Abe and Ella and Steve and Finbar: The pocket tape

One of the lesser-known characters in the bizarre melodrama of Hoaxtead is a man called ‘Finbar’, whose role is somewhat unclear.

His last name is never mentioned, and he makes an appearance in only one video.

One of our long-time commenters recently put together this video, in which he’s pulled together the sound track from the Finbar video.

It is Tuesday, 08 Sept 2014, just after 2 pm. Finbar has just been recording A inside the house. They are interrupted, and he jumps up and presumably shoves the phone in a pocket while it is still recording. It’s best to use headphones while listening to this one, as the sound quality is muffled:


Finbar whispers, “Yeah, yeah, good, good…” as though to himself.

Abe says, “Just keep your mouth shut…” then mumbles something inaudible.

A child’s voice (G?) asks, “Is it really bad?” and both men hasten to reassure him. “No, no, it’s not bad,” Finbar says. Abe interjects, “It’s what we expected”.

“Exactly”, says Finbar, “it’s why I’m here and he’s here”.

Abe repeats, “It’s what we expected”.

The child asks, “So one of them are…” but is drowned out by the two men: “Ahhhh!”

Finbar yells, “Rock and roll!” and then he and Abe both shout, “We know! We know!”

“Ha. All right?” asks Abe. “He’s all right,” Finbar responds.

Abe says, “And they were telling him all about M.E., M.E., M.E.”

Finbar asks, “What’s M.E.?” and Abe shouts, “Me!”

With a chuckle, Finbar says, “Well, they can have me too”. At this point Ella enters the room, and she and Finbar greet one another.

What’s this all about?

Just off the tops of our heads, we’d suggest that Abe (and Finbar?) had started off with a plan, and are now concerned that something has come up to derail it. They shout excitedly, as though trying to convince themselves that all will be well.

Abe sounds nervous as he says, “They want to talk to me. I wonder why they want to talk to me”, and then “It’s him. It’s him, who we suspected, S.T….” The child exclaims, “Steve!” and Abe confirms, muttering, “It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.”

Ella interjects, “They were really pressurising me today”.

But Abe is on his own track: “It’s him. We know it’s him.” The child says, “I think I know what, it’s both of them. Fat lady and Steve…” but Abe goes on: “He likes, he doesn’t like babies. He likes boys. Steve, Steve likes boys. He came for F******” (referring to Abe’s teenage son).

Finbar says, “Who’s that, the cop?”

Abe replies, “Yeah, he came for F*****”. And he didn’t get him because of me, right, he didn’t get him because of me…and now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”.

“Strange”, says Finbar.

What’s this all about? Who is Steve, and why would he have come for Abe’s older son?

We believe ‘Steve’ refers to DC Steve Martin, who was the police officer involved when Abe assaulted F*****…and who coincidentally has been assigned to deal with the Hampstead case. Abe keeps muttering over and over, “It’s him”, as though he can’t quite believe this unexpected turn of events.

Ella’s contribution: “They were really pressurising me today” seems to confirm this, as it sounds as though the police had begun to ask her some tough questions.

Abe mulls over the horrible coincidence of having this case—for which he’d had such high hopes—being handled by the cop who knows him to be a child abuser: “Now, he sees I’m here again, another child case. Well, I keep turning up. He keeps turning up”. And note that he’s already begun as he means to go on, accusing DC Martin of ‘liking boys’. Clearly, anyone who does anything against Abe must be a paedophile.

“So he knows everything?” asks Ella.

“Oh, he knows, yeah”, Abe says. At this point his phone begins to ring. It’s his ex-brother-in-law, Jean Clement Yaohirou. “One moment, everyone keep cool”. Abe puts on his telephone voice: “Hi, Jean-Clement, how are you? I’ve got…erm…I tell you….” and then as an aside he says, “G, come with me”. In a small voice, G says, “Bye, Mum”. Abe continues: “I’ll be back in a minute, Mum (meaning Ella). You have a meditate and we’ll sort it all out, you’ve got the key.”

Finbar mutters, “Strange days, strange days. I’m going to keep my shoes on”.

Ella tries again: “He was giving me pressure, those guy, today…the policeman”. Then, “We went out yesterday, to second house. G showed it”.

Finbar says, “It might be a good idea if you get somewhere else”, to which Ella responds, “Sorry?” He repeats: “If you could try and move somewhere else….”

Ella asks, “Meaning where?”

“Anywhere”, says Finbar.

“Out of the country?”

