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This insightful email comes in from one of our UK members who happens to be a teacher in London:


Hi Scarlet

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I’m loving the new website. It’s great to see so many people standing up against the disgraceful people who have done so much damage to so many families up there in Camden. Please pass on my gratitude and best wishes to all of your team members.

It’s great that there are so many people who realise that this whole thing was a hoax and are now fighting back. But it’s a scary reflection of our society that so many believed it in the first place. They genuinely believed that it’s feasible for a school to close once a week so that all the teachers and a bunch of parents, cops and others could rape them all – and force them to kill and eat babies – without one person ever reporting it. Well, here’s a newsflash for the handful of idiots who are still buying into this obvious hoax and, in some cases, promoting it: it’s not possible. Fact! In any primary school in the country on any day of the week, you’d find it streaming with parents, visiting speakers, SEN advisors, social workers, visiting secondary transition staff, workmen, delivery drivers, community officers, governors…Seriously, the list is endless. And not one of them ever spotted anything amiss?! Yeah right!

And let’s add to that the extremely stringent safeguarding rules in place in schools now. If I wanted someone to come in to give an assembly, for example, I’d have to notify the office two weeks in advance and fill out a risk assessment form. Then when said visitor came, they’d have to sign in and out, would not be allowed to be anywhere in the school unaccompanied and would have to wear their visitor’s badge at all times.

Moreover, the claim that all this could have been going on on such an industrial scale, without one kid ever reporting it, is simply ludicrous. Ask any teacher – the culture nowadays is such that we wouldn’t even give a kid a pat on the back or tap them on the shoulder for fear of them reporting it as an assault. Kids know their rights – and rightly so.

Bottom line: this simply could not have happened. And the people pushing that it did are either extremely unintelligent, mentally ill or motivated by an ulterior agenda (supporting Ella’s custody battle, making money from their donate buttons, etc.). I’d love to see them try this tactic with a secondary school – they’d be eaten up alive! But a small primary school staffed by a sweet old lady and a team of young women must have seemed an easy target, I guess.

By the way, I find it very disturbing that you and your friends have encountered so much abuse, slander and threats for not supporting an investigation into Ricky Dearman, yet the same “believers” all vehemently oppose an investigation into Abe Christie, the person whom the children have actually accused of abusing them (and who has a range of previous convictions). This is a man who instead of standing by and supporting the children has run away abroad with their allegedly caring mother, a man who in one of his own podcasts has revealed himself to be a raving anti-Semite and fundamentalist Christian and a man who will stop at nothing to fulfil his highly questionable objectives. The sooner he is brought to justice, the better.

Best wishes to all of you

“The Classroom Crooner”


Thank you for this informative email, CC. Keep up the great work!



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