HoaxGirl and ‘Randy’: Caught in a bad romance

Many thanks go out to the intrepid Hoaxtead researcher who took the time to watch this episode—”The UK Build”—from HopeGirl’s audio book of The QEG Chronicles on YouTube. They put two and two together, and shared their findings with us.

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Published in December 2015, the ‘free audiobook’ description mentions that this chapter “takes place on a farm in one of the richest and nicest areas of England known as Alfriston in East Sussex….(where) the family is brought into a world of quirky English Illuminati weirdness, MK Ultra style mind control tactics and brain scanning equipment, billionaires in helicopters, Dutch magicians, and sex scandals”.

[Note: the video, like many other incriminating interesting posts and videos authored by Hope Girl, has been removed. However, nothing ever really dies on the internet, does it? Here’s Hoax Girl’s breathless promo for the “free audiobook” of The QEG Chronicles.]

Something about the mention of Alfriston jogged our researcher’s memory, so they decided to dig a bit further.

In this chapter, which takes place in early 2014, HopeGirl and her family aren’t having much luck with getting their Magic Quantum Energy Machine to work while they’re in Morocco, so they decide to take a wealthy British benefactor up on his offer to host them on his farm in East Sussex.

He visits HG and her merry band of hoaxters in Morocco, and when things go south there, due to an ungrateful engineer realising that the QEG is a crock of shit that will never work and taking it upon himself to “troll” them online, he invites them to Alfriston for what HG calls “the UK build”.

This chap, named “Randy” for purposes of the book (don’t laugh, HG is American and doesn’t realise that this would be the equivalent of naming an American man “Horny”) has told HG that he’d recently split with his wife, who lives in a separate house on the other side of the property. But it’s only temporary, he assures HG. (Yes, we know. 🙄)

“Randy”, who we will call “Ray” because we can’t stop giggling at his pseudonym, turns out to be into just about every kind of new age nonsense it’s possible to be involved in. A tall, good-looking retired police officer in his 60s, Ray is described as a “real activist” who spends much of his time attending protests and new age conferences.

Ray is also a “breatharian”, who claims to believe he doesn’t require food or water to survive, but only air. Despite his claims that he didn’t actually need food, HG says, he would indulge from time to time, especially when fish and chips and beer were involved. [Well come on…who wouldn’t? —Ed.]

Life on the farm

When she gets to England, HG discovers that things are not quite as Ray had described them.

While his 300-acre farm was beautifully situated, the buildings were clustered together, low-ceilinged, and small. And, mirabile dictu, Ray’s ex-wife was not exactly living on the opposite side of the property. In fact, her cottage was mere metres from Ray’s house. HG describes the sleeping arrangements as bizarre: while HG was placed in Ray’s own bedroom, Ray slept in a caravan outside…but each night after lights out, he’d sneak back into the house and spend the rest of the night with HG. Missing his old bed, no doubt.

At one point he hosts a “Faerie Festival” on his property, which boasts a full campground; a tennis club makes use of the indoor tennis court; the Re-set movement holds its gatherings and meetings on the farm; and a group called Band of Brothers holds men’s retreats there, as well.

Ray seems to be involved in many strange activities, HG claims: she refers to attending “strange dance rituals” at which people were encouraged to “dance their feelings away”; and Ray once took her to a party where people danced half-naked and made out in corners. [Good thing she never went to Woodstock —Ed.]

At one point, someone HG calls “Kevin” shows up with his retinue of “angels”: three young, beautiful women who “exude a magical air of self-importance—fancy designer clothes, high heels, too much perfume”. Kevin and the Angels subject everyone involved in the UK QEG scam project to “mandatory brain scans” which are meant to expose any childhood traumas that haven’t yet been worked through; and they organise a kind of group session in which everyone is required to tell the group all their innermost feelings, which other group members “challenge” in order to release “blockages” that are supposedly holding up the success of the QEG project. (Yes, we know.)

Worse yet, from HG’s point of view, it seems that Ray is a bit of a ladies’ man: he has other girlfriends, and still goes for morning walks with his ex-wife (soon-to-be-ex-wife? not-really-ex-wife?). This is most definitely not what HG had been led to expect:

He told me he loved me, that he wanted to be with me and that he didn’t want me to leave, but I left anyway because something in me told me that I really had to leave. Deep betrayal from someone you are vulnerable around is a very hard thing to face. I was blind to it. I didn’t want to see it at the time but over the course of the next few months, as I was safely back home with my parents, I would begin to learn the truth about some of the things that happened in England. First I learned that (Ray) had many other girlfriends at the same time as me. What men don’t realise is that women like to talk to each other. All those women that (Ray) introduced me to at the farm, well I found out that he was having sex with all of them….(Ray) is a conference predator. He goes to new-age conferences to pick up women in vulnerable states and add them to his collection.

He also likes to portray himself publicly as a hero of sorts and was recently found involving himself in the Hampstead Heath case, allegedly speaking out against paedophilia in England. Personally I almost threw up when I saw this hypocrisy.

