Abe & Ella: A match made in hell

In our continuing series on the genesis of the Hampstead ritual abuse hoax, we’ve looked at who started the hoax, when they started it, and how it was promoted. Ultimately, though, while players like Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, Charlotte Alton Ward, and Angela Power-Disney have all been integral to setting up and publicising…

Hoaxtead: Last stop, everybody off!

With all this talk about Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s various lies, half-truths, and scams, it’s tempting to imagine that the Hampstead hoax is still going strong. But our team has been checking in on some of the usual suspects, and we’ve discovered that the vast majority of them seem to have dropped Hoaxtead altogether.

Minions and trolls: Beware!

Well, that really told us! Angie seems to be a bit perturbed by the attention we’ve been giving her lately, so she’s appealing to a Higher Authority to shut us down. Yes, she’s put in her request to the Big Kahuna, the Capo di Tutti Capi, the Big Guy in the Sky: