Kris Costa: Lying, stupid, or both?

At times it can be hard to tell whether certain Hoaxtead mobsters are mad, bad, or just plain dim.

Take Kristie Sue Costa (please!).

While we’ve talked over the past few days about what motivates members of the Hoaxtead “pseudo-cult” to lash out against any dissenting opinions, Kristie Sue really goes above and beyond. Not only has she taken it upon herself to shill for Abraham Christie’s demented “cannabis cures cannibalism” fantasy, but as some former True Believers have begun to raise questions about Hoaxtead, she’s been running around like a one-armed paperhanger with hives, doing her very best to slag and discredit the unbelievers faster than they can post their objections.

Wherever an ex-Believer dares to raise his or her voice against the Hampstead SRA hoax, you’ll find Kristie Sue rushing in:

Here she is, claiming that there is “still a re-investigation currently open….Apparently the IPCC…agrees with Ella about retractions”. A bit further down the same page, she make the same claim, just in case anyone missed it the first time: It’s very hard to tell from reading this whether she’s deliberately attempting to mislead about the IPCC’s role, or whether she’s just literally too dumb to understand how it all works.

On the off chance that it’s the latter, we decided to try to explain to Ms Costa one last time how the IPCC actually works.

Here goes:
The IPCC is a body that is empowered to follow up on requests by persons involved in any given police investigation (as victim, as suspect, etc.). Once the IPCC agrees to look into a case, they will send the person’s list of queries to an investigating officer (IO) who will take charge of the investigation, and will take statements from police staff involved, “under caution”. This means that the police are making their statements knowing that they may be used in a court of law at some point. This ensures that those performing the internal investigation understand the gravity of the situation, and helps to maintain public confidence that the investigation will be thorough and truthful.

Once the IO has ensured that all the IPCC’s questions have been answered to the best of his or her officers’ ability, he or she will send the resulting report back to the IPCC. They will make recommendations as to follow-up. This could be things like “review Procedure X with Officer Y to ensure this mistake is not made again”. It might even be “Officer A should be suspended for a period of time”, if the error is particularly egregious.

HOWEVER: the IPCC will not, cannot, has never been able to “re-investigate” a case which the police have already closed.

In other words, they do not pull out all the evidence again and run a new police investigation. The IPCC has one job, and that is to look at how the original police investigation was conducted, then either agree with the way the investigation was run, or recommend disciplinary or educational action as required.

The IPCC states this very clearly in their terms of reference, which we are quite sure that neither Kristie Sue nor any of her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters has bothered to read.

In Abe and Ella’s case, the IPCC agreed, on appeal in October 2015, to open an investigation of how the original 2014 police investigation had been conducted. The results came back in March or April 2016, and they were not to Abe and Ella’s liking, so they appealed, which is their legal right.

This is the “re-investigation” Kristie Sue keeps prattling on about. It’s a “re-investigation” of certain points in the previous IPCC investigation which did not come out the way Abe and Ella had hoped they would. On their second appeal, they found an IPCC officer who was willing to agree that certain aspects of the previous IPCC investigation had not been satisfactorily answered, and so the questions have been asked again, in hopes that the police will provide an explanation that will satisfy the IPCC. That’s it, that’s all.

At no point has there been any suggestion, except from Abe and Ella (who are perfectly well aware of the actual mandate of the IPCC, since they have done all their submissions via their solicitor Mr Aseem Taj), that a re-investigation of the original 2014 case will never take place.

Indeed, they would be utterly idiotic to want an actual police re-investigation, because as Mrs Justice Pauffley suggested in her 19 March 2015 judgement, had the investigation gone a bit further, Abe and Ella would be behind bars by now on charges of child abuse.

Why do Abe and Ella keep pursuing the IPCC then?

It’s pretty clear that the only reason they keep pushing the IPCC is because they want someone in an official capacity to say, “You were right, the police investigation was flawed beyond repair”. Why do they want this? One reason, and one reason only: it will put them in a more favourable position to continue pushing their hoax.