To add insult to injury,

Ray and Kevin would drop all interest in the QEG almost instantly, and move on to the next sexy free energy project. [‘Sketchy’, shurely? —Ed.]

They had the attention span of a flea. Next they went to Spain, and tried to take someone else’s technology.

Oh, and they poach one of HoaxGirl’s engineers, too. Have they no shame?

Speaking of which, HG eventually decides to write to Ray’s not-so-much-ex-wife, letting her know what happened on the farm, and apologising for her role in it. Shortly afterward, HG says, Ray and the unfortunate Mrs Savage (ooh, did we say that?) were embroiled in a messy divorce. We wonder who got to keep the Faerie Festival?

Updated 21 November 2019:

p.s. Hope Girl has been making snorting and snuffling noises recently about this blog having been hacked and all functionality shut down. Like this nice little porkie pie, for example:

Hope Girl scammer blackmailer QEG faker

Let’s just say that if I were unable to run this blog, I wouldn’t be able to insert this little addendum, let alone share it with you. And yet I can! Care to explain, Hopey? 

134 thoughts on “HoaxGirl and ‘Randy’: Caught in a bad romance

    • Please delete as this is not apporpriate.
      I was trying to make the point that she has gotten fat off of scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars out of innocent people. Personally I myself am not exactly fat but weigh much more than her, over 17 stone around 240lbs. It is not about weight but exposing the greedy scammers


        • still please delete the pics, i was very wrong to do that my friend sorry to you and Scarlet who hold this blog to a high standard of political correctness. I let you guys down.


          • No, you didn’t. And I realise that I’m being a flaming hypocrite in telling people not to focus on size, when I routinely say disparaging things about Abe’s height, for example.

            It’s very human to indulge in the idea that something which is superficially not visually appealing must be unappealing on the inside, too. It’s why so many of us here have focused on APD’s unattractive face, for example—it’s a kind of shorthand for “she is ugly on the inside too”.

            It’s illogical that I should feel injured by comments about weight, when I routinely make comments about height…and yet that’s how it goes. I think perhaps we all just need to be a bit more conscious about that sort of thing, but I promise you, I’m not offended.

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          • You are so very right EC. Not all of us conform to the modern standard of reality show Botox, Collagen, implants, steroids (Hollywood actors), perfect, airbrushed, fake appearance.
            Personally I have no interest in fake tan, false eye lashes, duck faced, generation of late.
            I think we are all very unkind about the hoaxers in the respect of appearance and I do believe with the horrific accusations of their lies, it is somewhat justified to pick them apart, ridicule and defame them anyway we can.

            Saying Angela look or sounds like a man can be considered offensive, saying DS looks like a 70 year old can also be depressing for him, calling HG chubby etc can be mean, Abe Short, Ella Ugly, Debbie Mad Moo, Mel a South African Bore/boer, and so on can all be offensive.

            Personally, I think most of these people are mentally ill, but they lack any sympathetic traits.
            Should any of these people have our sympathy after all they have said, all they have done, all the money they have scammed? Probably not, but at least we have a code of conduct any some scruples.

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            • Yes, I think it’s more about trying to have a code of conduct than about any kind of sympathy for them. I wouldn’t piss on the lot of them if they were on fire, but it’s like our general ethos of not making death threats: we don’t refrain from that for fear of bothering the Hoaxtead mobsters. We avoid death threats because it’s the right thing to do, and making threats would bring us down to their level.

              That said, I don’t expect perfection from anyone here. We’re all doing our best in uncharted territory, and from time to time we’ll tread on one another’s toes. It’s how we handle things after the toe-treading accidents that really matters.

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              • Agreed. it’s a very fine line between defaming the defamers and showing them up for what they are and adding extra pressure to already clearly deluded and mentally unstable individuals.
                I will take a break from here as my perceptions are becoming increasingly off kilter in regards to right and wrong.
                Thanks to both yourself and SS.

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              • Please don’t feel you need to leave, Barchon. I think this is one of those situations where we can all take a step back and think about what’s happened–but I also think it’s a really valuable learning opportunity.

                Your voice is important here. I would miss you if you weren’t around.

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              • I am in a not good place to be very honest. No more details needed.
                I will not jepodise this site any further, as it is a good cause and the hoaxers will jump on any comment they can.
                Thanks for the support and kindness to all 🙂
                Best of luck and Jail for the Hempseed 2 as always.

