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Media outlets agree: Hampstead SRA hoax is a scam

They recognise the Hampstead allegations for the nonsensical hoax attempt that they are. Here is just a handful of the many, many articles exposing this blatant hoax:

March 2015

The Times: Children brainwashed over satanic cult
Two young children were mentally and physically “tortured” by their “evil” mother into telling police that their father was the leader of a satanic rape cult, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.

Ella Draper brainwashed the youngsters, aged eight and nine, into claiming that their father was the head of a rape ring who murdered trafficked babies and drank their blood at a primary school in Hampstead, north London.

RT: Children emotionally, mentally tortured into ‘satanic cult’ hoax
Two children were physically and emotionally “tortured” by their mother and her partner into falsely claiming their father was the head of a satanic rape cult, Britain’s High Court ruled on Thursday.

Yoga teacher Ella Draper brainwashed her 8 and 9-year-old kids into duping police to believe their father was the leader of an illicit sex ring at a primary school in North West London, it has emerged.

After they were posted online, the lurid allegations spawned a huge international campaign to bring the supposed abusers to justice.

The Telegraph: ‘Evil’ mother tortured children into telling police their father was leader of Satanic sex cult
An ‘”evil” mother tortured her two young children into falsely claiming that their father was the leader of a Satanic rape cult who drank babies’ blood.

Ella Draper brainwashed her children into lying to police that their father led a secret sex ring at a primary school in Hampstead, London.

When posted on the internet, the lurid claims sparked a huge global web campaign to bring the alleged abusers to justice.

But an investigation found the allegations had in fact been dreamed up by Draper and her partner, Abraham Christie, to ensure her former partner would be refused custody of the children.

The Mirror: Bitter ex-wife tortured kids by forcing them to claim they were involved in McDonalds satanic paedophile cult

A father accused of running a satanic cult where children were abused by paedophiles within a McDonald’s in north London has been cleared by a judge.
The two children, aged 8 and 9, were filmed by the mother and had their wild accusations put on Youtube where millions of people viewed the material, many of whom had ‘a sexual interest in children’.

The Mirror: ‘Evil’ ex-wife who forced children to claim father was leader of satanic paedophile cult is hunted by police

Police are hunting the “evil” mother who forced her young children to make claims to social services and in online videos that their father was the leader of a satanic paedophile cult.

Ella Draper is now being investigated by a specialist police team after the 42-year-old, pictured swanning in a cannabis field, tortured her children by making them make the false claims in partnership with her lover Abraham Christie.

Mail Online: The yummy mummy, a ‘Satanic sex cult’, and the smears that terrorised a very swish London suburb: Yoga teacher forced her children to make false abuse allegations against teachers, priests and their own father

  • Ella Draper forced children to lie about sexual abuse and torture
  • Accused dozens of people in Hampstead of being part of ‘sex cult’ 
  • Judge called the internet campaign was ‘evil’ and ‘baseless’
  • She said couple may have fed children cannabis soup to gain compliance
  • More than four million people have viewed the ‘fantasy’ online material….

Mail Online: Police hunting runaway mother who tortured her two children into inventing fantasy claims about a satanic sex cult run by their father 

  • Judge found mother forced children to lie about sexual abuse and torture
  • Ella Draper and Abraham Christie were named in care proceedings ruling
  • Draper is wanted for police questioning but is thought to have fled abroad
  • More than four million people have viewed the ‘fantasy’ online material ….

An “evil” internet campaign about a satanic cult operating at a Hampstead school was a “fantasy” and “nothing other than utter nonsense,” a High Court judge ruled today….

Ham & High: Timeline: How ‘fantasy’ Hampstead satanic abuse cult allegations came to be onlineHow did completely “baseless” allegations of a satanic paedophile abuse cult in Hampstead come to be posted online and viewed by four million people worldwide?

This case involves two children, who can only be identified as P and Q, who were forced to lie about abuse at the hands of a satanic paedophile ring. The children were coerced by their mother, Ella Draper, and her boyfriend, Abraham Christie, after suffering relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. In the words of High Court judge Mrs Justice Pauffley they had been tortured. Here we follow the timeline of events. …

 Ham & High: Hampstead school at centre of false satanic cult allegation welcomes judge’s ruling

A Hampstead school that found itself at the centre of completely false allegations about a satanic paedophile cult has welcomed a High Court judge’s ruling that the accusations were “entirely baseless”.