Oddly, while troofers all scream blue murder about any and all official organisations’ activities, they still seem to crave the validation of, for instance, an IPCC report that says, “You were right, the police were wrong”. The problem is, the IPCC has not said this (despite what Kristie Sue claims to believe).

What the IPCC investigator says is, “I am not clear why Mr Dearman was not arrested prior to his interview on 15 September 2014 bearing in mind the allegations were made on the 5 September 2014”. This is not a condemnation of the failure to arrest RD; it’s simply a statement that in the first IPCC investigation, the police failed to adequately explain why the arrest had not been made. Given what we’ve explained above about the IPCC’s mandate, this makes perfect sense. Just as a maths teacher will insist that students “show their work” and describe how they arrived at a particular answer, the IPCC is empowered to demand that the police explain their rationale.

If Kristie Sue doesn’t understand this, she should.

Is she really that dim?

As we say, it’s difficult to tell whether Kristie Sue keeps spreading false information about the implications of the IPCC investigation as a way of creating a great deal of smoke and trying to protect the beliefs of the Hoaxtead pseudo-cult…or whether she’s actually unable to grasp the difference between an IPCC investigation and a police investigation. Heaven knows we’ve attempted to explain it to her before.

Ultimately, what counts is not whether she’s spreading lies out of stupidity, or out of blind loyalty to her pseudo-cult. The most important thing is to quash the hoax altogether, and that will only happen when good people speak up against falsehoods.

A note to our readers: El Coyote has finally been persuaded to take a bit of a summer holiday. We’ve packed his bags for him, and as of Saturday, 22 July, we’ll be shoving him out the door. No doubt he’ll keep poking his nose back in and checking for new developments on the Hoaxtead front, but we’re encouraging him to claim a deck chair, apply sunscreen liberally, and take it easy for a week or so. He’s been growling and howling about it, but we think he’s finally starting to accept our advice. In turn, we’ve agreed to let him at the computer in the event that anything startling should occur. 

37 thoughts on “Kris Costa: Lying, stupid, or both?

  1. Now now now Wicked Witch, stop telling fibs…..
    Kristie Sue useful????
    Pigs might fly before that happens


    still not buying it, ok pigs might fly, but I still refuse to believe in a useful Kristie Sue….

    (btw your howliness, enjoy your time off, you thoroughly deserve it)

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  2. Kristie Sue should encourage her pals Abe & Ella to return to the UK and assist with this “re-investigation”.

    Have a nice break EC. Have you thought of a vacation on the Spanish resort of Lanzarote? . I know a landlady who has a holiday let available. You may need to exorcise the place first.

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    • How do you know it doesn’t?. The fact that we are not inundated by cannibals may be proof in the twisted minds of these crackpots.

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  3. KSC is locked into denial having indentified and invested so much effort in a fools errand.She allowed herself to be led by the reigns of emotion into a quagmire and does not have the strength of character to retreat,hold her hands up and salvage perhaps a shred of dignity.

    Generally speaking it is unwise to wriggle and squirm dementedly when up to ones next in quicksand(aka bullshit).It is not a good look.

    Continuing on a sandy theme,have a most excellent and well deserved break by putting them paws up a while 😉

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    • Thanks, Blanche! I’m not hanging up the laptop until Friday, but wanted to give people a heads up in advance. Things seem (relatively) quiet Hoaxtead-wise, so it seems like a good time for some R&R.

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      • I second that E.C…….
        A `wallotext’ of sheer lunacy and venom!
        `Top Notch’ missed a couple of conspiraturd memes in there tho
        Didnt manage to put in that they did 9/11 (stupid back to front date system grr) or that the earth is flat, both current conspiracy themes online

        I mean the `no nukes exist’ is just soooo two years ago man!!!!

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    • ” so NO they will PAY”.
      Yeh sure promises promises. I send endless invoices to George Soros and they are all ignored.