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          • Barchon, please don’t go. We all make mistakes, it’s part of the online disinhibition effect. You add something valuable here and I enjoy reading your comments. In making a mistake, which is only your perception, your own description of what happened, triggered a conversation that was also very valuable: self appraisal.None of us are perfect, and in imperfect situations we react imperfectly. Being imperfect is far more interesting than normal or always appropriate.I think it important to acknowledge these more primitive responses to a complex and highly emotive area where we sometimes fight fire with fire, even when, if analysed, it could be construed as inappropriate in terms of maybe being part of the ping pong repercussions effect of going to war online. Unavoidable. EC would write this so much better than I am attempting here. We need to be truthful, we are reacting to being wronged, and humour is such a very important and helpful way to fight back. Even if that humour is also bound up with things we would not say or attack. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all fuck up sometimes, and nothing bad is going to happen. You are not responsible for this blog, and it’s content. Any really out of order transgressions would be picked up by EC and monitored anyway. So do not feel stifled, because you are clearly self-effacing and I am sure, at heart a good person, ethical. I am sure I fuck up more than you, it’s normal.

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          • Barchon, I know that dealing with these satanic abuse hoaxers is not good for mental health issues as it has a bad effect on me too but I think everyone would miss you if you left, you do some really funny stuff and your posts are interesting. Sometimes its good to get away from this shit and have a break before it takes over your life ( eg EC, Spiny lol) I wish you well.

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          • It’s my fault, I posted a video of HG talking about her weight and promoting Jeremy Ayres a man who doesn’t believe in Science and says people aren’t sick, they’re “tox-sick” and recommends curing cancer with carrots (makes a change from Cannabis, I suppose). Here she is interviewing him.

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          • Have to echo the words of others that your input and take is highly valued Barchon.Whilst we all need a breather and time out from our doings I sincerely hope to see you back in these here hills before too long.You have certainly not let anyone down indeed quite the opposite.

            I suggest most posters at times get a tad close to someone getting offended by this or that and to some extent that goes with the territory and subject matter at hand in this community.For me I entrust EC and team to redact/delete anything I may post should they consider it unhelpful in any regard.

            Hope batteries charge up quick and you are firing on all cylinders again before too long.

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          • I’m not sure MC, as I don’t know whether the name of his wife is Sylvie. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest though due to what is said in that news article. He rejects science and medicine so I fear that it may indeed be him and he sadly was responsible for the death of his own child, due to that. I could be wrong though and it may be another Jeremy Ayres referred to in that article.

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      • As Hope Girl has completely lost the plot online, even accusing CCN of being paid agents of MKD, I would like to confirm for the record, before I get the brunt of this revelation, that I had nothing to do with the disclosure of this information at all, however, I did know all about this, as Hope shared the experience in great detail with me. In our conversations, Hope compared her experience with Ray Savage to Jessica Schab’s experience of Sacha Stone, based on Jessica Schab’s blog about Sacha in Bali. Hope made a big deal about these predators that lurk around conferences and in the truth movement.

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          • Mel, can you give us the story about Hopegirl taking $120000 from a widows inheritance for a machine that dosent work and never will? Taking that amount of money from someone is as sick as it gets.

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          • Here is Wilhelmina, the widow that gave Hope Girl 120 000 dollars of her inheritance. Hope and I fell out because she claimed that Wilhelmina did not like CCN. When I wrote to Wilhelmina, it turns out that this was not the truth. Hope was just looking for a way to distance herself from CCN due to all the trolling she was getting from MKD, thinking that it would end when our affiliation stopped. She is such a narcissist that she blames everyone else for the trolling, not taking into account for one moment that she might actually deserve it. https://vimeo.com/178306510

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        • Mel Ve…..then ….I repeat, ‘How come, you supported, promoted a clear hollie replacement hoax ?’….you know you called me a fake on the same skype addy, you interviewed me on….. I tried to warn you about Annett, because early days, my respect for a woman, i watched you mistreat because by then she was outing your latest project…..you’ve supported so many scams/schemes, and denigrated many, that were burnt or hurt….in the process.


          • I know that’s a bit garbled, but i’ve been only able to type with one or two fingers for alongtime….and you treated me to sneering, suppressive, oppressive shit, for no other reason, then protection of yourself and your latest ‘gate’, that has indeed covered up for abusers…… I still want you to answer for why neither you nor Ickey dave, outed either Savile or Max Clifford……a little known fact, is that I was also around some journos and the beeb, 17/18 …… I see no difference between you now, or the kind of colluder, back then.


          • Okay Sheva, I get it, you feel you are owed an apology for some wrong you perceive I have done to you. My dear lady, I really don’t mean you (or anybody else for that matter) any disrespect. I barely know you and I am sorry you feel I have so wronged you. Half of what you always seem to be whaling at me about are obscure references to past things that really have no baring or relevance to the bigger picture. I suggest you release yourself from you pain and grudgemenal projections, because they are clearly causing you pain. I also do sincerely apologise for anything I may have said or done for you to hold onto so much bitterness, but I hope you can find it within to release yourself from your burden of anger. By my apology I give you permission to not be a pointless hater. Stay in the light sister and keep shining xx


          • Mel Ve, I’m not surprised that yet again, you get personal rather than explain……when did you know Belinda McKenzie was closely involved with Angela Power Disney & the whole set up of the hampstead hoax ?
            I have no personal grudge against you. I have simply noticed, aghast that you leapt from one scam to another…..OPPT, SWISSINDO, QEG….as well as the child abuse bandwagons… Hollie, Hampstead, Annett…. as well as boasting about working with Max Clifford & David Ickey, pre 2009……. it would be nice if you could answer questions rather than levelling slurs at me, like pathetic, bla, bla, etc…..
            So Mel Ve, you blocked me from each platform just for asking you …….. When did it come to you attention, that Belinda McKenzie was involved at the very beginning of the Hampstead Hoax ?????


