Archer met the law and the law won

Yet another Jeanette Archer public protest event has failed to live up to its hype.

Was it really only 10 days ago that Archer announced to her cult members followers that she would be leading them on a completely unprecedented, unspecified, but super-exciting direct action? In a video posted to her Facebook group on 9 July, she said:

I’m not going to say what we’re going to be doing at this point, but it’s going to be good. All right, so we’re going to have a little bit of a surprise on the day. All I need you to do is get bodies there. So we will be meeting at the London Eye…. I will give you more information as time goes on with regards to what time we’re going to be meeting, and what you need to be bringing. Literally today I’m just giving you the date, and the meeting point, but I won’t be letting anything else out of the bag outside of that, and I know you all completely understand why that is. …

This is the time now, we won’t be marching, we won’t be going on long marches, we did that on the Saturday, we went to the locations that we needed to go to in order to expose who’s involved. Now we’re going to fight back in a way that will be different than we’ve ever done before but we’re gonna do it, okay, and we’re gonna fight harder than we’ve ever fought before.

These are end times, and their end goal is to have our children. And we are not going to let that happen. So guys, have a think about it. If you can make July 19, we’ll be meeting at the London Eye, do whatever it takes to get those plans in place, and I promise you you’ll be really glad you come, because that day will go down in history, what we’re gonna do.

Wow, what could she be plotting now? Not a march, not a rally, something completely different, new, exciting. Each time she mentioned this sooper-seekrit plan, she flashed an evil grin—whatever the plan was, she was obviously very pleased with herself.

Okay, it’s going to be brutal, we have to remain fearless, okay, and like I’ve said to you before, when you feel frightened to stand up to these people, who are doing this to our children, I want you to just take a minute and think about what these children are going through. I want you to remind myself of my childhood, and just remember that that is happening today. Right now. Okay, and I want you to use that, use that energy to stand up and say, “No more”. No more, okay? We fight for the children. This is it, you guys, I’ve been leading you on this path for a year now, over a year now, I told you we’d win, I told you I’d do it, I told you I’d lead, and I’ve done it, but I need you now to stand up and fight, like you have never fought before.

The words of a general, building up her troops before leading them into action.

Over the next week and a half, tantalising hints were dropped:

“We’re not marching this time but we will be going to pay some people a planned visit”.

In another Facebook video, Archer advised her cult to arrive at 11 a.m. sharp on Monday morning, pack snacks, and prepare for the long haul. Oh, and bring balloons.

Archer admitted that yet again, she would be tagging along with another, much larger event—in this case, retired cop and Freeman on the Land advocate Mark Sexton’s rally for freedom, conveniently scheduled to take place on the day when Covid restrictions in England were scheduled to be lifted. Nope, we have no idea either.

But, she said, she’d be taking her followers on a bit of a detour prior to joining the larger crowd. Presumably, that’s when she planned to do the Very Brave Thing.

On Saturday, she offered a broad hint:

So far as we were able to determine, this claim is utterly baseless. However, the post did point to an alarming possibility: was Archer planning to attack MPs? And if so, which ones?

A later post on Archer’s Telegram channel suggested one in particular:

Oh right, him.

But Archer had already stated that she was not planning to simply lead her mob to 10 Downing St to shriek at the Prime Minister. Oh, no, she was going to do something completely different. Something innovative and daring, which would require bravery and commitment to her cause. And balloons. And snacks.

Tinky and the Brainless

We were curious, but Angie New, one of Archer’s less intellectually gifted followers, offered a few hints the night before the Big Brave Event. She posted a video of herself and her friend Tinky, bellowing obscenities at the police standing guard at the security gates of 10 Downing street.

Almost immediately, the officer’s body-cam switched on, and we’re sure he got a delightful home video of Tinky and the Brainless screaming that he was a paedophile protector, and that they’d see him and Mr Johnson the next day.

Just in case we were in any doubt, some of their commenters offered confirmation, like this:

Way to give up the Sooper Seekrit Very Brave Plan, girls.

