HR Mission Statement

This blog was started by Scarlet Scoop on 2 May 2015 as a parody of, and a response to, a now long-defunct blog called Hampstead Research, which was run by a Charlotte Alton Ward, a colleague of the original Hampstead hoax organisers.

Hoaxtead Research‘s original manifesto began:

If Hampstead Research is ITV, then we are Channel 4. And in the spirit of C4’s  ‘Alternative Queen’s Speech’, we like to offer alternatives to the brain-hurting banality you would endure ‘over on the other side’.

Here, we point out the truths that Hoaxteaders don’t want you to hear and ask the questions they don’t want to answer. Then we sit back and watch the buggers squirm as the exposures and arrests mount up.

This blog defends those in the Hampstead community against the perpetrators and promoters of the Hampstead SRA hoax, who illegally published the names, addresses, phone numbers and descriptions of teachers, parents, social workers, clergymen, judges and churchgoers. They have slandered, threatened and harassed hundreds of innocent people. They have abused two vulnerable children by illegally plastering their confidential testimonies all over the web, thereby wrecking their lives as well as deterring other abused children from coming forward in future.

We explicitly support victims and survivors of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse and exploitation. We believe that hoaxes like the one inflicted on the community of Hampstead serve to deflect attention from real abuse cases, and can cause real harm to those who most need care and support.

The Hampstead hoaxers have broken enough laws, destroyed enough innocent lives, wreaked enough havoc, told enough lies. And it is time to stand up and say no. No more can these cowards be permitted to ride roughshod over the laws of our land and the morals that we hold dear. This is not medieval England or 17th century Salem and ridiculous satanic panic campaigns run by Bible-thumping maniacs will not be tolerated in 21st century London.

Hoaxteaders, we hereby comprehensively reject your farcical claims that an entire school shuts down every Wednesday for an orgy with the children (without ever getting caught) – and that thousands of babies have been cooked and eaten at McDonald’s by hundreds of people.

We also reject without hesitation what you have presented as “proof”. The Metropolitan police, the courts and the world’s media have proven that your claims are a blatant hoax, that a number of you have hidden agendas and that proven criminal Abe is the real abuser (the children themselves have stated that he repeatedly kicked, beat, tortured, drugged and threatened to kill them in order to force them to support his lies).

You, on the other hand, have presented “gut feeling”, “Ricky looks shifty – it’s all in his eyes”, cherry-picked Bible passages, water-dowsing readings and incomprehensible ramblings about Masons, Jews and Illuminati as “proof” of your ludicrous allegations. This is unacceptable, as is the incessant barrage of abuse, slander and death threats that you and your ever-dwindling army of supporters have launched against me and my associates purely because we have dared to question your “evidence”.

Furthermore, we will not stand for the shocking and illegal intimidation of the Hampstead community. When we discover evidence about this case, we routinely pass it along to the police. Our goal is to assist them in their endeavours to bring Hoaxtead’s perpetrators to justice, despite a number of them fleeing abroad and leaving their creepy followers to protest in their absence whilst they stir the shit from their hideouts.

We do not accept that the Hampstead hoaxers care about children. They are the real abusers.

Tick tock…hoaxtead-roman-centurions 

22 thoughts on “HR Mission Statement

  1. Belinda has Jimmy Savile’s hair style and his tactic of hiding behind charities to further her nefarious ends. However, when Belinda puts her hand in your pants she is after your wallet not your body. I had the misfortune to come across her “Iran Aid” charity in the 1990s. They were incredibly manipulative and aggressive, and I ended up changing my bank account to get rid of them. When the charity commision tried to investigate they found £75 million missing from their accounts and most of the paperwork destroyed.
    Belinda has since driven people to suicide with other hoaxes. Lets hope this site can expose her and her minions and put a stop to them for good.


  2. I think you have done excellent work burning out the cancer that is Hampstead Research and its supporters, they who have now turned on each other and reduced their sham to a circus side show that even the freaks think twice associating with. This will probably be my last message, since I conclude these clowns campaign is now dead in the water, and unlikely to attract credibility officially or in public, and thus is no longer an issue that I need to deal with from a Satanic point of view.

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    • Thank you, SV. That means a lot. You should say ‘we’ rather than ‘you’, though, as your contributions have been invaluable. The Hoaxteaders read the comments on here and they do have an impact.

      Moreover, it’s feedback and encouragement from you and others that keeps us going.

      Thank you 🙂

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  6. Have a look at this, long term abuse i’ve had, since i went to the hollie hoax meeting, and did a couple of interviews and a tiny bit of writing, i was plagued eversince. So i really am grateful that i can now signpost people, and clear up the mess caused, apparantly i’ve cursed them, i am taking the piss with the names, but they appoint themselves as all kinds of experts and i actually do deserve to be one of the judges in this case, the as do quite alot of people, who have been involved at various times, i wrote on a charlie vietch video the bitch row, the other day, because i know he did a talk in scotland and stuck up for hollie there, i wonder if he had previously stepped back, i certainly never saw him promote it thru his channels, and i’m not getting into the other stuff, i happen to have got alot of pleasure watching his vids, and sharing them, he did it with style, i don’t have to agree with all, but he did me no harm and alot of good, a bit like cornelius, who neither still promotes, belinda obviously targets men in the movement, so many have come away from her disliking her, and she gets her troll gangs to start wrecking them, I have made massive whoopsies, i can reveal that, tho, but i know the kinda things said, but can laff. anyway this group is hardworking and still fighting to be heard, and get redress, he had no right and these are the people claiming to KNOW and all the rest, can someone please photoshop, i can’t, or i would do a collection, selection of what’s going on, i hope it’s cheering people up to see me climbing the google ladder, i’m having fun, little old armchair warrior me lol 🙂

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  7. Have a look at her twitter account – follow the link and read her latest post to the end.

    Have you looked at the book she claims to have published – check the ISBN number shown.

    Do you know anything of her husband? Interesting history… PIE?

    A thoroughly nasty woman who has hurt many to promote herself


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    • Actually, my bad. When you said “her” without specifying who, I assumed you meant Charlotte Ward, as I knew she’d written a book. I didn’t know about Sabine’s, so thanks for that. I see that that nice Mr. Coyote is looking in to it. Sounds like a good lead. Thanks again 🙂


  8. Hi there first time I’ve been here I avoided purposely due to trolls saying it was Goverment run! I didn’t believe that at all! So i researched for myself again and after a few weeks still believe it was abe and Ella who subjected these poor children to horrible abuse that will no doubt stay with them for life!
    So now I’m here to have a good nose knowing there’s not gonna be anything but fact , from what I’ve seen on YouTube this seems to be a great group with their heads screwed on unlike Devine and Angie who are both certifiable imo


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