Wong, co-conspirators found guilty of conspiring to kidnap child

According to BBC Wales, long-time Satanic abuse campaigner Wilfred Wong and two of his his co-conspirators have been found guilty of planning and carrying out the kidnap of a child, who they claimed was the victim of Satanic ritual abuse. Three others pleaded guilty to the same charge.

On 4 November 2020, Anke Hill, 51, abducted the child from the street, while Wong threatened the child’s foster mother with a knife.

Hill, 51, Jane Going-Hill (no relation), 60, of Holyhead, and Kristine Ellis-Petley, 58, also of Holyhead, each pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap.

Wong, of Pied Bull Court, Camden, 67-year-old Janet Stevenson, and her husband Edward Stevenson, 69, of Parnell Close, Crawley, denied the charge, but the jury found them guilty.

Karren Sawford, 48, was found not guilty, and an eighth defendant, Robert Frith, was discovered dead in his prison cell last year, whilst he was remanded awaiting trial.

The month-long case was held at Caernarfon Crown Court in July, but could not be reported due to a court order, which we understand was necessitated by the behaviour of some members of the public who attended in the trial’s early days.

A court order remains in place to protect the identity of the victim, whether via direct naming or by naming anybody as being related to the child.

The jury heard how Hill conspired with Wong and Janet Stevenson to kidnap the child from foster care, while the other four assisted in various capacities.

Hill had previously claimed that Child A’s father had sexually abused the child. Police investigated the allegations of sexual abuse for more than six months, before the Crown Prosecution Service determined there was no evidence to support them. At that point, Hill was herself arrested. She went on to invent further claims of Satanic abuse by the father. However, the court found that all the allegations of sexual abuse by the father had been fabricated by Hill. 

Hill contacted Wong online, and phone records showed the two had spoken in person for many hours. Wong put Hill in touch with Janet Stevenson, who claims to specialise in counseling victims of Satanic abuse. According to the BBC report,

Hill worked with Wong and the others to organise an elaborate plan, involving code names and a clandestine rendezvous at Bangor railway station, where one gang member arrived by train and followed another through the city at a distance. ….

At one stage, the conspirators also considered modifying a horsebox with a secret compartment to smuggle the child away.

A person with first-hand knowledge of the trial told Hoaxtead Research that during the trial it emerged that Wong had previously attempted to obtain a ‘getaway driver’ for the planned kidnap, but that person refused to get involved. In video evidence to the court, that person stated they refused as they were aware that they would be committing a criminal act. Wong subsequently recruited Janet Stevenson as a substitute driver but Edward Stevenson later volunteered for the role.

Knifepoint abduction

On November 4, Hill kidnapped the child, who was on the way home from school. Wong threatened the foster mother with a knife, before using the same knife to slash the tires of her car.

The BBC reports that the foster mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “The child was horrified. [They] called my name and asked me to help. I tried to hold [their] hand as long as I could. But then someone came behind me with a knife and ordered me to drop it.”

Northwest Wales Live reports,

The shocking crime was part of an elaborate plot to kidnap the youngster from foster care on Anglesey and take them to southern England and then abroad.

… The foster mum said the child was “terrified” and started sobbing.

“(Child A) kept calling my name and asking me to help. I tried to hold on to (Child A) as much as I could.”

Moments earlier a man in black – later identified as Wilfred Wong – emerged from the silver car, as the foster mum was screaming and becoming hysterical, the court heard.

The foster mum told the court: “Someone came round the back of me which is when I had to make a decision.

“He held a knife to my face and told me to let him (Child A) go.”

The foster mum, who had her own daughter in the car too, added: “I had to make a decision between my daughter’s life and (Child A)’s life and mine.”

During cross examination, the foster mum told barrister Nicholas Williams, defending Wong, that she was leaning over her daughter to try to prevent Child A being taken, and that the man was leaning over the foster mum.

The foster mum said the man then went round the back of her car.

“I saw him crouch down and heard a hissing noise. The tyre went flat”.

The man then joined Anke Hill and Child A in the silver car and drove off towards Bangor.

During the kidnap, Going-Hill and Ellis-Petley stood lookout on the bridges between Anglesey and the mainland, ready to alert the fugitives of any police activity.