An event unlike any other?

At 11 a.m. on Monday, we searched high and low for any sign of Archer or her cult. After a half-hour’s delay, Dom “Enzyme” Abbey, the person who live-streamed the infamous Satnic Abuse March of 26 June, got his equipment set up, and began live-streaming from the London Eye.

The crowd was, shall we say, underwhelming. Apparently, not as many of Archer’s cult members were willing to put their lives on the line as she’d hoped.

Eventually, a small group of 30–50 die-hards gathered round. After the usual “they raped and murdered me” speech, Archer rallied her troops, informed them they were going off to do the Big Brave Secret Thing, and off they trotted…

Yes! They fixed the sign!

Right off the bat, it was clear that Archer had attracted sufficient police attention to warrant her own pair of the Met’s finest. Wonder who tipped them off?

In fact, she seemed to have attracted quite the police escort.

As they crossed the bridge, Mark Steele, Mr 5G Himself, had a good bellow at someone, possibly Boudicca? Probably felt good to get it off his chest. Whatever it was.

Also, did you know there are two brothers Steele? We’d have thought one was plenty.

We’re pretty sure we remember seeing the fellow with the camera at Archer’s last rally. And here he is again, a bit later:

It probably should surprise nobody that one of Archer’s cultists should have an anti-Semitic badge on his bag, right?

Was it at this point, or later, that it became clear that Archer’s omnipresent bodyguard, James Zikic, had not suddenly developed a beer gut, but was wearing a stab vest under his “Jeanette Archer” t-shirt?

What we’d very much like to know is, why a stab vest? What was he expecting to encounter?

Many thanks to Simon Just for pointing this out.

There was a brief moment halfway across the bridge, where they met with still more police, who warned them not to block traffic. Archer seemed inclined to balk, but in the end she caved. At one point some of her followers made a show of dumping a bunch of sweets and some paper cut-out children in a pile on the road, for reasons which I’m sure they could explain.

Eventually, the small group reached their destination, which was indeed 10 Downing Street. Imagine everyone’s surprise to find still more police awaiting them! We’re sure this had nothing to do with Pinky and the Brainless’ performance the previous evening, nor with Archer’s own artless hint-dropping.

And oh, look, more police, this time holding their riot gear. We’re sure they were on their way somewhere else, and just happened to drop by to hear Archer.

In a clever bit of crowd control, or perhaps just because parking in downtown London is a royal pain, the police had parked their buses at the kerb outside Downing Street, effectively hemming Archer and her followers in, and preventing a larger crowd from amassing. Not that the crowd seemed to be growing, but just in case.

Buses to the left of them, cops to the right…

None deterred, Archer stood and and screamed for a while at Boris (who wasn’t there) and the police (who most definitely were, but didn’t seem particularly interested).

And then, without much fuss or fanfare at all, Archer’s group turned around and left to join the anti-Freedom Day people in Parliament Square.

A bit bedraggled at this point, and not nearly as loud.

The short march back was uneventful, and Archer’s tiny group was quickly subsumed into the much larger, louder, and more pugnacious crowd, which at one point was calling for Boris Johnson to be hanged. Apparently some bottles were thrown at police, and there were a few actual skirmishes, ending with some arrests. So far as we know, none of Archer’s crew were involved.

The anti-maskers in full throat

We have so many questions.

Other than the fact that it was held on a Monday, we didn’t see much difference between this and any of Archer’s previous performances. There was the requisite screaming, the gruesome descriptions of child torture, the allegations that anyone who disagrees with them is a Satanist apologist or a paedophile protector or both, and a lot of walking around in London, shouting things like “Two! Four! Six! Eight! Paedophiles is what we hate!”

Despite all the hints and clues dropped in the week before the event, in the end nothing really happened. Archer’s followers were not called upon to scale the security fence at 10 Downing Street, nor to invade the halls of Westminster, nor to participate in any public witch-burnings. There was no MAGA-style storming of 10 Downing Street or Parliament, and aside from a lot of screaming and chanting, people seemed disinclined to do anything they weren’t supposed to.