Two young children, now in care, had been forced to take part in the campaign in which “lurid allegations” about Christ Church School in Hampstead were made.

The children, who can only be identified as P and Q, were forced by their mother Ella Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie, to say that they were at the centre of a large group abused by a satanic cult. …

Ham & High: Police investigations launched into Hampstead Satanic child abuse ‘fantasy’

Police have confirmed they are hunting a number of individuals wanted in connection with the case that saw an “evil” mother take part in the torture of her own young children to force them to invent allegations of child abuse.

Last Thursday, a judge found mother Ella Draper and partner Abraham Christie had subjected two children, now in care, to “relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse”.

It follows “baseless” allegations made by the children, known as child P and Q, that a Satanic paedophilic ring was operating at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, led by their own father.

The father of the two children who a judge found were tortured into falsely accusing him of sexual abuse, has called for harsher penalties against those who harass people online.
Actor Ricky Dearman says his reputation has been “shattered” by allegations that he had sexually abused his children – allegations since found by a judge to be totally without foundation.

Viewed by more than four million people worldwide, his name and address were also published online alongside the allegations, leading to him receiving “constant harassment” and death threats.

Devastating and false allegations that a Satanic paedophile ring has been operating out of a school and church in Hampstead have plunged innocent families into a “nightmare” as they continue to be targeted by “foolish and evil” vigilantes.

Parents’ addresses, phone numbers and even the names of their young children have been published online alongside the discredited and “baseless” child abuse claims in a disturbing series of events that has seen the material shared worldwide.

The claims, seen by more than four million people online, have left many of those named in a constant state of fear. …

It was claimed that Ricky, who has withheld his full name to protect his children, was the head of a cult which abused and scarified babies by slitting their throats and drinking their blood.
More than 100 people were said to have been involved – including a school head, a teacher, a priest, social workers and police.

But at a hearing last month the judge, Mrs Justice Pauffley, dismissed the allegations as “baseless” and ruled that the children had been tortured into making false claims….

On Thursday 19 March 2015, the High Court released an astonishing judgment in the case of P & Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding). Mrs Justice Pauffley of the family division found, after a hearing lasting 11 days, that: ‘There was no Satanic cult at which babies were murdered and children were abused.’

The Justice Gap: The devil rides out (again)
A fact-finding hearing in the Family Division was recently asked to consider the dramatic question of whether a satanic or other cult existed, in which babies were murdered and children sexually abused. After 11 days and 16 witnesses, Mrs Justice Pauffley has ruled in a judgment published on 19 March that no such cult existed, and no such abuses had taken place.

Allegations of Satanic or ‘ritual’ abuse are en vogue at present. This may help to explain why the allegations in this particular case were not dismissed as obvious moonshine at the outset (here and and here.)….

April 2015

BBC: Victoria Derbyshire interview
Dad falsely accused of ‘satanic’ abuse speaks of ordeal

A father falsely accused of abusing his two children as part of a “satanic cult” has spoken of the “horrific” allegations he faced.

In an exclusive interview, Ricky says he is still receiving death threats from people who believe the claims.

In March, a family court judge dismissed the claims – also posted in internet videos – as “baseless”….

The Telegraph: Father falsely accused of ‘satanic’ abuse speaks of ordeal
A father falsely accused of heading a murderous satanic sex abuse cult has said he hopes to one day win custody of his children, who were tortured into denouncing him.

The two unnamed young children were bullied and beaten into concocting stories about their father’s alleged abuse, which were shared online by their mother and viewed by millions.

The allegations made as part of a dispute over the children’s contact with their father were later branded “baseless” by a family court judge, who said the internet campaign was “evil”.

BBC4: The Satanic cult that wasn’t

May-July 2015

Ritual Sexual Abuse: The Anatomy of a Panic, Parts 1 & 2

This BBC Radio 4 documentary features a number of familiar themes, including specific references to the Hampstead SRA hoax. 
This is Radio 4’s synopsis:

David Aaronovitch of the Times traces the powerful intellectual influences behind what he sees as one of the most important cultural shifts of the past 40 years: from a society in which accusations of sexual abuse were wrongly ignored to one in which the falsely accused were crushed by a system where the mantra was “victims must be believed”.

Aaronovitch examines the role played by unproven psychoanalytic theories which, from the 1980s, spread from the world of therapists in Canada and the USA to social work, medicine and then to law enforcement in Britain.