Following the kidnapping, Hill and Wong transported the child in a car with counterfeit number plates to a road near Bangor. There, a second vehicle, hired by Janet and Edward Stevenson, awaited them. In the second vehicle, Hill, Wong, and the child headed to the southeast of England. Based on Google searches found on the suspects’ computers, police determined that the group’s plan was to take the child to the Stevensons’ home in Crawley, and thence to leave the country.

Almost immediately following the abduction, police were called. They were able to piece together the links amongst the various group members. The vehicle carrying Wong, Hill, and the victim was stopped by police on the M1, north of Milton Keynes.

Update: “Chilling” items found in getaway car

In a follow-up article published on 10 August, North Wales Live described articles police found in the getaway car:

Officers found a kidnappers’ kit of items in a rucksack and bag belonging to Wilfred Wong which included cable ties, a balaclava and a serrated lock knife.

Janet Stevenson claimed kidnap was a ‘rescue mission’

In a further follow-up on 10 August, North Wales Live outlined evidence given by Janet Stevenson, who stated she believed that the kidnap was actually a “rescue mission” to protect the victim from “Satanic abuse”.

Stevenson admitted that she had agreed with Hill to kidnap the victim and take them from Anglesey to Crawley, West Sussex. From there, Hill planned to take the child to mainland Europe. Stevenson admitted that she’d asked friends in northern France to take care of some documents to be given to Hill, in the event that she made it over the Channel with Child A.

Asked whether she knew it would be a crime to take Child A, Stevenson replied,

“People during the Second World War, who were trying to smuggle children out of concentration camps in suitcases or bags, put themselves at risk that they would be shot by the Gestapo.

“It was an offence but it was morally right because they were saving children.

“I could not bear anybody’s child being sexually abused, manipulated, tortured and potentially murdered”.

Wong just on a walking holiday in Wales

Wong tried to disclaim his involvement in the kidnap, telling the court he’d been on a walking holiday in North Wales, and had only arranged for a ride home with the Stevensons. According to the BBC report, he told the court, “I’d have been more of a liability than a help with any abduction plan. I would have been too old and too slow for that sort of thing.”

Apparently the jury found this excuse implausible, as they found Wong and the Stevensons guilty as charged.

According to journalist David Powell of the North Wales Post, the court was shown video footage made prior to the kidnap, in which Wong claimed,

The family court system (has) been infiltrated by Satanists, as well as social services.

It enables them to turn upside down the system that is supposed to protect children from abuse” into something that “protects the abuser and penalises the whistleblower, and gives the child back to the abuser’s custody.

“… It has become so clear that the only way to protect a child from (abuse) is to take the child and flee the country, and hide until the child has grown to adulthood.

It’s the government’s fault for allowing the family courts to be corrupted to this extent“.

In a second video shown to the court, Wong stated,

I do surveillance on Satanic covens. They like to meet on dates in the Satanic calendar and on the birth dates of their members“.

Sentencing for those found guilty and those who pleaded guilty will take place on 29 September. Janet Stevenson’s legal team has stated that she may appeal the verdict.

A person with first-hand knowledge of the trial noted, “Of all those who gave evidence from the witness box, including the police, other witnesses and the defendants themselves, only one person elected not to swear an oath on the Bible—Wilfred Wong”.

Updated: 6:00 p.m., 10 August 2021

Wilfred Wong, convicted of conspiracy to kidnap

141 thoughts on “Wong, co-conspirators found guilty of conspiring to kidnap child

  1. This is almost unbelievable, the terror they put that child and the foster mother must have gone through and as for Wong when he plead not guilty I thought he was going to try and prove Satanic abuse but the sniveling little weasel just denied it and said he was on a walking holiday, he told a blatant lie, very un-christian like.

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  2. Read the MSM reports carefully and Wong etc also jeopardized the foster mother’s daughter too. Wong’s “defence” sounds as good as Carl Beech’s wasn’t. 😉

    Both children, the foster mother and the witnesses who saw what happened may need some counselling for some time.

