Child Abuse

Posting the names, photos and videos of the children is child abuse.

However, a number of Hoaxstead trolls, including Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, Sabine NcNeill, John Taylor, Code 2222 etc., are still doing so. In the past hour alone, such posts have appeared on both the “Whistleblower Kids” and “Hampstead Research” blogs (complete with the children’s names and slanderous remarks about the children’s father). This is child abuse, pure and simple.

Moreover, the pictures and names derive from illegally obtained Police reports and the children’s confidential and extremely personal testimonies. This is in breach of the laws on defamation, data protection, malicious communications, harassment, child protection, contempt of court and perverting the course of justice, to name but a handful.

It is also in breach of the High Court Injunction preventing publishing of the children’s testimonies, as well as the recommendations in the family court hearing report and the injunction preventing posts about the father. Shame on you, Hoaxteaders. Justice Paulfrey was right about you people doing this to indulge your own child sex fantasies.

Judge Paulfrey’s verdict on the creepy trolls who are continuing to break the law by abusing these children and harassing the innocent men, women and children of Camden:

These “people”, with your help, will be brought to justice.


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