Is Sacha Stone the new Kevin Annett? A journey down the rabbit-hole

It seemed straightforward enough at first.

A kind reader drew our attention to a video which included the illegally published images of RD’s children.

The video was linked to a “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse”, which in turn is a project of something called the “International Tribunal for Natural Justice“, ITNJ for short.

Shades of Kevin Annett! we thought, but as it turns out this is actually the project of a person called Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, born in the former Rhodesia in 1966, and now spending his time between Bali and London.

Sacha/Simon is both a failed rock musician and the founder of the rather grand-sounding organisation “Humanitad“, which describes itself as

an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organisation committed to the promotion of interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship between all nations and faiths”. According to the Humanitad website, it achieves that “through global arts and cultural exposition, education and the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership.

Got all that?

Right, well.

Humanitad’s director for “Institutional and Constitutional Law” appears to go by the name (you might wish to take a deep breath here) “Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, the Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough; GCStJ, LLB, DipCrim (Melb.), BEd, DipEd (Monash), DJuris, PhD (Columbia), GradDipLaw (ANU); Barrister-at-Law, constitutional lawyer; son of: Sir John Francis Colclough Walsh of Brannagh, The Duke de Ronceray and The Hon Marie Bridget Colclough Walsh of Brannagh”.

Oh, and he’s also “Regent of the Royal House of Anjou, Marquis de Segre, Count de Bauge et de Fontevrault, Viscount de Fontevrault and Baron de Beaufort”.

Incidentally, he earned his PhD from Columbia all right, but perhaps not the Columbia University you’re thinking of—it was in fact “Columbia Pacific University”, an unaccredited mail-order diploma institution located in Hawaii, for those lacking sufficient academic wall ornamentation.

Our Australian readers might be familiar with Sir John, about whom more later.

Meanwhile, back to you, Sacha/Simon

A blog called Riddled describes him thus:

[Sacha] rebranded himself as Messiah of the New Age when his would-be rock-star career went tits-up in 2003. Since then he has been claiming credit for United Nations initiatives, bolstering his pose as an independent peace negotiator by photobombing meetings of ambassadors, and promoting a portfolio of New-Agey companies like Humanitad, the Natural Justice Academy, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Nation, New Earth University… all about Childhood’s-End / Age-of-Aquarius / Cosmic-Consciousness Global Transformation, and the appropriation of indigenous cultures. There may well be Spirit Quests and Sweat Lodges involved, and one expects his sites to use Papyrus font throughout. His logos are modelled on Mandalas but come across as half Spirograph doodle and half Biohazard pictogram.

Sacha Stone Immortalis and New Earth Nation 2018-03-26

Oh, did we forget to mention that Sacha hawks something called “Immortalis”, a proprietary snake oil product which he claims will extend human life by hundreds of years. Shades of Abe’s raw hemp juice!

According to the Humanitad website,

The Immortalis Klotho Protocol, as it is now coined, will be dispensed for the next two to three years within a measured and strictly limited client-base in various nations. We will be studying its effects upon divergent genomes, amongst people enjoying different lifestyles, dietary configurations and set within differing environmental conditions. Humanitad will oversight these surveys in league with the Immortalis team and Dr Ruggiero’s team in Arizona, and we will publish the findings as appropriate, whilst seeking to engender a new conversation in the biological sciences. A conversation which hopefully begins with placating all cynics and skeptics by leaning in toward the wisdom of the great Socrates, wherein he acknowledged that ‘the only thing I know for certain is that I know nothing at all’.

But wait! That’s not all!

According to the good folks at Riddled,

Stone is such a caricature of the prototypal New Age grifter that it can only be deliberate, much as Nigerian-Prince scammers try to be obvious about it, so they don’t waste time on people who retain a vestigial sense of skepticism. Did you ever in your puff see such a perfect perisher?

The Star-Child Paradigm Shift adorns a foundation of libertarian / far-right Sovereign Citizen movement, in which we each become our own nation — united by Natural Justice and the “Spirit of the Law”– to escape outmoded tax regimeslegal jurisdictions. You can learn more about Stone than you probably desire from this useful profile, including his fondness for Kenyan-Obama Truther trumpery. Who could possibly have predicted that a white refugee from what is now Zimbabwe would prove to be a colossal racist gobshite? Then there’s the Elders-of-Zion antisemitism.

Despite feeling as though we’d leapt down a never-ending spiralling rabbit hole to nowhere, we began to feel we were getting a picture of Sacha/Simon.