It’s almost as if Archer got them where they were going, took one look at the police presence, and decided to abort mission and come back another day. Or not.

Still, we hope they enjoyed their snacks.

136 thoughts on “Archer met the law and the law won

      • I’ve just discovered the “Tinky Tapes” treasure trove of gruesome hilarity.
        (I think I have Tinky & Brainless the right way round: Tinky is the small one in the bikini top with her address tatooed on her back, just in case. And Brainless is Angie “dentists are satanists” New…?)

        In the “Tinky Bell Mark Tomo Thomas” video Brainless The Terrifier is giving it megaphone welly at the cops and tells them: “You lot all put John Wedger to shame!”
        Ummm… 🙄

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  1. Tink: “37 million people died of AIDS. Where was the lockdown? The maths don’t work.”

    Can someone please explain to this genius that there are other ways to reduce the risk of catching AIDS? 🤦‍♂️

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  2. I have seen videos at the 19th July protest of the Archer supporters verbally abusing the police. I guess no children saved; no institutions came crashing down; no Satnic paedophiles arrested. Just another mediocre Archer protest march where her followers made idiots of themselves and abused anyone in the vicinity of them. The general reaction of Twitter on the Archer marchers was confusion and the feeling the mental hospitals had let their patients out for a day in London.

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  3. There was, however, some news!
    Yes, a revelation! Or a made-up addition to Archer’s fantasy of her childhood woes. SHE ACTUALLY NAMED MORE OF… “THEM”!
    Besides her having personally endured child sexual abuse in satanic rituals at the hands of (we were reminded again) Ted Heath & Jimmy Saville and some other David Icke old favourites, there were two more people actually named and shamed, or named and slandered depending on the view taken by Dixon of Dock Green.
    Archer suffered this abuse in “tunnels and dungeons beneath…” guess where? Buckingham Palace!! OMG
    Can you guess now who were these vile Satanic child abusers who tormented little Jeanette? Well, why aim low? It wasn’t the serving staff! Oh no, only the Queen and Prince Philip!

    Jeanette was sexually abused by THE QUEEN!
    And all her Satnic cult followers clapped and cheered!

    In next week’s exciting episode: Jeanette and the Non-Human Child Blood Drinkers From Outer Space!

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  4. “There was the… shouting things like ‘Two! Four! Six! Eight! Paedophiles is what we hate!'”

    Yeah and also, can someone please explain to them that no matter how many times or how rhythmically they chant it, “Satanic ritual abuse! Let’s expose the truth!” does not rhyme!

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    • “Archer “bring bodies”
      Errrm…do they have to be breathing ?”
      Well, it seems that although the bodies they brought were breathing, unfortunately brain death had occurred quite some time before…

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  5. Nice to see the old time variety comedy act of Sid Little and Eddie Large otherwise known as Angie &Tinky get a mention.

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  6. I see there is a startling new development- a mini loudhailer that one Satnic devotee used to good effect to berate an unfortunate reporter from the new GBH News that he should “expose the pedos”.
    Was it wise for that man to wear a T-Shirt with ‘Satanic’ on it?. I put this in the same basket from the last demo when that Black lady with a gleeful look on her face shouted the Satanists are breeding new kiddies for the Satnic Market and the crowd gave a rousing cheer and clapped. I don’t think they’d thought that through.
    At least they have a new banner and had a jolly good time.
    (it wasn’t me who called them swiveled eyed loons)

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      • Sam on 2nd thoughts the sign shown in the article does look like s reprint though I’ve seen the old one recycled also.

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        • Besides Dom of the Enzymes getting his felt tip pens out to fix the now famous Satnic banner in his garden, they obviously splashed out on a new one as well.
          They had them back and front of their illegal march across the bridge – “this isn’t planned, is it?” the copper said to Archer as he tried to get them to clear the roadway.
          Their £2,285 GoGriftMe fund could buy a few more too if Archer hasn’t spent it all on teeth whitening.

