Hoaxtead: Have we found the missing link?

Isn’t it funny how the human mind works? The other day, a few of us were looking at some old photos—pictures we’d seen many times before, without giving them much thought—when suddenly something really obvious jumped out at us. So obvious, in fact, that we couldn’t believe we hadn’t noticed it already. Here’s the picture…


Citizen Sabine versus the Queen

Hey, remember that time when Neelu fined the IPCC to the tune of £100 million? She and the ever-charming John Banks swept into the lobby of the IPCC, thrust a bunch of papers at a couple of fellows who kept trying to explain that they couldn’t really accept…no, but really, madam…but you see…oh fine, for…


Whatever became of Neelu’s solicitor?

Those of you who’ve been following the Hampstead SRA hoax for any length of time will no doubt remember Neelu’s solicitor, Mr Aseem Taj, who distinguished himself on the final day of Neelu and Sabine’s trial on charges of witness intimidation last summer.


Rupert: Beware Belinda bearing gifts

It’s been a while since we checked up on Rupert, the hot-headed American who was going to come to Hampstead, kick down doors, and start knocking heads together and taking names. Until he got arrested in mid-September, that is…at which point he suddenly changed his tune.


Coroner’s office threatens Neelu with legal action

A few days ago, Neelu made another of her patented harassing phone calls, this time to the Coroner’s Office in Harrow, demanding that they provide her with details of Patrick Cullinane’s death. They quite rightly refused, explaining that since she was not a family member they could offer her no details. The details of any…