Cullinane and Paterson: What happened?

Watching the constant infighting, slap-fests, and very public tiffs amongst the Hoaxtead mob is one of the more entertaining aspects of running this blog. Lately, the death of professional anti-Semite, nuisance phone caller, and alleged “common law lawyer” Patrick Cullinane has highlighted the end of the bromance between Cullinane and his former bestie and official…

Desmond During-'King Ishijah' FB 2016-08-06

Black Hebrew supremacist is an Abe loyalist

We’ve talked here before about the strong racist and anti-Semitic strain that runs through the Hoaxtead mob as a whole—Araya Soma, Sabine McNeill, Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Charlotte Ward, and many others have all shown blatant signs of racism and/or anti-Semitism in the time we’ve been following them. In fact, we’ve come to expect it from…


Sabine’s latest anti-Semitic hate-mongering

A broad thread of anti-Semitism can be found woven throughout the so-called ‘truth movement’, and so it should come as no surprise that since the ignominious end to her trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, Sabine McNeill has reverted to publishing grossly offensive anti-Semitic hate speech on her most recent blog.


Charlotte’s final final statement (for real this time)

Looks like we’ve shaken up the cult, but good. The destruction-from-within of their Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group seems to have created a major ripple effect, to the point where the group’s erstwhile leader, ‘Jacob Farmer’/’Jacqui Farmer’/Charlotte Ward Alton has found it necessary to write not just one, but two ‘final statements’ (leading us to wonder…