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  7. The highlight has to be Jeanette “Brain The Size Of a Mouse” Archer (with apologies to mice) shouting for Johnson outside Downing Street. A man rather famously all over the news the previous day making a humiliating u-turn and having to isolate at Chequers.

    But I guess she doesn’t trust the main stream media and thought he must be hiding in one of the satnic tunnels under Whitehall 😂

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  8. Re: She of the Eyebrows claiming that multiple MPs are on the Sex Offenders’ Registry, wouldn’t people on said Registry be forbidden from standing for Parliament?

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    • Not necessarily. The rules are dependent on the accompanying sentence. (Remember a suspended sentence with no jail counts as though you were imprisoned). If standing for Parliament the threshold is a one year sentence. If standing for a local authority it’s 3 months. It makes sense for there to be some allowance as, say, if a candidate had been arrested for civil disobedience, the cause of that disobedience may be something they may be campaigning to go to Parliament on.

      In any case, any candidate would have to disclose it to the selection committee of which ever party they were standing for, even before it got to the local party members vote. The idea that it would be a secret is laughable.

      I knew that election agent training would come in useful one day!

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      • If one had an unpaid parking ticket their political opponent would be shouting it from the rooftops but of course the notion here is that all the MPs are in on it together, Labour, Conservative, Greenies etc and all addicted to Adrenochrome along with Her Maj (will this be featured in Harry’s “tell all” book?).
        Marvelous how you can just come up with a claim and a certain number of people will believe it holus bolus and be inspired to stand outside No 10 screeching that Harriet Harman must be hiding in the basement guarding Jimmy Savile’s corpse.
        Of course the advertising industry has known this for decades.

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  10. Has Jeanette made the video where she says it was all a big success? Looking forward to that.

    I have no problem with Angie New. You don’t get live comedy like that very often.

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  11. Mark Steele was yelling at mounted cops that “Mike Veale is a good man” and other such stuff which was mostly incoherent. No sign of Steele’s 5G conspiracy theories conveniently. There were some other comedy moments yesterday too, Archer was told by a copper on Westminster Bridge that she hadn’t “planned” HER protest with the police and she was asked to move the protestors further over in the road to prevent a blockage as police were trying to also clear a backlog of traffic after closing the junction with Whitehall. There was also an incident later in Whitehall where she was hurling verbal abuse at some coppers having a group meeting. They looked unimpressed [unsurprisingly]. As usual Archer is mostly all mouth, however the presence of what appears to be a loosely fitted stab vest on Zikic is of concern. It demonstrates that he was clearly anticipating violent problems. Why if it was meant as Wayne Fox stated to be “peaceful” …

    Archer’s constant need to be so graphic is not going to win her casual passer-by believers or helpers.

    Have to also remember that the main core of the protest yesterday are not planning on giving up anytime soon and have a bigger event planned for the weekend.

    Mark Sexton’s bs yesterday will, as Barrister Matthew Scott stated on Twitter (, quickly result in anyone applying Sexton’s “laws” etc finding themselves before a statutory judge and not a common law one.

    It is totally hilarious [in a sad sort of way] that the likes of Sexton, claiming he’s an ex-copper, don’t know the law itself.

    Magna Carta and Common Law won’t apply in the instances that Sexton said it would, centuries of criminal and civil law have taken away the underlying broad statements of Magna Carta and applied more subtle nuances [i.e. much finer worded laws] to it. The plans to arrest MPs [not just Boris btw] on citizen’s arrests should worry us all, [as much as I hate Boris etc] because it could very, very quickly escalate into total anarchy. Sexton claims he’s doing what he’s doing for his children etc, his lack of foresight for the implications of what he is proposing is worrying. His short term solutions etc could cause something much worse than partial lockdowns for COVID-19. Those nutcases are no better than Owen Lucas thinking they can use Common Law to extract themselves from criminal offences. On the subject of Lucas, his trial takes place on 29th of this month, he’s still remanded in custody.

