Twisted knickers: Kristie Sue v Charlotte

It’s been clear for some time that our old pal* Charlotte Alton Ward and Kristie Sue Costa (author of the thoroughly reprehensible but sometimes hilariously awful blog ‘DDH’)…erm, don’t really get on all that well. One too many alpha bitches or something, we don’t know. Their enmity tends to simmer just below the surface, but…

Many faces of Charlotte

Hoaxtead FAQ: Who is Charlotte Ward?

Yesterday we discussed some of the process that led to our team uncovering the identity of one of the key early players in the Hampstead SRA hoax. In March 2015 “Jacqui Farmer” started a blog called Hampstead Research, whose stated goal was to validate the original allegations made by RD’s children, under duress from their…

detective holding magnifying glass

A new identity for ‘All Modern Cons’?

Most Hoaxtead watchers will be familiar with the YouTube channel ‘All Modern Cons’, which slavishly reposted all the harassing, libellous videos churned out by Charlotte Alton Ward and Jacco De Boer. For some time now, we’ve been going on the assumption that All Modern Cons was run by Kevin WeAreChange/Weaver/Justice, the mask-wearing muscle-head who attended…

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IPCC report offers a few surprises

For some time now, we’ve been speculating about the outcome of Ella’s appeal to the IPCC regarding the police investigation of cult abuse allegations in September 2014. Based on a few excerpts from the report, leaked by Drifloud on Twitter, we were able to surmise that things had not gone the way Ella and Abe…


Hoaxtead: Life in the echo chamber

One of the great rewards of this blog is the amazing community that’s formed around us: in addition to valuable information, unique perspectives, and much-appreciated support, our commenters bring us some of our best material.