Trouble in Archer-land

It’s premature to claim that Jeanette Archer’s attempted SRA cash-grab has completely collapsed, but I think it’s fair to say there’ve been multiple signs that it’s not at all well.

For starters, Archer’s GoFundMe campaign seems to have topped out at £1,765 about three weeks ago. Granted, this amount surpassed the original target of £1,500, but what red-blooded grifter would not accept further donations, should they just happen to land in one’s lap?

It’s probably mere coincidence that the campaign screeched to a halt shortly after several people lodged concerns with GoFundMe about the ethics and legality of Archer’s cash drive.

Not that GoFundMe troubles itself greatly with ethical issues…but terms of service violations? That’s a whole other kettle of fish. And we’ve seen correspondence from the crowd-funding platform to some of those who launched complaints, expressing grave concerns about the Archer campaign’s possible TOS violations.

Nonetheless, Archer is now claiming [see video, below] that GoFundMe has told her they absolutely adore her and think she’s a marvellous person, and here, have as much money as you like, Jeanette. Now go save those children!

Bets on which version is correct?

And then there’s the Shaun Attwood situation: the video interview he conducted with Archer a year ago, which arguably launched her into the UK troofer limelight, was quietly removed from YouTube on or about 2 June.

Archer has claimed that Attwood was told to remove all videos containing SRA, or risk losing his channel, but if that was the case, he seems to have missed a few…

The Real Troll Exposure blog offers another, more plausible explanation than “YouTube crackdown on SRA”:

Elsewhere, in a video on Chancer’s channel, podcaster and ex-drug dealer Shaun Attwood appears to have admitted to being interviewed under caution regarding an interview with a, as yet publicly unnamed, female guest and that the CPS are pursuing the case “aggressively”.

We know the identity of the female, the video in question and the very valid reasons for the police interest and the source of the referral to the Metropolitan Police to investigate [clue: it wasn’t simply a crime report] but cannot yet publicly reveal the details for legal reasons.

I’m sure the Big Reveal will be fascinating.

Oh, and did I mention that while plans appear to be moving ahead for Archer’s triumphant London march on 26 June, two of the three invited SRA speakers—Samantha Baldwin and Vicky Ash—have announced their regrets:

Whoops. Wonder what their “personal issues” were? They must have been quite pressing, to miss such an important event.

More important, I wonder why Archer has not seen fit to make any sort of announcement to her followers, who will be attending the London event in the full expectation of a quadruple bill, only to find…Archer and Sam Browne, who will no doubt be hawking her snake oil.

It took a little while [two weeks, but who’s counting?—Ed.] but a couple of days ago, Jeanette Archer and her supporters finally reacted to this blog’s claim that her paternal grandfather had been dead for years prior to the time he was supposed to have subjected her to Satanic ritual abuse.

Archer’s sooper-seekrit Telegram group was abuzz for several days, with anxious members questioning one another—and Dear Leader—about the veracity of the claims:

Asked whether the family tree we produced had her parents’ names correct, Archer admits that yes, we did…but somehow the paternal grandparents’ names were incorrect. Hmm.

Finally, Archer admits that “the sisters’ names are correct”, but that somehow these names were obtained through “other dark means”.

Like what, we asked Satan and he texted us the info?

Curiously, we deliberately omitted any mention of Archer’s sister’s names (and we even left her youngest sister off altogether), as it seems to us that her family has probably suffered more than enough from Archer’s false allegations. So it’s hard to say how she divined which names we found. [Wasn’t she a fortune teller at one time? Maybe the cards finally revealed all?—Ed.]

However, a few days after these exchanges, Archer finally roused herself, donned a white robe (well, okay, it was a bathrobe) and went to sit in her car, where she created the following video:

Her rebuttal, however, raises more questions than it answers.

Contrary to her assertion on Telegram that we had got her parents’ and sisters’ names correct, Archer now says, “They got the names completely wrong….We did have the best laugh ever over this one, because <giggle> they paid for this shit…they’ve paid money, they’ve spent God knows how long…”

Well, not quite. Several of us are hobby-level genealogists. Working independently, we each built separate trees, then compared notes when we were done. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve been doing genealogy for about 20 years now—and it’s really not an expensive hobby. Time-consuming? Sure. Frustrating? Sometimes. But also fascinating and rewarding…seriously, don’t get me started.