    Elsewhere if you want another giggle, Richard Carvath now thinks he’s Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith from ‘The A-Team’ [the George Peppard version not the Liam Neeson one]. I kid you not.

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    • There is a very good American Youtuber, MCToon who regularly dismantles Mark Steele’s 5G court “scam”.

      On the website of intrepid “reporter” Richard Carvarth he tells a tale of an alleged encounter where a group of Satnics apparently surrounded some building full of weapons but were repelled by Anti-Satnics, one of who I perceive as being Ms Archer’s bodyguard.
      It’s an obscure story and Carvarth reveals no details and I wondered if anyone else had more information on what he was talking about. In reality of course it could have just been a group of people simply going to a coffee shop and Richard has merely added some colour and movement to the story.

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      • Carvath’s fantasies show no boundaries. What he was advocating regarding the raid was tantamount to an armed burglary and if he has information about such then he is duty bound to tell the police. Otherwise he could be committing a criminal offence of his own by withholding information about a known crime. Carvath’s excuse so far has been he will choose which police to trust and which not to. Err… newsflash for Richard: it doesn’t work like that.

        But today he’s made another serious error of judgement [my opinion] in that he’s admitted he was the previously unnamed “independent investigator” referenced within an article by David Aaronovitch in The Times. Aaronovitch’s responses are priceless. But by doing so Carvath has effectively outed himself and potentially landed himself in even more bother with the cops given what the material in question was about. Aww…

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          • Sorry folk – I have a bit of egg on my face (shouldn’t have tried to fight the war of the weeds in the garden at midday on a hot day). The article in question is actually warning AGAINST seeing bogus social workers everywhere. I’m probably worrying overly in case people who are a little strange try to ‘rescue’ children. I’ve probably been over thinking because of things like a trial I can’t discuss because it’s still sub-judice. Sorry for misreading (or possibly misleading) folks.

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        • Seems like Dick is in trouble with the authorities again. Tonight he’s posted this: which indicates “an agent of the Solicitor General” has contacted him. I wonder what about? Contempt of court?

          If so, Dick dresses it up as something it isn’t whilst still fantasising he’s a journalist. If he was then he would know what he can and cannot say online. Victims of crimes are NOT helped by individuals committing alleged acts of contempt of court. Especially by those who masquerade as “journalists”.

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            • Ah yes the Satnic School for Fantasist Journalists.

              Seriously, unfortunately Richard seems to be under the illusion that harassing a judge is ok, that committing other acts which jeopardise court cases etc are ok. They are not.

              He simply cannot carry on taking the law into his own hands without some consequences for his own actions, he needs to realise that before matters get worse for him and also realise the “state” doesn’t have it in for him and that he needs to take responsibility for his own stupidity.

              That reality is now catching up. I would have some small amount of sympathy for him had he not been a total idiot having experienced poor policing personally in the past and on the receiving end of false allegations invented to silence me. As it stands “sympathy” from me is only in a dictionary between two rather rude words.

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  13. I’m thinking of starting a go fund me to raise money for a much needed toothbrush for Angie New and introduce her to the pleasures of dental hygiene.

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  14. Tinky & Winky were undoubtedly the ‘stars’ of the show the previous night.
    Tip to the ladies.
    To the one with not so nice teeth if it is her wish to be a public speaker.
    Get teeth sorted.

    To both of them.
    Get an education.
    Dress appropriately.
    Learn public speaking tips.

    Princess Diana RIP, had a huge problem with public speaking which she overcame with the help of a speech coach.

    Would Tinky or Winky, (sorry I do not remember the other lady’s name) benefit from voice coaching.
    I say yes, let us give them a hearty cheer to show them we have faith in them!

    Disclaimer: I believe I have sunstroke.

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    • Who has she exposed? Dead people who were already getting their reputations trashed and the monarch? Queen Liz may be old but I suspect she still has some grasp of libel laws. As for more successful? The figures in her “group” suggest otherwise as does the strong online criticism in this thread: BBC misinformation department are onto her now too.