    There are also now a lot of questions to head in the way of Shaun Attwood, Jon Wedger etc etc who put Wong on a pedestal. They have a lot to answer for, in that without their promotion would Wong have even gone as far as he did? It’s also clear from Youtube material allegedly presented to the court that Wong had a pre-determined course of action which was then implemented in this instance. How many more children could have been kidnapped or would’ve been had it not been for the vigilance of the police in this case?

    Let’s now hope the whole “network” behind Wong etc is exposed properly for what it is: frauds, fakes and grifters hiding behind such hypocrisy as “SaveTheChildren” when it’s them who have put children in direct or indirect danger.

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    • This kidnapping must never happen again. The network that created the monster that is Wilfred Wong, and those who still believe in this notion of “rescue” of children in the manner Wilfred Wong expresses it. They will be pursued, challenged and will not walk away from this to create such a situation again.

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      • Absolutely and that is now the danger, that the likes of Carvath etc take it to the next level, talk of a charity in Wong’s name is not only offensive but down right stupid and needs to be nipped in the bud before it happens. In my opinion, the whole library not just a book needs to be thrown at Wong and the two others who pleaded not guilty simply because they clearly don’t have a clue as to the amount of fear they caused not just to one child [child a/x] but the child passenger in the foster mother’s car.

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        • No empathy by the Satan Hunters for the trauma of the children in this case; they still entertain the delusions of kidnapping more children. Did they fail to note that Wilfred Wong was not enthusiastic about identifying himself as a “rescuer” in this incident?

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          • Yes, if he’d at least had the gumption to state that he believed that this was a “rescue”, one might be able to say that he stuck to his principles. As it was, he disavowed his own claims, and tried to weasel out by declining to swear on the book which he claims he reveres above all others. Nasty, spineless hypocrite is the nicest thing I can think of to describe him.

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        • Richard Carvath, who now says is a “former Defense Reporter” (for the Beano?) is angry Wong’s defense is not being reported although from what I read – that he was off on a walking tour- it is being. One assumes then that Carvath believes that defense. Entirely his right of course but how does that square with Carvath’s claims the kidnappers were on a mission of good then? So complicated.

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          • I also noticed that incoherence by Carvath’s fantasy identity “Richard the Journalist” – his criticism was that the defence NOT used by Knifepsycho Wong wasn’t mentioned in court while he himself avoided mentioning the crappy “dog ate my kidnapping plans… I mean… walking holiday plans” defence that Wong actually did use.

            Can you imagine if Wong’s defence was real?

            Wong texting Ted “gettaway” Stevenson:
            “Hi Ted, oh obedient sheep of my Righteous Flock. My walk has been great! Can I still get a lift with you from Bangor tmrw?”
            “Hi Wilf, my definitely not gay All High Priest of Misogyny, yeah, no worries. Slight change of plan – meet us at the Tescos on the edge of town. We’ll have a new car! Lolz”

            And then the next day, as Wong waits with his hiker’s backpack at Tescos, the Stevensons scream into the car park, burning rubber. The door is flung open and the mad German bint is in the back with her hands on the face of some screaming hysterical kid.
            “Er… Hi Anke, how, umm, are you?”
            “Fucking GET IN you veirdo!! SCHNELL!!”
            “Jeez, ok! What’s with the screaming kid??”
            “Ve are rescuing him from ze big SATAN!! CLOSE ZE FUCKING DOOR!! Go Teddy, GO!”
            More burning rubber and into the traffic at high speed.

            “Who wants to see my new combat knife? I got it from Amazon” Wong offers as an ice breaker, sensing a little tension in the car…
            “Aaaaa! Mein Gott! Put it avay, you hill valking imbecile. Our lookouts are saying ze Polizei are coming!”
            “Well if we get stopped I’m nothing to do with whatever you guys are up to. They’ll just believe I’ve been hill walking because of my immaculate charitable career saving the children and aggressively harassing women with disgusting massive pictures of abortions. Christ Ted! Slow the fuck down will you?! You only just missed that woman with a pram by inches… Oh god, I think I’m going to be sick…”. Wong’s eyes rolled up in his head as his complexion turned white.
            Gettaway Teddy looks at Anke in his mirror while blasting some red lights at over 60mph:
            “Anke, I think you’d better give Wilf a shot of your ketamine… We don’t want him attracting attention freaking out & puking up everywhere”
            Before Wong had time to react Anke had stabbed a massive steel syringe into his thigh and everything went slowly dark…