Archer states that her sister Catherine (yes, the one she claimed was murdered by the Satanists) was registered as a “miscarriage”, adding, “And my mum has the paperwork to show that”. (Oddly, I’ve never come across any record of a miscarriage—nor even a still-birth—in all my years of research. If anybody else has run across it, I’d be very interested to know.)

The obvious conclusion, of course, is that a baby was born dead, and was nonetheless given a name and a proper burial. But that doesn’t fit Archer’s narrative, in which Catherine was a living child who was tortured to death. Apparently Archer finds this version far more satisfying, or at least convenient.

She states in the video that the police informed her that her grandfather died in the early 1990s, of lung cancer.

Well, that may or may not be true. It’s entirely possible that all of us were mistaken, that we took a collective-yet-independent wrong turn, and all came up with the wrong information. I’m certainly willing to consider that possibility, but currently, with the information available, I don’t see it.

So here is my challenge to Jeanette Archer: send me your grandparents’ names, dates and places of birth, and dates and places of death, and prove we were all wrong.

If you do that, I promise you, I will retract my allegations about your grandfather’s death, and apologise wholeheartedly to you.

However, I’m not holding my breath.

140 thoughts on “Trouble in Archer-land

  1. The more Jeanette stands outside 10 Downing Street shouting abuse at the Prime Minister the better. I’m sure security will be taking note and she’ll end up on one of those lists….you know ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘nutter alert’. Either way she’s looking at being investigated at some point in the future.

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    • Yes, she has already brought herself to the attention of the police, and received a fine and a criminal record for her trouble. Let’s see how far she can push this.

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  2. For the truth about Archer, go to Hoaxtead Research (natch) and the Shellie Mote channel:

    For complete bollocks about Archer, go to the Lydia Loves Lying channel:

    And Lydia’s last video alone justifies the entrance fee. As well as referring to the upcoming SRA rally as an “amazing Biblical event”, at 3:36 to 5:02 she also regales us with a Bible reading from, er, “Palm 70”, apparently from the Alan Partridge edition of Bible:

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    • I hear they are planning to resurrect Jehesus who will lead the charge to No 10 beside Jeanette and take down the whole rotten edifice ( I knew that choice of wallpaper was a mistake) and begin the demolition of the rotten United Nations who are quaking in their boots. Beelzebub has been rather silent of late (or so I’m told) & he and Bill Gates’ dastardly plan to inject the whole of Society with a microchip via the Covid jab is being exposed daily by Truth Worrier Donald Trump who will rightly seize power in the White House again when the vote re-count in Alapaha, Georgia ( pop 700) will expose the election fraud and that a certain “Joe Biden” voted 1000 times. Apparently they already have Ted Heath’s corpse dug up & currently on ice to leave on the steps at Downing Street as a warning to Boris that his floppy hair won’t save him this time.

      Well that’s what Mabel Fortheringale-Fortescue told me yesterday over (an admittedly liquid) lunch at the Sunny Havens Home for The Bewildered and she hasn’t been wrong yet except for a few dozen times. Hic.

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    • I’ve noticed from American Q-Loon & Trump-Maga news that the “Covid-Denialism-Save-The-Children-From-Satan” political phenomenon (and it’s all political at the end of the day) is finding it’s last redoubt in the fervent bible prophesising, “Covid is the devil’s work, white people are chosen by God” population. It’s pretty much only occuring in churches now, like the Dream City jeezus franchise chain in Arizona: (20 minute free extract of ‘premium’ weekly episode; weekly non-premium episodes are free).

      Thankfully the UK incidence of this mental illness is a lot lower than in the US. But Lydia seems to have contracted it.

      So the Wedger-Archer Gang have lost the more understandable anti child abuse support and now rely on the apocalyptical Evangeloon, white nationalist, covid-denialist and pro-brexit market.
      That’s a tiny niche and pretty much limited to the mentally unbalanced Q-Loon, jeezuz ‘n satan fanatics.

      That’s all that Wedger-Archer have left: a handful of the nuttiest nutters. I can’t wait to see Archer’s huge crowd of a dozen loons on June 26th (10 people account for £1100 of the £1700 grifted so far on GFM, 35 donors in total).
      Unless she’s “otherwise engaged” with Dixon of Dock Green on her special day, of course. In which case I’ll have to find different entertainment for all the beer & popcorn I’ve stocked up on.