      Btw Archer should be much more concerned today with her clear contempt of court in relation to the Hampstead case AGAIN and especially as she has an existing criminal conviction for breaches of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act. 2nd time I don’t think she will be so lucky as to get away with a fine. She needs saving… from herself.

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    • But…whatever happened to “we won’t be marching” and “this will be completely unlike anything we have ever done…it’ll be brutal…you’ll need to be brave FOR THE CHILDREN!!!1!!”?

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      • Theyre going to forgo all the usual rubbish and replace it with other exposing dead pedophiles and they wont stop till its done.

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  15. I don’t belong to Facebook. I think the heat got to me yesterday so I didn’t sleeep well. I’d never heard of this YouTuber before but he has a couple of videos about ex-satanists who weren’t satanists – Michael Warnke (I always want to say Michael Wionky) I had heard of but not the others.
    I’ve never ruled out that there may be some people doing dark stuff under the radar but hadn’t realised fake ex-satanism as a grift was as prominent as it seems to have been.

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    • The lady us a bit of a charmer isn’t she, I just listened to a little bit of her wibble wobble, that was enough, she sounded like a robot.
      I wonder if she still has the same beliefs.
      Someone else I was looking into just now, off topic, Tom Cahill, the sum of my knowledge about him is that he lives in Thailand.
      I have recently heard though, that he allegedly called Lee Rigby’s brutal killing a ‘false flag’!
      ‘False flags’ seems to be a common denominator with the Troofer community.
      A favourite saying of Scamgela Angela.

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  16. Hands up all those who want a laugh?

    Ok then… that’s motion carried. 🙂
    26th June 2021, James Zikic was depicted in Hyde Park with a mass of grey in his beard and in his hair.
    19th July 2021, and James has applied the Grecian 2000 or shoe polish as suddenly all the grey has gone.

    It’s a miracle I tell you. A bona fide miracle. Not.

    Imagine being so vain as to have to dye the colour of your hair and beard for a Satnic protest.
    Thanks James for giving me at least a really good giggle.

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  17. Jeanette Archer, one of a group of disgusting actresses (including Maidstone actress Cassie Crowhurst, “celebrating” the 25th anniversary of the Chillenden Murders doing distraction SRA rubbish for the UK billionaires on the Operation Ore VIP paedophile list (protected by Tony Blair) who are vulnerable because the real Chillenden Murderer is in their network & is their weakest link. They will give up soon as the identity of the Chillenden Murderer is widely known in Maidstone


  18. Entertaining highlights vid of the ‘freedom’ protest from Mo:

    And get this – apparently that actually was Mark Steele’s brother 😆

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    • The Rains list is a distraction for Operation Ore & the crimes of some of those on the Operation Ore list, including the Chillenden Murders & the 2007/8 Banking Crash & sadly probably the murder of Kent PCSO Julia James


    • That video is inherently dangerous. Especially at present with Wedger and Archer’s incitement and issues around “covert teams”, “military hardware” and other such matters. A list of names is not proof of anything anyway and I would urge individuals to be very careful when sharing such. A person named on the list could be [and likely is] totally innocent [indeed some named are already proven innocent] and the list itself is tantamount to incitement to attack such individuals. Alex Thomson was moronic reading it out over a year ago, Wedger and Archer now promoting it specifically now are doing it for nefarious purposes. All deserve now to be investigated by the police. Reckless endangerment in my view and El Coyote would be wise to remove the above post containing a link to the video in question.

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      • All true. As an example we have Yolanda’s misdirection to Operation Ore. Yes, the company involved did take money for illegal websites. It also took money for legitimate (albeit probably sites you wouldn’t want your mum to know you’d visited) so mere appearance on a list has absolutely no legal ramifications, unless further investigation found something. And publishing such a list as “evidence” when it is nothing of the sort does seem to indicate pathological obsessions.

        I’m not a licenced psychologist, but these people are loonies.