And now, back to the ITNJ (remember that?), which apparently is scheduled to hold a three-day hearing in London next month on the topic of (what else?) Satanic ritual abuse and child trafficking.

Take a wild guess who the presiding judge will be at this shindig? Go on, just guess.

If you guessed “Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, the Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough” you win a lifetime supply of Immortalis Klotho (and that’s saying something, if all Sacha’s claims are to be believed). (Travel to Bali and accommodation not included, sorry.)

Even more interesting, “confirmed witnesses” include our old friends Lee Cant, Fiona Barnett, and Cathy O’Brien.

Who’s funding it?

And what would any conspiraloon event be without its own crowdfunding page? Here’s the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse page, which has amassed $18,000 on its way to its goal of $120,000.

According to the page, contributors could be in for some pretty spectacular rewards, if they dig deeply enough into their pockets. Here are just a few: ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 1

ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 2ITNJ rewards 2018-03-26 3

An hour on Skype with Sir John Walsh of Brannagh?! Wahey! Sign us up!

There’s more—so much more!—but we really feel ourselves slipping into Never-Never Land at this point.

Let’s just say we didn’t even begin to touch on Sacha/Simon’s interactions with SRA-claimant cum cult leader Teal Swan, nor his interviews on Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network, nor with his expedition into the land of free energy using the unusually named QT-pi generator (could Hoaxgirl have a new competitor?).

Our verdict on Sacha/Simon? Kevin Annett with more hair, more imagination, and a better web designer. Sacha Stone 2018-03-26

112 thoughts on “Is Sacha Stone the new Kevin Annett? A journey down the rabbit-hole

  1. Sacha Stone… I remember him from a while back doing his interview with Teal Swan talking about SRA.

    So it’s looking like he’s going to get himself involved with the Hampstead Hoax now? Stupid man.

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    • As for this “witness”..he’d give children the fright of their life if they ran into him in a dark alley and this is a worry: “a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents ”

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      • This is a good to know: “* Alleged CIA/FBI personnel are generally not believed to have institutional blessing.”. These ITNJ people are cracked and dangerous and seemingly well-organised, far better than the Hoaxtead Mob © we deal with here on a daily basis.

        I think all relevant police forces should be notified. I’m emailing local Balinese newspapers as well- they have adopted the UK red-top sensationalism due to their Western tourist audience.
        One thing Bali has done is crack down hard and successfully on pedophiles traveling there to abuse the innocent locals. I’m not sure local law enforcement would welcome a bunch of dangerous & pedophile obsessed crazies like this. I would think any of the big hotels would steer clear of hosting these nutters as well.
        Bali rejected Donald Trump’s plans to build one of his horror resorts there and authorities are working hard to turn the place into the type of resort that rejects extremism and the current raucous and drunken antics of those who travel there on cheap fares.

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      • Opening sentence of an article that Mr Hagopian has posted to LinkedIn (which I thought of as one of the more sane corners of the internet):
        Many of the planetary controllers are blood feasting pedophiles, parasitic monsters literally and predatorily feeding off the 8 million children gone missing each year around the world. Global child sex trafficking networks generate huge profits, run by the world’s most powerful individuals.
        It goes on to to a section titled “Talmudic Judaism and Cabbalism Meld into NWO Satanic Practice”. His articles scare me more than his photo – though the one on linked in is pretty frightening.

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    • Mr Stone may or may not have his heart in the right place however his recent interview in Amsterdam of Ronald Bernard is quite illuminating(to say the least).


  2. Brilliant post!

    So we got a bunch of people who aren’t into money but think you should give all yours to them.

    A ‘leather-bound set of judgements’ if you pay them enough? Not too bothered about meat/leather then?

    Personally, I’d rather have a Skype consultation with Dracula. He may want to drain you of your lifeforce but at least he’s honest about it.

    The only good thing I have to say is that Sacha is better looking than Kevin Annett although I daresay he airbrushes his photos.

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      • Sure is!

        After all it’s not like there’s such a thing as inconsiderate drivers who deserve to get a parking fine.

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        • Teeee heee hee – I think I know exactly who owns this car! unfortunately I cannot name him here. Let’s just say he has a small collection of weird motors!


          • I recall those cars from when I was young as my Aunt had one. From memory it was incredibly solid, built like a tank and was very smooth to travel in.

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        • that’s the one in the picture Mo Tee, which isn’t the one you’re thinking of Anonymous. That one’s actually dark green


    • Did I not accurately point out a few threads ago : the lengths some people will go to get out of a parking fine !. I bet Neelu will not pay any local council charges to get a resident’s permit on the justification it’s some sort of theft and thereby seems to live a life where she deliberately makes in ten times harder for herself for no good reason. Most odd.