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      • Well, now that the “Epic March of Biblical Proportions” has been whittled down to Sam Browne’s Patent Medicine Travelling Show, Archer and the Brows, plus all the bodyguards they could cram into one car, I think it will be a fun Saturday’s entertainment. I hope Boris is prepared for the severe taunting he will no doubt receive.

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        • LOL, they could all fit in one big clown car!
          I asked Lydia “palm 70” if they have a police permit for an actual march or if it’s just a Speaker’s Corner stand-up routine (no permit needed). She probably won’t reply as I’m obviously an incubus sent by Beelzebub.

          In the past they’ve only ever just blended in with anti-lockdown marches that did have permits.
          Is there a public record of police permits, do you know? I couldn’t find anything… But I’d bet a cup of boiled newts eyes that they haven’t even applied for a permit…

          Still, Lydia’s got herself a smart looking portable amplifier out of it so she must be very chuffed. Nice grift if you can get it.

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  3. I can’t wait to see the next video from Jeanette Archer or will it come from her chief salesperson Lydia Lowe, not Lydia Loo/Lau by the way. 😉
    Remember it’s all about the children, now where have I heard that before. 🤔

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  4. Stickers !……. didn’t she claim that she was going to buy a load of stickers for the march because as we all know nothing saves children more than a strategically placed sticker on the side of a bus or lamp post.

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  5. Archer has claimed that Attwood was told to remove all videos containing SRA, or risk losing his channel, but if that was the case, he seems to have missed a few…

    Attwood clearly wasn’t motivated by issues of “credibility” if his advertisement for Rachel Vaughan’s lurid but derivative fantasies is still on line.

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    • There seems to be a new “chic” among the troofers and that is a new friendship with an ex (?) thug or gangster as in Jon Wedger and his Kray Twin’s creepy bodyguard (does anyone under 40 even know who the Krays were these days?).
      Atwood has some on, lauding a chap who happily admits he was a heroin smuggler for years as though it was really all just a jolly jape although I perceive a flaw in his plan in that if he really had spent years in various Far East jails (being tortured ) and was born in Britain and now resides in Australia with numerous convictions , he would have been deported by now back to the UK with the strict Oz laws where even a foreign born jaywalker is sent packing.

      Needless to say Atwood weaves Jimmy Savile into the mix of every conspiracy known to man.

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        • Yes, sadly when push came to shove, none of Paterson’s alleged gangland friends were willing to admit that they’d drawn straws to murder me. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

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      • I listed to Attwood’s interview with this alleged drug runner and it all sounded so familiar and then I finally recalled- his tales were very reminiscent of the late (in)famous drug runner Howard Marks who wrote a best seller Mr Nice in the early 1980s. Internet never forgets.

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      • Some people (not all) appear to be mulling on silly Shaunie’s content now but he’s not the only person to have odd (to me at least) guests. James English has had not dissimilar interviews to silly Shaunie at times. In JE’s (from a while back) with Anna Brees in the still shot before clicking on the video on mobile at least the lighting makes them look as if they’re wearing pointy tin foil hats.

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    • So Mike Pence has been shown to be a traitor?. No wonder he’s keeping his head down seeing he nearly lost it in that dreadful Capitol event where 5 people died including one poor lady who was trampled to death by her co-rioters.
      These troofers are never original. Always latching on to something after the event and weaving it into the mix.

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    • Well I never had children but none of the folk I know with children or grandchildren try to raise the youngsters’ vibrations. I find the poem about ‘Ben’ particularly obnoxious. I know that the timeline about the ‘Ben’ in JA’s narrative was different to that of the little boy who disappeared in Greece in the 1990s but using that name might possibly have caused unhappy memories to the vanished boy’s family.

      January 2021 Lydia sounds a bit “away with the fairies” but she might have been spouting wacky stuff but it wasn’t as bad as her current stuff.

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    • I raised my vibration once. It was urgent as I’d had a case of bad vibes that just wouldn’t go away. I went on a mashed yeast diet, listened to binaural beats on You Tube and did yoga. Eventually I gained the ability to take my trousers off over my head. This gave me such confidence. I could do just about anything. Since then I’ve been raising awareness (any subject – you name it and I’ll raise awareness of it) and the GoFundMe donations have been rolling in.
      Hey, when life gives you lemons make lemonade!