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        • Operation Ore had plenty of faults, but to imply it’s relevant here is as you correctly say misdirection, it’s almost 20 years since Ore anyway. The RAINS list has no more provenance in evidential terms than the Elm Guest House list did and we all know that was faked for a purpose thanks to confessions by the fraudster who concocted it. Unfortunately it hasn’t stopped morons from still thinking it’s true, that’s the inherent problem with such lists and by promoting the contents the individuals named on it are then put in the firing line again. It’s like the muppets have learnt nothing at all from what Carl Beech did.
          p.s. some outright anti-semitism in Yolande’s comments which could, in theory, be seen as criminal.

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          • p.p.s. we could all concoct a list of the names of the muppets and broadcast it with their addresses etc, it would of course be totally unwise to do so, but it might teach those idiots a valuable lesson. Imagine if Alex Thomson, Jon Wedger or Jeanette Archer were on such a list how they would react if then confronted by people on their doorstep being angry that they are on a hypothetical list. Would they be so happy to be on such a list? I don’t think so. So why do it to others? Beggars belief especially from so-called “Christians”.

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    • Bizarre, isn’t it. I wonder which one of the 97 versions of the RAINS list that is. I guess it depends who’s annoyed Wedgie enough for him to add them, lol.

      And how the devil are you, Arfur?


  19. Thinking of Mr Carvath, I’m not totally against the idea of citizen journalists but it would make sense for people to get at least a basic idea of the parameters of what can be said by law in a blog or in a podcast. Besides, there are sometimes other ways points can be made. There are many factors on which I would have disagreed with the late Auberon Waugh, but someone reminded me of Mr Waugh’s standing for Parliamen for the ‘Dog Lovers’ Party’ after the shenanigans which were depicted a couple of years ago in the programme ‘A Very British Scandal’. Mr Waugh lost his deposit but the political career of the person he stood against was over.


    • “Citizen” journalists are not the issue, it’s the fact that he passes himself off as a professional journalist in order to get access to restricted material that is the issue. And yes, the law regarding what can and cannot be published is crucial. Carvath has admitted to a court of law in the past that he has no press pass, no formal training and is basically a “freelancer” without any formal employment i.e. he does what he wants. He’s a blogger basically.

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    • Tommy Yaxley-Robinson calls himself a journalist. It’s being used as a synonym for “rabble-rouser with a website”. There’s more to being a journalist than that.

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      • Calling yourself a “journalist” is a dangerous path to take if you aren’t actually a trained journalist. There is a “responsible journalist” defence (sometimes called the Reynolds defence), which was upheld by the then House of Lords. If a story had been researched and presented professionally and the subject matter was in the public interest then that defence is allowed to be put forward and considered. If you claim to be a journalist and have done none of that, then you are going to be sanctioned more than a individual expressing a false opinion.


  20. Now that Jeanette & Lydia no longer want us to end satnic abuse, should we turn our attention to the lucfarian agenda…?

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  21. Not to do with Eyebrows Archer* but I had a look at S Attwood’s twitter feed and some of the people there are really down the rabbit hole – what the heck is he supposed to have exposed? (Saying that because some of his fanboys/girls were championing him for ‘exposing’ things). I don’t know if it’s worth my while contacting YouTube saying please don’t reinstate him. I’ll add a caveat; he did less harm interviewing the old lags but I couldn’t stand his conspiraloony stuff and the Epstein stuff was all secondhand and I’ve rather gone off Lady Colin Campbell (who had been interviewed by SA recently) because she seems to have jumped on the bash the Duchess of Sussex** bandwagon. Intersex conditions aren’t something I’m an expert on but I have found some of the information by Emily Quinn informative.

    * Shaun Attwood did give Eyebrows Archer a platform though.
    ** I can’t say anything about the Duchess of Sussex either in favour or against her because I don’t know the lady obviously.

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    • The children of some former neighbours were born with the problem where one parent is positive blood type and one is the corresponding negative and the kids (now adults) had to be stuck under ultra-violet light when they were newborns. I don’t know which parent carried the ‘satnic’ bloodline though.

