Archer’s march: The day in pictures

Saturday’s march to end “satnic abuse” was certainly the stuff of song and story, but perhaps not quite in the way organisers Jeanette Archer and Lydia “NOT LUAU” Lowe originally envisioned.

For starters, two of the star attractions—Vicky Ash and Samantha Baldwin—suddenly remembered that they had to wash their hair that day. This left Archer and the recent SRA convert Samantha Browne holding the bag. Ever stoic, however, Archer forged ahead.

Confusion reigned supreme

The event’s exact location wasn’t published in advance, which no doubt helped ensure that the turnout didn’t quite match Archer’s prediction of 300,000 people—we were informed from a source on the ground that perhaps 300 showed up in Hyde Park, but only about half that number managed to follow the actual march.

The others seemed to get confused and wandered off with various other groups which were demonstrating in London that day.

Archer seemed just a tad displeased with the defectors, but tried to keep her chin up:

The making of the signs

Starting at about noon, Archer’s devotees began drifting to Hyde Park, where they pulled out their crayons and sticky tape, and set about making signs for the march.

As it turned out, these were some of the better specimens.
“Hey, can you read this? Well never mind, it’ll have to do”.
Yep. those are some signs, all right.
And after sign-making, it was snack time.

Warm-up speeches

After refreshments, Archer tried to warm up the crowd with one of her trademark torture-porn speeches.

Is that…a barbeque she’s standing on?

Perhaps because they’d heard it all before, some of her followers looked less than enthralled. Even her trusty bodyguard, James Zikic, couldn’t seem to work up much enthusiasm. Then again, he’s always a bit on the stoic side.

Meanwhile, Sam Browne sat on the ground, engrossed in something else entirely. Casting spells? Rehearsing her own SRA spiel? Asking herself what on earth she was doing there? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Also, does anybody know what a gibborim is? We’re thinking perhaps a species of African monkey.

Archer’s speech contained the usual vivid descriptions of blood and gore, children being impaled on meathooks, and so on. Not exactly suited to a younger audience, and yet…

Who on earth would bring small children to an event of this sort? And should they be reported for child abuse? That is a rhetorical question. Yes. Yes, they should be reported.
Two children and…a cat? Well, at least the poor animal won’t be traumatised by Archer’s bizarre torture fantasies.

Oh, did we mention the Wong letter?

Because there was a Wong letter. Whether it originated from Wong (whose trial starts tomorrow, don’t think we’ve forgotten) is open to speculation, but it seems that Archer learned from her last foray into contempt of court charges…and had someone else read it out. Rule 1 in The Cult Leader’s Handbookˆ: don’t take the heat if you can find some sucker to do it for you.

Jeanette, could you at least try to look interested?

At some point during this utter shitshow, Sam Browne took a moment to demonstrate…her horseback riding skills?

There’s a time and a place for everything, Sam. Just saying.

There was much milling about, both during and after Archer’s speechifying. Poor “Free Hugs Guy” looked as though he wondered whether he’d come to the wrong place.

This leaflet was handed out, though we must assume that people turning up for a “Stop SRA” rally might already be familiar with these particular lies. Still, perhaps it was meant as a souvenir of the event?
“What do I hear for this water bottle? Do I hear £10?…£10? How about £15?…Oh, never mind, let’s just march then”.

…And they’re off!

Well all right, perhaps not quite. First they had to untangle the banner. You know, the banner paid for with the £1,900+ raised on Archer’s GoFundMe? Yeah, that one.

First, the banner carriers had to work out which way was up:

“No, pull up on your end…no! the other side!”

Eventually, though, they managed to get the thing open and facing in the right direction. Perhaps that was not such a wonderful idea:

“You had one job, Lydia. ONE JOB”.

But never mind, Jeanette—#ExposeSatnicAbuse has become an overnight hashtag on Twitter and YouTube, and is probably far more popular than whatever that other word was supposed to have been. See? Lemons…lemonade.

Now that they had a banner (sort of), they were ready to march. Heads up, everybody!

Backed by a roaring crowd of 300,000, Archer strode boldly…oh, wait.
“Are we marching? Which way? What’s that sign say? Who are you, and where’s my horse?”

Some people seemed a bit unsure where they were supposed to be.