          • I like the attempt at an apology, in spirit, I hope, but it would be good to hear the answer to the question Sheva is asking you, Mel Ve.
            What are your connections to Belinda?
            Ray Savage was hauled in by Belinda, IMO, at a crucial moment in the PR campaign for this hoax/panic….you can see that clearly as she lurks next to him in his 110% spiel.
            She is a very dark horse in all of this.

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          • Okay, finally you get to your point Sheva Burton, which beneath all that emotive waffle loosely deciphered to the fact that you believe I owe you an explanation regarding the time frame of my knowledge regarding Belinda Mc Kensie’s involvement in the Hampstead case…So if I have interpreted that correctly, then this is what I have to say on the matter: I found out how involved Belinda Mc Kenzie was in the Hampstead case after I had interviewed Sabine Mc Neil. I don’t keep in touch with Belinda or her associates, so how would I have known what exactly Belinda was involved in or not. Also I live in another country to Belinda, so it is not like we run in the same circles. I don’t even have her as a friend on Facebook, nor have I ever followed any of Belinda’s activity. It was Sabine that informed me of the depth of Belinda’s involvement during a conversation I had with her after I interviewed her. Following that conversation, Sabine and I never spoke again, and she never responded to any of my messages, as Belinda had warned Sabine to stay away from me for what ever reason. Now dear Sheva, I hope this answers the question that has so been plaguing you, and I do hope that you can now finally get over your grudgemental projections, because dear lady, I actually owe you nothing. In fact, considering how up that psycho Suz Pratt’s arse you were at several points, I should have nothing but utter rebuke and disdain for you. But unlike others, I am not a hater and can’t be bothered getting all upset about people I don’t even know and who are in no way a part of my life. I am far more disciplined in how I expend my energy. Now that being said, I have done the courtesy of answering your question, and that is as much as I shall do in answering to you, as you have absolutely no authority over me, and do not influence me, who I am or my life in any way.


            • Thankyou, I guess, somehow it slipped your mind….. Sabines screeching fit at the holliehoax meeting. And the fact that Angela Power Disney also had close associations with Belinda, didn’t matter either…. What ? You didn’t know? Not expecting a reply, thanks


          • OK, next up – explain why your company name is so secret and why CCN isn’t registered for tax purposes. K go…

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          • HI Lisa Radley, my business is not secret, the Dutch government know exactly who I am and what I do. We have had a Dutch registered business for the last 7 years. I work with the city council here in The Hague on humanitarian initiatives. I don’t hide away. I am very visible in my local community. The authorities know where to find me. CCN was only started in 2015. My husband registered our business in 2012… if you have enough brains to work it out, you will see that CCN was not even in existence when we first registered our company, hence there is every chance that our umbrella business has a different name to CCN…. And no I don’t need to tell you the name of our business entity, nor do I owe you an explanation of my business dealings, as it is none of your business. Come to Holland and make any charges against me you feel you want to, provided you can prove your stance. The local police and I are very friendly, as you may notice from recent photos on my Facebook page.


          • Wow Sheva, it never ceases to amaze me just what a touch little sausage you are… in response to your comment: “Thankyou, I guess, somehow it slipped your mind….. Sabines screeching fit at the holliehoax meeting. And the fact that Angela Power Disney also had close associations with Belinda, didn’t matter either…. What ? You didn’t know? Not expecting a reply, thanks”

            Firstly Sheva, I was not at the above mentioned meeting where Sabine had a screeching fit. I had no idea of any meeting of that kind, nor had I heard anything about that meeting until you mention it now, as I do not live in the UK and was not present at that meeting. As for Angela Power Disney’s associations to Belinda, I will absolutely admit that I knew Angela was friends with Belinda, but I do not go around telling people who they are allowed to be friends with or not. That is not my place, nor do I want the karma of influencing other people’s decisions on who to befriend. That is the right of each person, to work things out for themselves, a concept you dear Sheva simply do not grasp. Angela knew from the outset that Belinda and I were not friends, in fact, Belinda warned Angela off me from what I understand, yet Angela stayed on our network. I don’t go around vetting all my broadcasters friends and networks of connections, as I have better things to do.