            The next thing Wong remembered was being dragged from the car in a kaleidoscope of blue flashing lights and staring down the muzzle of a Heckler & Koch sub-machine gun. Barely were the words “I’m not with them, I’ve been on a walking holiday…” out of his mouth than he had his face in the cold wet tarmac of the roadway while his arms were violently wrenched behind him, his lovely new combat knife spilling onto the road with a clang… “I’m old and frail” he whimpered, grimacing in agony… “I couldn’t possibly be a crazed Satan obsessed knife wielding child snatcher…”

            But no one believed him and now he’s in chokey looking at a ten stretch… Oh dear…

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          • Did anyone see that on a recent blog post (12th August 2021) R Carvath was mentioning plans were possibly afoot to set up a charity ‘Samantha’s Children’ (after Samantha Baldwin I think). Alarm bells started ringing in my old ears!!!

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    • “There are also now a lot of questions to head in the way of Shaun Attwood, Jon Wedger etc etc who put Wong on a pedestal. They have a lot to answer for”

      Well said! And ditto Cat Scott, Angela Power-Disney, Jeanette Archer, Tom Dunn, Owen Lucas…

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    • There is a 3 page article right there for one of Britain’s famed tabloids. After all they play little roles in encouraging some lunacy ( “Late Enoch Powell in alleged pedo ring” etc) but as they easily turn on sixpence – juicy stuff for a big splash.
      Guarantee some tabloid scribblers peruse these pages looking for tips.

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  3. The first thing I will say was there was no Satanic Ritual Abuse done to that child, this is pure fantasy of Wilfred Wong and his supporters. Secondly, there have been many victims spinning off from this kidnapping: one person dead; two traumatised children; a traumatised foster-mother; others I cannot identify at this time. Thirdly, this was an operation of many months planning involving not just those who were convicted; others knew about this well in advance; their involvement is being looked into. Finally, there is a court order in force that says do not name the children; identify the mother or father of Child A (Child X), the foster parents, the homes and schools of the children involved.

    To Karen Irving and all the many who fought the Satan Hunters and protected Child A from becoming another Hampstead. Thank you!

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  4. This is as far removed from having some noble, if entirely misplaced justification as it’s possible to get. The trauma visited on those children and a carer, the mother of one of them defies belief-hopefully a long spell inside awaits the conspirators.

    The story reads like a cheap Dennis Wheatley novel and now that reporting restrictions are (mostly) lifted I’m sure this the is the sort of lurid story beloved of hacks.

    As above, I’m amazed that the fearless Wong did not try and use the occasion to promote his satanic views as justification, rather it was a meek and lame “it wasn’t me Guv, honest”.

    No winners in all of this with richly deserved prison for many and years of coming to terms with horrific events for the victims.

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    • Many years ago I can remember posting a put down of Neelu et al. that they viewed ‘The Devil Rides Out’, “Rosemary’s Baby” etc. as documentaries. I stand by that accusation.

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      • I remember it well, Sage! And as I recall, it prompted a load more suggestions from others re. movies viewed by conspiraloons as ‘documentaries’. If memory serves, my contributions were ‘Race with the Devil’, ‘Enemy of the State’ and ‘They Live’.

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  5. I do hope that the sentencing is suitably severe. These people are a menace and what they put the children and the foster carer through is utterly unforgiveable.

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    • The judge is probably aware that others have been influenced by Wilfred Wong, entertaining notions to kidnap children, even to make another attempt on the child Wong kidnapped. There are also heavy aggravating circumstances such as the violent threats of harm with a knife. The penalty is going to be heavy, both due to the circumstances and the need to set an example to those with delusions to kidnap children.

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  6. Richard Carvath’s behaviour today has been off the chart of stupidity. Not surprising in the slightest but he’s likely libelled one newspaper at least and is heading towards more issues regarding contempt too. It’s his sort of previous behaviour that caused the reporting restrictions in the first place. He’s only likely to learn the hard way with the authorities taking away his access into courtrooms etc.

