole planet. When contempt proceedings started Haigh begged MacNeill to take it off the internet and she refused. Haigh was committed to prison for contempt:

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        • That’s right. One small correction, though: the mother in the case was Vicky Haigh; the FoTL was Elizabeth Watson. She was the one who tried in vain to get Sabine to take the material off the internet. We all know how well that works. Watson was committed to prison for contempt, but was let out after nine days, after she threw herself on the mercy of the courts and promised to be a good little FoTL forever after.

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          • Yes, you’re right, Watson was the “investigator” and Haigh the mum. Watson provided a good service as her case is binding authority that paperwork return to court labelled “no contract” and other FoTLer messages is proof of service.


    • I’m not sure what they did and at what time but some of their work was campaigning rather than McKenzie friending.

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      • Campaigning for their own funding, targetting easy victims to exploit and use to support their own agendas, which are varied….. Some appear religiously or spiritually motivated, but scratch the surface and their colours show, some are politically driven, so were prone to attack opponents when given false info by the likes of Baloney & Co… Most pretend to care about children whilst wilfully ignoring the 2 children at the centre of this most heinous of hoaxes in the UKs Rights to Privacy….which is an International Obligation, that these scamsters have bypassed, let alone the terrible harm they have added to what was already inflicted in Morocco, by Abe Christie, watched by their mother. Yet Belinda McKenzie, Angela Power Disney, Sabine McNeill, their followers, promoters, all allies pretend and self proclaim to be campaigners for childrens rights…….. They are not, and if they appear to be …it is only online and only because they ?have intended to make it so, as have the paedophiles that cllearly must be supporting, funding ? them. IMO.

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        • Totally agree – they don’t care about children. The idea of BM’s new Children’s Party send shivers, given their links to paedophiles, as posted on, here. Another slick wholesome-looking website, another facade, just like the others…

          They are completely creepy about children and that to me is deeply suspicious: using them as pawns in their propaganda, monetising and wallowing in endless promotion of disgusting, sick fantasies, focusing direct attention on children – whose privacy by law should be protected but hasn’t been – putting them at risk of greater harm than they’ve already had to endure and on and on it goes. Perhaps obfuscating other child abuse crimes, we don’t really know but it is starting to feel like it.

          So why do they continue to pursue this so vigorously? What is the end game? What is the political outcome those at the centre of the planning – so clearly laid out in EC’s article and prior ones – seek? Because, we know, it’s sure as hell not about helping children. I think it’s right, the 14/11 was the launch of this f’ing awful ‘campaign’ – or hoax – or fraud – or conspiracy and it was seeded/prepared prior.

          Hate, fascism, anti-semitism, unrest – all themes we have experienced around Hoaxtead – is building across the world and I, for one, find it all deeply troubling.

          Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest!

          Thank goodness for this blog, it gives me hope for truth and decent people. Thank you.

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      • Yes–for example, in the Laird case I believe it was Elizabeth of the Family Watson who was sentenced to prison, while Sabine sat back and let her take the fall. Sabine’s job, apparently, was to commit contempt of court as loudly and often as possible.

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    • Debs walks into KFC
      “Hi can i help?” asks the clerk.
      “I want justice!” remarks Debs”
      “………….Hi, who’s next please?”

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      • a) Unless I am sadly mistaken, no one could mistake Debs for a “girl”. “Femme d’une certaine âge” at very best.
        b) Neither Debs nor Kristie Sue is in secondary school, and they haven’t been for some years now.
        c) Easy for Kristie Sue to egg her on, since she won’t be facing arrest here; Debs will take the heat. But isn’t that always the way?

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    • Why do all these people think it’s ok to waste the time & patience of people, that are extra busy enough, already ? Why do Belinda & Sabiune, George Antoniou, inspire this behaviour, in the likes of Debororah, Neelu & Chrissy Morris, to name just a few…… Added to the earlier comment regarding the motives of the biggest pushers of the abuse caused to so many including children, the slick rebranding and obscured connections on social media, that thanks to this blog, has been highlighted, and arn’t they all screeching and squirming now ?

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  5. Has the lying slanderous hateful old bitch given up using the word ‘allegedly’ completely now, then?

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  6. The Angie v Yolande pagga is warming up nicely. How long, I wonder, before Yolande accuses Angie of running this blog and Angie accuses Yolade of being a child molester? Place your bets now…

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  7. Both appear absolutely determined to wade around in self generated nonsense as deep as their sorry arses will allow.The collision of these blindfold,rancid sacks of shit has potential for quite a public spectacle.The event has been X certificated,industrial galoshes mandatory.

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