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  4. Have a great break EC, your dedication is very admirable.
    It must suck to be Krusty Pooh Costa Del Crime with her blog of lies and bullshit, on the wrong side of history and encouraging child abuse and elevation child torturers to the level of sainthood.

    Have a well earned bucket of Kentucky fried Chicken on me.

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  5. Haha, just in case anyone was wondering exactly how clueless Ms Costa really is….

    It’s a little hard to read, but the first para tells the story:

    “Is the position of the police that if the children make claims of sexual abuse and give details of distinguishing marks on the alleged abusers, the police require independent evidence before they can start investigating the claims properly and in line with normal procedures? That they require other evidence to verify the children’s claim before they start arresting suspects, examining them for distinguishing marks, seizing their computers and phones, searching home address etc.”

    Hands up, everyone who thinks it would be perfectly hunky-dory to be arrested based on a story some children told the cops. No evidence, no corroboration from third parties, no witnesses…just a couple of kids talking to the police. Does Ms C really think that’s how police investigations work? She’d better hope it’s not, because my kid thinks she’s probably a serial killer, or at least related to one.

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    • More evidence that the perversion is actually within the minds of these hoaxers. The sad truth is that if children were repeatedly raped as claimed by the Nutcase Brigade the poor things would most like have died from internal bleeding.

      But what would I know about anal sex?. It seems to be Abe’s specialty subject.

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    • She dosent have a clue. The police found so many inconsistencies in the statements and none of the secret rooms etc were there so of course they weren’t gonna arrest anyone. The police would’ve known how unbelievable the story was just as Jean Claude did. I’m sick of the way Kris talks about Ella like she’s a saint. Ella let a man abuse her kids to the point of mental illness, she put them through all the crap with the police that led to them being taken into care and then she abandoned them. Why hasn’t she come back? I doubt she would get a custodial sentence so why is she on the run? Is there more to this than we know? it dosent add up.

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      • You’re right. If I had to guess, I’d say that Ella is very keenly aware of a little something called “attempting to pervert the course of justice”, which oddly enough carries rather stringent penalties.


  6. Just received the transcript of Abe`s failed audition for Mastermind:

    Cue music:Dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum, Da-da!

    Can you please tell me your name? Abraham Jemal Christie

    What is your occupation? “Fugitive child torcherer”.

    And your specialist subject? “Sodomy”.

    OK, you have two minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Let’s begin.

    1.How would you define Sodomy? “Anal intercourse”.

    Wrong,you recently defined it as,”Chronic exogenous stimulation of the pineal gland via the Rite of Sodomy causing the recipient to become dependent upon exogenous stimulation and thereby “Bound and Controlled”. These occult practices; Satanic, Luciferian, Magick, hypnotism, illusion & virtual reality, the use of drugs/potions etc. which also serve to confuse and create non-credible disclosure, are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases.The Rite of Sodomy is begun before three years of age in order to securely “bind and control” victims, which is one reason why nurseries/pre-schools and maternity hospitals are increasingly targeted. Universities, military bases, schools, churches & private homes are also venues for TBMC programming …and regrettably the local education board Camden HAVE to be aware of these programs. One of the main abusers & leading member of the TBMC programs, who has a large port wine stain birth mark covering her thighs and pudenda & a baphomet tattoo covering her vagina), regularly attends Camden Education Board meetings which are also attended by Tavistock representatives”.

    2.You are a complete and (Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!)… I’ve started so I’ll finish…utter greasy little bastard really arnt you? “No”.

    Wrong,you are in fact a complete and utter greasy,little bastard

    At the end of that round, you had no passes and just the two questions wrong. You have no points!

    (Sound of scuffles..and glass breaking…fade)

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  7. Oh yes. Looks like another Renee H character who likes it you know where….lol I wonder what the charges were and why the little creep has attacked Philby? Hmmm? Maybe Krusted Poo knows?


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