Let Covid denial be your umbrella
“Look, Mavis, it says right here: UK Column supporters meet next to the SRA loonies”.
These Assange supporters look a bit lost.

There was marching, there was the usual screeching about sexual abuse by famous dead people, there was more marching. We’ll spare you the gory details.

“They buried me alive with snakes! And I DIED!….Well, okay, I did get better…”
Sam Browne, not to be outdone, had a meltdown of her own. James looked unmoved, but others seemed to be contemplating whether to call for help.

Honestly, we could go on all day, but we’ll end on this note: Archer looking less than enthusiastic, sitting in front of the laughing-stock banner while someone else makes a speech. Sums up the whole day, really.

“There’s gotta be a better way to separate people from their cash”.

Many thanks to our friends who attended and sent back images—you know who you are!

84 thoughts on “Archer’s march: The day in pictures

    • I think it’s a generalised flag obsession amongst the “admiralty law” pseudo-legal gibberish fraternity. Did this one have gold braid around it? That’s an important distinguishing feature that means … something or other.

      Of course if you’re really into your obscure flags then you get one on a special name badge like Andy Devine has. This helps the police and psychiatrists locate you more quickly for public safety.

      I’ve seen other flags amongst the FOTLer Anti-Everything movement: archaic Scottish ones that turn out to be Cornish, or Greek, I forget which… There are so many flags! Every county has one, every old aristocrat’s manor.

      My favourite is from the Dutch fiefdom of Abbenbroek in the 15th century – it features a pair of underpants.

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      • On a closer inspection of the photograph, it’s an ordinary West Sussex flag, but the upper band has flopped down to obscure one of the birbs. Just someone who really doesn’t want to be confused with those East Sussex barbarians.

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  1. Superbly summarised, EC 😂

    Oh and I’ve just come from doing what the troofers call extensive research (yeah, you got me – a Google search) and apparently, Gibborims are “beings made of light from a vastly technologically advanced society” (though if I’m being brutally honest, that’s not the vibe I’m getting when I look at stoic Mr Zikic).

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    • It could be a reference to the inhabitants of the Distant Galaxy that Princess Neelu comes from. I’d be very surprised if a Mother Ship full of Light Beings (Giggorims) wasn’t hovering over Hyde Park, hidden in a cloud, that very day.

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    • “Gibborims”? I am not well-pleased with this… “Gibborim” is obviously meant to be the plural form already.

      The name is obviously derived from the Old Testyment title “El Gibbor”, G*d the Mighty. Except “gibbor” or “gī-bōr” is an ADJECTIVE, and (as any fule kno) that’s not how you pluralise adjectives in Hebrew.

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    • 😂 Total disorganisation, no enthusiasm in the crowd also some drinking alcohol🙄
      I only spotted a dozen t-shirts at the most the banner with the now infamous spelling mistake of the main theme plus megaphones not working..
      Where exactly did all the funds go?
      Did she pay for transport to get some people there or botox & eyebrows 🤷‍♀️
      What a complete washout so unexpected 😬🤭

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  2. I must admit I did chuckle when Jeanette thanked various people by name for making it all possible and poor old Lydia didn’t even get a mention 🤣

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      • OMG hilarious spelling error. Best bit for me. I reckon they paid those that did attend, or promised em a burger n chips… n transport.

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  3. 0:56 – “And of course, guys, none of this would have been possible without your generous donations. So thank you – you paid for that amazing banner up there…” 🤣

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  4. I note with interest that Archer’s now added Jimmy Savile and the Royal Family to her list of abusers. Funny how these slipped her mind in previous interviews/videos ad nauseum. Meh, details details

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  5. Yay !….”free hugs” man is back, possibly hasn’t washed that t shirt though judging by the social distancing people are giving him.

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  6. ‘Satnic’ – great name for a Satanic Satnav. You’re driving down the road and a voice says ‘Take the left hand path at the next demonic junction’. I’d buy one!

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    • ‘Never mind, I’ll get you a satanic mechanic ..’ if you break down lol
      Back to the directions, after the demonic junction, it’s just a step to the left….. and then a jump to the right….

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    • Would that be the Satnic Satnav that directed the thousands of Archer supporters to the wrong march/protest, surely they can sue!