            As for your comments: I still want you to answer for why neither you nor Ickey dave, outed either Savile or Max Clifford…” Wow, listen to you, demanding an answer from me as if I speak for David Icke. I don’t know why David does half the things he does. I too have had my shortcomings with David, and don’t understand the logic behind the way he operates. Perhaps you would be better off directing such questions directly at David Icke.
            Not that I need to pander to your demands for ridiculous, irrelevant answers Sheva, but I have been following the Jimmy Savil case just like anybody else. I had no prior knowledge of his evil doings. I never worked with Jimmy Savil when I was in mainstream media in London, I never met him, nor did I even know much of him. I only really got to know who Savil was after he was outed for the pedo / predator he was.
            As for Max Clifford, well yes I did work with him on a show once back in 2007, which was long before any of the allegations regarding his abuse became public knowledge. Back then we were all in awe of Max as we thought he was the PR guru of celebrities, and I was totally intimidated by him. That being said, I found it very difficult to be around him for long periods of time due to his unbearable ego and arrogance. I had moved to Holland in 2008 which was several years before Max Clifford was outed for abuse and imprisoned. I am just so glad that I was not one of his victims. I clearly remember that he had an office of beautiful young girls who worked with him, and that always made me uncomfortable.


            • Thankyou. I’m almost certain, there was a request from you, to be present at the meeting, via Skype……The one that Belinda McKenzie warned everyone going, that because they were supporting baby raping paedos, they would all be arrested…… openly attacking me online because I promoted the meeting….which I broadly posted, to show her for the devious liar she was…..appreciating very much, your work on exposing that hoax…..
              One of the reasons, I was aghast, that you claim to be unaware of Hampstead Hoax being the next grade of Hollie, given the same slurs, tactics, smears , have been levelled at any of us, that dispute the liars……. I was so sure, you would see it for what it was.
              Many so called Truthers have condemned people for not outng Savile, earlier…….as long as they are considered fair game…part of the establishment or beeb……I simply throw that back at troofers who were also then able to do so, in fact given their independence……really could have……..
              You royally scoff at me, yet defended Zen Gardner, to the max…..as well as other liars when it suited you……
              I took up the Toos story and shared it widely, really regretted doing so, also sticking around for Kevin Annett, longer than I should have…..my fault for trusting your claims to research, thoroughly…..
              Don’t tell me either, whether I care about my birth place.
              You encouraged vile abuse of innocent people.
              You encouraged those exposing this hoax of all the same smears, suffered before, by the same teams…..
              You refused, or pretended not to read the actual evidence…..


          • Your business isn’t secret but you’re not prepared to state the name of your own company in public. K, got it. Thanks, LOL 😀 Hey, maybe this business strategy will catch on – you never know! Maybe companies all over the World will be erasing their company names from all their stationery and shop fronts, inspired by your example. Because hey, there are so many other reasons for keeping your company name a secret other than the fact that it doesn’t exist and isn’t registered for tax. Such as…er…er…

            By the way, on a scale of one to ten, how much does it piss you off that I’m half black, half white yet still cleverer than you?

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          • “Come to Holland and make any charges against me you feel you want to, provided you can prove your stance.”

            Actually, Mel, I’ve already tipped off the Dutch tax authorities. Good suggestion, though.

            Now, by the same token, please feel free to come to Hampstead and provide your proof that I’m a baby-raping cannibal, as you have previously stated.

            And some proof that the World is secretly run by shape-shifting dragons who live under the floorboards wouldn’t go amiss either. Cheers.

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          • Aww, Mel – where did you go? Don’t you like talking to mixed race people? At least tell me which post office queue I’m meant to stand in. I’m sooo confused!

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    • @JB:TRUE!!! Pure gold. The secret life of a…….predator.

      ‘What men don’t realise is that women like to talk to each other. All those women that (Ray) introduced me to at the farm, well I found out that he was having sex with all of them….(Ray) is a conference predator. He goes to new-age conferences to pick up women in vulnerable states and add them to his collection.’

      Thanks for the info, another useful piece of the mad jigsaw puzzle.

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  1. I’m not sure why HG thinks R is a hypocrite for speaking out against paedophiles. There’s a gigantic difference between being a paedophile and a ‘ladies man’. (Hey Ray, if you’ve got it flaunt it!) Or did I miss the point? Wouldn’t be the first time.

    Anyway, we all KNEW he was full of it when he showed up in Hampstead. He did a quick disappearing act soon after. Makes me think HG’s revelations didn’t go down well.

    She describes how they all had a ‘gong bath’ in his house. Here’s the gongs and the QEG:

    And here’s a video explaining why the QEG doesn’t work:

    The Gongs are cool. I can go with the Gongs!

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    • I have to say, if I had to rely on something that sounded like a chainsaw operating day in and day out to make my electric lights go on, I’d opt for candles. (Even if the damn thing worked, which it doesn’t and never will.)

