Another look at Sabine and how the videos went public

One of the most difficult parts of investigating the Hampstead SRA hoax is putting together an accurate, detailed timeline. We’ve made some headway over the past year or so, but an issue that has remained cloudy is this: When, precisely, did the initial lot of videos of RD’s children find their way onto the internet,…


Citizen Sabine versus the Queen

Hey, remember that time when Neelu fined the IPCC to the tune of £100 million? She and the ever-charming John Banks swept into the lobby of the IPCC, thrust a bunch of papers at a couple of fellows who kept trying to explain that they couldn’t really accept…no, but really, madam…but you see…oh fine, for…


Whatever became of Neelu’s solicitor?

Those of you who’ve been following the Hampstead SRA hoax for any length of time will no doubt remember Neelu’s solicitor, Mr Aseem Taj, who distinguished himself on the final day of Neelu and Sabine’s trial on charges of witness intimidation last summer.


That little detail that Sabine forgot

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently. Yesterday we sent out a plea to the anonymous tell-tale informant benefactor who’d sent us the delightful response to Sabine from Buck House. And no sooner had we sat down to our morning coffee than another missive in a plain brown envelope showed up in our…er, email.

Abe + juicer 2-Rawfest

Ella clarifies her priorities

We’ve been noticing for some time now that Abe and Ella seem to have adapted quite nicely to their new childless state, and why wouldn’t they? Ella always viewed her children as a burden, and if she hadn’t been pathologically livid with RD for having dared to leave her, she’d probably have been quite happy…


Another petition? Not so fast…

Most of our readers will know by now that Sabine McNeill made a third appearance on Richie Allen’s “I totally believe in SRA, but trust me I’m a journalist” show on Thursday night. We won’t venture an opinion as to whether she violated her restraining order; we’ll leave that up to the police.