Neelu Berry 2015-10-07

Neelu Watch: Ham&High report

On Friday we noted that Neelu had been absent from Blackfriars Crown Court, where she was scheduled to face 3 new charges of witness intimidation. Today’s Ham&High newspaper offers more details and clarifies some of the issues we’d been wondering about:

Neelu tells all…and more.

On Friday, 27 November, Neelu was absent from a hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court, where she was to have been charged with 3 new counts of witness intimidation. Yesterday we discovered that she’d been at Blackfriars, all right, but not for legal reasons…no, she and her Crystal Task Force were busy planting crystals around the…

A Saturday head-scratcher

This story comes to us courtesy of the blog “The Social Shuttle”: not a standard source of info’ here at Hoaxtead Research, but it caught our eye with this headline: Lady Georgia Campbell rules in the Jungle but why was she at this London demo? The demo in question, of course, is none other than…