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    • I like her video entitled ‘Monsters and Tunells’ Yes, ‘tunells’. She might love truth but spelling doesn’t get a look in.
      Nice reading though and heartfelt. It’s all in the eyebrows.

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      • Yeah, spelling seems to escape the ‘truthers’ very often.
        I don’t mean any disrespect to people who cannot spell, (my other half can’t, we have always suspected a slight bit of Asperger’s in him, as he has other annoying habits & seems to do things back to front in a way that doesn’t make sense to others, but it works anyway in the end😁), however if I was putting lives out on social media, the 1st thing I would do is check my spellings.
        The eyebrows I noticed also, half moons, is that a sign of something I wonder. 🤔🤭

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        • Half moon eyebrows. It’s the pressure from the corners of the the third eye. As you ascend it plays havoc with the eyebrows and is one of the drawbacks of reaching enlightenment.

          I don’t care if someone can’t spell. It’s the fact that she’s posting videos and hasn’t bothered to check the spelling. Tbh I rather like the word ‘tunells’…..breath mints for ladies?

          If I was to guess I’d say she’s related to Danielle La Verite or that ‘Mornin’ peephole’ lady.

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        • Same here, in the olden days of the first mobiles, ancient things now, I texted my 16 year old daughter upstairs, (I was still being lazy), the text on my end read, ‘time to get up darling’. She came downstairs bewildered & teary & said, “Mum why did you call me that?”
          She showed me her phone, it read, ‘time to get up bitch’. How darling turned to bitch I still have no idea but we had a good laugh about it & she reminds me now & then of the time I inadvertently called her that word lol.

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    • Lydia thinks there are no metals in the bottled water she’s drinking because they’re not listed on the label. Bless.

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    • What I find sad about this is that she’s so clearly a sitting duck for Archer’s toxic blend of happy-clappy Christianity and terror-inducing SRA tales. I wonder when she became an Archerette?

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      • Those in the SRA community know that poor old Prince Phillip finally succumbed when his supply of Canadian Kiddy Adrenochrome dried up.Or did I see that on an Angela Power Disney video? Any way I blame Meghan Markle.

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        • Poor Duchess of Sussex gets the blame for a whole weird bunch of stuff. My late Mum’s first and second names were after her grandmas because that was something of a tradition then. Mum was actually known by her third name. From what I’ve heard one of my maternal great-grandmothers was a very strong character so made sure her name was first on the birth cert. Thinking of the trivial not news stories about the naming of Baby Sussex. I also wanted to clarify that I don’t think James English has interviewed JA.

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  6. The post title has given me a ‘Miss Shapiro’ ear-worm.

    Round in circles like the Archers
    Always stiff or always starchy
    Yes it’s happening and it’s fattening
    And it’s all that we can get into the show

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  7. Thanks for the article plug on Spin vs Truth/Real Troll Exposure EC. Much appreciated.

    One thing I will clarify however is that the person under suspicion re the Attwood video is NOT Jeanette Archer, which makes Attwood’s removal of certain videos even more questionable and perhaps the police are looking at wider issues other than simply what was said in that specific video.

    The big reveal of who it is and what was said will, as EC says, be fascinating [imho it’s going to be brilliant], however it has to wait for legal matters to pan out first i.e. criminal charges or an admission publicly [such as in other public court documents for example]. Attwood can be named currently because he’s openly admitted it in the audio snippet in Chancer’s video. It is only a matter of time before the identity of the female can be revealed I understand. How that person’s supporters then react given the content of the video will be exceptionally interesting to observe.

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    • As a result of a civil hearing this morning in which a witness statement was openly referred to it subsequently passed into the public domain. As a result of that it can now be revealed that the as yet unnamed female who was also interviewed under caution with Shaun Attwood is… Sonia Poulton. She has admitted to being interviewed by the police in early April 2021, exactly around the time of her setting up her “fighting fund” in which she makes no mention of the criminal allegations against her which were as a result of a referral by the Attorney General to the Metropolitan Police.

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  8. I think it’s this month that Youtube will be enforcing upon those like Attwood who make money from their videos, strict new tax rules. Apparently you will have to prove you are paying tax or they will deduct a sizable amount to be forwarded to the IRS. It was always a matter of time before tax authorities in all countries focused on Youtube, Facebook etc (they’ve already targeted Ebay) as they hate the notion a taxable $$ may slip through their fingers.

