Hampstead weather: Cloudy with a risk of archons

In our “Just When You Think You’ve Seen it All” department…. Yesterday a kind reader pointed out a blog we’d never seen before, in which an “intuitive artist” named Joanna Whitney, who keeps body and soul together by helping people choose paint colours in a home improvement store in Denver, Colorado, has claimed that Hampstead…

Angela lands herself in serious trouble

Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed Angela Power-Disney’s bald-faced lies and defamation regarding Gardaí Sgt Maurice McCabe, whose case has been having a profound impact on Irish politics—to the point of triggering a no confidence vote against the sitting government last week (the government squeaked by with five votes). You can find a summary…

Journalism: Angie is doing it wrong

Yesterday we described a two-year-old video made by Angela Power-Disney, in which she viciously slandered Irish Gardaí whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe. Oddly enough, no sooner had we posted, than Angela put up another, even nastier video, in which she embroidered upon and embellished the false allegations she’d made two years ago. We won’t link that…

Email breaches bail, libels Hoaxtead police officer

Yesterday we received an email that clearly breached certain bail conditions of a pending criminal case. Fortunately, several of the original recipients realised the precarious legal situation this email placed them in, and forwarded copies to us. Copies have also been sent to others, including the police and CPS.

ACTION: Drifloud is back. You can help take him down for good

Yesterday we offered Twitter some helpful advice on dealing with Drifloud and his screaming fits. As anyone with children knows, the best thing to do is avoid fuelling the fire by offering concessions. Twitter has failed to heed our suggestions, though, and for reasons known only to their support desk, has re-activated his account.

Drifloud takes his exploding head all the way to the top

On Saturday we reported that über-troll Drifloud’s head had exploded, following his permanent expulsion from Twitter. Apparently we underestimated the full extent of this event, as we’ve recently been informed that the Drippy One has now taken his cranial eruption all the way to the top:

ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

Yesterday, in the wake of our successful take-down of Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter page, we talked about how to take down blogs that promote the Hampstead SRA hoax. As always, our amazing community contributed tons of interesting tips and suggestions, so if you’d like to help too, we’d urge you to check out yesterday’s post.

Let’s count our victories

The other day, one of our friends posted a collage of Hoaxtead Research’s recent victories, and it got us thinking: how much has this small community of hoax-busters accomplished since this blog went public in May 2015? A lot, that’s how much.