Rupert Quaintance IV trial: 21-30 August, 2017

On 13 September 2016, Rupert Quaintance was arrested at the home where he was staying in Erith. He was charged with seven counts of harassment (putting people in fear of violence) under Section 4 of the Freedom from Harassment Act 1997. This was later reduced to five counts. Despite several attempts to have his bail varied so he could retrieve his passport and return to the United States, Rupert eventually stood trial at Southwark Crown Court, beginning on 21 August 2017.

The following is our day-by-day coverage of that trial. Each link will take you to that day’s court activities:

Day 1: In the hallways, and Court Order to restrict reporting

Day 2: Prosecution opening statement, and prosecution witnesses

Day 3: Admissions, police witness, and Rupert takes the witness stand

Day 4: Cross-examination of defendant part 2; defence response and judge’s questions; character references; prosecution summing up; defence summing up

Day 5: Judge’s summation, further review of video evidence; review of admissions; jury sent out

Day 6: Rupert found guilty of two counts of Harassment 4; sentencing

Appeal: Rupert Quaintance appeal quashed