Richie Allen switches sides on Hampstead hoax

Well. Here’s a tweet we never thought we’d see:

Richie? Richie Allen? Is that you, lad? The one who gushingly interviewed Sabine McNeill in February 2015 and claimed she was releasing “explosive” news about Satanic ritual abuse in the UK?

And didn’t Allen interview Sabine again, a year and a half later? He seemed no more inclined to disbelieve her than he had been the first time round:

So what happened?

How did Allen go from “Sabine McNeill is a heroine and I believe every word out of her sainted mouth” to “Brian Gerrish, the scum behind the Hampstead Hoax”?

We’re not certain, though we did tweet a request to Allen for an explanation. However, tracing his tweets backward, we noticed that in November 2018 he was challenging Brian Gerrish of UK Column over his false claims about Melanie Shaw.

Danny Jones, a recovering troofer, appeared on Allen’s show to debate the evidence behind the Hampstead hoax. Not only did Allen share Jones’ “Hoax Police” blog and his video debunking the Hampstead hoax, but at one point during the interview he stated that he believed that Gerrish had exploited Shaw:

For the last time, Melanie Shaw (God love her) wasn’t tried in secret and isn’t being imprisoned to silence her. They knew that but lied repeatedly. Bashing? Grow up. Criticism. They have been criticised. They’ll live.

While Allen didn’t seem wholly convinced of Jones’ arguments at the time, he didn’t reject them out of hand.

However, by March 2019, Allen was overtly calling Hampstead a hoax:

In both tweets, he seems to pair Shaw and Hampstead, and in each he mentions Gerrish.

So it seems possible that some of Allen’s turnaround on the Hampstead hoax might be attributable to his anger with Gerrish & Co. over Shaw—dissing Hampstead could simply be another poke in Gerrish’s eye.

This is borne out by a tweet from David Scott, one of Gerrish’s loyalists, who is irritated that Allen has refused Gerrish a “right of reply”:

Of course, the even less charitable interpretation could be that Allen switched sides definitively on 9 January 2019, the day Sabine McNeill was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Unless we hear from Allen with a clarification, we will just have to guess.

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41 thoughts on “Richie Allen switches sides on Hampstead hoax

  1. I find it hard to listen to Allen or read his tweets – right wing racist imo.

    “……the even less charitable interpretation could be that Allen switched sides definitively on 9 January 2019, the day Sabine McNeill was sentenced to nine years in prison.”
    Well that would have frightened most people who’d given her a platform and nodded in agreement with her wouldn’t it, especially as it was done on air.

    Gerrish vs Allen! Poo! Let them fall out. I’d suggest a wrestling match and no holds barred.

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    • Agreed, MC (and EC) – there’s definitely a question mark over Allen’s motives here. And his description of Green as a “genuine hero” shows he still has at least one foot firmly planted in Hoaxville.

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    • Still, this U-turn will be sure to prompt some nice little hissy fits from the hoaxers, especially when Angie finds out 🙂

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        • I couldn’t get into that broadcast, Tinribs, I zoned out before Ms Hart was interviewed. I did used to listen to Richie Allen’s broadcasts periodically at one time (I thought well listen or read some right wing news, some left wing news and some centralist news and I might get something near the truth). However, he was always a bit palsy-walsy with he of the Lizard Men for my liking. I know some of what David Icke says is true but a lot of it is in the public domain anyway (and while I may not be an avid monarchist for the avoidance of doubt I don’t think the royal family are lizards!!!). Then he says these things like “sue me” – I looked something up online like “David Icke sued” and he had been sued successfully in Canada (though I expect that’s already ‘old news’ on this website). › News

          The comments under the linked video were full of looniversal stuff though (that the satanists run everything blah de blah de blah).

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          • Addendum to above, for some reason the link “https:news > News” didn’t link entirely and when I tried it, the link only took me to the front page and not to the specific article. As I say it’s probably old news anyway and I’m sure if anybody here is THAT interested they can do an appropriate search on Google or whatever happens to be their search engine of choice.

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    • I think we can guess who the “source” is for Mark Watts. Not a good look and could eventually involve charges as apparently documents were signed by all participants re secrecy.

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  2. Also from Private Eye. The latest on Anna Brees (and Richie Allen also gets a mention). This one might have already been shared, but just in case…

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    • “They talk about the Illuminati in the playground and discuss end of the world theories…”
      Oh a GREAT start in life for her kids…

      And some people are even allowed to homeschool (not suggesting hers are of course, but at least her kids are getting information from other sources as well, hopefully they will learn common sense and to disregard her teachings before they get older), but a small (hopefully) number of home schoolers could be stuck with learning from people like her until they are adults…

      Unfortunately (in some places in particular), many of those most distrustful of ‘da gubbermunt’ are often the ones most keen to homeschool their kids to stop them ‘brainwashing’ them…


      • Plenty of examples of how kids eventually reject their parent’s hyperventilated views if they have them. You often find successful bankers & real estate agents whose parents are Hippies.

