Dr Joan Coleman and the RAINS Grudge List

Earlier this week, it was brought to our attention that Dr Joan Coleman, one of the co-founders of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support), had died on 6 July.

Writing on DavidIcke.com (because where else?), none other than Sycophant in Chief Robert Green eulogised Dr Coleman, and threw in a few kind words for himself while he was at it.

Warning: reading this excessively sugary tribute may cause diabetes. Venture at your own risk.Joan Coleman obit 2018-07-12 1Joan Coleman 2018-07-12 2We’ve previously discussed Dr Coleman’s bizarre and unfounded allegations against Ted Heath—including the fact that Robert Green was able to feed the allegations to former Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale.

We’ll skip over some of the self-congratulatory bits, and get straight to the conclusion, but if you feel you can stomach the whole thing you can find it at this linkJoan Coleman obit 2018-07-12 3Robert saw Dr Coleman as “kind, scrupulously fair-minded…a woman of unshakeable goodness and morality and treated all her work in a dispassionately professional though humane and caring manner”.

We beg to differ.

Even a quick scan of the “RAINS list” reveals that Dr Coleman had a penchant for carrying personal and professional grudges which she deployed in the form of nasty innuendo against anyone she felt had slighted her belief in SRA, or had thwarted her professional ambitions.

The RAINS list: ‘Are you now or have you ever been a Satanist?’

A week or so ago, we noticed that various True Believers in Satanic ritual abuse had posted an “updated” version of the infamous list produced by Dr Coleman in the early 1990s. This list of alleged “Satanists” consisted of names “revealed” to Dr Coleman, a psychiatrist, by one of her patients, Helen G., who claimed to have been ritually abused by all those she named.

The list reflected a curious duality: on one hand, Dr Coleman was fond of the idea of scandalously wealthy and/or powerful people, who were also secretly Satanist ritual abusers, and thus had access to large private country estates on which to bury those they’d sacrificed. On the other hand, according to S.A.F.F., Helen G. came from a “notorious council sink-estate in Havant”, and so a good proportion of the list also consisted of rather ordinary people—an electrician, several junkies, and others whose occupations are not named.

Much like the list of names compiled by Ella Gareeva and Abraham Christie in 2014, which was designed to have maximum impact on anyone who’d slighted or offended either Abe or Ella, many of those named on the RAINS list were simply people who’d angered Dr Coleman at various times.

For example, the list included:

  • Virginia Bottomley, Secretary of State for Health in the early 1990s, who had the temerity to state in an interview on Radio 4 that she was “delighted that the myth of ritual abuse had been exposed”;
  • Dr Bill Thompson, lecturer in Criminology at Reading University, who Dr Coleman wrote “has been an expert witness for the defence in cases where people have been accused of Satanic ritual abuse”;
  • Dr Tony Baker, Child & Adolescent psychiatrist, about whom Dr Coleman wrote, “I have had a number of encounters with him. Back in 1989, when I was working with BS, my first SRA survivor, Guildford CID called him in for second opinion. His conclusion was that I had invented the entire story and suggested it all to her, causing her to believe all the elaborate detail she had given us. This finished the police investigation on that case”;
  • Ray Aldridge-Morris, a psychologist, about whom Dr Coleman wrote, “Wrote many sceptical papers on SRA”;
  • Cardinal Cormack Murphy O’Connor, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain, about whom Dr Coleman wrote, “Years ago, when he was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, I met him and tried to talk to him about SRA. He was very dismissive”;
  • Terry Grange, Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys, about whom Dr Coleman wrote, “In Jan.2005, I was asked by Lee Moore to write to him in his capacity as holder of Violent Crimes Portfolio for ACPO, supporting her request for a national Police Unit to be set up, to deal with the subject of Ritual Crime and Abuse. She received a scathing reply, of which I was sent a copy, stating that there is no evidence, past or present, that SRA is a reality. He referred to [Jean La Fontaine]’s research and maintained that there were ‘myths’ in the early 90’s resulting in children being taken into care, but as soon as the allegations were dismissed, the children were returned home”;
  • Richard Ingrams, former Editor of Private Eye, current Editor of The Oldie, magazine for the over 50s, about whom Dr Coleman wrote: “lst edition ever, 21st Feb. 1992, contained an article by Rosie Waterhouse, entitled “A Modern Witch Hunt” giving details of a RAINS Meeting (7th Feb. 1992) held in Nottingham, to which we naively invited [Jean La Fontaine]. She was not mentioned in the article but I was, in some detail”;
  • Bob Woffinden, journalist, about whom Dr Coleman wrote: “Wrote sceptical article about SRA for Private Eye. Wrote anonymously. Has written other articles in similar vein. Said to be friendly with Margaret Hodge and [Jean La Fontaine]”;
  • Prof Gisli Gudjonnson, lecturer at London University, about whom Dr Coleman wrote: “In with [British False Memory Society]. Frequently acts as Expert Witness, esp. in Child Abuse cases and SRA cases.  Paid £6,000 by cults for every SRA case he successfully discredits”.