    I don’t know if Shaun Attwood etc does well out of his YT stuff (poor old Andy Colon :Devine: couldn’t possibly) and I’m sure most of them exaggerate but once you are on tax authorities radar they tend to delve a bit further such as, are you receiving welfare benefits, donations and so on- all taxable.

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      • I’ve always thought that despite their boasts, most Youtubers earn some pin money (unlike say Gangham Style or the Official Beatles channel and so on that earn a fortune) to supplement other income whether it be from a job or social security (bet there are 1000s on the social). But that brings up the inevitable problem that was always bound to come with various tax departments sniffing about: is this income being declared and if not, watch out.
        # I think a video has to be watched for 3 minutes for it to be a recorded view? May be wrong.

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        • I’m not sure about the timing. I think though someone like Attwood will have an accountant who would make sure that his taxes are met, he is too big a presence on the internet to take a chance like that.
          The smaller channels who have the required 1,000 to start monetizing, with so many hours of views, could probably get away with it because they don’t use their real names a lot of the time, but they do need to have the 1,000 subscriptions in the 1st place.

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  9. I had a comment disappear into the internet. What I said was that I’d had a look at Shaun Attwood’s channel and he indeed has some segments of his interview with Jeanette Archer up. Also, one Ms A Brees is looking for people to sign up to her patreon to finance hiring of staff for ‘a very new and important project’. She loves the word ‘new’ – before her YouTube channel disappeared she was claiming to have come up with the expression ‘new media’.

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  10. I was going to link a reply to Anna Brees tweeting about her courses but it’s already been deleted methinks but someone had replied in the vein of why were right-wingers begging for money and for her to pull herself up by her bootstraps. The disappeared tweet was a lot funnier than me describing it. This is funny (to me at least) if she hasn’t already deleted it. In case it gets deleted (and tweets which aren’t sycophantic often do) someone called Firefly has said “Brilliant what are we learning to cook first?” with some laughing emojis.

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      • The irony… I was just about to post this under EC’s “quite interesting” reply… then I saw a reference to Firefly!!!

        For those in on the joke:

        Mal: “Define ‘interesting’.”
        Wash: “Oh God, oh God we’re all going to die.”

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  11. The world of Archer gets murkier and murkier. All of that money for nothing!! Perhaps “finders international” could help her with her family tree. I am sure that the family will have suffered enough. Very funny how they all drop SRA just before and event; like Maggie Tuttle just before the childrenscreamingtobeheard conference in London; where SRA was going to be a major feature in 2016!! Funny that!! I wonder if Jon Wedger will come out of hiding and save the day with Bill Maloney!! I am sure they will be looking for press coverage now that the UK Column have lost their youtube channel.

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      • I deleted it but I’m pretty sure I got an email from Youtube saying they had updated their terms and one was you could no longer published videos that may identify people- just not sure of the wording.
        Of course like Facebook YT is infuriating in the way they ignore many complaints but I have a feeling they are getting in first before proposed heavy government regulation from the USA. I’m sure there will be ramifications from the 6/1 storming of the Capitol that will keep coming for a long time.

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    • In retrospect if there’s anything the ‘mods’ don’t like about previous post, please remove it.


    • You must of course bear in mind that a number of us have blocked her because she tried to follow us. I have no idea what she’s said.

      Please cut and paste text if you want people to read tweets.

      Same goes with Facebook posts for those who want nothing to do with them.

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      • I don’t have a Facebook account or a Twitter – though I can read Twitter unless it’s been made private, The tweet is about the hiring of Mike Veale. I wasn’t able to copy any pictures/photos.

        Anna Brees
        They’ve brought back Mike to get rid of the paedophiles in power. And the media are panicking. Those who fund the media I should say.

        I know A LOT about this.

        PCC hires Mike Veale, ex-officer who led troubled Heath abuse inquiry | News | The Times
        PCC hires Mike Veale, ex-officer who led troubled Heath abuse inquiry
        The former chief constable who led the inquiry into alleged abuse by Sir Edward Heath and who later resigned over allegations of serious misconduct is being paid to advise an elected police and crime
        7:13 am · 8 Jun 2021·Twitter for iPhone
        Quote Tweets
        8 Jun
        Replying to
        Who’s the PCC Anna?
        chalkers Volcano
        8 Jun
        Replying to
        Why is he ex-officer? I missed what happened.
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        Relevant people
        Anna Brees
        Ex BBC ITV reporter #newmedia teaching everyone to film like a journo using a mobile, stay in touch here and
        Trending now
        What’s happening
        UEFA European Championship ”

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        • Anna Brees is an ill-qualified imbecile, as I suspect most people reading already know.