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    • The butt-hurt is strong over on his website, he’s raging away that the press were excluded (by the press he means himself) and he’s already going behind the jury’s decision with nonsense theories and libel.

      I have to say that the police were, for once, highly impressive in their response, from initial reports to piece the jigsaw together leading to the the hard stop on the M1 hundreds of miles away. Carvath in his winge-fest says that the child was released unharmed as thought that’s enough to require acquittal all by itself. The guy is delusional.

      Anyway, who are Wong and his acolytes to set themselves up as arbiters of kangaroo justice dished out at the point of a knife? Throw away the key yeronner.

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      • Yes he’s exceptionally butt hurt. He’s also already wandered several times into attacking online the judge in the case and is starting to exhibit all the signs of repeating the behaviour that saw him get a prison sentence previously. He’s clearly learnt nothing from that sentence, claiming he was innocent and that the “cell” that ran his twitter account were real. Carvath belongs in a secure unit, that is clearly his more natural habitat, his delusions and behaviour have become increasingly erratic and are likely to get even worse. The irony of one aspect of his rants is that he was claiming that he is innocent because he wasn’t convicted by a jury but isn’t prepared to accept the verdicts of a jury in the case of his mate Wilf. Sadly Richard typifies the mentality of Wong’s “supporters” and that is the really worrying aspect of all of this: what will they do next?

        You’re spot on re police response, I suspect once the police had the two “look-outs” in custody that their devices would be analysed for messages very quickly and that would’ve assisted in tracking down the vehicle being used.

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  7. “The case could not be reported due to a court order, which we understand was necessitated by the behaviour of some members of the public who attended in the trial’s early days.”

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    • The Beastly Baby “was capable of making only two sorts of noises, both of them nasty. The first was a choked gurgling, reminiscent of faulty drains. It made this noise when it had succeeded in doing something particularly atrocious. The second was a thin shriek suggestive of fingernails on blackboards. It made this noise when it had been prevented from doing something particularly atrocious.”

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    • Oh the grift goes on with Arched Eyebrows, there’s a video of her with someone on a channel called Dale H 2 (the host sounds like he has an Antipodean accent). I don’t know whether she is grifting from people in the southern hemisphere as people have been looking at her nearer home.

      There are some YouTubers who have covered the WW verdict sensibly – it’s depressing that there are some people who still think WW was a hero.

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  8. “Wong tried to disclaim his involvement in the kidnap, telling the court he’d been on a walking holiday in North Wales”

    Wow, it’s not like Wilfred to tell far-fetched porkies 😆

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      • Well that’s assuming, EC, that he really believes in the bullshit that comes out of his mouth or whether he’s just playing for the audience. His line of defence re the walking holiday is absolutely ludicrous on many grounds, some of which are debunked by Wong himself both before and after his arrest.

        Problem for him on the SRA cult thing is he would have to prove to the court that such exists… you know with evidence and stuff… evidence like photos of them caught in the act or such. He claims to have conducted surveillance on such groups yet has never produced one piece of hard evidence to support his claims of such practices happening, that alone pulls the rug from his possible SRA defence.

        I believe he knew he couldn’t go full SRA in court. I believe he knew the time was up on that as a line of defence [assisted by the other guilty pleas to an extent]. The volume of the evidence against him probably caused that to happen rather than a crisis of conscience re SRA, but ultimately he chickened out of his whole beliefs. More about self preservation at that point than highlighting supposedly a bigger issue.

        Focus now needs to be on the bigger network of Wong “disciples” and their planned actions before someone else gets hurt.