The entire list, of course, is much longer, and includes others who had not directly offended Dr Coleman, but who she claimed were “known to be associated with” people such as Jean La Fontaine or organisations such as the B.F.M.S.

In other words, the punishment for disagreeing with Dr Coleman was inclusion on this list, which circulated freely amongst True Believers for a number of years.

While the list contains multiple references to crimes including murder, so far as we are aware Dr Coleman never bothered to report any crimes to police. Rather, the power of this list lies in its ability to smear people—especially those disliked by Dr Coleman or her associates—with an indelible stain through unproven allegations and innuendo.

As we’ve seen with the victims of the Hampstead SRA hoax, such lies can grow very long legs, and can follow innocent people for many, many years.


Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

87 thoughts on “Dr Joan Coleman and the RAINS Grudge List

    • Arthur is an on / off psychiatric patient who has shown himself to be dangerous and violent via his own videos. Part of his delusions are that he is a figure of note who apparently believes in any conspiracy claptrap presented to him. He has already claimed he would like to storm the gates of Buckingham Palace and cause havoc along with endless threats to various individuals.
      It’s doubtful he would ever be allowed into the UK or USA with his history of internet harassment which includes videos of him smashing store fronts and attacking individuals with threats of violence.

      It just shows how desperate Angela Power-Disney is that Kaoutal is now one of her contacts but also how highly irresponsible she is encouraging him when she should be telling him to take his meds and seek mental health treatment. What she will do for a £10 “donation” is extraordinary. I have a feeling poor Arhtur will eventually end up in the clink just as Rupert did after encouragment from her.

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          • If she’s so broke she’s begging for a second hand pc I hope her current one dies. What is it with these bums feeling entitled to funding for their tedious hobby of harassing people and spouting claptrap. Pitchfork wielding peasants the lot of them. Maybe if she quit smoking or got a job she could afford her grotty cash convertor special. Awful woman.

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          • I’m not sure how the benefit system works in Ireland. Do they need to be informed if someone has an additional source of income?

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          • Yes Fairly Sane….your benefits are means tested. If you are on job seekers allowance you must declare any other regular source of income along with any assets, those things will be taken into consideration when deciding your payment….there are different degrees of payments based on various criteria….if you are a property owner as in owning your own home, the social welfare department might think downsizing to a smaller abode and living off the profits of the sale is a preferred option. I think APD has a couple of sons living with her though. The current rate of JSA in Ireland is €198.00 for an adult….that’s a fair amount of money, APD is not poverty stricken by any means.

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  1. “After I was chosen to spend time at the fabulous HMP Wandsworth Hotel and Casino and all-night PCP Emporium…”

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    • Hilarious! Next he’ll be telling us he broke bread with Charles Bronson and that he found their one-sided chat fascinating, it was just a pity he couldn’t decipher his good buddy Chuck’s snarls and grunts.

      Odd that Rupert imagines a real live sex trafficker is innocent but yet….

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      • I wonder if that gullibility was reciprocated and the guy fell for Rupert’s “I went to a primary school armed with a knife for totally innocent reasons – honest, guv” routine.

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        • Let’s put it this way: he was gullible enough to fall for Angela and her friends telling him how tough he was, and that they needed a bloke just like him to come and do their dirty work for them.


          • Rupert is a spare…and Tinribs, I betcha any amount of money there was a lot of reciprocation going on….and I feel bad for being sexist because I’m promoting the notion that men, when doing bird, side by side are typically inclined towards a little more than becoming bosom buddies opting for being bum chums instead….I hate me now.