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        • I suspect most of it is winding hum, normally in a genny or alternator, we wind the windings as tightly as possible around the poles, and usually either tape or tie them off before sealing them with an epoxy or varnish, mostly to stop them sounding exactly like that

          Compare how tightly the windings are done and how they are tied together before being varnished on the video below (its only a minute and a half long), then look at the sloppy and loose windings on HG’s overunity machine

          One look at that HG monstrosity showed me it has a hopelessly low (lol) efficiency, I have wound literally thousands of motors and gennys over the years, along with transformers etc, part of my apprenticeship was unfortunately having to do batterys, parts cleaning and winding- jobs the tradies hated get given to the apprentices lol

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    • Brilliant explanation from Dianna Cowern and doesn’t she show up HopeGirl as the cheap grifter she is? Targeting sad people who have mental health issues or perhaps trodden down by the ‘system’ who she hopes to extract some of their savings from for her scams.
      And Dianna also touches on the great revolution in energy supply that is quickly being developed everywhere- solar panels. It must grate on these scam merchants that solar energy is going ahead in leaps and bounds and killing off these 19th Century con artists.

      Others have commented on Hope Girl’s weight but it’s not the size of her body that is a problem, it’s the size of her bloody ego and arrogance that grates on me. But that is typical of career grifter’s who lack any empathy with those who they con.

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    • Hopegirl is a holier than thou hypocrite, how dare she use God or Jesus to peddle her scams, I doubt she is a real Christian, she is using it to scam gullible born agains and gullible new agers who claim to be awake but in reality are really stupid and shouldnt be allowed out on their own.

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    • JB, am I losing my mind, or was there another video showing Ray outside his garage, talking about free energy? I don’t think it was labelled as such, but I have a dim memory of it somewhere in the back of my mind.


    • So it’s randy old Ray Savage ! LOL.
      Do you think he’s been putting it about among the Hoaxtead hoaxers? Belinda , Sabine etc?

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      • This is a really good video, MKUltra, it gets my creative juices going. If I had the skills, I would cut out and layer in and out a collage of bits of all the text re sodomy Abraham Christie has written all over the place – there is tons of it – whilst doing the same with a sound collage with sound bytes from Abraham talking about his favourite subject: salivating over the same old anal shithole fantasies, he makes invisible attacks on any normal listener, repulsing them instantly with his material. I really wonder about the judgement of people who still cannot see how children left alone with such a headcase would be terrified and say anything to keep him happy. Abe masks his audio paedo pornography ‘in plain sight’. Like the butterfly mugs, he must think he is really funny. For any would be aspiring video chinkers, there are some good clips available in an old radio interview around this time, if its not this one then its the one before this with same kev baker:

        perhaps after 35 min markish

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        • “I really wonder about the judgement of people who still cannot see how children left alone with such a headcase would be terrified and say anything to keep him happy.”

          Too true anon.I wonder how many if they put their hands on their heart would entrust Christie to baby sit their child or grandchild of an evening?

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    • Ray Savage blatently lies when he says that ‘no proper police statement was taken from this woman’, ie Ella at about 25 secs.

      Why has Abrella withheld this interview from publishing? What has she got to hide? What was so explosive in that interview that Ella has always hidden it?

      Ella has specifically referred to this interview at various points along the way, eg when she whispered: ‘they really pressured me today’ on the Finbar tape. It must have happened, and therefore exist on paper somewhere. I think it is also referred to in the CRIS report that Ella was questioned.

      The hoax believers should ask themselves what responses Ella gave when she was actually asked reasonable questions by an intellectually unchallenged individual. She has carefully picked idiots who cannot think critically in all of the interviews she has given. She has never given a proper interview yet where someone with an actual brain gets to ask her tough questions.

      This is the real reason she ‘was prevented’, had to run away from the High Court: She knew she would fold under real world scrutiny. She had to FLEE or be shown up as the liar she is. In public. Sensing the humiliation approaching, she chose to avoid attending that event, and also chose to give up the fight for her children in a meaningful way, by at least being present at court.

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  2. BWAHAHAHA! Capital Post E.C. Thanks to whoever slogged thru her garbage “book” to find this gem! You know this scammer “knew” Abe, the other Criminal too!

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  3. I’m surprised he actually went there, not that I know him and I don’t want to know him.

    It wouldn’t be fantasy on her part, like her free energy device is lying scamming fantasy?

    Did Randy actually do the deed, do we have actually evidence?


    • The video that shows the “gong room” does match her description in the book, but of course unless there are photos of them together or eye-witness accounts it’s not 100% provable.


      • And her description of him could well be ‘a woman scorned’ making things up so who knows!


      • Maybe Randy Ray has a tattoo or some other identitifying feature on his arse or something that Pointless girl can recall by way of offering hardcore evidence.That way all Raymondo will need to do to scotch such wicked rumours and keep his harem of fruitcakes from pecking him to death is expose himself down at the local nick or something.

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  4. What a shame (enormous relief) that I’m over 14000 kms from Randy Ray’s as I see all my favourite entertainers are appearing. OK I’ve never heard of them but I’m sure they all brilliant!