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  22. It looks like S Attwood’s YouTube is back minus the conspiracy stuff. I don’t begrudge him a means to earn a living though I hope he is more thoughtful henceforward. In some ways the damage is done in that some of the conspiracy type people have already had their platform.

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  23. I’m confused this Sunday morning. S Attwood’s channel’s gone again! Part of me wonders could it be a Brian Rose stroke and it’s been made private to draw attention to it.


    • I think I’d better keep mum on the S Attwood channel subject as it’s back again for a second time!! Very strange.

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  24. In this video Archer says she has a guy who’s putting together a team of ex-SAS commandos for the next protest (on 16th Aug) – and earlier in the same video she says she wants to kill nurses. She also talks about “war” and amassing “an army”. And near the end she says the event “won’t be safe for children”.

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      • I agree that sounds very alarming Sage and I hope the police are monitoring JA.

        I’ve been listening to an American podcast ‘You’re Wrong About’ which has three episodes (28th June, 12th July, 26th July 2021) about the Mike Warnke hoax (his book ‘The Satan Seller’). It’s more an examination of the book than a debunking though mention is made of how the Christian magazine ‘Cornerstone’ debunked him. ‘Cornerstone’ likewise (according to Wikipedia*) debunked Lauren Stratford who later went on to claim to be a Holocaust survivor.


        • For context Mike Warnke was (well I think he’s still alive) a Christian comedian who claimed to have spent some time as a Satanist and wrote about his alleged experiences but later investigation (talking to his friends etc) showed that the timeline didn’t line up. Rational Wiki explains what Lauren Stratford did better than I can

          * I meant to say in my previous post that Wikipedia may not always be correct but I see no reason to doubt the accounts on Warnke and Stratford.

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  25. Jeanette’s latest:

    At 18:16, she says: “We need to start taking over these buildings!”

    And at 25:19, she says: “We need to take back these venues. We need to expose their locations. We need to go to these locations and we need to fucking burn them to the ground. We need to smash them to shit!”

    And lest we forget she’s been trying to recruit ex-military people to join her on the day.

    She’s also still banging on about the covid pandemic being a hoax 🙄

    Oh and apparently, the elites need children to kill for their adrenochrome, so they’re sterilising them with the covid vaccine. No, me neither 🤷‍♂️

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  26. On the Jon Wedger channel someone has recently uploaded (or it may be a reupload) something about 10 ‘convicted’ satanic abuse cases. I’m not going to link it because I find it abhorrent. Some of them I had heard of though it’s possible some people used ritual to scare youngsters. One case went back to the 1980s. Articles from newspaper archives are shown which doesn’t fit with the mainstream media doesn’t report on it narrative. I’m uncertain of the motive for loading (reloading?) this now…could it be to ramp up fear?


    • There seem to be three types of actual case. Cos-play murderers. Mentally ill people who hear voices. “Witchcraft” murders. Sadly, these things will always happen. But they are rare and always in isolation.

      The central underpinning of nutters like Wedger is that there is an organised central conspiracy involving high ranking politicians, police and judges. Wedgers motivation, like Archer, and Icke and the rest of them is as simple as conning money out of the gullible. In the absence of evidence they have to invent it.

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  27. Andrew Devine sitting on the beach with long suffering Heather, he sees an expensive looking yacht in the distance and says “it’s flying the Australian red enzyme on the back”
    Heather “what’s that?”
    Andrew ” it’s a flag”
    Heather ” well why didn’t you just say flag then?”
    Andrew ” because it’s a red enzyme”.
    Welcome to Divvy’s latest video, one for the fruit loop quotes possibly.

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  28. I’m not sure if I should link it but there is something quite recent (though very brief) in Welsh on the BBC website about the Wilfred Wong case. I googled Wilfred Wong limited to the last 24 hours and then ran it through ‘translate’ into English.

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    • I’ve looked again and the article has been blanked out – it didn’t give any confidential information out from memory but I suppose safe rather than sorry applies in these cases.


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