      • Hmmm….I’ve got doubts about the rather dubious interviewer’s lack of belief in the young lady’s tale of her extraordinary and very unfortunate experience.

        If you are a good looking female it’s hard enough to fight off unwanted male attention….if you are a good looking female with a desire or natural bent towards being glamorous….god help you!

        Enjoying your femininity, revelling in all its possibilities, having fun being young and beautiful does not good reason make a mitigating circumstance for the criminal mindset of the person who wished to sell you to the highest bidder based upon your attractiveness – the girl is completely without fault.


        • I really have no opinion on it. I didn’t sit through the trial and have no inside information. Just sayin’. She may well be telling the whole truth. Then again, we’ve come across enough lady grifters on this site to make me suspicious.


  2. I get the impression that a lot of people read “King Solomon’s Mines” at a susceptible age, decided that the repellent character of Gagool the Witch-Smeller was the heroine, and based their career-choices accordingly.

    Surrounded by a circle of women and girls who clapped their hands and droned a low, monotonous chant, the rhythm of which changed occasionally with the stamping of feet, the witch smellers proceeded to work themselves up into a frenzy. In this state, they spun, stalked and leapt, eventually touching one or more of the people with their switches, upon which the person was immediately dragged away and killed. All the living things in the accused witch’s hut, human and animal, were also killed. Sometimes an entire kraal was exterminated in this way.

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  3. Great post, EC.

    Catriona must have read it too, as she’s just posted this to highlight one of its main points:

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  4. “These reprisals took the predictable form of smears”.

    It’s just mindboggling how these creeps can accuse anyone and everyone of despicable crimes without a scintilla of evidence and then when challenged claim they are being smeared and that they are the innocent party and how dare those they accuse of murder and mayhem try and defend themselves.

    Hiding beneath Robert Green’s exterior of a “whistleblower” (God I hate how they have appropriated that term and watered down it’s effectiveness) is a nasty vindictive character. His mental state is apparent in various videos where the term “the eyes are a window into the soul” fits the bill with this charlatan as they blaze with zealotry.

    The real question is why would Mike Veale even encourage this nasty piece of goods with a reply when he should know it would give this false accuser a new platform?.

    # On Veale’s Twitter timeline he allowed endless claims re the Hoaxtead children to remain for months along with videos of the kids. So much for this cop who had zilch respect for keeping the identies of victims anonymous. I think he is highly suspect.
    ## I’ve removed one friend from my life who is an Icke cult fan. Icke is a nasty antisemite and racist and off-camera a vicious bully who retaliates against anyone who dares to question his confected authority. Perhaps he’s the real Lizard.

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  5. Wondered when this would be posted. Been reading ted heath’s book last couple days. He seems to have spent every spare minute either on a boat or hanging around boaty people. Not much Time for murder, rituals or child abuse when you’re at sea. Thing is, unchecked these rumours stick in the public psyche. Remember the myth about captain pugwash ? People still insist they had characters called master bates, seaman stains and roger the cabin boy. They never did, but people swear blind they remember it clearly.

    This wacky quack was a nasty piece of work and anyone believing it is beyond help.

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  6. Great piece EC
    Thanks for posting

    I was aware of Coleman and the existence of the list but not of its content. It really is disgusting that professional people giving expert testimony based on a rational, sceptical perspective of the evidence can be smeared and attacked in this way.

    The glorification of Coleman by Green reminds me of a book proposal granting superhero status to the demented psychopath Valerie Sinason by the late Alan Corbett.

    The proposal is below:

    Karnac Series Report March 2016
    All contributors are now working on their chapters, with one draft received. The shape of the book is as follows:
    Introduction Dr. Alan Corbett
    Foreword Dr. Susie Orbach

    On The Shoulders of Giants: Sinason’s place in the history of psychotherapy: David O’Driscoll

    Frontline issues: How Sinason’s models help inform the work of front line staff: Dr. Pat Frankish

    Death, loss and the struggle for non-disabled grief: Dr. Noelle Blackman

    Group Conditions: The experience of co-conducting forensic groups using the Hollins/Sinason model and the work of Books without Words: Professor Sheila Baroness Hollins

    Sinason’s influence upon the development of work in Sweden: Barbro Sjöström-Miljand

    Life Worth Living: translating Sinason’s concepts into work with the physically disabled: Shula Wilson