“This place isn’t safe. It’s the country…it’s in the institutions…it’s…away”.

Ella responds, “We knew that. We knew that. We were discussing this yesterday, just we were really like…yesterday. I am going to pack a bag”.

Finbar says, “And then ask Abraham, he’ll say the same.”

Ella continues, “…away, in about two, three days…yesterday…we talked about it”.

Finbar tries to sound upbeat: “Okay, everything is going to be cool. Well, we are going to make sure everything is going to be…cooler”. More loudly, he says, “That’s why I’m here, and that’s why he’s here, all right? I’m going to put on my shoes in case I need them, all right? I’m going to put my shoes on in case I need them”. There’s the sound of a door opening, and then he asks, “Who is Jean Clement?”

Ella whispers something, and Finbar says, “It’s all going to get fixed.”

The video ends with the sound of a zipper, and then a quick shot of Finbar’s shoeless foot.

We can infer from this that Finbar is familiar with Abe and Ella’s story, but isn’t close enough to them to know who Jean Clement is. Finbar seems to view his job as ‘fixing’ things for Abe and Ella, though how he planned to do this (aside from putting his shoes on) we cannot say.

This video does cast some light on Abe’s continuing animosity towards DC Steve Martin. He recently posted something about DC Martin being an Nth-degree Freemason or something, so clearly he still feels compelled to attempt to smear the cop who had the misfortune of encountering him on two separate child abuse cases. We’re sure DC Martin thinks very highly of him, too.

It also shows that Abe and Ella must have been on tenterhooks all last fall, and were already preparing to make a run for it—their sudden departure when the police arrived in February now looks a great deal more planned, doesn’t it?

But the video also raises multiple questions:

  • Who took it?
  • Whose phone was it on?
  • How did it get released?

And of course, the big question: who is Finbar? and what was his role in all of this? So…many…questions….


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  1. At 1:30 ish, the boy says (but this is not transcribed on the video subtitles) : ‘I know who told mum’ – he could be copying/emulating what he had heard in the preceding days’ conversation between Abe and Ella, ie ‘who told on us?’ – This seems to have been a concern of Abe’s as suggested in his questions about who ‘informed’ whom, in terms of emails and their trails as sent to brian gerrish et al – which then found their way to the police. Abe kept posting this on YT pages under various socks. Maybe Abe told Jean Clement not to tell anyone, ie his superiors, and expected, due to the fact that Jean Clement is part of his family, he would do as asked, as is ‘normal’ in Abe’s criminal circles, ie ‘don’t snitch’. But Jean Clement did tell, and thankfully more, by recording Abe’s ‘kill kill kill comments etc.

    So perhaps this explains the ‘I know who told’ activity by the boy – the boy is trying to please (and avoid the wrath of the man who beat him cruelly, over and over again), by solving puzzles for him, ie the , ‘I know who told’ type suggestions he offers, as heard in the tape at 1.30.

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    • Yes, we heard that too–and were hoping to expand it a bit further. At this point,’telling’ means ‘telling about the videos’, we think?


      • Makes sense. On a related point, Abe and Ella turned their back on Charlotte because, as they described it, she published the Jean Clement recordings prematurely and in a way that undermined their own strategy. But here’s a thought: what if the real reason was that they didn’t want them published at all? That would make their vitriol against their biggest supporter make more sense. Just throwing that out there.

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        • I suspect you’re right. The JC video shows quite clearly that the children were coached, so A&E’s moaning about wanting to release it their way rings very hollow.


    • Very early on, it would seem.
      Pity for them that neither he nor Ella had the brains to realise ahead of time that this thing would involve the police, which led to them meeting Abe’s ‘nemesis’, DC Martin once more.

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  2. One reason Christie needs his version of events to constantly be put out there is to create doubt in the reality of events in the minds of his drug dealing colleagues (in Spain etc) who will not entertain child abusers, especially ones who may also be cloaked paedophiles. Abraham feeds into their pre-existing hatred of police and authority by claiming corruption and cover-up, they are thus gullible to his lies.

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    • This is a very important point, DD.

      It’s one thing for Abe to worry about his reputation amongst the troofers, but that’s just a matter of saving face. If his drug-dealing colleagues were aware that in fact he’s a serial child abuser, accused rapist, etc., they would turn on him in a flash.

      By turning the accusation around and aiming it at the police, Abe is covering his own arse, and probably saving it.