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        • I think that’s a good hypothesis for how it went for Wrong for Wong. So why didn’t he change his plea to guilty and avoid having to mount a defence at all?
          Maybe he applied to change his plea and it was turned down…? Unlike him I’m not legally trained and don’t know how these things work.
          With the defence line he took, having abandoned the “Biblical truth” defence one would have expected given how heavily he’s got himself promoted, perhaps as too legally laborious and without any corroborating evidence (or even, maybe, knowing it was BS), he went for an infantile and laughably weak lie. As a result he’s made himself look like a pathetic squirming delusional coward.
          He should have aimed for righteous insane martyrdom, burned at the stake on a pyre of SRA firewood by agents of the Satanic Inquisition.
          Given the long sentence that appears well justified it wouldn’t have made much difference in that regard but he could have consoled himself for a decade in a concrete box with the thought of all the eulogising videos being made about him and the occasional Qanon fanmail.
          As it stands the best he’s got is a rambling hysterical AP Disney suggesting he’s a secret agent done in by the false testimony of landscape gardening freemasons planted there as part of a ‘set-up’… For him to abandon the cherished “SRA is everywhere, nighttime surveillance stake outs” storyline in such an abject manner he’s now in the worst of all possible worlds.
          It looks like he lost the plot and crumpled. Maybe Jeezus appeared before him and told him he was a dick.
          Wong still has some way to fall…

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          • The irony of a barrister (Wong) not knowing the law has not been lost on me nor others. Hopefully one of the side effects of this will be the Bar Standards Board will chuck him out for life. Most control freaks when in situations like the one Wong found himself in will buckle and then become snivelling wrecks attempting to garner sympathy. He is no different. Self preservation over religious dogma. Same went for Archer btw in her naming of Child A which garnered her a criminal conviction, same goes for Owen Lucas too for similar. Both at least had the sense to change their pleas to guilty. Wong didn’t.

            As far as I know, at this time anyway, there was no attempt by Wong to change plea to guilty. There are clues as to why that likely was in the common representation that 3 of the defendants had.

            As for sentence, we will have to wait and see, technically as I understand, there is no limit on prison sentence for kidnap cases. Had they been charged with child abduction then it would’ve been different. The CPS were clever in that regard in my opinion. The level of plotting and scheming that went on was vast, there is material that still cannot be published or referred to in great detail which proves that beyond any doubt and how deep all the plotters were.

            As for Jeezus possibly appearing to him and calling him a dick, I think Wong will have plenty of “dick” problems to deal with soon. Jeezus is unlikely to be involved in that unless he’s a big hairy con in the showers. 😉

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    • The latest SRA fanatic is calling for buildings (containing the alleged adrenochrome harvesters to be burned to the ground, having led her demonstrating troops to court buildings and Downing Street and supported by a couple of ex-coppers and assorted nutters mentioned on here.
      Just when does this become a case for the Special Branch under Anti-Terrorism legislation?. These conspiracies build over time and it only takes a couple of deluded fanatics to think action has to be taken.
      Wong has claimed the courts and judges are riddled with “satanists”. Judges , politicians etcshould not have to live in fear of a lone perp deciding they need to take action.

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      • Ghost, I’m just hoping the people who should be aware of such things are keeping a wether eye on these people and not simply thinking they are harmless oddballs. I’ve mentioned before that the man who opened fire in a diner in Oklahoma a couple or three years ago was a conspiracy theorist (he was one of those people who thought most famous people were secretly transgender – though he had stopped taking his medication). If the police are watching them they may be doing so covertly waiting for an appropriate time to take action.

        I don’t want to say anything that might dox myself but my last couple of years of full-time work before I retired was in a well-known place that was open to the public (though I didn’t interact with the public in my role). I didn’t know until after I had retired that some suspected terrorists had ‘cased the joint’ (I heard it on a news item). It gave me a bit of a funny feeling to know I’d worked somewhere that maybe a bomb could have been planted there if things had gone differently. I can only assume the relevant authorities had been watchful but surruptiously. The same venue (before I worked there) had had to foreclose an exhibition of precious gems* before the anticipated time because either the police (or maybe security guards who were ex-police) had recognised some ruthless members of the underworld visiting the exhibition (people who wouldn’t have been overly concerned if members of the public came to harm during any attempted heist).

        * The story was related (to the members of the induction group I was with) by a senior member of staff during the induction talk.

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  9. An important point completely overlooked by the SRA Hunters (Richard Carvarth etc) :

    if they truly believed the child was in the hands of a coteries of wicked people (social services, foster parents etc) why did they only take one child and leave the other behind?