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  3. After looking at their website I’m furious actually.

    They have a dossier of cases they will discuss and it includes the Hampstead hoax. I can’t link here since there’s a photo of the two main Hampstead children.

    By revealing the identities of these children the participants are breaking the law. Isn’t it time the police took an interest in this?

    In addition if Sir (lol) John isn’t a real barrister but pretending to be one when he’s in the UK, he’s also breaking the law

    Any coppers out there? Please take action!

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    • I agree, if the children’s faces are being used to publicise this seminar in any way or form, then the Police should indeed be notified.

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  4. Note all his snaps with “celeb” political figures were taken 2 decades ago in a more trusting world. Not only are some of those people dead or have been removed / sacked, entire countries like Libya have been upended. The con artist wouldn’t get near anyone with any power these days.

    My favorite is his snap with a chap from Lesotho (one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa) as I happened to live next door to their Embassy in London near Earls Court. My flat was a palace by comparison with the poor countries UK representative building which had no curtains as the Ambassador lamented (he would welcome any visitor just for the company) so I had a friend in furnishings at Harrods supply some on the belief he would get a huge contract only to be disappointed when he realised their King of Lesotho was potless.

    This bloke is one reason I dislike Bali so much. Two brief visits put me off the place forever. It’s filled with either drunken Aussies or characters like this who reek of a superior Hippydom and insult the locals, who need the money, by adopting their clothing, head gear etc. Plus it’s ruled by an appalling murderous Indonesian government (who this grifter is happy to be snapped with) who have co-opted the Balinese gentle Buddhism & Hinduism religions and forced a tough form of Islam upon them with brutal laws.

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    • GoS, As a former long term resident of Indonesia ( 12 years ) and someone who spent many a weekend in Bali, I concur with most of what you say in your third paragraph except for your last sentence. It is not “Islam” rule which has buggered up Bali but rather the greedy Balinese Hindus themselves who have simply followed the examples given by their Muslim colleagues from Java.
      Regarding the “full of hippies ” comment. Yep, spot on. I had the misfortune of having lunch at the Akasha Restaurant at the NewEarth Haven one time. Not a skerrick of meat on the menu and the smell of incense was overpowering. Whale Song music is not the ideal accompaniment to lettuce and quinoa either! This dickhead must feel right at home there.

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      • I defer to your superior wisdom Sam.
        You probably know we have that TV show here in Oz: “Whatever Happens in Bali” which gave me the horrors. On my 2 visits I thought the Balinese a beautiful looking people but did notice a rather “grasping” attitude not too dissimilar to the tourist areas of Thailand but the Thais still excel in a sort of lovable attitude which explains why it’s called the Land of Smiles (as they apply a Hoover to your wallet).
        You can almost forgive them for anything.

        Perhaps because they really are Buddhists although I vividly recall having a drink and a long chat with a local police chief and asking him about how he reconciled Buddhism with a government decree that drug pushers could be shot on the spot after around 100 had been and he replied : i” was their Karma and their time to go.”
        Couldn’t really argue with that !.

        As for Indonesia: I’m sure you know the majority of Indonesians are gentle people but the upper class (5%?) are horrendously corrupt. Can’t forgive them for what they did to East Timor & that gentle race and how they have conspired with Australia to loot their oil.

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  5. I knew if I searched hard enough I would find someone I knew more about on the “Humanitad” website also known as Scam Artists R Us.

    And there she was:
    Humanitad Advocates and Contributors
    Estelle Myers

    World renowned pioneer of underwater birthing & dolphinicity
    Author, Broadcaster & Award winning Documentarian
    Carrier of the 1999 Peace Flame to the United Nations Forum on Nuclear Disarmament.

    I know her daughters well. We call Estelle the “Dolphin Lady” as she traveled the world seeking out Dolphins to swim and “re-birth” with. Estelle is a former and was a pretty talented publicist who once landed a job with NSW Police but was soon terminated when she decorated the HQ with Dolphin flags & posters. Harmless and eccentric and known for walking head first into anything new age without checking credentials and not unlike many former suited, high heeled, briefcase carrying types who discover the “alternative” world and dive in head long and start preaching to the converted (teaching Grandma to suck eggs etc).

    One slight hitch : sadly Estelle died in a car accident 4 years ago.