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  5. BUSTED !
    Randy Ray Savage’s video promoting his Fairy day is riddled with butterflies in every scene. But butterflies are the symbol for Illuminati Mind Control. Randy Ray is a obviously a disinformation agent luring innocent hippies into the cult (his bed).

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  6. I’m going to give you a little summary of the study, “Why Didn’t They Tell Us”, and its findings.
    Some people might be reluctant to read such a study, particularly if they were a CSA victim themselves, while others might understandably have an aversion to slogging through an academic thesis to pick out the data of most interest to them. This summary is a courtesy, for such folk. (@coyote – I’d still be delighted if you were to do up a more detailed article for the “front page” about it, if you decide that’s appropriate).

    I’m not sure why some people seem to intuitively conclude that, the more ‘detailed’ a child’s account of the abuse they are alleged to have suffered, the more truthful it must be. In reality, professional CSA interviewers and researchers have found the opposite to be the case. When children seem eager & excited to relate “their story”, when they spontaneously relate details beyond what they’ve been directly requested to provide, when their narration flows easily from them in big chunks rather than being coaxed out of them in fits and starts, or when the telling doesn’t stumble over appropriate expressions of intense emotion – fear, anguish, sadness, , anger, despair – these are signs that the child is relating something they have not personally experienced.

    “Why Didn’t They Tell Us” is a quite unique study, focused on 23 children who were identified through police investigation, and/or abuser-perpetrator confession, as victims of the abuse recorded by their abusers in photos & videos seized by police.
    “A total of twenty-one children were interviewed about their experiences
    of sexual abuse. When the children were interviewed, their average age
    was 10 years and 8 months (between 4 years and 1 month, to 17 years
    and 8 months). The number of interviews with the children varied from
    one to three.
    Different routines were used regarding substantiation. The majority
    of children were videoed while being interviewed, but some of the older
    children were just audio taped.
    The interviews with the children were carried out in different ways.
    The majority of the children were interviewed without any of the seized
    material being shown to them. In several of the earlier interviews, seven
    instances with older children (>12 years old), the children were shown
    the seized pictures. More innocent pictures, such as portraits of the
    exposed upper part of the body, were first shown and as the interview
    progressed more indecent pictures were shown.
    To sum up, one can say that of the interviewed children, only two of
    them began to talk spontaneously, and there were five others who eventually
    gave a fairly complete account without being shown the pictures
    or the investigator saying that he/she knew what had happened (from
    the seized material). Five children denied that anything had occurred”.

    The children in Abe’s videos show no reluctance whatsoever, about relating even very extreme alleged abuse experiences, eagerly competing with each other in spontanously relating more details.

    “All the children’s accounts were fragmentary, and the children showed
    great difficulty in talking about their contact with the suspected

    The children in Abe’s videos seem quite eager to relate a very complete account of “their story”, in lengthy narrative bursts. They don’t seem to have any difficulty talking about their father or any other of their alleged abusers.

    “They often said that they did not remember what had
    happened; we do not know whether this meant that they did not have
    any memory of the incidents or if it was too difficult to put it into words.
    Nevertheless, it became apparent that what the children least “wanted
    to remember”, were the most unpleasant or abusive activities, and these
    were probably the most shameful and guilt ridden”.

    The children in Abe’s videos are never overcome by intense emotion, not even when describing experiences that would have to be terrifying, extremely embarrasing, humiliating. They express no feelings of shame or guilt.

    ” [The] Children, then, only talked thoroughly about those incidents that the
    interviewer knew about – whether as a result of photographs or owing
    to what the suspected perpetrator had themselves talked about. When
    the interviewer did not refer to substantiating material that showed
    what the children had been subjected to, most of the children did not
    talk about anything”.

    The children in Abe’s videos go out of their way to add new details of their alleged abuse, details which have not been previously discussed or raised by the adults who are present.

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    • Yes Justin, though, I often say, that I did keep telling…It was NOT details, i stumbled and shook, cried and broke down after, after being asked to, over and over, during my case….in my 30;s….at 17 when I first opened up to my probation officer, Anne I totally broke down, and she was the only person who understood that a chink had been broken in a wall which held a flood behind it…… I quickly patched myself up, when she recommended me to go to a psychiatrist….. So when I say that I would never shut up, it was about the wrongness, the ability for abuse of this kind to continue.
      It is why, these vultures must be stopped….

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      • One of the most remarkable aspects of this particular study, are the short ‘case histories’ from many of the children’s interviews. “Tore” was 5 when he was interviewed, for several years prior and up until very close to the interview date, Tore was subjected to very extreme abuse experiences, which his abuser recorded on film.
        “Subsequently in the meeting, the interviewer continued to ask whathe had done when he was filmed, and Tore said: I just said that, I did as he said.
        I: You did as he said.
        T: Mm.
        I: What did he say that you should do then?
        T: Don’t know?
        I: You don’t know?
        T: Ah, it’s a lot.
        I: What did you say?
        T: It’s a lot that he said
        I: But try and remember something that he said that you should do.
        T: It was so long ago. (It was only some weeks since the last occurrence
        of sexual abuse.)
        I: But can you surely remember something that happened when he film you.
        T: Ah, all I know is that I did as he said. Now I want to look at these here
        (he began to investigate the alarm buttons in the room).
        Tore could not talk about the incredibly many and painful sexual abuses he had experienced without instead changing the subject to something more innocuous, such as how the alarm button in the room worked”.