    I mean Thank God they didn’t but it somewhat dents their hyperventilated claims they were saving children from wicked people.

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  10. Just a couple of points that bother me at the moment, why wasn’t Wong charged with actually threatening someone with the knife and why was the child being taken to Surrey first before being taken out of the country, were they going to do an “Archer” and put the child in a safehouse and hypnotize the kid.

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    • Amin, I suspect that the charges for threatening someone with a knife would’ve resulted in a lesser sentence than the one he [and co-defendants/guilty pleas] is likely facing for the conspiracy charge. His specific behaviour will likely be assessed by the judge as an aggravating factor when it comes to his sentence, it does not require an additional charge for the sentence to reflect that specific behaviour. I suspect that the Surrey stopover was temporary before shipping the child out of the country [as per the alleged plan]. Wong had telegraphed what he was going to do in one of the Youtube videos presented to the court, by doing so in that video he had demonstrated motive, method and opportunity to commit the offences. Without trailing through all of his interviews however it would be difficult, without court interactions/police details, to narrow down which specific video he said it in. He also didn’t do himself any favours with his “letters” to be read out by Archer and Attwood.

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    • According to the Daily Record article, the charges did include “possession of a bladed article”, if not specifically with using it to threaten someone.

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    • It’s alright about the knife thing, Henry Toor has explained it on Twitter, Wong was charged with using the knife in a threatening manner it’s just the strange way English and Welsh law words it.

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      • Jeanette Archer lives in Cranleigh Surrey. I have reason to think Archer knew about the plot to kidnap before it happened, but I cannot prove it. Archer is going to eventually be busted by the police for other reasons, it is a matter of time.

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        • Might be worth having a wander through archived material… she certainly read out a letter from Wong after his arrest. She certainly had meetings with him [visits to farm etc] before his arrest.

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    • Some location in Surrey features as a transfer point for setting up the kidnap van beforehand, and then (I assume) for unloading the cargo afterwards. A rural location, I assume, because unpacking a screaming child from a van might attract the attention of neighbours, even in Godalming or Guildford.

      “The Brighton man said Wong wanted him to hire a van in Brighton, preferably a Luton van, which has a large area above the cab, and drive to Surrey. There, the van would be loaded up with furniture, and some void or space in the vehicle would be formed to accommodate a woman and a child.”

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    • Dont quote me on this but Wong is involved in a church group that has a secluded property in that area.Just sayin.

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  11. According to North Wales news the prosecution played a video of Wongs from YouTube to the jury, if ever there was an “Oh shit!” moment for him that was it.

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    • Not having any idea of how the court case unfolded, if some accused plead guilty how did Wong suppose his alibi of being on a walking tour could possibly be believed?
      Presumably those who admitted their role would have been grilled by police and confessed all aspects of the plot and revealed other perps especially if they wanted their co-operation taken into consideration at sentencing.

      This is a highly disturbing case that would have inevitably failed (and could have had far worse consequences) yet these people felt emboldened to perpetuate a serious crime. Surely they must have understood the possible repercussions?. Can they really be so fanatical that they put all good sense aside?

      I suppose I should wait until Crime Sleuth, former Defense Correspondent and BBC Confidant Richard Cavarth (for it is he) reveals all aspects of the case.

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      • GoS, would that be the Twilight Zone version of Carvath’s interpretation of the case or the truth? It’s difficult to know with his bullshit at time whether it’s bona fide bullshit or horseshit dressed up.

        You’re right that this case could’ve been a lot worse, but if Archer etc get their way they will have militia groups carrying out such “operations” in future and then there could be innocent bystanders caught up in armed confrontations. The authorities have to take that bunch much more seriously before it descends into being something akin to ISIS.

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      • Jury wouldn’t be told of the guilty pleas – evidence against A isn’t evidence against B. There are exceptions but this isn’t one of them. The judge will know of course.

        There was quite enough – the bag with the kidnapper’s toolkit in it which he just happened to find by the road before he (purely concidentally) got into a kidnapper’s car, for example. Anyone’s leg would do a full triple bob major if he pullled it. I can see why he didn’t give evidence, he could only have talked himself into worse trouble. As it is he managed to do that anyway, through the magic of You Tube.