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          • Given what we now know about Arthur C Clarke, I doubt he would want to get involved with the sort of homophobes that populate this organisation. He was also very dismissive in his autobiography of the people who used to send him “forty sheets of onion skin covered in green ink” detailing their theory of everything.

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      • Out of respect for the family : Estelle was an adorable lady without a hint of malice. She was the type who would have loved the notion of the “humanist” claims of this group but I guarantee would have been repelled by the notion of a convention discussing Satanist baby eating/

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        • One of my unfulfilled wishes is to swim with dolphins, and like most things, with a grounding in real, re brithing can be a fantastic and liberating technique and facillitate a leap in healing, ime. well sort of, cos I veered down some weird tracks and stumbled too.

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  6. Hmm timing: Sept 28. 2014…HopeGirl was with sasha.. I remember her and Mel Ve chatting about it, Hope if I remember right wasn’t very nice about him, I think Mel too had had a run in with him…..I’m pretty sure this was held in England. Then did Naima Dawn Feagin return to Morocco? or stay with Ray Savage till they broke up ? I think if memory serves, that she stayed in the UK. Was transitioning, escaping, in exile from US law, …… .

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    • Yep, anyone else had enough ?………. seriously…. cops, interpol anyone ? ….. I know I must have sounded mad when I rang round all the police and warned them what could happen if the Hampstead Hoax got going……. And Theresa May….how come your office didn’t pick up on it ?…….is it cos Sabine & cos emails went straight to shredder ? or what ?

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      • Re: the great con-artist & scrounger Santos Bonacci. He was wanted by the Victorian Police over a fortune in unpaid fines and was hiding out in the countryside with a pair of deluded (former) supporters who hung off his every word until after a few months they got so sick of his boring rants and eating them out of house & home & the final straw, a huge phone bill they made a quiet phone call to Plod.
        Apparently as Bonacci was being driven off by 2 officers he muttered darkly “this is bad Karma for you” to his former hosts.

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      • Brian Gerrish at 1:31:02

        “I haven’t yet found anything more dark and unpleasant than the abuse of children, particularly when it’s done in a Satanic ritualistic way.. and I will tell you it *is* going on, without question.”

        Evidence, Brian?

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        • Sacha at 1:44:28

          “After centuries of Ritual Satanic Abuse and Luciferianism and Occultic, Masonic, Babylonian Wizardry going on in the basement, leading up to, as Brian quite rightly says, the most egregious aspect of our fucked up civilisation, has got to be taking little kids and raping them.
          Again, I urge you to consider, there is a bizarre logic to it. The inversion of life-force, in sodomising an infant, you are inverting their life-force. You are pulling that life-force into yourself as the perpetrator. It’s like crack to Babylonian Wizards.”

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    • So they are avowedly anti-establishment but they are being presided over by “Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, the Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough” who seems to have more titles and honours than the Queen?

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  7. there’s a very *interesting* character who claims involvement with Humanitad – you really couldn’t make it up, Mr Andrew Charalambous aka “Dr Earth” – definitely worthy of his own page

    He is currently the Work and Pensions Spokesman for the United Kingdom Independence Party, but also claims to be a “tantric master” and a whole load of other batshit insane stuff

    Important link re Humanitad here

    oh where to start

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  8. Just posted and now can’t see a long post about a person claiming to be involved with Humanitad the extremely controversial politician Andrew Charalambous AKA Dr Earth

    worthy of his own page

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  9. also see “the great unification” the Pachamama Alliance (kicked out of Ecuador) a zillion other fake ass environmental / indigenous rights projects

    also read up on the Whirling rainbow Community, the Rainbow family of Living Light (links to blender, shalier et al) once you start researching these groups you will discover they are all over the www, internetworked, and exist to harvest data from vulnerable and clueless people in order to engineer social change and not in a good way

    Also the recent news stories re Cambridge Analytics and FB harvesting data through quizzes and tests – take another look at the School of Life

    etc etc

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  10. Interesting you say “Shades of Kevin Annett”, EC. Stone did in fact champion Annett in his interview with Teal Swan from what I remember.
    Bunch of charlatans, the whole sorry lot of them!

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    • So when I sought support and my LA came in…called me a hoarder, tried to burn my paperwork, but actually only took away crap that needed to go and did indeed supply me with some things I needed……but when the girl winked at me and said I know what you need…… Teal Swan…..forgive me if I went a bit dooolally at that time … 🙂

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        • WapTek and CW Chanter only came across my radar cos of Angie, But boy have they all been tarred and feathered, she snarled about wishing me behind bars, well angie, been there, done that and never gonna go back……. me that is…. you tho…. really should…what’s taking so long;….. ?