          Her only qualification specific to working in television is (she claims) a Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) Diploma – which isn’t a regulated qualification, or one that many people seem to know about! By way of contrast the NCTJ (which is the ACTUAL national training body) develops and awards qualifications such as the Diploma in Journalism and the NQJ. NCTJ IS regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA. And the important thing about these is that they are ‘levelled’ courses and stand as national qualifications. To understand this a little better – legitimate qualifications issued in the UK sit on one of a number of academic ‘frameworks’…

          BJTC? – Years ago under the old Independent Television Authority and Independent Broadcasting Authority, the major broadcast companies ran their own training schools. Some of these tied-in with local FE colleges to deliver levelled units (subjects) which might or might not tie into a group award – City & Guilds, ONC, HNC/D etc. – What would then happen is that the training schools would ‘bolt-on’ their own industry-specific units.

          The BBC did something similar with its own facility at Wood-Norton.

          This system was mainly for technical staff passing ‘through the ranks’ straight from school – although there were production streams too. Traditionally a school leaver would get an admin job, go to ‘night school’ and get onto an internal training course to work as a Production Assistant etc. BJTC is, as far as I know, a ‘bolt-on’ certification born out of that old (now defunct) system – NOT a Diploma in its own right. i.e. if you were to take a Degree or Post-Grad in Journalism, it might (or might not) be ‘accredited’ by BJTC.

          Personally, I’m not convinced that there ever was a stand-alone ‘Broadcast Journalism Diploma, BJTC’ offered anywhere – but if there were, it would not be an academic qualification, just a training certificate.

          Highbury College (a G/FE college in Portsmouth, which Anna claims to have attended) offers the six-month Level 5 Diploma in Journalism, accredited by the NCTJ. This recently replaced the old Level 3 diploma which was mandatory in the apprenticeship standard for a Junior Journalist. – So these things are actually fairly basic qualifications.

          Before this she claims a 2:1 BA in Theology/Anthropology completed between 1995 and ’98 at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David – I have no idea what this is or why you’d do that but hey! Why not? What I really don’t understand is the three-year gap between completing this ‘degree in nothing much’ and her taking several steps back to start studying Journalism.

          Soooo, it’s September 2002 and Anna spends a month with ‘ITV’ at St Helier, Jersey Channel Islands as a ‘Broadcast Journalist Presenter’? Really? With no training, no significant qualifications and no experience she isn’t just filing forms and getting coffee? She then moves to Oxford for 3 years (as a Broadcast Journalist) and Birmingham (Journalist Presenter) for another 2.

          I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t seem credible. I’m aware that she presented on Central West for a short while. None of the rest of this really adds up though.

          For a start ‘ITV’ as we know it today was created through the merger of Granada and Carlton in 2004 creating a behemoth that controls all the Independent Television franchises in England and Wales and ‘swept away’ the old regional companies. But Channel Television wasn’t absorbed by the monster until 2011 and if you worked for them, you worked for Channel Television! Oxford? Wasn’t that Carlton TV? ‘Old School’ ITV people tend to be quite loyal to their former regional companies and in no doubt as to their identity!

          “Ex BBC ITV reporter #newmedia teaching everyone to film like a journo using a mobile”

          It’s true of course that in difficult situations where stories break in the field, or technical difficulties ensue, Television Journalists will occasionally use the last resort of a mobile phone. Likewise, phone footage might be broadcast if there is nothing better. However, television broadcasting in the UK is subject to regulation, and as part of the licensing conditions there are technical standards that need to be met. These are set out in documents such as EBU R118 and the AS-11 standards. This is why real Journalists are supported by well-equipped, highly skilled production crew and why Reporters and reporting teams are run by experienced Directors and Editors.

          So, really what Anna is ‘teaching’ is how to pretend to be a “journo” much as a schoolchild might. In fact what she is doing is living out something of a childish fantasy, beloved mainly of marketeers who flog nasty overpriced tech tat to gullible kids off the back of such nonsenses.

          Her BBC experience amounts to less than six months on what I believe was a short-term contract. ITV seemingly tolerated her for a while for god-knows-what reason. But legitimate, trained, experienced Journalist? Naaah!