    We Are We See Looking Back At Us: Sinason’s role in the creation of a clinic for people with intellectual disabilities who have been sexually abused: Tamsin Cottis and Alan Corbett

    Disability and the Mother Tongue: Elizabeth Lloyd

    The Making of a Disability Psychiatrist: Dr. Georgina Parkes

    Creativity and the Analytic Condition: Art, play and Dramatherapy within a psychoanalytic frame: Dr. Eimir McGrath

    Working with an ID/DID patient in Sweden: Anders Svensson

    South African influence: Professor Leslie Swarz

    Influence on work with non-disabled patients: Graeme Galton

    An interview with Dr. Sinason reflecting on her life and her role in the creation of Disability Therapy: Alan Corbett

    Valerie Sinason and the Psychodynamics of Bravery: Professor Brett Kahr

    more here:

    Obviously, given Sinason’s activities the collaborators in the proposed book are all worthy of further research.
    As for Mike Veale, I have said here before that I feel sorry for the man and consider him to be the victim of a complex long con. He may indeed be the victim of a con but the fact that he tweeted illegal material identifying the identities of the 2 children who were themselves were abused as a central part of the construction of an evil hoax has left me feeling very angry. If he has entered some kind of parallel universe where it is permissible to hurt innocent children in this way then he needs a long spell in either a psychiatric ward or in jail. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

    I also cannot help but wonder about the possible effect of the ridiculous allegations on Edward Heath on the Brexit referendum. I have had many interesting discussions re this issue with friends. I am not claiming that the majority of voters voted for Brexit because they believed Ted Heath was a paedophile or satanist, such a claim would be ridiculous. However anyone who understands how the unconscious human mind works will appreciate that the steady drip, drip of allegations that started prior to the referendum and continue to this day, could not fail to have some impact on the referendum process. The referendum result was so close that I think we should be duty bound to carefully consider the impact of this deranged tissue of lies, this conspiracy of outrageous false allegations, upon the referendum and upon our democratic process.

    I discovered this little gem *irony*


    If you look through the postings of the hoaxers you can find images of Ted Heath wearing devil horns and holding a pitchfork. I have a screen grab somewhere of such an image with text stating something along the lines of “the man who brought us into the Common Market”.

    I will try to find it, meanwhile if anyone else has stumbles across such material maybe they could post it here?

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      • One has to wonder whether the Wiltshire Police are experiencing some cognitive dissonance in relation to the various conspiracy theories relating to the appalling recent Novichok poisonings that they have been busy investigating?

        Of course it may be that the Wiltshire Police only give credence to deranged conspiracy theories relating to allegations of satanic ritual abuse involving a former UK Prime Minister and not to conspiracies claiming that the Novichok poisonings are false flags created to distract the populace from the existence of elite paedophile rings within the UK government.

        Personally I think that, even when resources are stretched, it can make a lot of sense to reflect upon the various conspiracy theories and to consider what they might mean. I just feel strongly that taking the conspiracy theories at face value is not a good idea.

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    • Power-Disney’s ugly racism showing again. I bet she admires the Orange Buffoon who blamed Khan for terrorism events as though the Mayor is in charge of investigating suspected terrorists and he also said Khan had allowed too many immigrants into London. Duhhh..is there a gate or border at the edges of London that Khan controls?. If only he could ban the ghastly Angela from ever visiting again.

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    • My local authority spidey sense is tingling. Why would an empty homes officer be visiting a seemingly occupied house? I can think of one reason and I’m not going to say what it is on a public forum in case I’m wrong and someone wants to get litigious or put a Swissindo lien on me. 🤐 I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation!

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    • 1:45 is a bit early for arselicking, to be fair. Malcolm doesn’t usually start until around 3am, once he’s fed the fish, taken his Tamazepam and spent 5 hours playing children’s video games:

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    • As I’ve said before, I’m a fully paid up Catholic. I know the Church used fire and brimstone in the past to keep the flock in line. I’m also aware of the theological and translation related arguments about Hell, Gehenna, Hades and Sheol. I’m comfortable with the current doctrine of the Hell articulated by the Pope being “the absence of God”.

      But I tells you, morons like her really want me to do the full atheist “God doesn’t exist. Your threat is meaningless. Bog off.”

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