New pic of Ella: Not exactly the grieving mother

A few days ago we wrote about the strange—unprecedented, really—online silence of Abe and Ella. Anna, one of our regular readers, speculated that they might have finally got tired of one another: And Dave, another long-time reader, pointed out that Abe and Ella hadn’t even bothered to try to refute Angela Fag Ash Disney’s astonishing…

Nurse Angie

Is Angela about to call it quits?

Watching yesterday’s live edition of Angela Scratches, we weren’t terribly surprised at Angie’s attempts to defend what remains of her credibility as de facto spokes-thingy for the Hoaxtead mob. Her “more in sorrow than in anger” performance piece about having been betrayed by those she thought were her friends was completely predictable.

Government conspiracy

Why do Hoaxteaders love some paedophiles?

Here’s a question for the ages: why do so many of the Hoaxtead mob, who portray themselves as the sworn enemies of child molesters and paedophiles everwhere, seem so determined to defend certain people who’ve been accused—or convicted—of child molestation and paedophilia?