More links lead back to Ray Savage

A couple of days ago we began to take a serious look at Ray Savage’s role in helping to promote the Hampstead SRA hoax.

As we noted, Savage’s first public support of the hoax occurred during one of the fruitloop-a-thons outside Christ Church Hampstead. He introduced himself as a retired police officer with 20+ years’ service, and stated, “Ella and those two children’s case is not unique. I sat with her for three hours, and what she shared was a hundred percent truth”.

It was the “I sat with her for three hours” bit which we found intriguing, as Ella and Abe had already fled the country just ahead of the police.

We’ve already established that Abe and Ella came back to the UK intending only to set the ball rolling with the local conspiranoid community: their first stop was Brian Gerrish, who seemed keen at first but backed out after receiving an email from Ella and Abe spelling out all the juicy, lurid details which could be his for the broadcasting if he joined the Hoaxtead circus.

We know that Gerrish was “pushed on them” by another party, as Ella stated as much during an interview with Guidance/Code 2222. Three guesses who that other party could have been, and the first two don’t count. (Hint: Long grey hair, fringe, posher-than-thou accent, known to harbour paedophiles in her home.)

We also know from the police report that shortly after RD’s children were taken into protective custody, Abe hightailed it out of the country, leaving Ella to deal with the legal issue of attempting to get the children back into her custody.

At this point, it must have seemed to the conspirators who’d hatched the hoax that nothing was working according to plan. However, they weren’t about to give up yet: surely there were other high-profile conspiranoids who could be prevailed upon to help publicise the hoax?

Why Tony Farrell?

We noted in our last article about Ray Savage that his link to the Hoaxtead mob would not have been via Gerrish, as the two were on the outs at the time. They are now Facebook friends, but in 2014 Gerrish and friends were solidly opposed to a project of Savage’s, “the re-set”. (Think freeman on the land woo with an overlay of pseudo-Marxism, garnish with a twist of new age bunkum, serve lukewarm.)

However, another of Belinda’s friends, Tony Farrell, was on her list of potential hoax publicisers. Farrell, another alleged ex-cop, claimed to have been sacked from his job as “intelligence advisor” with the South Yorkshire police as a result of his brilliant exposé of the truth behind the 7/7 terror attacks. (More likely: sacked because completely bull-goose loony.)

We know that Farrell and Savage worked together on a number of projects, as for example hereFarrell and Savage 2013 2018-04-21

and hereFarrell + Savage 2018-04-21 2

In fact, they seem to come as a pair, like matching salt and pepper shakers.

In 2012, Belinda and Tony were interviewed in this heartwarming video on the fifth anniversary of 7/7:

And by March 2014, we find Tony Farrell gracing the letterhead of the Association of McKenzie Friends, where he is billed as an “Intelligence Analyst”. (Why the AMF would require the services of such a thing is a whole other question.)

Tony Farrell-AMF 2018-04-21.png

There’s no doubt that Farrell was well acquainted with Belinda and Sabine. The question is, then, why did they not get him to speak to Ella himself?

We don’t know the answer to that, though we do know that Farrell was arrested in May 2014. It seems that the CPS dropped their case against him in July of that year.

Whether he was too busy with his own legal situation, or felt unable to help out, he seems not to have become involved in publicising the hoax.

However, it’s quite plausible to us that at Belinda’s behest, he could have delegated his second-in-command, Ray Savage, to go get the goods from Ella.

Once again, no smoking guns are currently in evidence. We cannot say with certainty that Savage was sent to talk to Ella in Farrell’s absence.

What we can say is that it’s becoming more and more clear that those involved went into this hoax with a publicity strategy already outlined; and when the Gerrish/Maloney plan didn’t work as expected, they simply switched mouthpieces and kept going.

Our next questions will be: why did Savage make only one early appearance to promote the hoax, and then sink out of sight? And why did Farrell never promote the hoax himself? Stay tuned….

Belinda + Farrell 2018-04-21

26 thoughts on “More links lead back to Ray Savage

  1. Re that Tony Farrell link : “Many of you may be aware that Tony was threatened by HSBC bankster’s with eviction on the 15th April 2014, which coincided with the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy.”
    There isn’t a terrible event this mob won’t latch onto and co-opt onto their fantasies. Shameless.

    The credentials these people claim to have such as “ex-policemen” or “former intelligence officer” are highly suspect as the police will not reveal any details of a former cop’s history or the reasons, if they were in the force, why they left. Recall Anna Raccoon has several Freedom of Information requests on the ex-cop who had much to do with the Savile matter which were not successful.

    I reckon it could be as simple as an incident that happen to me a few weeks as a police van drew along side me as I was walking and asked if I knew where a certain street was (we keep complaining it has no signs) and I pointed them in the right direction : from hereon I shall bill myself as “location facilitator & adviser to the West Australian Police”.

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  2. Tony Farrell seems to have “found God” and launched something called Jah Wobble or Jah Talk or some such rubbish. Something to do with finding Jericho and the return of Christ. If JC does come back and has anything to do with this rabble I’d be most disappointed with him.

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