        What did you do [when he filmed you] ? “I did what he said”. A remarkable solution, this little boy exhibits. He doesn’t deny that “something happened”, but he’s not going to describe what took place. Instead, when asked “what did you do?”, he replies: “what he said” to do. And what was that? “a lot of things”. This is typical. Spontaneously describing the size, shape & color of dildos allegedly inserted into their anus, is certainly not.

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      • Don’t be mean! It looks lovely. Going to be a nice weekend weather-wise and the countryside round there is wonderful!
        I wish I was going. I must have put my tent and sleeping bag somewhere…..

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        • Agree, wish I was going. Wonder if knowing this is but a ploy, it’s actually Ray Savage’s stalking ground – and probably that of other similar predators – would spoil it though. Was it not at such a gig that Abe spotted Ella and her ‘children he was immediately attracted to’ as he described it himself?

          Would it not be wonderful to have such money, property to host such free gigs though, making your own entertainment, mega party.

          Wonder where Ray Savage’s wealth came from?

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  7. Hahaha

    You know when bad writers leave a too obvious clue in the first few pages? That’s Hope Girl’s actual life!

    Could have seen that one coming. He’s the host of “drink this bleach” criminals isn’t he!

    Sometimes I think the scammers are so easily conned, they are the stupid marks or oblivious shills rather than the big bad boss.

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  9. Orgonite is another scam (Dave Shurter recently fell for it). And it looks like Hopeless Girl and Twaton have spied another irresistible opportunity to fleece the mentally ill and vulnerable. Classy.

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    • Ok. This has convinced me TOTALLY that they’re scammers. 100 percent. No doubt at all. Not nutjobs – they know exactly what they’re doing.

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      • Of course – this pair are 2 cheap disgraceful scammers who insult us in the way they jump on cons that have been around for ages. Not an original notion in their crooked brains. The arrogance of these crooks is hard to take.
        Frigging Orgonite ! What we need is some sort of working anti-HopeLess Girl Kryptonite. They would be more honest if they just robbed banks instead of preying on the mentally challenged.
        Note she says “a new business venture”.
        Wouldn’t be surprised if HopeGirl Feagin also sends out emails to people saying she has $millions she needs shifted from Nigeria and she just needs you to provide your bank details.

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      • Hopeless is playing on the illusion known as the Ponzo effect.

        The illusion is more acute the wider the horizon.Clouds in the atmosphere above and close to vantage point exist perhaps up to 1 mile away wheras the ones on the horizon may be 100 miles or more away and the viewer perceives all(eg 99 times more)clouds in between whilst gaps are less apparent the further towards the horizon viewed.

        I challenge Hope to take the piles of shoite 20 miles from that spot and then return and film again.She will find nothing has changed at all and if she films in the direction of where she left her piles of shoite,will she film a miraculous clearing taking place?

        The ponzo effect is also observable when a setting sun appears larger than when overhead although other atmospheric “distortions” also play a role .

        Hope is using plain and simple classic snakeoil confidence trickery claiming something miraculous based on a simple tillusion of perspective.

        Orgone energy effect?? Couple of Bonzos taking the utter pi$$ more like.

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    • Araya Manna is one of the sickest puppies around.
      I think she would personally like to behead all the millions who voted Remain. She really reminds me of those women who were guards at Concentration Camps and would have loved to prance about in jackboots and whip a few hapless Jews before breakfast to work up an appetite.

      Another dreadful car incident in Times Square and the deranged killer was ranting and raving about conspiracies just like the driver in Melbourne who recently did the same. These people all do their little bit to promote falsehoods that seep into the minds of the mentally ill and eventually innocent people pay a terrible price.

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  10. For the record, there is no grain of evidence I have seen that Ray Savage ever in his life held a warrant card. That is not to say he didn’t work for the police, but then they do have their share of ‘mild mannered’ Janitor’ types who occasionally wallow in fantasy. Sometime they’re even asked to resign as a result.

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    • So these were the two “friends” (whom she’s never met) that all those ranty Facebook messages were aimed at, then. And it all boils down to the fact that they spurned her pleas to support her with her Hampstead hate campaign. It’s good to know there are still one or two troofers out there who see the hoax for what it is and refuse to kowtow to pressure from the likes of Mad-Moo. (Sadly, they’ve still jumped on Pizzagate, McCanngate etc. but at least they gave Hampstead a swerve.)

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    • She’s STILL banging on about the medical report confirming horrendous abuse.. and the tattoos.
      Oh dear.. has she learned ANYTHING in 2 years? Blinkered, or what??

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