      Mystery solved at last. Andy Devine’s thousands of supporters worldwide, must have been using the same type of Satnic Satnav when they were doing something strange with King John of Wanoa in London. Thank you for the wonderful photos of a group, scattered yes, excited no, bored yes, rousing speeches, I don’t think so. 😴💤😉
      Advice: Purchase
      Satnic Satnav from reputable sellers only.

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    • Matt Taylor’s claiming it was a variation on “Saint Nick” and that it was deliberate because they wouldn’t have been allowed to display the word ‘Satan’ 😆

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  7. As usual you Satanist anti-Satanists get it wrong. The mistake on the £1,900+ sign was not “Satnic” but SatNav. It should have read “Expose SatNav Ritual Abuse” which is the practice of Satanists who use SatNav just to go from home to the local supermarket or Pizza Hut as is their wont (I blame Freemasons).
    And the puzzle of “Gibborim” is easily solved by any of you, who like me hail from the early Beatles days when they regularly put Satanist messages in songs which had to be played backwards to get their true meaning.
    It’s : MIROBBIG. Mirobbig is the Patron “saint” of Walruses as in I Am The Walrus which is direct reference to taking the dreaded drug Adrenochrome which results in the drugged Freemason flopping around like a Walrus on a rock. Pretty sure that’s right.

    I could reveal so much more but Nursie is here insisting I take my afternoon nap.

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  8. I lost a post I tried to make about a light fitting that had ‘SATNIC’ in its description. I wonder if the boys and girls in blue held back because of the size of the protest(s) if they can be called that. Not referring to JA’s march in particular there but were many marches that day of course. Even if that march stayed within the letter of the law (I’m not an expert in ‘marching’ law) where they gatecrashed a wedding was ethically reprehensible (in my opinion).

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  10. I am still working out what a Satnic is. I am deciding between the gremlins that pop out when water is thrown over the cuddly creature; or the uncuddly creatures that melts when you throw water over them in the Wizard of Oz.

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  11. I wonder when the “Satnic” spelling error was first spotted by them and who drew the short straws to be the ones to carry and proudly display their dumb banner. How embarrassing for J.Archer on her big day.

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    • Well, I guess there’s one born every minute. I don’t know how a person could possibly look at all the damning evidence, the inconsistencies, and the outright self-contradiction that Archer spews out, and not come to the conclusion that she’s an utter fraud.

      “Hoke-steed”…God, how I love Americans. 😂

      And if 21 June—i.e. last week—was the day when all the children were sacrificed, can anybody show an instance of even one child suffering that sad fate? No? Didn’t think so.

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    • “They’re saying she was exposed by someone called Hoaxteed. Who pays for these fact-checkers?” asks the woman who can’t pronounce ‘Hoaxtead’ and thinks it’s a person 🤦‍♂️

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  12. Archer’s latest 🍿

    “What a day! I’m still recovering… What a crazy, incredible day… The support on Saturday was more than I could ever have dreamt of… Saturday was absolutely a success… ‘Phenomenal leader’ – well, I try” 🙄

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  13. Excellent summary of the disaster as it unfolded. Should I be surprised that these cult followers brought children to even to listen to torture porn?! Poor Lydia, just one job! Oh you could really see that £1900 worth of equipment and merch! Not! Jeanette is fuming in her latest Facebook live posted by Lord Nibbler! Though as usual, she issues quite serious threats. Oh I think Surrey Police are going to be very very busy over the coming days and rightly so!

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    • Yes, these people create enough nonsense to keep the police in business for years to come! Haven’t seen Lord N.’s latest with Jeanette, must go have a peek.

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  14. Typing on 2nd Jul ’21. I watched the video Amin had linked on Twitter by a JA supporter. I think the lady there was very possibly genuine but so far down the rabbit hole that she can’t admit that she’s been hoodwinked. I was confused by her mentioning grooming gangs AND SRA as they are two different issues. If people have as she said sent JA death threats I don’t approve that, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m not sure who the ‘Jimmy’ the lady was mentioning is. I thought J Zikic but someone mentioned in the comments a J Robinson who I don’t know of.


    • Very interesting. A mentally ill, previously violent person committed a gruesome crime, and “satanic objects” were found. What is a “satanic object”, I wonder? I mean, are we talking statues of Baphomet here? T-shirts saying, “I ❤️ Satan”? Enquiring minds want to know.


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