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          • My only experience is with print journalism, so her assertions of her credentials have always been suspect.

            And all that is without even needing to go into the “Doing a Pilger” or “Greenwalding” route, where a journalist who has previously done well respected work suddenly goes batshit conspiracy crazy.

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            • @anowlcalledsage – Journalism is what it is regardless of the medium. Print Journalists aren’t expected to be typesetters or printers. Broadcast Journalists aren’t expected to be Engineers! There will, I appreciate, be additional skills peculiar to each medium, but the overarching discipline is the same.

              I’d urge everyone to do their own research from the information widely available. NCTJ is the authorised, regulated, national awarding body – that’s a fact you can check for yourselves. BJTC simply endorses courses run by awarding bodies as being suitable for those with a particular interest in broadcast. – EVERY ONE of those is either a BA, MA, MSc or PGc and EVERY one is offered by a university – which is the awarding body.

              She has a profile on LinkedIn that makes the claim:

              Highbury College
              Degree Name – Broadcast Journalism Diploma
              Field Of Study – BJTC
              Dates attended or expected graduation – 2001 – 2002

              By all means corroborate or disprove what I’ve said here – the more who do so independently, the better.

              But I can find absolutely no evidence of BJTC issuing Diplomas in their own right, or of any college offering any such course. – Her ‘ITV’ story simply doesn’t stand up either. Genuine Graduates in Journalism seem to have to compete quite fiercely to get a start in TV, and this has been the case for a very long time. How did she blag her way in? …TBH I thought she’d been caught out and bombed out years ago. It’s pretty disturbing to see what she’s up to!

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          • She reminds me of that Ms Poulton lass who thinks having a few pieces published in a down market tabloid makes you a fully qualified journalist. At that rate with the number of (tawdry) pieces I was able to place in Fleet Street’s finest (?) over the decades, I should be up for a Pulitzer.

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          • I wonder if you can clear something up for me, Brees tells her minions that she left the BBC because she couldn’t work for a corporation that covered up Jimmy Saviles abuse, did she start working for the BBC post 2012 when Saviles abuses were first revealed publicly ? If so that means Brees actually joined the BBC knowing full well about Savile and blows her excuse for leaving out of the water.

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            • Anyone who sleeps around in order to climb ladders,probably wouldnt care about Saville.(just ignore it and deny all knowlege).


            • Her BBC gigs from:

              Assistant Producer

              Company Name

              Dates Employed Sep 2011 – Dec 2011
              Employment Duration 4 mos
              Location Cardiff, United Kingdom
              Producer for BBC X-Ray
              Broadcast Journalist Presenter

              Company Name

              Dates Employed Sep 2008 – Sep 2009
              Employment Duration 1 yr 1 mo
              Location Southampton, United Kingdom

              There seems to be some doubt over the 2008 date and the role, which is thought to be covering as Production Support (admin in the field) on a magazine show while the regular team were abroad. Can be found who remembers her being there for a year? Or can point to programme credits, or recordings of her? I can’t!

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              • @Crochety Auld Woman – Savile’s contracts would have varied over the years. It was/is quite common for people to operate through an agency or shell company, but still in effect be employed by the BBC. IIRC he had an office at Broadcasting House.

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              • Thanks for the info, Nonny. I’m not and never have been in media or journalism but I knew (well I still know the person but they live far away from me) who taught would-be journalists (taught them computer skills I think) and he said a student told him they have a rule of thumb that they shouldn’t go with a story unless they can verify it with three independent sources. Some ‘journalists’ seem to go with hearsay these days. I know some kinds of journalism such as an editorial can be written to give an opinion but aren’t journalists generally supposed to try and keep neutral on common or garden articles?

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              • I’ve had articles published in the national press and I’ve had my own “paper outlet” for things I’ve written for 30 years but I’d never call myself a journalist.

                A good friend of mind got her qualification at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, which is part of the University. I believe that the number of “independent sources” recommended is two. However, they have to be verifiably independent. A common mistake is using a quote from a single source by another journalist as a “second” source. Brees et al. do this all the time.

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  12. I asked DareToFly if she would be amending her video from circa a year ago in which she mentions Jeanette Archer as a survivor of SRA (she also mentions Fiona Barnpot). I don’t know what happened to DTF because I came across her student Facebook account (I don’t believe in doxing people so won’t link) and she seemed a nice, normal youngster then – reporting about floods and well sensible news stories you might expect a student journalist (she’s since obtained her degree) to write about.