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    • Thing is the police did investigate, a surprising amount of time was wasted. But those still pinning their hopes for internet hero worship, and the ability to keep mis steering campaigners, especially new ones, or busy ones, who do intense, important work, and have no idea of the background of the people that planned this ‘truth bomb’, ages ago, just like they pre planned during 2010, to arrive suddenly with speakers, to take over the platform at our 16th rally, against Child Sexual Abuse, where the platform, was intended for the many survivors who then were denied their voice, disempowered, and credibility given, to people who would pretend to be helping, but do anything but. Certain film makers keep showing up, only to support the cherry picked cases, all links lead to only the few cases or sites, all run by belinda or sabine, or their tenants, or supporters, and all giving the illusion of being closely linked with, in the past eg John Hemmings, more recently the CSA inquiry, whiteflowers and internet safety panel, desperately clawing for credibility while bleating that they need to bleed more signatures, donations, clicks, as they fail…….it has become all about them, yet they attack anyone not buying their bs with emotional blackmail, pretending to care about children, or adult survivors of abuse. Most of my longterm friends, see through this, because, on no sites, or groups that hold weight, work with integrity and really genuinely help, none working well, employ these nasty tactics. And there are plenty, all kinds, working hard, earnestly, with truthful testimonies, that are being disrupted by these hoaxers, hence, why i have added my pennyworth, here and there.

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  5. On page 26 of the CRIS report is an entry on the 9th Sept 2014 at 15:50. It is Jean Clement calling the police to say that he had received a call from Abraham, with Abraham saying the children have threatened to kill him.

    Strangely, when Finbar is in the garden with A, he says it is the 9th Sept and 15:58. They are then in the house when Abe, Ella and G appear to return home. Abraham is then heard calling Jean Clement.

    The children’s and Abrahams behaviour in that video does not tally with the children having threatened to kill him. It would appear the police got Ella in trouble for doing their own drive around, and Abraham has phoned Jean Clement claiming the kids were threatening to kill him. Probably because the police were talking about Abraham (me me me) and he wanted them to focus back on the “cult”. Total scum!

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    • Yes, his entire motive seems to have been to deflect attention away from his own bad behaviour, and back onto the nonsensical ‘cult’.


    • Indeed Dave, 9th September 2014 was a very busy day …

      8.58 am – DC Steve speaks to E, reinforces that she mustn’t speak to her children about the case as it may ‘frustrate the investigation’. He tells her that the drive round she and AC did on 7th Sept with the children has damaged the reliability of the one done by the police (source CRIS report p25)

      ?time – Strategy meeting between Child Protection Officer, Camden Social Services, Police, School’s representative, Dr Hodes. ‘All persons present were very concerned as to the nature of the disclosures and ED’s reaction to’ them. Concern was also raised over how long ED has know AC and the influence he appears to have over her and the children. Several referrals were made to CAMHS and Tavistock in the past that ED did not attend. Dr Hodes ‘was particularly concerned as she felt that the children were at risk being left in the home environment with ED and AC, as ED has not appeared to protect her children’. Dr Hodes opinion was that the children should be placed in foster care to enable them to ‘speak freely and possibly make further disclosures’. It was decided that the children should be taken into Police Protection and Social Services would obtain an Emergency Protection Order. (source CRIS report p26-28)

      ?time – Child psychiatrist SK contacts DI JC to say that JCY contacted her for advice regarding therapeutic input for the children. SK says JCY felt the detail in the allegations meant they had a likelihood of being true. He stated the children had threatened to kill AC and possibly also their mother. SK advised JCY to contact DI JC to inform him of the risk. JCY forwarded her ED’s email detailing the abuse. SK states that she and her team believe that the mother may have some ‘mental health problems which should be considered when thinking of how best to safeguard the children. (source CRIS report p33)

      Just after 2pm – Irish male films A inside the house (for just under 15 mins) . AC states that the police investigation is ‘what we expected’, says ‘I wonder why they want to talk to me’, and of DC SM states ‘It’s him, we know it’s him, he came for xxx (AC’s son) and he didn’t get him because of me’, AC leaves house with G. E complains that the police are really pressurising her. E decides to start packing in preparation to leave the country (source Video recording)

      2.20pm – DI JC receives a phone call from JCY saying AC has called him stating that the children were going to kill him. JCY is worried for the children and their current state. (source Sabine McNeill)

      4pm – Irish male films A in the garden (source Video recording)

      (I cannot take credit for the compilation of the above material, I have lifted it from another forum. Thanks to O’really)

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