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          • I wouldn’t wish taking your house off you either, but if you lose it for your actions……….tough.
            I don’t say that lightly. I lost mine. It was really rotten. Early 90s. I didn’t hide that fact, either, it’s in amongst my public story, out there decades ago.

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  11. Not going to call Mr John Walsh a Sir, because he isn’t. He isn’t a Dr if his PhD came from a diploma mill. His Norfolk Island Bar Association is a drinking club which pools money for booze. The Doctor’s Commons isn’t a Commons or community of doctors, it’s the name of his house.

    This man is a complete bellend, and a pompous, crooked one at that. I’ve known about him for a long old while!

    The dirty scamming old crook has finally had his lying cheating arse handed to him on a plate.

    Links to recent court cases are here in this Reddit post.

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  12. I have been sent a message by the Vandorian Collective who have selected Neelu Berry, Angela Power Disney and Jake Clarke for their mating project to repopulate a distant world. I think I and many here might like to congratulate these lucky candidates, who will provisionally be collected by the Vandorian motherships on 6 April 2018.

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  13. According to the final hearing in his misconduct case, he is aged 78.

    BTW, his address “Doctor’s Commons” is another legal con: before the great reform of the courts in 1873, the Doctors’ Commons was a court handling what had been the jurisdiction of the church courts before the reformation, i.e. divorce, and wills relating to personal property. Most of its jurisdiction was moved over to the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division in 1873. So as well as claiming to be a Lord Chief Justice, he is also claiming that his home is a court.

    At bottom, he seems to be an instinctive conman. But without the judgment to assess what will and won’t wash, but then there are so many people who fall for things, why bother. But it’s interesting that he didn’t modify his approach when dealing with the professional judiciary, who clearly weren’t going to be taken in.

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    • So, a possible legal joke to name your house after a defunct court. Not so funny when you put it on your CV with a straight face.

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  14. Anyone familiar with Sheila Zalinsky? Angie’s set her sights on her, it seems. She appears to be a Trump-loving Bible-thumper begging for cash on Patreon and GoFundMe, so I guess Angie’s found a kindred spirit 😀

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    • teehee

      Shape shifting into a Michael Hutchence or Sir Les Patterson lookalike, is something I can get but they’ve chosen to display Hopegirl’s unedifying visage as a bowl of cold pudding.

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  15. Ladies and gentlemen. The phone lines are now closed. The results have been counted and verified. And I can now reveal that this week’s Wanker of the Week is…

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  19. Thanks for the kind words and links to ‘Riddled’! It is gratifying to see someone making use of the sillybuggers and piffle I spout there.
    Now I came across Sacha Stone from the direction of his involvement with the Immortalis scam (Immortalis being the latest invention of one Marco Ruggiero, a person of interest). That led to a whole warren of little windy rabbit-holes, like the International Tribunal of Natural Justice. Then there was the energy-generator grift, which was originally central to “HopeGirl”‘s artistic practice, and became part of Stone’s repertoire because he never saw a scam he didn’t want to steal.

    Sounds like you are coming at things from a completely different direction, but you end up encountering the same people (these New-Age / Fake-News / Alt-Reality professionals all know each other and share a common interest in exploiting Truther gullibility). So HopeGirl is a peripheral member of the fraudster network you explore? — though she is a good example, almost a prototype, of the use of crowd-funding sites to monetarise stupidity.

    I had heard about the Swissindo manifestation of the good old Ponzo scheme… that might become a Riddled post some time, when it’s OK with the people involved. On your side, you have Neelu Berry — a full-time delusional Hampstead stalker of no fixed target, who gravitated to the Hampstead Hoax because it promises DRAMA — who is also a sucker for FREE GOLD. Is that about right?

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    • Nailed it! And yes, the longer we follow these people the more obvious their interconnections become. It’s organised crime of a different sort, but all couched in New Age wibble.

      I’m not familiar with Ruggiero, but he seems to fit right in. Abraham Christie, a co-conspirator in the Hampstead case, also attempted to market “everlasting life” woo, but his version involved hemp juice, which allegedly has various other magical properties, such as curing the effects of trauma-based mind control. Top that, Ruggiero!

      I’ve heard of Stone’s version of the QEG, and might have some photos of the hippie-fest where he and HoaxGirl met. More on this in future posts. I hope you’ll pop by from time to time; we seem to know many of the same people! 🙂


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