Article posted by Aaranovitch on the BarristerBlogger blog shortly after the above had gone out:


August 2015

Ham & High: Fugitive Swiss Cottage pensioner arrested after being spotted in High Court public gallery

The 70-year-old, who had absconded from her home in Swiss Cottage to Germany earlier this year, was detained by officers in chaotic scenes at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand on Tuesday.

It comes after months of her being wanted by the police for questioning.

She was arrested on suspicion of harassment for her involvement in a case which saw two children make unfounded allegations a Satanic paedophile ring was operating out of a church and school in Hampstead.

In March, a High Court judge had found the claims to be “nothing other than utter nonsense” and part of a custody battle.

A hearing at the High Court on Tuesday, relating to an appeal for March’s judgement, saw the fugitive suddenly appear in the court room to watch proceedings from the public gallery.

As two Lord Justices went ahead with the hearing, High Court tipstaff were informed of her presence and the police were called, with officers waiting outside the court room doors to arrest her.

Screaming as she was detained, it took two police officers and three High Court security staff to drag her out of the court building.

She was subsequently released on police bail to a date in early October.

A spokesman for the police said: “Officers arrested a woman aged in her early 70s on Strand, Westminster on Tuesday, 4 August on suspicion of harassment.

“She was taken to a north London police station, she was subsequently released on police bail to a date in early October.”.

Ham & High: Mother in satanic abuse case ‘fled because she was scared’

Ham & High: Highgate company investigated for posing as child abuse charity and sending donations to UK fugitive

The Charity Commission is investigating claims that a Highgate-based organisation has been masquerading as a charity – including revelations that it sent almost all its donations to a fugitive wanted for questioning by police….

An investigation by the Ham&High has discovered that a company claiming to raise money to help “protect children from sexual abuse” had been misleading potential donors as part of a drive to raise £1million.

The Knight Foundation, set up in February 2014, said the money would go towards helping fight “cruelty against children” and “Satanic ritual abuse”.

But the Ham&High has discovered that the organisation is not registered with the government watchdog the Charity Commission and that almost all the donations received are being sent to Sabine McNeill – a fugitive wanted for questioning by UK police.

Her colleague Belinda McKenzie, one of the directors of The Knight Foundation, has been leading the donation drive from her home in Priory Gardens, Highgate.

The 69-year-old told the Ham&High: “We are aiming to become a charity and are at the early stages of the organisation.

“I see our work as charitable as it’s helping others, including my friend Sabine who had to leave the UK or face arrest. She needs financial support for her work, speaking to MEPs about child abuse in the UK. But I will consider amending the wording on our website.”

Ms McNeill, 70, fled from her home in Swiss Cottage earlier this year following her involvement in a case which saw now discredited allegations spread over the internet that a Satanic paedophile ring was operating out of a school and church in Hampstead.

In March, a judge found the claims to be “baseless” and said they had led to many innocent Hampstead families suffering death threats and abuse.

Ms McNeill, who is acting secretary of The Knight Foundation, is thought to have absconded to Germany amidst fears of being arrested.

The Knight Foundation recently ramped up fundraising efforts, with Ms McKenzie posting messages on the organisation’s website every day for the past three weeks urging those wanting to fight “the very worst kind of child abuse” to donate to the “charity”.

After this newspaper’s findings were passed to the Charity Commission, the regulatory authority confirmed the organisation was not registered and said it had been “misleading” potential donors.

Describing its work as “not wholly charitable”, the Commission added it would also be looking further into the company “to assess if there are any other regulatory concerns”.

Ham & High: Another child abuse campaigner flees the country

February 2016

Ham & High: Hampstead ‘Satanic abuse’ campaigner shouts at judge and refuses to go to dock
A campaigner who claims police and prosecutors covered up satanic abuse in Hampstead shouted at a judge and claimed charges against her had been dropped….

March 2016

BFMS Website:
The Hampstead Satanic cult hoax must be classed as one of the most bizarre cases ever to be examined in a British court. And the consequent ruling by Mrs Justice Pauffley is as definitive as the case is extraordinary….

July 2016

Ham & High, Dave Burke:


Nov 2018

Daily Mail

Dec 2018


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Jan 2019

Daily Mail

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Jan 2019

Daily Telegraph

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May 2019


September 2019


Troll jailed over posts accusing dad of sexually abusing his own kids

Metro, 100919 (1)


September 2019



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