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  12. The website for the outfit Project Rescue Children https://www.projectrescuechildren.org/ is still up. WordPress seems to have closed the ‘Skippy’sLiesExposed’ blog. Somebody had commented under a post on this site that some iffy folk contributed to the blog – I have no way of verifying if that is true or not. PRC still seems questionable to me though. That said, I’ve no proof or knowledge that WW has a link to PRC – other than that he knew someone (J Archer) who knew someone (Alex Rose Betts) who had a connection to PRC. I was thinking about how could people plot about ‘saving’ children.

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    • My post from yesterday was ambiguous where I said someone had made a comment that “iffy folk contributed to the blog”. The blog in question was the ‘Skippy’sLieExposed’ one which appears to be currently closed and not Hoaxtead. Of course I don’t know if the SKE blog was reputable or not – the stuff about Mr Whittington in Sweden can be checked with Swedish source material I believe though if you are like me you’d have to run it through something like Google Translate.

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      • It’s always difficult to know what to make of claims that “so-and-so’s blog is iffy”, without any specific details being offered. Iffy in what way? Who is making that allegation, and why? However, as you say, it’s possible to check that blog’s claims against source material, which was done.

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  13. This link was the most recent that came up under a search I made for “judges arrested UK” https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5289507/three-judges-15-million-fraud/ so it can take place. It probably is easier for people with pots of money to get away with things because they can get good solicitors/barristers if the need arises but famous people HAVE gone to prison e.g. Lord Archer and Jonathan Aitken (not for anything to do with satanism I hasten to add). But despite that some folk will aver that the loony mardies control everything….

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  14. Two interesting points there. First, Wong was presenting himself as a therapist or counsellor, so he could recruit vulnerable people and convince them that all their problems sprang from suppressed memories of childhood abuse by the Satanic Ritual Abusers everywhere.
    Second, that Janet Stevenson’s barrister raised all this in the course of cross-examination. So Wong’s bizarre, self-serving belief system was all out there in court, for all his “walking tour” bullshit.

    Wong was happy to perjure himself in court but he wouldn’t go the extra step of falsely swearing on his holy book, so I give him credit for following his religion sincerely.

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    • Actually Jesus told His followers not to swear at all, but just tell the truth, so whoever’s tenets Wong is following, it isn’t His. Maybe he’s reading an abridged New Testament with the awkward stuff removed.

      I had the grim experience of looking at Carvath’s blog, and he’s blithely sailing by the fact that Wong told the police that he wasn’t kidnapping at all – as far as Carvath is concerned, he’s not guilty of kidnapping because he kidnapped in a good cause.

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      • Actually, I take it back, I see Carvath has now had the conflict pointed out to him, and has dealt with it, viz: so he lied to the police, but that’s OK, King David and Dietrich Bonhoeffer did the same thing. Yes, he compares Wong with Bonhoeffer.

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        • Sometimes I wonder whether Carcrash is actually a performance artist, whose ouevre consists of mocking the SRA branch of trooferism.


  15. The tale of WW has made it to The Times. It’s mostly hidden behind a paywall https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/gang-abducted-foster-child-believing-social-services-had-been-infiltrated-by-satanists-mtxrczwkb but WW is described as a “conspiracy theorist”. While I was googling to see where the events were being reported I also had a recommendation for UK Column with something about “cover up” but I didn’t click on that. So the saga has been reported in the august Thunderer.

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  16. The entry where someone criticised the Skippy blog was under the blog post about Alex Rose Betts by somebody called Caroline Bonaq. Like I said I don’t know how true her statement was. I re-watched a WW interview with Wedgehog which was being critiqued by Sharon G on her channel and WW had the attitude that the majority of people who questioned SRA were in fact satanists. Dialectic discussion doesn’t seem to feature in his world.

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  17. Id like to spare a thought for the poor guy who died in jail.Who knos,he may well still be alive if he hadnt bought in to/got roped in to this half baked plan that was doomed from the start,for a cause that doesnt even exist.

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      • Dunn did a short (25 min) video a couple of days ago, nothing at all about “our dear friend Wilfred”, plenty of news about a dead dog though.

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