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      • ‘To date’ not ‘to ate’. Laptop keyboards have a limited shelf life. I think I’ll have to buy a plug-in keyboard as I don’t think I can afford a new laptop at present.

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      • Dare to Fly never cared about the truth and was never some innocent silly girl. She always had an agenda and would promote people no matter how much they lied. the girl is an idiot and Qanon scumbag. All these SRA morons have something wrong with them.

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      • Sam, I tried to reason with some online conspiracy minded people regarding Fiona B once saying that she was born after the death of one of the famous people she accused of assaulting her so the dates didn’t make sense. I kid you not – somebody suggested that perhaps (insert name of deceased famous person) was cloned. There’s only so much a person can do to try and enlighten folk.

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        • She’s an evil bloody cow. She has accused just about every Australian PM of killing babies and Satanic claptrap but she also accused a deceased senior MP whose grandson got horribly bullied and harassed at school when some of the other kids read her rubbish online.

          There are real life consequences to these vile falsehoods and while most people see the claptrap for what it is, teenagers can be highly influenced. His parents actually changed his name and had to uproot his life and send him to another school. Fiona Barnett is in fact, a child abuser.

          She accused one ex-PM of being the Wanda Beach murderer which would have happened when he was 21- as if she know the frigging truth of what happened. While the crime was never solved it’s generally believed now to have been an American serial killer who spent time in Australia and whose MO fitted the evidence and who fled Australia soon after the murders and went on a killing spree in the USA.
          Fiona Barnett is an utterly vile and dangerous woman.

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        • She accused a deceased MP of all sorts of claptrap and his grandson got horribly abused at school when pals read her rubbish online. Family changed his name and sent him to a new school.
          Barnett is a child abuser.

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          • Was FB vague about dates for these alleged incidents? Most politicians have diaries which can be checked surely – from my recollection that was how Private Eye discovered discrepancies in the story told in ‘Meatrack Boy’, by checking with a deceased politician’s diary for the period in question.

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        • The ugly ego of the hideous woman- claiming Richard Nixon flew in Airforce One all the way to Canberra unnoticed just to abuse her for one day.

          No-one ordinary touched this woman- every single one is a famous celebrity or politician. Surprised she hasn’t accused The Pope or Dalai Lama of touching her up.

          Nixon stayed for an entire Saturday and the entire diplomatic corp in Canberra including the Russians who have 100 spies there, never noticed.

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          • Don’t forget Barnett’s “particular bloodline, high cognitive abilities and physical prowess” that made it worth all the trouble programming her to be a Super-Soldier. Her status as a member of the Genetic Elite and her superiority to the rest of humanity is a central part of her story.

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  13. ‘Don’t forget Barnett’s “particular bloodline, high cognitive abilities and physical prowess”’ – To be fair there aren’t many that cultivate that ‘egg with legs’, hair like straw hangin’ out a midden, multiple layers of neck-flesh thing that just screams ‘Super Soldier’.

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  14. This week’s Private Eye has a piece on Mike Veale. The former Wiltshire and Cleveland police chief is is awaiting yet another Independent Office for Police Conduct ruling about his behaviour. How unlucky can one man be?

    Probably not worth posting the whole article but the TL;DR to Private eye’s “What sort of oddball would appoint this dodgy Knacker just now?” is Rupert Matthews, the Leicester PCC who hired him for “advice on policing matters”, and who is a bona fide aliens, ghosts and paranormal nut, so no surprise there.

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    • FMC, is it worth showing which quotes relate to Shaun Attwood and which to Mark Attwood? I’m not a Shaun Twittwood fan but as he may be better known folk might think of him before M Attwood.

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    • FMC, I realise now that the dialogue made it evident that the fruitloop quote came from Mark Attwood – I was likely still a bit tired when I typed my suggestion this a.m.

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  15. Someone under a warning video about Wedgehog, Eyebrows Archer et al had noted that the Adam ‘Skippy’ Whittington involved in the ‘Project Rescue Children’ had something in his past.
    Here is what someone said under OG’s video:- “The organisation that Jeanette Archer and the others mentioned they’re working in collaboration with on their cringey promo vid,’Project Rescue Children’ Director Adam (Skippy) Whittington was found guilty of assaulting 2 children and threatening a female adult. Dodgy as….”

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