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    • New media? She’s a tad behind the times. As evidenced by the numerous amateur videos now appearing in mainstream publishing websites no-ones needs a bloody lesson. And seeing the vast majority are a matter of being in the right place at the right time even less reason.

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      • Watts couldn’t be more wrong. The Eye frequently champions whistleblowers and criticises persecution of them.

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  3. Pot, kettle black here both as bad as each other Richie is just try to distance himself and collect the scraps as people are waking up to the whole Icke truther rubbish. He is another who has blocked me like Gerrish suprise suprise. Shall be fun to watch these 2 go at it though for sure. As for Brian demanding a right to reply how about he allows me mine instead of blocking and hiding from critique.

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    • Quote from a butt-hurt fruitloop (who shall remain nameless), in response to the above:

      “On ma previous twitter profile mike dyce aka flo destroyer tm wank blocked me …little bitch”

      Why is this interesting, I hear you ask…?

      Because said fruitloop has repeatedly stated that he has never had a Twitter account (and has been pretty abusive about anyone who’s suggested that he has). Oops! 🤣

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        • Yep. And sending 20 death threats a day to us for three years hasn’t exactly helped his case either. But then, he’s even “blocked” from seeing his own daughter, by Social Services.

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  4. I know it fizzled out (and ran out of nested replies) but I did have a giggle at the self-righteous poster on yesterday’s post.

    Yes, there are separate legal systems in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England & Wales (deliberate Oxford comma there by the way!) but the idea that a Scottish citizen can break English laws and hide in their Alba bunker is nonsense. Snot has a case to answer under English law and if it should be taken to the police she can be arrested.

    The basic rule is that if a person could be arrested in England & Wales for an offence, a constable is able to exercise those powers in Scotland (and it obviously operates vice-versa). Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 Section 137:

    “[A]ny constable of a police force in England and Wales who has reasonable grounds for suspecting that an offence has been committed or attempted in England or Wales and that the suspected person is in Scotland or in Northern Ireland may arrest without a warrant the suspected person wherever he is in Scotland or in Northern Ireland.”

    All that is required is that anyone harassed be in England or Wales when the offence occurred – the location of the offending keyboard is irrelevant. Damn pesky TCP/IP and your transport independent transmission!

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    • Indeed and the complaint made to the Irish Garda by a British citizen in respect of a certain Irish blogger (no names/ pack drill although the words “Daisy” & ” Power” come to mind) would show that what you say is correct.

      # Incidentally and by mere co-incident -as I mentioned “Irish”, but has anyone noticed that the famed Irish beauty, dog walker & fag enthusiast Angela Power-Disney has been very silent lately?.
      ## Most people who knew her reckoned my Irish grandmother (who moved to Scotland and married a Scot) was stark raving mad. Don’t why I mentioned that but it’s a fact.


        • Seriously- does anyone else have any form of Dyslexia?.
          It’s getting worse with me and I see words that are not there and often don’t see ones that are.
          It’s so bad that when I had a common garden solicitor write a letter for me once for my niece regarding my brother’s estate (he died 30 years ago) I didn’t notice that the bloody hack got it all wrong and the opposite was implied in said letter which I didn’t see until she exasperatedly pointed it out after an hour and finally got me to see reason.
          It’s enough to drive your cat to drink. ( pic is not me by the way but said feline)


  5. Sample quotes from Robert ‘Fatfooka’ Matheson’s latest butt-hurt hissy fit (which I can’t link, due to illegal content)…

    Hey Flo. Look!

    What am I according to your criminal, satanic pals? Hamphoaxer Troll hey? Random Twat and Psycho? Hmm!…

    …Oh dear….lol….Oh dear… Oh dear…..Yeah, I had to kick Alanson’s and Matt Taylor’s asses once or twice via comments over a couple of years as they were trying to force their opinions down my throat…but, you know, that was it, until… HOAXTEAD RESEARCH SATANIC PROMOTION GROUP came trying to give me shit via Sheva Burton and Royden Jones…

    …So, they got fucked too… and will continue getting fucked for as long as it takes to sink in….could be a while…

    Is it sinking in yet, Flo? Do tell?…

    …Your slimy pals like JJ and Sheva thought they could drag me into a tonking from the likes of Karen Irving, her daughter and [name of protected witness] lol.

    Ooops! That didn’t go quite as planned by your dirty, lying scum-bucket pals did it. [sic]

    All those years of not having a clue about a group of SATANIC and CRIMINAL ASSHOLES who seriously overestimated their appetite.

    There’s an old saying, Flo. It goes like this: don’t open a can of worms you can’t eat.

    You should try informing your friends of it, my old chap.

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      • It’s tragic to see a mum of five kids spending 24/7 getting drunk and bullying innocent people on the internet. Does she never spend any quality time with them?

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        • It ‘could’ be said she is improving their quality of life measurably by spending more time on the net and away from them….

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      • EC, any news from Cat on whether she’s going to accept your live q&a invitation, or has she gone with the ‘bottle it’ option?

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        • Not a word, just attacks from some of her favourite dogs. Poor woman, must be awful to have such a social phobia that she can’t even manage to talk to somebody she’s obsessed with.

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