Abe’s last sycophantic follower

We’ve been speculating for some time now that Abe and Ella have given up the Hoaxtead fight and gone on to greener—much greener—pastures. We noted a while ago that Abe’s last feeble attempts to whip up excitement amongst his rapidly dwindling group of followers took place last summer and early autumn; since then, he’s contented…

Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”

A Christmas pressie from YouTube

…Aaaaaaand we’re back! All right, we’ll be honest: our original plan was to slack off for the entire week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, but then a juicy bit of news fell out of the sky, and next thing you know there we were, pounding away at the keyboard again.

All quiet on the Hoaxtead front

Well, we hung around the water cooler all day yesterday awaiting news of the Big Bail Return Day…and nothing happened. Not a single peep from any of those arrested this past fall—Neelu Berry, Lee Cant, Desmond During, or John Duane.

‘Hard evidence’ in Hoaxtead and Pizzagate

The other day, one of our team members came across this interesting bit of internet lore concerning “Pizzagate”. It reads, “You can say…”Aliens exist”, “Chemtrails are real”, “9/11 was an inside job”, “Elvis is alive”, “Obama is a shape-shifting lizard person”. But if you discover HARD EVIDENCE of a child trafficking ring operated by the…

The Walter Mitty world of conspiritainment

It’s been two weeks since Edgar Maddison Welch, armed with an assault rifle and a handgun, commandeered a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. in a fruitless hunt for evidence of a “child sex slave ring”. On 16 December, Mr Welch pleaded “not guilty” to a federal count of interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition,…

Angie: A new, improved theory

Well, Angela Power-Disney has been absent from the Con-the-Consumer Network since November (can we hear “Amen!”), but she was back Friday night in an interview with Sandy Bergen, the peppy American ex-drug addict who has now apparently switched to inhaling helium.